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  1. Hi Steve I use a mk2 rapid 12 lbs, I only take my shots up to 35 yds that is my limit.I am not much good after that. I see you have a FAC, so I can not see the point in you changing to .177 as you would end up with overkill, the extra power you have, a .22 imo is the best. and if you can take rabbits out at 60 yds, I would keep to the gun you know. (I wish i could shoot that good) all the best mike
  2. I have had .22 .20 but IMO .177 works best for me, no worry about holdover with the right pellet, it will kill anything a .22 will, trouble with the .20 there are not many pellets on the market, and hard to find, but if this improves I may think about getting one again, mike
  3. mikec

    its quiet here

    Same here one shot and they are gone for hours. Bit of good news off the farmmer he getting ready to drill peas soon, it should pick up a bit then, just hope for a bit of dry weather all the best mike :(
  4. mikec


    If you know where they nest is. place a owl decoy near this makes them real mad, may give you a shot or two all the best mike
  5. mikec

    Her in doors

    I looking for a younger model, so free to good home bodywork a bit rough but run well. One owner, new pension book, tax exempt
  6. mikec

    Air Rifles

    Hi Steve To be honest i prefer .177 I can't get on with a .22 at all, I find the .20 very good like a .177 but with a bit more hitting power, I use H&N pellets good groups and if you hit your target right it's dead. No trouble getting pellets so far, I make sure I keep a fair few tins in stock. there not a lot of choice. but h&n and accupell are my main ones, plenty of them about, and they are good for up to 50 yds killing range if you are up to it, which I'am not, it old age creeping up. all the best mike
  7. I take my grandson out decoying with me when there are plenty of pigeons about so there are plenty of shooting to keep him happy, he use the 12 bore semi-auto the only trouble is the lenght. I use 1 og loads and he happy with the small amount of recoil mike
  8. Welcome to the club, I had the same trouble as you, what a waste of money mike
  9. hi all i love roost shooting, i very rare use decoys for this as if you done your homework, you will know what part of the wood they will come into, mind this can change with the wind direction, on a real windy day it can give real fast shooting and good bags, mike
  10. mikec

    Air Rifles

    I am a keen airgun fan, a legal airgun up to 12lbs power will kill a rabbit up to 45 to 50 yds depending how good a shot you are, they great for just pinking about pellets are cheap, look out for the airgun mags like airgun world and airgunner, there plenty of adverts for different guns. mike
  11. mikec


    I find that no matter what type of hide you use if it suits the conditions it will work, if it flaps about too much I try and peg it down. Try and cut down on your movement when you get up to shoot, as sudden movement will catch the eye of the pigeons and will scare the birds off. And make sure that they cannot see your face or hands, and wear dull color cloths. I always wear a peak cap. mikec
  13. mikec

    fight back

    It's a pity that pigeons don't have guns mounted on they wings, so they could fire back it would make pigeons shooting a lot more fun, and it would put paid to a lot of pigeon decoyers, giving me more land for me to shoot over. as I would wear a bullet proof vest. MIKEC
  14. Have you tried putting the magnet out with out it rotating , I find that a soft wind give a little movement to the pigeon and it give a bit of pulling power to my decoys, i find this works on high crops i put a bit of pea netting on top of the crop and place my decoys on this, so the incoming pigeon can see them. It helps to bring the pigeons where you want them, and easier to collect the dead birds mikec
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