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  1. If you don,t want too be a dangerous sod and fire at roosting pigeon lamp em so they fly into the wind then gradually bring em down in the beam till they land on the ground.I used to do a lot of it but used a dog not a gun.
  2. I,m going up on sunday.Meet some mates have a beer talk *****x.
  3. Have any of you lurcher lads ever had an accidental mating where the pups turned out to be good in the field.A good few years ago one of my spaniels was covered by my greyhound.(young kids and dogs in season u know wot i,m saying).Anyway resulting splurcher pups were a strange old mix.I kept one back for myself it turned out a usefull dog.Very good rabbiter but missed the odd one here and there cos it tripped over its ears.Jokes aside wot is the weirdest cross you,ve had.avvit.
  4. I run a bearded colliex greyhound.I,ts a first cross out of a working collie dog to a greyhound bitch(trackbred).The greyhound i own,the collie is a mates.The greyhound is a usefull dog on her own i lamp foxes with her regular.This is just the cross i am working at this time.I have no real preference so long as they can do the job.This is the second lurcher i have used that was bred this way.The first was an amazing dog who had to be seen to be believed.Everything came back to hand alive(except rats)she hated them.Locally the whole litter has proved itself and i have not missed a night through
  5. why does he not go to ground?Has he been prematurely entered,or is it his size.Long legs dont stop a dog going to ground they tuck em up and crawl in on their belly.Get the dog that suits you , if you need a dog to work foxes get a terrier .If you want to hunt game on top get a lurcher.Avvit.
  6. dog training is a piece of cake,think of your dog as being a two year old kid ,and train accordingly.Put yourself in a position where your training can,t go wrong,train by trickery .Remember you are far more intelligent than your dog.Would you really give a two year old kid a good hiding for not understanding a lesson,i think not.Remember nothing succeeds like success.Put thought into your training and you,ll find yourself in a win win situation every time.Avvit.
  7. Lurchers ? What makes a goodun,what cross shall i use?Its a big question with no right or wrong answers.But when it comes to getting across them fields remember you want a land rover not a ferrari.I,ve used many crosses over the years and my main problem in the early years was to breed a dog with good feet that could do a lot of work and stay sound.there is nothing worse than a perfect lamping night and a lame dog in the kennel.Good strong pups that are well reared is important.see if you can see the sire work.And check the bithes feet to see how smashed up she is.Also pups that look like a pe
  8. ive had lurchers and even used them proffessionally to earn me a living back in the eighties.A dog can work rabbits live back to hand and take foxes and deer they dont have to kill the quarry you can do that and far more humanely.A good dog should have heart and spirit if you have to put bull blood into a cross it means your stock is not right in the first place.Courage is not a quality you should have to put into a dog via bull blood.Lets face it a good greyhound on its own will take all quarry 70lb of dog 15lb of fox no contest.Good sense,good feet,stamina,and a big heart is what you need.A
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