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  1. So it arrived today. Total of 36 weeks for Essex FAC grant. Not overly impressed
  2. So. Nearly 6 weeks since my meeting. No licence yet! And I've been without my SGC due to going co-terminus for the six weeks.
  3. When is this going back to the EU parliament? I hear it's this month but can't find a date anywhere
  4. Had thought my fac would be on my door mat by then. So chances are not this year as I don't want to tempt myself on things I can have :(
  5. 4 months since your meeting?
  6. I already had the SGC but in theory you could say that about anyone with an SGC. I think it's more about justification of the slots for a FAC
  7. Very well thanks. Was not as nerve racking as I thought it would be. Came out with a coterminous license which I hadn't put in for, a moderator for a .22, and a nice friendly chat. I think it helped that there were two of them, one in training which shows Essex are trying to sort things out. I did only get 2 of my 3 options though as I didn't have enough to space in my safe but I can't have everything. Should see something drop through my door in roughly 4 weeks
  8. Hi, Reading the Lee reloading manual it states the FPS is based on the Do Not Exceed values. It then says that the starting FPS is 0-8% lower depending on the pressure. My range has a max FPS limit of 950fps for .357, is there a way of working out what the start FPS will be for loads in the manual? Chris
  9. It's Paul Quinn. I've met him before for my transfer of SGC to Essex so I'm sure it will be fine
  10. It's not till Tuesday. Will let you know
  11. Thanks. It's is target only and yes I'm a member of a club.
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