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  1. Are you registered with the Environmental Health as a food business meeting the requirements to sell to the public? If not, you're breaking the law.
  2. I used to be dead against it. Now I say legalise and be done. Most of the issues appear to be from cannabis cut with spice or other synthetics, sprayed with ground glass or chemicals to induce a 'high', every ****** seems to smoke it, everywhere. At least regulated you remove it from criminal enterprise and people who just want to use it medicinally can use a much lower strength strain. I'm no expert but it seems more and more to make sense to me. It'll never happen here though, way too much conservative opinion (small c) set against it. Those that argue it will lead to a spike in mental health issues I say Horlicks. If it was that much of a problem we would already see the issues, as I said, walk into any town, on any given day, it's flipping everywhere (and it's revolting).
  3. mick miller

    The Repair Shop

    Depends what level of nerdery you're on. For me, pure heaven. Even a modicum of depth would be better than this format of 'here it is, it's ******, here it is having a little polish, here it is fixed'. It can be made interesting, but it's much harder to do.
  4. No. Let's get rid of unsustainable densities of released rear birds instead. The amount of lead (naturally occurring metal) will diminish inline with the reduction in released livestock (or are they wild - the game bird shooting industry never seems to be able to make its mind up on that). Fewer balls of lead means less ingestion, means fewer lead based avian mortalities. Simple. Plastic cartridge cases and wads, absolutely, get rid of them.
  5. mick miller

    The Repair Shop

    Meh, as we so many of these programs the format is so dumbed down for the average viewer. No in-depth restorations or tips, processes, reasons. It arrives knackered, you have a couple of cut-aways of the 'doing things' variety and then it reappears completely fixed later in the program.
  6. It's all getting a little complex isn't it? It simply comes down to the two largest countryside organisations, the relationships between them and the British Game Alliance, the need to protect both a significant investment of members money, made without consultation, and the threats to the continuance of big bag large commercial shoots and the release, annually, of millions of birds in densities that are not suited to the local environments. To protect those interests and investments and preserve a way of life for a privileged few the decision had been made, again without any consultation, to make a declaration that the shooting community as a whole will make a voluntary transition to an inferior product (inferior as it only works in a limited capacity for a limited number of chamberings at a limited range) over the next five years. The choice could have been to retain lead, reduce the numbers of birds released and shot, but as the near valueless commodity of these flying targets would have no avenue to retail, due to the presence of lead in them, there would have been little justification for the continuance of this pastime for the privileged few. When they say preserving shooting for future generations, they are talking about their future generations, not yours. When they ignore their own scientific research which, until recently, was used to argue the opposing position, it's simply a case of fitting facts to suit an agenda. We will never have a viable, affordable alternative to lead in many of the smaller chamberings, but that doesn't really matter to them, you don't use a 410 on a driven day or a grouse moor. My advice would be to shift these on to the unsuspecting as soon as possible. Along with, in time, your 22lr's. If your currently using a 243 for deer, flog that off too and future proof yourself with a 6.5 or larger. Every other announcement is just fluff and bluster, don't be mugged off. I don't actually blame them, you have to follow the money I guess, I just wish there were more honesty.
  7. I believe that many officers actually sympathise with those wishing to sabotage hunt events or disrupt shooting. It's a social malaise, which needs specific, explicit laws to be prevented. I would not rely on generic laws on trespass to be sufficient, or precise enough not to allow an officer to get away with inaction on the issue.
  8. Beautifully done though, such a lovely thing to restore.
  9. I need to move away from these threads... maybe spend some time in craft & diy, it's lovely in there. My parting shot would be simply to say, I don't think its an exaggeration to think that these type of events are hate crimes.
  10. Apply pressure, through those same political connections the organisation likes to boast about, to ensure that prosecutions happen. Then publicise those successes when they occur. Be the voice of shooting. Wow me. If we can get legislation through to specifically protect services animals or get legislation passed that allows those with strange ideas about food to have those beliefs enshrined as religious beliefs then, it can not be beyond the wit of man, to push for stricter laws when it comes to intimidation, threats to property and life directed at people going about a lawful activity. This isn't about lawful protest. Generic laws regarding trespass are just that. A bit woolly, open to interpretation. Specific laws are precise and make things clear in the public's mind. Crikey, those at the CA would likely be supportive of that too, so it wouldn't even be a solo exercise.
  11. Do both. They've had years of schmoozing to achieve something. In the words of my old boss 'be better, wow me'.
  12. Rather than being 'supportive' perhaps they could use the 'political route' to push for legislation to further protect? Isn't that the point of spending members money on entertaining MPs with free shoot days etc, if not to gain political influence and 'get things done'?
  13. When we rework the bathroom it's getting a Washloo bidet loo, just the best thing ever invented.
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