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  1. A pal has requirement for a drone pilot to do some aerial work in London, I seem to remember a couple of folk on here are in this sort of business? Or my memory is failing. Please pm if you wish to find out more.
  2. That's likely the Gen 2, they added a zero-stop to the new versions. I've never dialled at night, a zero stop is only ready handy if shooting during the day at range. It is priced to sell though and in perfect nick.
  3. Almost mint condition as it has always had a thick cover on in the cabinet and rifle sleeve, no marks to the body, lenses or windage/ elevation turrets. Boxed with instructions, cloth, allen key, spare grub screws, receipt and spare coin cell. See pictures for condition. These are superb with digital add-ons like the Pard, the coatings don't knock the IR light down but still works brilliantly in the daytime. Switched to dedicated digital on this rifle. £295 posted to UK mainland.
  4. Better photos of the marks, none on the upperside, slight greying/scratching to the anodising on the underside. Price reduced to £620 posted.
  5. Hawke Frontier 8 x 43 – excellent condition, lenses clear and bright, caps and covers all present. Original packaging, instructions, neck strap (unused), soft case and additional hard case (special order). Slight compression mark from the strap when stored, front body, lower right, picture 2. These are excellent bins and the clarity is bob-on, great performance in low light too. These were the former Hawke flagship set, using the new ED glass for increased clarity. I prefer the use of the open-hinge on these older designs, feels more robust than the new version that has replaced it. Ev
  6. As per title, this was a warranty replacement for the outgoing model in 2017 and has been on my foxing rifle since. Lenses bright and clear, some light scratches to the tube (not crimped) from the Leopold QR rings which tend to scratch when you rotate the scope to line everything up, but cosmetic only. A slight mark to the focus turret from rubbing against other rifles in the cabinet but not scratched. Otherwise clean, bright and fully functioning. The S-Tac series are absolutely cracking in the daytime but come into their own when used with digital night vision add-ons. Allowing loads of l
  7. Not quite. The world's gone in a direction where most of the wealth is in the hands of a few. They clearly don't know what to spend their money on. Veteran's charities, the homeless and cancer care would be but three of my suggestions.
  8. I'm not sure why you're complaining, BAGS see this as a major step forward in firearms safety. Something we should all be happy about.
  9. The term 'non-toxic' is such a work of marketing genius. It should simply be 'non-lead' of course, or just 'steel'.
  10. They won't, don't worry. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are sympathetic given the type of characters LACS attracts (Martin Sims). If my name was on that list I would sue the **** of the people responsible for leaking the information. I'm not kidding, this will be life changing for the individuals listed, all that grief for £10 an animal.
  11. I gave up after the first five minutes of mumbled dialogue. Can't be bothered straining my ears to try and work out what they're saying.
  12. Too many hours spent wining and dining useless, minor MPs while the other side were busy putting their people into places and positions of influence.
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