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  1. mick miller

    USA Shutdown

    Wall, meet tunnel...
  2. mick miller

    USA Shutdown

  3. mick miller

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I think we need the wisdom of cat... not often favoured on these pages, but sage advice nonetheless...
  4. mick miller

    Screw cutting a rimfire barrel

    This guy did two of mine https://bartongunworks.com/#gunsmithing £65. Anymore is too much and there is no need to proof afterward.
  5. mick miller

    Macron's Great National Debate.

    But doesn't Brigitte look great for her age? Such a modern man, he should have been on that Gillette ad, he's definitely part of the #MenToo movement.
  6. mick miller

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Yes, but the new argument for a second referendum is that the original votes were taken so long ago (who's can-kicking fault is that Members of Parliament?) that a new generation of voters, denied a vote last time and having a different opinion to the old fuddy-duddies that voted last time, would provide a fresh 'snapshot' of the countries 'will' (in the hope that there will be a different outcome - one that MP's favour). If you still think it isn't all a con, I cannot help you.
  7. mick miller

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Impressive. Teresa has finally succeeded in uniting both sides, which is no small achievement.
  8. mick miller

    Chainsaw won't start

    When my stihl did this it was a break in an electrical cable, didn't suspect a problem as both end contacts looked solid, check cables with multimeter, wiggle, test again.
  9. mick miller

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I'm with you.
  10. mick miller

    18650 Batteries (unprotected & protected)

    Bit of a design cock up to use single, unprotected cells in a device in the first place. But not surprising.
  11. mick miller

    223 mod

    Mae T12 is one of the best out there, but if you're on foot and trying to keep the weight down you will want something lighter. The upside of the T12 is that they're so slim you don't get any light bounce back when using a scope mounted torch.
  12. mick miller

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Looks more and more likely that my original prediction will come to fruition. We were never going to leave, regardless of the result. No deal is now off the table so that leaves the Mayday deal or stay in; guess which one will win?
  13. mick miller


    Well, after days of contacting 'customer support', getting nowhere, faceplant flaming, equally useless, after speaking to the local weekly driver my parcel mysteriously arrived. Torn open and half the contents missing, so only £40 out of pocket. Another Trustpilot review due then..
  14. mick miller


    This is true, the lady that covers weekdays is somewhat reliable, however weekends are covered by whomever they can find. Here the problems arise. Once there is a missed delivery the depot staff appear unable to cope, customer support is based in Mumbai and the whole thing falls apart.
  15. mick miller

    Amazon Echo? Is it safe?

    If you just want music and radio get a sonos. I wouldn't want a device like Alexa in my house.