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  1. Once more for emphasis please.
  2. Who, seriously, would pay for BBC output if it went down the netflix model of funding? It's seriously **** with the odd *gem. The in-house producers are hopeless, woeful and the majority of any content you see of any merit is already *produced by small, external production companies whose margins are squeezed until they squeak. £1 million plus for Lineker to do half an hour of sport a week (just one example of the networks nepotism), really? No one else could do the same job, as well if not better, for a fraction of the cost? It's dire and should just **** off.
  3. mick miller

    Crystal Hunting

    Not much of a hunt if you've got coordinates.
  4. I used to own many different types, now I just use the Barton Gunworks range on everything. Light, so light it is barely noticeable on the barrel, moderates really well, robust, sealed. The best moderation I can get on the 243 is with an MAE T12 and I tried many different types. But it is just too heavy to be used for any walking/stalking, perfect if you're a foxer though, I really don't think much beats it for noise reduction.
  5. Case neck on the hornet is thin and tiny. I've tried them all and they're all wobbly and gash. That's why I made my own, then realised loads of other calibers suffer the same issues. Poor tolerances etc. I would wager you are referring to a Satern funnel (?) which for 17 hornet are truly, epically gash. EDIT: Sorry Dougy, my mistake, you're referring to his billet aluminium funnels. I have to say, they look brilliant. But... how much? My funnels are just £10 per caibre and then a further £7 for each additional. Not many people reload for more than 3 or 4 calibers, so that's £24 versus?
  6. The only stuff I watch. Stuff on Netflix. Stuff on Amazon. Stuff on TED. Stuff on YouTube. Stuff on Rugby (NowTV pay per View.). Stuff I don't watch. BBC. C4. ITV. Sky (except if rugby and on Now TV day/month pass). Quite rightly, I still need to pay a licence fee 👌
  7. I don't get static with mine, it's all down to the material and it wouldn't fit a 17 hornet worth a damn, that I can guarantee.
  8. Well, when I have one made I'll let you know Dave.
  9. I agree with this simple point. Unless and until the monitoring of wild birds (specifically in this case birds of prey) is undertaken by an independent, government appointed body, free from agenda (that rules out NE, RSPB & WJ) the claims will be disputed and subject to bias at best and downright lies and propaganda at worst. It's true about a lie being half way round the world before the truth has it pants on though...
  10. Valhalla? Do you mean Nirvana? No wonder you were at C4 🤣
  11. You already got the monkeys, and pay through the nose for it. Worked there on contract twice (a lot of Beeb output is actually produced by small, private production firms that get bent over), the profligate waste was eye watering. Honestly, it's had it's day. Sky produce better content, with fewer people, for less, as do many, many others. Other than a channel without adverts you wouldn't miss it.
  12. Anyone watching the live debate with old worm lips? Enjoy it while you can chaps. Further review in January.
  13. Rather than deliberate persecution, could this not have simply been the sad result of bad trap management combined with bad fortune? The trap may have been set legitimately elsewhere, baited but not sufficiently covered to prevent non-target species access. The bird goes to take the bait, gets caught and flies off carrying the trap to die elsewhere? The majority of traps are set so that they can be checked regularly. What would be the merit in deliberately setting out to snare a wild, protected bird, knowing that they are likely to be tagged and monitored, in a random location? If the aim was to trap and kill deliberately, would it not have made more sense to monitor the trap and dispose of the carcass immediately, rather than leave it to be found on a hill? Many questions before jumping to the obvious conclusion, despite how well that conclusion may or may not fit any existing agendas.
  14. I'm in two minds on this. Yes, there is a clear agenda, but it's impossible to condone the actions of a few if indeed the allegation is true. I use Fenn traps to catch rats around the house regularly, so banning them would be a massive overreaction, the majority of people use them perfectly legally. Fitted with transmitters, in this instance it stopped transmitting in 2017 but resumed in 2018 when the battery sprung back into life? It all appears a little odd to say the least, if only for the state of decay within the time period. Anything left dead around here for that length of time is usually just bone and feather spread around, almost unidentifiable. But, I'm no expert in forensics, so location/ environment may have played a part in the state of preservation.
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