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  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/veganism-environment-veganuary-friendly-food-diet-damage-hodmedods-protein-crops-jack-monroe-a8177541.html https://graziadaily.co.uk/life/real-life/science-says-vegetarian-worse-environment-eating-meat/ https://nowtoronto.com/news/vegans-climate-change/ and on...
  2. Oh God, is it this time again? The topic is rather like an irritating pile; a groaning irritation every few months or so.
  3. It's a cult, nothing more, nothing less. Just the same as all the people that believe in cloud faeries and how their cloud faerie is the only one, true cloud faerie. What do they eat that doesn't kill animals? Organic? The death at the front of any header on any organic farm is off the scale. Non-organic? Then nothing gets a life in the first place and anything undesirable gets a chemical coating until it shuffles off. I'm thinking on making a range of medical alert wristbands, white, with red embossed text that simply reads 'alert: vegan intolerant'
  4. Okay, and the last one from me on this. Scouts promise. I'm concerned that rather than being the (statistically inconsequential and unnecessarily onerous) boon to public safety it's lauded to be that the opposite becomes true. Firearms owners actively avoid discussing feelings of depression with their GPs precisely because they know a marker is in place. So, it doesn't get us any further forward anyway and simply introduces yet another costly, bureaucratic hoop, for hoops' sake. As a final note, I genuinely hope that BASC manages to sort this out for all shooters sake, not just the ones with membership, that would be a great outcome in light of the present situation, and that the cost for all is made reasonable and proportionate. That would be worthy of an organisation who's mission statement is 'the voice of shooting'. Genuinely, good luck.
  5. Factor in your own insurance (£25 per annum) and this fee (£11 per annum) and you're still saving money I guess. Why pay more for less?
  6. BASC are happy now too, new revenue stream for them and a perfect way to drive membership don't forget. It's just the shooter's that are unhappy with this new, arrangement/hoop/hurdle. Claiming that the marker is 'a major contribution to safety' is just cobblers, but I get why it may have been said, although I doubt we're ever going to see 10 year certs given the subsequent loss of revenue for all involved. Still, we all love a bit of unnecessary gold plating don't we? After all, it's all very British.
  7. I'd love to see an analysis of how this statement is believed to be true? Statistically speaking, there was virtually zero risk to the public with the pre-existing system. To claim otherwise is simply false. I won't derail this thread anymore. Edit: Actually, I think I may know why this has been worded in this way, despite the fallacy. If there is the legal requirement for a permanent marker there would be an argument for 10 year licences, as the medical marker adds an additional layer of (I'd argue inconsequential) security. The current trend is toward further gold-plating though, not less. At least my GP only insisted on a donation to a local charity for £25, rather than pulling my pants down. Something to be commended under the circumstances.
  8. If by benefits you mean the proffering of extra hoops through which to jump with little benefit in public safety and nothing in return then yes, I'll plough my own furrow. Thanks.
  9. Ricky knows all about being woke and hypocritical. Active campaigner to get so-called 'trophy hunting' banned, completely ignores the benefits that the cash brings to help preserve and encourage the recovery of endangered species. Completely fails to offer a viable alternative. Completely ignores requests to put his hand in his pocket, given he's so keen to preserve wildlife, and save up to 10 giraffes, all set to be culled (Ricky has a net worth of around $130 million, so not exactly short of a few bob). Typically he, like all the others, kept his hands in his pockets. But it's okay, the giraffes were shot, the fess paid, future conservation funded, locals fed. If you want to find out more look for Jens Ulrick Høgh on Facebook, he has an on-going blog regarding the issues around hunting, trophies and the knee-jerk virtue signallers who are oh so vocal.
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