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  1. Yup. Honestly, don't bother wasting money on the marketing company that is BASC. Just arrange your own insurance (lots of options, all of them a lot cheaper) and put the wasted money on the voice of shooting toward your renewals fees. That is unless you are particularly inclined toward green branded brollies of questionable quality (and which you'd have to pay for anyway)?
  2. I've recorded the match thankfully, it'll prove to be a valuable resource for coping with insomnia for years to come.
  3. How is this https://www.alanrhone-store.com/product_info.php?products_id=1758&osCsid=t7f3lsusa7ajncomk3em365dn7 £50?
  4. Better, for less, here picatinny rails
  5. A Scotsman walks into a bar... Normally this joke would feature an Englishman, Irishman and a Welshman but they're all still at the Rugby World Cup.
  6. If anyone can confirm the arbitrary, correct level of fouling I'll keep patching mine through each time after use. Cold, clean bore is never more than 1" different to hot, dirty bore. What's the issue with keeping things clean, especially in a country that is frequently damp, cold and requires that a gun safe, ideally, is fixed to an exterior wall? Damp and carbon are the enemies to most metallic surfaces, creating a perfect environment for pitting/ damage.
  7. £200? Buy a train ticket. Head to Cambridge. Drop it off with this gunsmith. Prices START at from £65, the work is top notch and if it isn't accurate when finished it won't be the crown or threading, it'll be you or the load. And it does not need reproofing unless you sell it.
  8. Super duper droppage - £90 posted to RFD. Cannot go lower.
  9. 0MOA, 10MOA, 20MOA - take your pick from Barton!
  10. I'd recommend one from here UK Gunsmith the fit is perfect and, unlike many others, it's designed to be as true to the original spec as possible.
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