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  1. MAE T12 Scout excellent, hardly used and good for at least 3000 rounds. Read the reviews. Threaded m14x1. £110 and I'm just down the road. Bush on the back is cut for a slim stalking rifle so will fit any slim barrel, if you need it cut I can get that done too. I used to use it for foxing dead quiet, went to 260rem instead though.
  2. No, Owen Farrell had his usual meltdown, watch the game back and see how many chances he gifted an average Scottish side. The weak link in my opinion, and having him as captain is a bad choice, we've seen it all before.
  3. Don't think Scotland deserved the win, they were shocking in the first half, then it was a complete reversal in the second, so a draw was the fairest outcome, still, they finished last in the tournament so all good again (I'm not counting Italy).
  4. It's a prediction, Ireland didn't show up, the best team won the six nations, but you have to back your team, even if you're Scottish (and thankful that Italy are still in the competition).
  5. Don't think it matters with digital, thanks for photos, I went for a new thermal in the end.
  6. I think the other 27 should have a vote and kick us out. They must be as sick of all this as we all are by now.
  7. Any pics? Condition? Do you have the box, manuals, leads etc?
  8. The utter idiocy is that these political lightweights will smugly parade their achievement but utterly fail to recognise that the problem hasn't gone away, it will continue to fester until it raises it's head again, this time with more support behind it. What they should have done, if so confident that we cannot possibly survive without the wet nurse of the EU, is to get behind leaving on WTO, watch us all suffer as they believe we will for a few years and then promote rejoining again as full members, adopting Shengen and the single currency, which would be their wettest of fantasies one imagines.
  9. Brexit is officially finished. It's over. Time to move on and make sure that your local MP never gets elected into Parliament again.
  10. It's been great to see Wales back on form to be honest, and comforting to see Scotland being useless as usual.
  11. This Swap Shop idea is all very well, but will anyone outside of London still have to dial 01 beforehand?
  12. I think Ireland will be the undoing of Wales' championship hopes, England will beat Scotland comfortably and the lack of a bonus point for Wales will mean that England will win the championship, Wales placed second.
  13. Never mind, I heard news that another baby was just born somewhere else, all is right with the world again.
  14. Stop giving the secrets away.
  15. What do you want it for? Because, in every way, 17 hornet is a better choice of round.
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