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  1. https://babylonbee.com/news/most-popular-president-in-history-to-be-inaugurated-in-secret-guarded-by-army-behind-12-foot-fence Biden ain't stealin' it.
  2. You legal brains should all get jobs you're all so super awesome at it! Last time I checked, evidence is presented IN COURT, not to a bunch of mewling hacks. I may be wrong. Anyhow, I'll check back on the 20th of Jan. My bet, fwiw, Pelosi is caretaker while this travesty plays out in the SCOTUS.
  3. For obvious reasons (media censorship) most of you wouldn't have just seen the recent announcement by Guilliani, Sidney Powell and Trumps legal team, but I suggest you try and watch it.
  4. I saw that too. Relentless goading until, finally, some people just popped! Same tactic as sabs use, keep pushing, pushing, until someone snaps, then its cameras at the ready and edit out the first, goading, part.
  5. At last, we agree. The winners here NEED TO BE THE VOTERS, the American public. If there has been clear deception and stoking of extremists on either side those responsible need to pay the price. But no convenient patsies, the rot needs weeding out as far as it goes and those people need to be ruined. This farce cannot continue to be re-run again.
  6. Well, either the Trump campaign and GOP do have evidence, which is credible in a court of law or, they're massive frauds (as lots of folk like to believe). If scenario a). The Clintons, Obamas and anyone else complicit with this alleged deceit (along with the technology providers, media outlets etc.) need to do some jail time. Scenario b) Trump and his cohorts get new outfits to match his complexion. Either way, the American people win.
  7. Who agrees with this; If cheating, widespread or otherwise, is unearthed and the evidence is so overwhelming, whichever side has either lied or cheated should be prosecuted, locked up, prevented from having any involvement with politics OR large corporates again and that party, whether Democrat or Republican should have a root and branch purge to remove anyone associated with the deceit. This is just a ridiculous state of affairs.
  8. I agree, but this is the issue, Nancy knew there were issues in 2004, in 2016 these same issues were evident; accusations of fraud, voter swaps etc. all the same (this was the fabled 'Russian collusion'). 2018, again, some really weird results, with straight Republican districts and states losing their governor for a Democrat candidate. Krebs was hired by Trump to put in measures to prevent this happening again. Despite the Democrats calling Trump voters 'covid cases' for voting in-person, there was a reason. Voting on the day restricts the amount of predictive data that nefarious bodies ma
  9. Seems reasonable, Nancy is always reasonable I've found over the years 🤣.
  10. I guess we can all get our respective insults ready now though, there's at least that. I'll swap you Private Heel-Spurs for General Asthma to get us started.
  11. Ummm... what was the Russian collusion hoax all about then?
  12. Well, that's it, realclearpolitics.com has Biden on 279, which means he has now won. Subject to any legal challenges (none have worked thus far) the kid-sniffing, female-molesting, terrorist-supporting, KKK-eulogising, racist-policy-supporting, old warmonger, Joe Biden is the 46th President of the USA! I imagine he'll be straight on the phone wanting to thrash out foreign policy with Krushchev, Willy Brandt and Wilson. God help us all.
  13. And Hillary had none. Sheesh, she had a face like a smacked **** for four years and threw as much invented muck as she could through the courts. My, some memories are short.
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