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  1. https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/news/sporting-gun-talks-to-dr-mark-avery-of-wild-justice-about-general-licences-106249?fbclid=IwAR3mXBi55I1aKYGH6NoTb8CLeh7opCC2C3rGYU7z50-29mZNuvndUaOWPk8#jJLqGb40smuuWR1z.01
  2. The NGO. I joined the CA, but figure next year the NGO. By the way, if you just want insurance AND legal advice you can do it for a little as £29 per year. For me, the insurance is secondary, I join in order to financially support a body that actively works to represent us.
  3. The blue lot haven't done too bad a job either. Whereas Nigel would like to see the gun laws relaxed a little, with the return of handguns for those that pass the stringent vetting, just like every other EU country of importance.
  4. Funny isn't it. I don't believe anyone from UKIP or the Brexit party has 'milkshaked' anyone. I don't think anyone who supports either party has either, I may be wrong. However, it appears that our liberal and left leaning public and politicians seem to think that intolerance, aggression, slurs, accusations of being 'nazis' (Godwin's Law) is acceptable and to be encouraged. I wonder who the real enemies of democracy are here? One thing that those that like to point the finger and shout 'nazi' should remember. The nazi party was a socialist party, it wasn't 'far-right', quite the contrary, it was 'far-left' and that I think is what we are seeing blossoming now. Edit to say that I now remember a handful of people getting on Soubry's face outside parliament, but they just got shouty, no throwing of stuff.
  5. But could they block and frustrate until the bloc has no other choice than to change?
  6. Just a thought... If mainly euro sceptic parties win an overwhelming majority of seats in the EU Parliament, would it be worth staying in? If the ship can be steered onto a new, less hand wringingly oooman rights direction they could re-imagine the whole project from the ground up.
  7. If the Brexit party fields MPs, I for one would vote for them. I genuinely believe we need to completely replace the Westminster bubbles with people from all walks of life that have experiences gleaned from a world outside of Oxbridge.
  8. Yes, I was worried about her (I think Angela Smith) as her past questions in Parliament suggested she was, for want of a better word, anti. Apparently not. However the other panellist, Kerry McCarthy, did her best to suggest that NE 'engage' with WJ and their grievances I think at one point referring to them as 'stakeholders' and putting on record that the challenge to the GLs was fair and proper. About right for a lawyer and animal rights extremist (senior member of LACS), she should not be on the panel.
  9. Good, then take a photo and show your friends. Just don't go posting it online. Simple. I get sick and tired of seeing the usual stuff, usually the foxing brigade are the worst offenders. Pictures of dead cubs, dead foxes with the guts or eyes hanging out, but pigeon shooters are just as bad, posing with massive piles of birds. How do you think the wider public views stuff like that? How do you think they contextualise the photos? Why do you wonder why we face an onslaught of vitriol, hatred and misunderstanding when photos such as these are so widely and publicly shared? We desperately need to re-educate the wider public of the benefits of what we do, posting gory pictures isn't going to help anyone win that fight. - An example; pictures of nest boxes next to an air rifle and some dead squirrels helps contextualise why squirrels have been killed. Pictures of an air rifle with dead squirrels just looks like they've been killed for the 'fun' of it (.. and yes, I've been guilty of this in the past, but won't be any longer).
  10. "we at natural England have to balance the opinions and needs of all parties, the conservationists on one hand and the farmers and shooters on the other" So, there we have it. You can see how Marian Spain, with her little-girl-lost approach to difficult debate and natural England, views us.
  11. Because, your pictures will be used as ammunition against us all. Take photos if you like, show them to friends, in private. But don't go splashing them on the interwebs just to feed your ego. It's not doing us any favours.
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