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  1. Look at her late father, the **** never falls far from the dog's backside as they say.
  2. If you have already paid, thinking that this covered the any legal expenses, you may have a basis for a claim, or if you think BASC is unfair in not offering a part refund Contact FCA directly, by telephone, they are very good. Also if you Google this by cutting and pasting "Competition and Markets Authority Report a Business Behaving Unfairly" that will take you to the official GOV UK website to make such a report and let the CMA decide. It's an easy step by step process. (thanks to Enfield Spares for the info).
  3. No, not nutty. About right. Some might say the same can be said of the organisations that have appointed themselves as our collective representatives too.
  4. Hasn't worked out very well so far has it?
  5. And this, I suggest, is the fire that needs fighting. Not knee-jerk reactions to events and endless offering up of additional, self-imposed conditions in the vain and pointless hope that it will prevent or assuage further attacks. The debate, on the BBC and any other media platform is decidedly one-sided. Makes you wonder what they actually do with that media centre doesn't it? Perhaps it's going to be used to store all the useless old shotguns that can no longer work with steel shot?
  6. That'll have them running scared. Good effort in getting that paragraph posted so that a minority audience, already in favour of shooting, can see it.
  7. 🤣 A lisping mental case, a fat bloke with a blog and a lady with a face like thunder and an attitude to match, coupled to a legal team who have based their professional careers on ambulance chasing are currently running rings round everyone. If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about 'our orgs' you need to give your head a wobble. Save your money, spend it on the shooting you enjoy for the limited time it remains.
  8. From a mate, via WhatsApp. I have no interest in buying this as I shoot a Rapid in FAC. But, for what it's worth: But you'll need an FAC. To be honest, I don't know why anyone bothers with puff guns that aren't FAC, they're totally useless unless you want to plink at paper or tin cans.
  9. Given past results any of this seems extremely unlikely.
  10. They're so cute though. Those fwuffy black and white wuffys...
  11. I, for one, am very glad that all these foreign doctors, nurses and vital agricultural workers are taking the risk to cross the channel and contribute their skills to the NHS and wider economy as a whole. Such a shame they all lost their passports en route, never mind, we can issue them a new identity or, perhaps, several.
  12. You cannot reliably vaccinate cattle against bovine TB and you cannot vaccinate badgers either. So that leaves but two options. Fewer cattle or fewer badgers.
  13. It can't be racist, most of the Eastern Europeans are caucasian, just like us. Nationalist maybe.
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