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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all im looking for a gen3 or gen4 shotkam for sale
  2. Hi all , does anyone have a shotkam their looking to sell ? Not to bothered about it being mint condition as it’s for rough shooting and when I say rough I mean rough it will be coming with me through brambles ect hoping to find one that’s gathering dust regards
  3. The afternoon to my last video the crows stopped coming as it neared lunchtime and within an hour the pigeons started ( well a few crows continued but nowhere near as regular) Pigeons were offering some testing targets with many coming from out of the sun and plenty more that were just too good for me but I got my fair share. Have a watch hopefully something to whet your appetites until the lockdown is over. Had a nightmare editing this one so excuse any mistakes they're all intentional of course just like my misses 😅 hope you enjoy it all the same. Thanks for watching and stay safe guys 👍
  4. Have a watch and hope you guys enjoy it! Stay safe and good shooting.
  5. First up to shoot at Sycamore today, everybody else hiding in the cabin. Clays all over, hard to keep the barrels on line. Wind picked up some clays and changed their direction, a right to left crosser became a right to left and back again. Some left to right became hyper fast and going away, well they just went. Almost knocked over by the wind a couple of times and unhit clays became a real hazard. Managed around 20/30 minutes and then my hands where too cold to grip, my eyes streaming and my nose running. Time to quit.
  6. Still not figured how to join them together yet.
  7. What a day! Daughter couldn't come with me she had a migraine. Arrived at clay ground to find I was the only one to be shooting today. The sites tele handler had rolled and all hands to right it. A lot of stands damaged by rain, wind, frost or just not working. I decided to try the Skeet/Compak. 5 traps supposed to be working but in reality 1 was dead, 1 was intermittent then died leaving 3 available sometimes. I had to press for myself, which was awkward as I had to turn half way round, press 2 buttons and hope they worked. Turn back, close the gun, then mount and with the clay already up try and get on it. So having made my excuses for missing, some random warts 'n' all videos. No idea how to join them and YouTube so there as is. For those of you who are into facts and figures, I shot two patterns first on the paper i had at exactly 35m. I had intended to do it with screen shots of the red dot for zeroing but for some reason my phone dropped from 83% in 40 minutes travel to 2%. I shoot a Miroku MK38 Sport, 30" barrels, bottom fired first, choked skeet. Top barrel, imp cylinder. Lyalvale Express superlight, 67mm, 21grams, 7 1/2s, fibre. I have mobility problems which affects my balance and trouble raising my left arm above shoulder height. My heavier gun stays steadier than a lighter gun which can wobble. Two patterns first.
  8. This is a brand new 2018 ShotKam with WiFi Comes with a full 12 months manufacturers warranty which is transferable to you. Price is not negotiable. It is already at second hand UK prices. There are a few main points which you should be aware of. 1. The warranty is a manufacturers warranty which means that if chat/email support cannot fix the issue then you would be required to send the unit back to Shotkam in the USA which would probably cost around £15 and they will send it back to you at their cost. If you are outside the warranty period then you would need to pay for shipping both ways for a repair. 2. The battery in the Shotkam would probably require changing after 2-3 years use which would entail getting it back to Shotkam for them to change it. That said, Shotkam have said they expect to have a UK service centre in place by 2020 which would make the process faster. 3. I only accept payment by cash or bank transfer. You can use paypal if you wish but you would be responsible for any fees incurred unless you use friends and family feature. 4. The cameras come with a 12 Ga Over Under/Semi Auto mount as standard. 410 Ga, 20 Ga mounts and 12 Ga SxS mounts are available. price is £600 per unit. New not used
  9. Anyone recommend a shotgun camera or selling one? Only for a bit fun really see what I can get on camera whilst out!
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