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  1. I have an XC70 with road tyres on, apart from low ground clearance which the XC90 doesn't have, its adequate in most situations driven carefully and actually reading the ground ahead. If you never leave defined or already driven tracks you will rarely have problems. Most farms come into this category, most woodlands and some moors. However, if you go off road properly you will need a low ratio gearbox and decent tyres at least 50/50. Driving over stubble, through deep water, getting your gear under remote flight lines you can't walk too, that sort of thing. Good as Volvo is, and I
  2. Absolutely, can't see the point in owning a dirty gun
  3. Undo the bolt, remove strap, replace bolt through hook. Don't cut the strap it can be put back to normal later.
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 Unfortunately when Land Rover stopped building vehicles from mechano the real rot set it. Till then it was just part of a days tinkering to keep them running. I built my series from the ground up and it was fun to do and drive, I just can't imagine anyone wanting to tinker with one of these new things.
  5. More like a general army pension🤣 Just about keeps me in cartridges, fuel, champagne and caviar. Had to get rid of the personal batman and butler don't you know.
  6. You can be a transport manager in position, but only a CPC holder can manage. In other words be in charge. You signature on documents, your responsibility. You are where the buck stops for everything, licensing, tax, registration, application for operating licence for individual vehicles, compliance (thats the biggy). Something goes wrong, it's your responsibility, your fault and you personally that appears in court. Not the directors, not the shareholders, not your boss. The only way I know of of becoming a transport manager without a CPC and thats not the driver CPC which every driver
  7. Aye, and on starting up this morning "air suspension inactive" warning light again. Back in it goes 🤮😪
  8. Always had bad experience with Britpart, which should have the B removed and an S inserted. When I did my own work I only bought OEM, now when my Range Rover goes into a garage for work, I specify verbally and back up in writing no britpart to be used. Usually on collection I ask that its written on the invoice "No britpart used" No good to the OP about britpart, but when looking on ebay if I can't find the make, I contact the seller, if they can't be bothered to reply then it's because the goods are 💩.
  9. I finally got round to googling, smart looking car I'd be interested in finding out more
  10. After being in the workshops for 5 weeks and 6 days The Rogue lives again. Way back at the beginning of August I had my annual service and MOT few little jobs needed but nothing major. Couple of days later an air bag went, lotta cash, £600 to be exact but they told me a lot of work had to go into it as its the first time it had been replaced. Rather stupidly I believed them. Day after I collected it, coming back from shooting total suspension collaspe. Recovered again, but this time had to pay as they don't cover "same" fault recovery within 14 days. Recovery driver pointed ou
  11. My sons gun pictured to give an idea of rat size. Mine is an ancient COOEY
  12. I use 2" cartridges around the farm buildings for rats and squirrel. Quiet enough for not too much disturbance but heavy enough for a moving rat.
  13. Miss posted in wrong thread, if mods can remove please.😇
  14. If its any help, I make notes and diagrams, draw little scetches and mark out potential hides. Dates, times, crops, water retention at certain points. Fox & badger sets and so on. Everything gets written in with 10 or 12 figure grid references. If it's completely dead then ill trim back a bit of foliage around where I think a hide might go. Makes it quicker to put a hide up and less nettles and brambles. It also gets me seen on the land by the owners and they know I'm doing a proper job and not just cherry picking. I'll also pull out the air rifle or .410 with light cartr
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