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  1. On a really bad day many many years ago, I remember catching my first and only one on rod and line. The only fish of the day.
  2. Wasnt it "Guns and ammo" on the Wicker? The range on Bridge St, I only went into the once. It was being run by a totally unqualified "Walt".
  3. My friend sent me me this last night. I think they're gulls though not pigeon. He captioned it, wish you were here!
  4. But, he wants a fixed time. Maybe we should tell him the virus will self destruct at 0730 precisely on the 7th May 2020 and see what he does with the "information"
  5. This chap moved from a small shop in a nice ish area to a larger shop in one of the nastiest, drug and crime ridden areas in Sheffield. The old area frequented 24hrs a day with cafes, pubs, clubs, restaurants, on a busy road and multiple bus routes. Students, student accommodation and under 24 hrs CCTV and Police presence. The new area, a side street between houses, few other businesses other than drug pushers. Highly frequented by crack heads, immigrants, professional unworkers. The sort of place when I call in, if I can't touch my car from the window I don't park and go elsewhere. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-52166255
  6. Maybe they should lead by committee, should they be able to decide on that. Not a one of em instils confidence in anything but no confidence.
  7. I bake bread about twice a week and have done since I retired. I usually keep two boxes in stock. Since this madness started I've still been baking, but now running out of flour. I gave a lot away thinking I could replace it but unfortunately no luck. I gave yeast away too, now I'm starting to regret it. I can't get any anywhere. I used to buy in bulk on line every couple of months. With my next packet of yeast, I'm going to start a bottle off and keep it going. It used to work for wine and beer so hopefully for bread. Clean a bottle of at least a pint capacity, add yeast, teaspoon of sugar and warm water, plug neck with cotton wool and store in a warm place. Use as much as you need too, and re feed with sugar. Hopefully, this should work as an activated yeast culture and keep you going.
  8. .22 Haenel circa 1972. Owned from new. Just about to have its 2nd overhaul if I can source the parts.
  9. I bought one of these, use it for shooting and fishing. Very heavy, very bulky, not easy to transport, BUT.... I can sit in it all day, walk to the car after and I'm not crippled with pain and back ache for days after. Easy to stand from, comfy, warm, highly adjustable and stable. It straps to a trolley for transport as I can't carry it. For me, it's been worth every penny.
  10. I've seen such as Doveridge are offering 20% off on line or £100 off guns. Currently displaying some gorgeous guns, still way out of my price range though.
  11. Do you have any spare coaxial cable? If so you can make a base airiel, years since I've done one but it's dead easy. Split the coax, make into a V, normal or inverted. Minimum of 42" max of 102". Plug and play, trim to get the maximum SWR. Sure google or U tube have better explanations
  12. According to the Police it's ok to have one.
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