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  1. I was recently recommended macwets but told they must fit you correctly to work. I've had a look at them and they appear brilliant, but not sure I can justify the cost for the useage on my pension. I have a lot of numbness in my hands anyway so only feel cold in my thumbs🙄 Unless it's really bitter I'm always no gloves and a hand warmer in each pocket.
  2. Sorted now thanks he found the right gun thanks a PW member.
  3. I'd try a different RFD. I can't believe he charged you to borrow a gun, with a view to purchase. What a money maker. My RFD loans out any gun in the shop FOC if you're looking to buy as long as they're second hand. He never minds how many you try as long as you make a purchase. How else can you see if you're gonna like it. Also agree with all the above, O/U.
  4. Bit like taking in a rescue dog. Not the dogs fault. Takes lots of time and patience, treats, love and hard work. Some dogs respond better than others. Doesn't always work out, but at least you tried.
  5. You just have to prize them out of the seat, maybe you're due a power cut.😉 Take them for a walk by a stream and let them get good wet and muddy. A rope swing, searching for walking sticks and some stepping stones and they'll soon forget them there X stations and play boxes. I think these days some kids are losing the art of playing out and using their imagination. Did you hit it🙈🙈🙈🥴😁😁😁
  6. I'm chuffed to bits for you, its a great feeling when they achieve something. Bottles of water and balloons are my favourite. If there's not a lot of people around a tin of fizzy pop well shook up is good👍 We had problems with bats, couldn't get them to grow bigger than rounders bats.
  7. Parky rough round here, Park Drive in red packets. Never smoked one, grandads belt was faster than I could run. But I remember swigging beer when the grown ups wasn't looking.
  8. Fingers crossed for her, with the 2" 9gram cartridges it's good fun. If you don't spend the time, life will be full of regrets. I'll trade you a cutting from the marshmallows for a cutting from the mars bar tree. Pineapple no good to us, it was too warm for the tin openers to fruit last year.
  9. My daughter reminded me of one the times I took her and her friends camping, I think they were about 8 years old. I walked them about 3 miles so they were good and tired. Arriving at a pre determined spot they where delighted to find a Mars bar tree and spent a few minutes climbing and picking them. I told them they were treat size because they weren't fully ripe. Later while I cooked tea, I sent them into the woods looking for the ice cream tree for desert. When they came back empty handed I said it was probably too warm for them to flower. One of her friends grew up believing in mars bar trees for years after. I don't think my daughter has ever forgiven me. She reminded me cos I said I was taking the kids camping easter week, and I wanted little chocolate eggs for a wild goose chase.
  10. Finished the stock extension as my daughter has taken a liking to it and fancies using it.
  11. My daughter is gluten free, try Sainsbury's free from range, they do pizza, sausage, beer and shed loads of other stuff. Daughter says the genius gluten free crumpets are vile though.
  12. Centrepin

    . 410 o/u

    I'm all for introducing kids into shooting and recently started a thread Grandchildren and guns. .410 O/U for kids seem hard to come by. Even full sized, people seem to hang onto them. Have you considered an O/U 20 bore? My oldest Granddaughter shoots one and gets on with it fine. My 13 year old Granddaughter shoots a .410 SxS with a shortened stock. SxS seem easier to come by and cheaper. I've just altered a .410 single barrel to fit my 6 year old grandson. Pictures are in the thread I mentioned. You can pick up a single barrel gun for as little as 20 quid and a bit of thought and hard work and you have a good useable starter gun. Just my opinion but a single barrel to start is a touch safer and marginally lighter. Whatever you decide on, good luck with it and the young one👍
  13. Thanks, but it's a Sporter and 30".
  14. £1000 is greed and pure profit, i just cant imagine anyone taking it seriously. On the other side, taking £50 is hardly covering the cost of your own cartridges. Either way the antis will always be antis.
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