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  1. After I'd shot stand 2 and 3 they changed it for Sunday so I went back and shot it again. Same with, I think 12 or 13.
  2. Now that Sir, in my opinion is the finest Military weapon ever designed. I also consider it one of the best personal weapons ever produced. But not the Mk 1. First in .303 then 7.62 and I truly belive if it wasn't for the cost it would have been re introduced in 5.56. I have used it in both .303 and 7.62 on the range and live. My choice of weapon when given the option. One of the most accurate and reliable weapons in existence. I morn its passing.
  3. Let me know how you get on, and with the other thing too. There was only one stand I couldn't fully work out, two high left to right crossers, by the time I was on them I was stopping the gun for the right of the cage. When someone buttoned for me, I took them early with success almost as incomers. I know on a competition you get to see the birds first so I'm not saying anything you'll not see before shooting.
  4. I think its a personal thing, the YouTube videos I've seen of Ben, I find confusing sometimes as he assumes a lot. There is no doubt about his credentials or coaching I must add. I think he could be a fun coach. I saw John Lee coaching the other day, coaching a lady who is a far better shot than me BTW, he seemed very sympathetic to her style and even gave me a free word of advice. For me it would come down to what I wanted to learn on the day and probably who was closer. I've been reccomend that Brian Clegg is one of the best coaches available in the North.
  5. Loads on a field at the back of my caravan near Boston/Spalding between showers. I've also seen huge flocks on fields around here and the Fosdyke where they're currently drilling or have drilled. Also crows/rooks nesting in trees on several properties. I would certainly be door knocking if I lived round here or thought I could justify the travelling to shoot.
  6. They should be banned, along with fireworks but how will it be policed? You can't even get the police to attend burglaries they're so overstretched.
  7. Funnily enough I agree, however, I reserve the right to laugh out loud and make fun of whoever I want whenever I want, especially Walts who think they were on the balcony along with at least 150000 others. I don't have to like what everyone does but I defend the right for them to do it. I though all cowboys were Brummy .........or scouser Oh dear, worms, can, springs to mind🤣🤣🤣
  8. Wow, Walt shooting is now a sport? Do the Walts line up with "Military" type weapons complete with bayonets, grenades, motar shells(2) a 66 launcher plus 200 belt for the gpmg, webbing, ration packs and get soaked and partially froze before being shelled, motared and shot at before being ordered to fix bayonets and charge the targets? Proper Walting playing with bayonets. Oh, and I'm into my 6th decade of non walting and shooting
  9. Oh yes, definitely a balcony walla, in fact he was only the 109,261st in the queue to get in. Armed with his AK47 sunglasses and bayonet, not to mention his old issue G10 watch and strap to complete the picture. No doubt he could tell you all about it if he was allowed but on this occasion he'll make an exception and tell just you🤣 Yup those same people who offered to give up lead on our behalf.
  10. Haslet, lunch today with white crusty bread washed down with a nice pint of best bitter. A nap after then back to fishing 😁 It's nice being retired🤫
  11. The picture is of an obvious Walt, note the SAS badge on the butt and desert camo clothing. A picture posed to impress his mummy or young girlfriend and not a serious picture. Why they would use it to advertise I've no idea, I would use it to make fun of the person in it.
  12. Yes, thank you all for the recommendations, well worth asking PW for opinions. For those in the competition this weekend, there are some excellent stands. I think his name was Kev, hard to hear with ear defenders on, he was testing the traps and putting finishing touches to others. Lots of fast crossers and high loopers. Good luck, I saw a few names on the board I recognised if not knew personally.
  13. I paid just under its value in the 70s in Germany, it was about to be scrapped by a British man who couldn't get an exhaust or parts that would pass German type approval. He was happy for me to take it off his hands. I drove it back to England with no exhaust just a manifold and several breakdowns due to slipping base plate under the points. Drove into an exhaust fitters and a chap there came and made me an offer I couldn't refuse, bought it as it stood, no registration, no tax, no mot, no import paperwork and no exhaust. Money in hand I fled the country to fetch my other car😁
  14. East of England was a good choice. Shot a full slab today and my results varied. Excellent ground and friendly staff. Couple of niggles but one I could have avoided I suppose. I didn't book the golf buggy so it wasn't available. They currently only have one. That meant I had too much walking to do so was well and truly knackericated. The other was some of the delays didn't work and the traps are instant. Press, mount and the clays are all but gone. Hit rate went down to 1 in 6, so I skipped a couple of stands. All in all a really good site and I only covered a bit of it. Lessons
  15. I'm a little surprised the French didn't turn up with white flags flying "just in case"
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