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  1. If you try a barrow, I use one of these, changed the wheel for a pump up barrow wheel. Cost around £50. Folds flat, and takes apart.
  2. Most places are now full of the bivi brigade sat behind buzzers fishing 3 or 4 rods with boillies over many kilos of loose feed introduced by a bait boat. But you don't have to follow the crowd. One rod, binoculars, polarised glasses, watercraft, bread, worms, or cheese and you can have a tremendous day. I use a very modern lightweight carbon rod, very old centrepin and have often caught Carp from under the bivi anglers feet while they're casting to the horizon. This picture is from 2018, when I could still walk reasonably well. Taken on a carbon rod, 50 year old centrepin an ol
  3. Yes, im coming round to thinking that way, the quotes I've had are in that region just for the basics, not including sills or inner chassis. The best deal so far seems to be "before n after" near Rugby, he gives a 5 year guarantee.
  4. Having grown up in a house with lead pipes as many of us did, this is just bunkham(as my grandad used to say). House still standing, changed to copper inside, lead still outside. No body died of anything lead related. Its a shame BASC no longer represent shooters as I'm sure it did some good in the past. But its now got a shelf life just like they gave lead.
  5. Unfortunately their prices start at £560 + vat. Thanks for the link anyway.
  6. I'm looking for reccomendations on underbody protection against rust, mud and all manner of vile stuff that sticks when in pigeon shooting mode. Needs to be in driving distance of Sheffield as I can no longer do this sort of work myself. I used to clean and then thickly underseal. I've been ringing round locally and can find no leads to anyone that still does any type of underbody protection.
  7. Range Rover to drive to spot and unload. Then I can take everything including the kitchen sink. If its less than 50m or so, fishing barrow with extra large pump up tyre. Folds flat for transportation. Scraper welded in for light mud. More than 50m either my son carries it all except my gun, or if on my own I just put out a half dozen half shells (sometimes nothing if on a good flight line) and take a begara seat, maybe hang a net from the trees. Never more than I can lift easily on a couple of fingers. My guide is two ex army rocket pouches which must contain everything but gun
  8. Yet "most" clay grounds still allow the useage and some farmers too.
  9. Early Military vehicles had a similar cold start system. I remember using a similar sort of cartridge in Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland.
  10. Workwise most trades have never been busier as people are using lockdown to catch up on jobs. So prices go up as demand grows. My son runs a ready mix concrete company in Nottingham. His suppliers have increased costs to him, he has to pass that onto customers. Plus demand, he's almost always fully booked up at least a week in front. For ready mix - that's super busy as work normally comes by the day or 1 to 2 days ahead. So busy he's buying new trucks and setting more staff on to cope. Currently he's having to walk away from jobs he'd normally grab, or offer overquotes so
  11. Glad you're both getting out and some pigeon too
  12. Loverly gun, very much what I'm looking for. Hope you enjoy it.
  13. So happy to see posts like this. Its great being out with kids. I normally shoot with my son (38) and with my grandkids, 17 down to 6. Glad she enjoyed it. Keep it up.
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