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  1. Something Japanese or maybe a sorted Disco 1 if your budget can run to it.
  2. No, maybe I typed it wrong. You can put in what you want as long as it's Invector plus. I meant you can't mix Invector chokes with Invector plus. It would probably look odd if you had one flush, one extended but as long as you're aware and happy it's your choice. I just bought what I wanted to match up in either flush or extended. Thing is I tend to stick to the same 2 chokes all the time regardless of what I'm shooting. Currently open and extra open both flush. But occasionally I swap to 1/4, 1/4 extended just to see if there's any difference. Rarely is.
  3. The flush chokes turn up on ebay every so often for usually fair money but the teague extended are more rare and more expensive. I just asked my dealer and a few weeks later he offered me some second hand. I think he gets them at auction
  4. Those are Invector plus. Can't be mixed with invector or any other that don't have the "plus" on them. Most gun shops seem to have a range of second hand invector plus chokes. Normally when you buy an MK38 you get 5 chokes, 2 extended and 3 flush.
  5. Centrepin

    Bike 3

    Absolutely superb, but the pink one with tassles looked best on me
  6. Centrepin

    Bike 4

    Slightly larger bike, good to go Free NW Sheffield
  7. Centrepin

    Bike 3

    Another bike, only needs tyres pumping up. Free NW Sheffield
  8. Centrepin

    Bike 2

    Another small bike, 2 flat tyres, maybe need replacing otherwise reasonably OK. Free NW Sheffield
  9. Centrepin

    Bike 1

    Small bike, needs a lot of TLC Free NW Sheffield
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