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  1. I hope your vacations are up to date and you remembered to get your passport exit stamp.
  2. So much sky, wheres the hills to break my back?😁
  3. What a great haul. Just no pigeons in this area at all. Maybe you've been by and shot then all🤣
  4. I bought a KOFs .410 because I wanted a O/U in .410. I was so pleased with it I bought the KOFs sxe game, 12 bore 30" barrels, very lightweight but has much the same external measurements as my Miroku MK38 sporter so therefore fits me well. It's a great, cheap field gun that I now alternate with my Miroku SBS. That's how it looks straight out of the box.
  5. I don't have many muscles left but the few I have I keep pulling, so decided to make some serious sacrifices with my kit. Cut back to seat, 2 good nets, 2 flocked full bodied crow decoys, empty sack, folding saw, secateurs, ball of string and idividual first aid kit plus water. I had a text over the weekend, wheat sown, can I keep the pigeons off please. Packed 10 home made pigeon decoys plus skewers to my kit. Half way down the field I was congratulating myself on halving the weight when I pulled yet another muscle in my calf, so glad my walking stick is strong. Putting up the nets, 3 crow came in and I dropped 2, so I had 1 on the bouncer 1 in the pattern with the 2 flocked. For the sake of it I put out a comma type pigeon pattern about 30 yards to my right but as I'd not seen any pigeon thought it might be a waste, it was. I can't commence shooting untill 0830 and by 0915 (I know that cos my phone rang) I'd had a constant stream of crows coming in. After the phone call, nothing for 45 mins. I decided to pack up, as I packed up 1 more. A good mornings work and home for lunch and my afternoon nap. Unfortunately due the terrain I only picked 4 by the hide and another 2 walking up the field. Day of rest tomorrow and out again Wednesday. Wheat sat on the surface, no wonder the crows come in. My rather poor pattern. Just 4 picked due to terrain.
  6. My two trees, fully grown packed with pigeon 😳 I have some smaller grown from seed ready to be moved on. I'm not the gardener though.
  7. I've been considering a new one myself. So simple yet so functional. I have my leatherman wave and my army issue clasp knife dated 1942, I just fancy a working alternative.
  8. Thanks for replying, I'm looking forward to the harvest of cherries if I can get them before the pigeons and my very odd neighbour. The one who took wallpaper off and hung it on the line outside and was found sat naked under the tree at around 0200
  9. My knowledge only extends to identifying and uses of trees but I have another question. On the field outside my house is a beautiful cherry tree that most years but not all produces amazingly tasty black cherries. Alongside it is a tree that hasn't blossomed in a few years due to being ivy covered, it used to produce red cherries. Both trees when flowering properly are pink blossom. This year other trees in the neighbour flowered 2 - 3 weeks ago and the blossom has already fallen. Yesterday the two trees outside came into full white blossom not pink. Question is why 2 - 3 weeks later than others and why white not pink? Over to you tree experts.
  10. When I first started beating, the pay was 10/- per day plus a bottle of beer, usually double diamond. I considered for my age that was excellent money. Easily comparable to the £4. a week I earnt when I joined the Army! My son now beats on a local shoot, £20 per day and no beer! Taking into account inflation I still think I was better off. The local shoot now runs a once monthly 50 bird clay shoot to help with costs, £16 per gun, no prizes. They have no shortage of willing unpaid volunteers to set up and run the shoot. It's always oversubscribed as it's known as a hard shoot. It's never been about the money and everyone recognises that the landowner/gamekeepers have to make a living.
  11. I just pointed out the CCTV and told him every word and action was recorded so he could take them back. I then waited by the door for him to decide. If he hadn't been an ***, I had my son and son in law waiting as part of the order was for them. They were going to load them direct into their cars. It took him a while to decide to unload and an even longer time to carry several thousand cartridges without help from kerb to house, all while we stood and watched. My son in law is a postman, said if I sent in the footage it would have cost him at least a written warning. Sometimes, taking no action is the right action. I doubt it altered his attitude but he'll certainly remember having to carry them and knowing if he gobbed off if was on camera.
  12. .22LR is used by HM Forces for a training round and an indoor range round. All full bore rifles to my knowledge have Heckler & Koch conversion kits available. Speaking from the past we used to go through thousands of rounds a month indoor/outdoor and on electronic ranges. We had a type of rubber self sealing curtain that slowed or stopped the round after the accepted target. I just can't see the Army allowing the loss of this round.
  13. Last time I ordered from Justcartridges it was parcel force. Delivery driver was vile, he refused to lift them off his van or carry to the house. "Not my job" he quoted. I rang JC and put him on live CCTV. JC didn't give a damm.
  14. My RFD stocks them, Sheffield. Depends where you are?
  15. London I couldn't care less about. It's not the sort of place I would ever want to go or visit. Battery range isn't a range. It doesn't have a set range on just electricity due to the hills and load. Although it can be switched to electric only I've never tried it. I run in economy mode unless off road when I switch to trail. Even off road it will switch to electric as needed. What happens is kinetic energy such as braking or downhill travel is used for the battery and when the car is not under load it runs on that thereby conserving fuel. Electric is more of an assist or auxiliary power than stand alone. Or alternatively you could say petrol is a power option When I use cruise control, which is as often as practical, it switches to electric. When I'm on the flat or downhill it switches to electric and so on. I can easily achieve over 40 mpg even towing a caravan so there's no loss of economy only gain. However, the car is on a 5 year lease so I've no idea if it would be a good long term investment given the initial purchase cost as it has no resale value to me.
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