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  1. Any particular red? I'll collect today/tomorrow if possible please
  2. Strange how we all shoot the same birds but so different. Not that I want to get into a discussion about chokes but I use cylinder. I just find it interesting different people, different views.
  3. £63, I've seen fleabay asking more 2nd hand. Not worth quibbling, get it.
  4. Used to be CCC in Sheffield till they took over, prices went up, service down. Still good stuff though and if I wanted anything I just told them my membership card was at home, gave them a post code and got the "discount" anyway. They have another local branch in Hathersage that was more like an outlet shop selling stuff off. I wonder who will step in
  5. Better than me, last few times over peas hardly seen 8 birds to shoot at total
  6. I thought she would be, 40 odd years married, I just agree anyway it a damm sight easier 🤣
  7. It just gives me another excuse when I miss😆
  8. The Marksman iv'd used, good pellets.
  9. Looked like you were going for two birds with one shot on the second shot😁
  10. I've never even heard of one, definitely keep the photo. Quick edit: Just shown "Her who knows all" apparently it's a luceism (not sure on spelling) a genetic mutation that can effect birds, supposedly the opposite of an albino. Got to be fact, my Mrs told me.
  11. Sycamore, some of the stands looked to be set up very easy so I fired left shoulder for a change. The sim pair was good fun as the wind made it different each time. Unfortunately it was a last minute decision to put the cam on and the battery gave up half way round.
  12. Great if you can count, I still use a clicker 😇🤣
  13. Just rebuilt my Haenel 303, same problem, had to trim the spring unfortunately.
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