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  1. As requested: The muck is on a mat not the carpet.😁
  2. Centrepin

    Ear pro

    As the above post but mine are mid range around £100 and superb.
  3. But now they just watch others do it on YouTube 😄
  4. I only delete the books I'm not keen on as I tend to re read as I always come across something I missed first time round. If I don't like a book I delete at whatever point it bores me.
  5. Most of mine are on the rusty side containing, split pins, brake springs, retaining washers or other little bits from various cars that I'll never use.
  6. 1 sold subject to payment.
  7. They are big but light for the size, and come in an over the shoulder type bag. If your perm is sloping like mine, then you need something that is adjustable.
  8. DPM. One huge bag with zip around closure. Padded shoulder straps multiple adjust and padded waist belt. These all arms bergans have a roll down and velcro into place flap that covers the straps and belt. By using the two top handles you can them carry it like a suitcase or large handbag if you prefer. It also has two zip on rocket pouches that can be detached and made into a day sack. Yoke and pouches are included. All zips and fastenings in good working order There are two available. No idea on postage but they weigh around 3.5kg. £35.00 each collected from Sheffield or add postage at cost.
  9. DPM. Approximately 100 litres. I belive these are made by Berghaus. These bergans have a removable interior metal frame. Padded shoulder straps, many adjustments. Padded waist belt. Huge interior with a pull up extension. Huge top pocket and inside pocket. One outside pocket. Two detachable zip in side pouches, these can be zipped together and with the separate yoke I'm including can be made into a day sack, known as rocket pouches. Please look at the pictures as one fastening plastic buckle is missing. Never bothered me as I fasten it Para style, through the loops and knotted. Everything else as far as I'm aware is in good working order. You can fit almost everything you own in one of these as long as you can actually carry it. No idea how much it is to post but it weighs around 3.5kg. £35.00 collect from Sheffield or add postage at cost.
  10. Peugeot Estate 407 SW SE HDi 2 litre Auto Diesel 136 BHP. 1st registered 14th May 2008 MOT to 24th May 2022 118900 miles. Purchased by me on 21st July 2021 as a temporary car to serve me for approximately 3 months. I take delivery of my new car on 1st November 2021. Two tyres fitted to front on 22nd July 2021 and tow electrics rewired and new socket fitted. Other than that, I haven't touched it other than to check oil and water etc. Mostly used to potter about and go to and from my perm. For a French car it's a surprisingly nice drive and very comfortable. It has the biggest panoramic sunroof I've ever seen. Quite economical compared to the Range Rover I sold for the deposit on the new car. Available from 30th October 2021. I'm looking for a quick sale at £800 to save me the bother of tyre kickers from Auto trader and Ebay but am in no real rush as its taxed, tested and insured in my name till next July. Will be advertised on Auto trader and eBay on 1st November for £1295 ono. £800.00 Collected from Sheffield.
  11. Alsorts of things used to come in little tins to be re used. Tobacco, Strepsils, Mints etc. I was searching out some clean old ones the other day and so my grandkids bought me the one on the right. I can't believe they charge a fiver for these tins now.
  12. For £35, never too far away, but alas, too old and unstable also.
  13. They're back leads, clipped onto the line after casting to hold your line on the bottom from rod to bait. It avoids fish swimming into the line mostly. They average around £2.00 each or more new. Bargain.
  14. Aye, it's all over the TV this morning, a prop gun miss firing apparently.
  15. This is why we have trial by jury of peers. Let the facts come out in court.
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