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1st time for Onyx

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Going to take Onyx out on pheasant shoot for fist time tommorrow, going to stand with picker ups, as Ive always worked in the beating line I dont know what to expect.....we wont be working....just watching.


I know he will go mad, as the outher dogs will be about. Ive been working him in the pigeon hide, but that is just one to one and he does really well.


Any advice would be a great help in what I should be making him do, while standing back and watching outher dogs working??????


He is 10 months old now and works really well on the pigeon, but all this will be new to him


All the best

Buzz <_<

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It was a bit mad at frist NT but after a while he settled down.

We worked toghther in a small copse picking up shot birds later in the day.


With a bit more work I think he will make a good"n"....works well!!!!


All the best NT





P.S Thanks for ya advice

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I have picked up on some of Lincolnshires best estates for 20 years. Here are a few of my tips for getting the best out of your young dog.


1. Never, ever, let the dog go straight for a bird while the drive is still underway.


I guarantee if you do send the dog straight away, one of those times, a bird will be shot just as your dog is being sent out, and it will change birds for the one that is still bouncing about. Often the new bird being a very long way from where you are standing.


Always, always, wait untill the drive has ended before picking up, that way the dog gets very used to sitting rock steady untill it hears the whistle or horn for the end of the drive.


The latter also ensures that your dog will sit rock solid next to you, when you get the chance of standing at a peg.


Many dogs steadiness is ruined by sending them for runners during the drive. The dog begins to think that a dead static bird has to be ignored, but a running bird must be picked straight away, which is obviously, what you do not want, all the time.


2. Stand a long way back with a young dog, it is far easier to keep it steady.


3. Do not be afraid to use the lead if the dog becomes a bit too hot.


4. Try as best as possible to work a young dog away from the bulk of the birds,


young dog, 1,000s of pheasants, I'm sure you get the picture...


5. Keep your very steady young dog away from unsteady older dogs, the unsteadyness has a bad habit of rubbing off on young dogs.


All the very best



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