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Sigg Hot & Cold One

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    Just thought I'd share a little breakthrough I've had on the flask front.

    Normally, I use Thermos King's in various sizes and they work very well .. however, as most of you will know .. the action normally happens when you've just poured a cup ... and especially on the marsh I often end up spilling the contents / the dog treading on it/ fishing various pieces of vegetation out of my drink etc ..

    This SIGG flask is sized ideally for a morning flight at 500ml, and has a directional spout at the top which means you can drink straight from it .. and just click the lid shut if something comes.

    I'll still use the bigger ones if I'm out for the day, and it's only a small victory, but it may help someone else.

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    Posted (edited)

    I use bodum coffee press cups, if you prefer warm with boiling water they stay hot for hours.

    One is enough for a outing for me or i end up needing to pee a lot.

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