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  1. Ta dah! Rather backs up the point about the litespeed being more thumpy than the comp X.
  2. We all know how to walk down the stairs, but a casual slip, and you can fall and bang your head and that can be it ... these things can be over in an instant. I've seen a horrific H&S clip of a forklift tipping up as it's overloaded ... someone runs up to 'weigh down' the back of it .... slips under the rising bulk of the machine and is crushed to death as it re-balances back down. It's a warning to all of us.
  3. That’s a constraint you’re placing on yourself. Don’t let it get in the way of buying a better or more suitable gun.
  4. Yep ... It seems like there are FAR more Lapwing about this year than I can remember seeing recently. Don't know if there's anything behind it?
  5. Super cylinder is to give more spread on close unpredictable clay targets such as rabbits. Used by Richard Faulds among others. For these chaps, catching the bottom of a bouncing rabbit can be the difference between winning a British Championship or not.
  6. My guess is it’s where you take a piece of shot, crush it in some pliers, and are so horrified by the results your spelling temporarily goes ‘off piste’.
  7. Some of the early Bismuth in big sizes was very prone to shattering. Is this new or old stock?
  8. The key issue is now the investigation ... due next week. By all accounts Sue Gray is very well respected on all sides, and has a long history of 'doing the right thing' even if it's against the 'big man'. If her report gives Boris a chance, he may well hang on. If it's damming, then he'll have to go.
  9. Sold subject to the usual …
  10. This doesn’t go with the rest of my collection so is up for sale £20 posted
  11. Opportunity for a matched pair now … Ahh .. perhaps not … we’ve been down that road🤣
  12. And … ? The ideal number of guns = the current number +1
  13. This second party report was nearly a year on. We we’re on a Sim day during his funeral. Giving us the opportunity to pause, remember, and give him a 16 gun salute 💥
  14. We know Andrew stopper using copper coated a few decades ago …
  15. I had similar views for a long while. If it was an extension of the workplace, and they were working on important stuff, then I see no problem. BUT … when reports come out about ‘bring your own booze’ and ‘party invite’ then the context changes. The big sell about sacrifice was based on collective responsibility … and in these circumstances it’s been abused. One lady has already lost her job on this, and previous transgressors have also fallen on their swords. Credible leaders need to be beyond reproach, and Boris’s gung ho character gets him over many flaws … but now he’s unelectable, and that’s why I believe at some stage he will go.
  16. Planning their centenary party I guess 🎊🧀🍷
  17. He hasn’t … but the tide of public opinion has turned.
  18. In title yes … but with not a shred of integrity left.
  19. So … he’s realised the road has run out and has changed tack into ‘seeking forgiveness’. As suspected Kier went in the the call for resignation.
  20. My father tells a great story from year ago, where he found a barn owl in a similar state and put it in a hessian bag in the back of his Mini Van ... about 15 mins later he had the shock of his life when a set of talons dug into his shoulder!!
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