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  1. If it makes you happy ... it can't be that bad ....
  2. That’s why I now class myself as a collector!!
  3. I tried one of the Peaks Pass beats when coming back from a business meeting in Liverpool. TBH, it was pretty muddy and I reckon I caught the only few in there!! Broke the journey up a treat though, and took me through some great scenery I’d have missed if going the main routes.
  4. Too many TLA’s for me …
  5. 3/8ths doesn't chip them of you're on them (ABT with the right shells and they evaporate!) ... but the wider spread will help. I'd even go to 1/4 & 1/2 for a beginner.
  6. This is sold as ‘not working’. For an automatic, it kept excellent time until I knocked it off the settee onto a wooden floor .. it now stops ticking in certain angles. I’m out of love with it now and gone back to the ‘cheap and robust’ route!! It’s a desirable watch and if someone can fix it relatively cheaply, it’s a bargain. £275 posted. DM for any questions or further pictures.
  7. The worst episode from that particular team.
  8. Smokersmith


    Found the story now .... looks like the BBC are reporting the illegal burning practices. I've no issue with burning heather at all .. in this case, the law is a donkey.
  9. TBH you're a bit late. Folks want them touching in the rows by mid June ... so they'll be behind for sure, but you'll probably get some sort of smaller crop.
  10. Smokersmith


    To me ... burning peat seems to be a particularly dumb thing to do.
  11. Any days coming available will be rapidly swallowed by the demand created by cancelled shoots.
  12. Did you mean to attach a photo .... if not, the rest of us haven't a clue either!?
  13. This theme has come up a few times ... and yes, it is different (in terms of the effect). Someone walks into a house in 'Bongo Bongo' land and machetes someone to death ... meh! It happens to your neighbour ... an entirely different set of emotions follow. It's just human nature ... right?
  14. A shame someone’s not been able to help with the OP’s request.
  15. Supermarkets are already putting their prices up in line with the cost of goods produced going up. There will be more to come also. The problem for manufacturers is that their bills are increasing at a higher rate than they can negotiate new prices at ... graphs are looking exponential for most input costs. I'm fortunate to work in part of the food industry that values the partnerships with our growers, and we understand the costs of producing our crops and compensate our farmers accordingly. I think a bigger and more important debate is why are we worrying about feeding pheasants when many people across the globe will be facing starvation due to the scarcity of supply.
  16. Tickled a couple of nice ones out.. thanks! Heard another this morning close to home whilst crow shooting.
  17. And steel is more than capable for the massive majority of game shot this way ... assuming you're one of those that can put it in the right place.
  18. Who dramatically throw themselves to the ground at the slightest contact
  19. The buffer is usually tipped in after the shot is added ... I use an electric toothbrush to help it settle into the voids, but with BB's it should flow down well. On the 'non-plastic' ... that's an area that needs more work I think. I know one thread on here where ground coffee was suggested as an option.
  20. Buffering will help if you want to tighten it up a bit more.
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