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  1. There appears to be some writing I can’t make out on the barrels about an inch from the breech … any clues there? Agree it looks continental.
  2. Let me help with that … Get your gun to fit you then Practice mounting consistently The mechanics of gun mount should be similar whatever gun you use.
  3. Thanks for trimming your post back to something understandable. You'll be looking for some fibre wad lead loads. The lowest I have is 2 1/4 oz which could be a bit on the heavy side for your application. I'm sure someone will be along soon with a 1.5 oz load or something similar. Enjoy !!
  4. Imagine a line through the centre of the horizontal barrel .. the pattern will centre along that line. When your eye is directly behind both beads .. the two planes will be parallel and a 50/50 pattern results. Now keeping your eye in the same place, to raise the end bead to achieve the famous 8 … you will incline upwards the line through the middle of the barrel and raise the poi … resulting in a proportion of pellets higher up.
  5. In a figure 8 I wouldn’t class 70/30 as VERY high. I’d only expect a gun to give 50/50 when you’re shooting it ‘flat’.
  6. What about the Mushroom risotto with that black pudding crumbled through it 😋
  7. You're asking in one breath for non-lead then in the next not lead free .. ? Perhaps you could invest the time you have in bringing clarity to your requests? Do you want steel loads? I can help with data for Bismuth and ITM, but they're not cheap.
  8. To be fair, the toast does look great ...
  9. Between Spalding and Wisbech. Just the F3’s left now.
  10. I’ve the following surplus to requirements:- 375 Fiocchi F3 Game 30g 6’s Fibre £100 Pick up South Lincs
  11. Agree … silhouettes work well and you’ll begin to pick up things like characteristic wing and tail shapes. If you can have a ride out with someone who knows, that would be better, but not always easy.
  12. Yep .. I've absolutely seen the same thing on I guess my last 3! I always thought that it must have been me abusing them at some point!
  13. I'd go for components rather than a kit ... inevitably in a kit you'll get things you don't use. Assemble your own and it's all killer, no filler, and will be cheaper as a result.
  14. Pattern your gun also … Sometimes a full choke can blow the pattern, and although you can have a very dense core, you may get a more even and pellet rich pattern by easing back a touch.
  15. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure many of us on here will be around to help and be a friendly ear if you need to talk.
  16. A compelling endorsement if ever there was one!
  17. Can’t imagine anyone would have any motivation to if it’s in black and white.
  18. Very underrated in many cases …
  19. Are these ML … as in medium long …?
  20. I thought I heard some today … …. turned out to be a tractor with a squeaky harrow! Must be getting near September 😮🕺
  21. Unless they’re being shot close, when 32g of 6’s will also not help the eating quality!!
  22. That won’t be a problem …. I’m not into shooting close stuff.
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