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    shooting clays and game.Gun dog training handling. Hill walking. Touring with caravan.Spending qaulity time with family.Socialising with friends

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  1. figgy

    Cost? Cerakote v hydro dip

    Oven cure cerakote kits can give a great finish.
  2. I would use the NSI 28g 7 on partridge and early season pheasants no problem. In cyl and quarter. Have you considered getting it teagued with thin wall chokes. Or selling it and buying another with tighter chokes if you want to shoot high birds. Your chokes are ideal for normal.biirds on syndicates and farm shoots.
  3. figgy

    CENS vs Custom Fit Guards

    Yes but you can buy lots of them online for not much money. So might cost you 50p or a pound per week depending on what deal you got. Just had a look and you can buy 60 rayovac abdvanced type13 hearing aid batteries for under £12.00 that's 30 weeks of shooting.
  4. figgy

    CENS vs Custom Fit Guards

    The zinc air batteries start to discharge as soon as you open the packet. So unless your using them within a few days will go flat.
  5. figgy

    CENS vs Custom Fit Guards

    Have a look at the ones Andy crow was wearing in his recent videos. They look good and may not be as pricey as cens.
  6. figgy

    20 bore for the shore

    Grahamch a Lee Loadall will load 20 bore and are cheap to buy. Get good results off them too.
  7. figgy

    Barrel length ?

    Ultrastu I understand what your saying about a shrouded barrel with ports. Yes it will reduce velocity of the projectile as you lose pressure behind it. The speed the projectile is traveling down the barrel won't leave enough time for expanding gasses to go out through the port and put pressure into the barrel.in front of the projectile as it's going to an open end. Also the projectile has kenetic energy to keep it moving so losses by porting are not as great as we would first assume.
  8. figgy

    range rover 4.6 petrol

    Thanks for the update. If your fancying a big off road motor have a look at the Landcruiser Amazon.
  9. figgy

    Barrel length ?

    It should as while in the barrel its still accelerating. When it leaves it starts to slow down quickly. How much difference I do t know but won't be much.
  10. figgy

    New Ceasar Guerini guns

    Just watched The Gun Shop at the shooting show on the GG stand. The gun only has gold leaves. The pictures I saw on Instagram they looked copper colour on the bottom of the action. The price of £9700.00 is crazy for the same internals as a the other models bar the Invictus.
  11. figgy

    My favorite time of year

    I think the older you get the more you appreciate the seasons and months. I lke spring as the weather warms with the promise of summer and the autumn with its fruits and colours. Regards
  12. figgy

    New Ceasar Guerini guns

    I don't like a raised rib especially an adjustable one they vibrate when you fire the gun and any cant error is magnified on the bottom barrel. Closer your eye is to the center of the gun the less error can be made.
  13. figgy

    New Jimny Launch

    Only part I dont like is the bonnet scoops. The rest of it looks good for some off-road exploring.
  14. figgy

    Sign this

    Just had a read and they can only ban or revoke their British citizenship if they hold or can hold citizenship of another country. So they are born here hold oy British citizenship then they can come back and be investigated. Not being negative but what is the point of this petition. The government won't let Isis in unless they can't do anything about it.
  15. figgy

    Tough day

    You wait till she decides what your punishment is. 😀 Now 10 hours for five birds is dedication, did you have a good book and comfy chair.