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  1. They must have a boatload of them to put days on for members to go along and try them. I don't think the odd slab to some syndicates that are basic members is out of the way. It will be a tie in with Eley to get the message out.
  2. figgy

    hare coursing

    I think if they were on her Majesty estate it might be some others that get a grip of them not the police.
  3. So when and where in the north east will you be to allow us to try them? Be nice to have some for our Wildfowling syndicate to try in the environment they're intended for.
  4. I always clean my gun and bores, just no need to remove the choke everytime.
  5. I never check my chokes anymore, I use a ceramic paste grease. Clean the chokes and inside the barrels with solvent, I then smear the grease inside the barrel coating the wall and threads. Then I coat the outside of the choke the same, when fitted I used to check them every week could go for months before feeling the need to pull them out and clean. Now I leave untill I've shot at least three thousand carts then I take them out and clean them.
  6. figgy

    hare coursing

    I think anywhere there are hare's is bad, I often see gates pulled off, tracks all over the fields where a certain group of peoples who live outside the law have done whatever they please. When I had a Subaru Forester Turbo I had a group of Irish accented men drive alongside hanging out the window offering to buy my car. They like the huge moon roof for driving around fields with dogs on the roof ready to let them.off to course.
  7. Was your mate called Wayne and plays footy 😂
  8. Nice 1977 911 she drives in it too.
  9. Mobil chokes are easy to get hold of, you can also now buy aftermarket knowing the fitment is Mobil.
  10. Best priest I've used was a Shakespear one with a brass lump at one end. Loop the other and weighted very well, wasn't heavy to carry. I have never found antler comfy in the hand as a priest, could be just my hands.
  11. Have a check on the Benelli website, they're usually Beretta chokes or rem chokes on older models. Could be easier to find them that way.
  12. Cuffy I wouldn't want to atomise creosote, better off reading the instructions on the product about its application.
  13. Teesside a Parmo, a chicken or pork escallope with breadcrumbs covered in bechelmel sauce and cheese , other topping can be added much like pizza toppings. Not to my liking. Another is a Hartlepool steak, a banana. Yorkshire puddings were eaten before the main meal to fill you up cheaply, less meat and veg needed for the Sunday lunch.
  14. Demonwolf4444 on here does good work.
  15. I enjoy using a SXS and everyone needs and old cheap beater of a knockabout SXS for days and places you wouldn't want to take your nice sidelock. For the past few years I oy shoot semi autos and SXS. I bought a 687 grade 4 for my son to use, I rarely shoot it, and haven't for a couple of years.
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