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    shooting clays and game.Gun dog training handling. Hill walking. Touring with caravan.Spending qaulity time with family.Socialising with friends

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  1. nail guns gas or battery

    Ultrastu you may be right but if you know the sizes you use its easy to order a quantity. Firmahold from Orbital fastness online, £13.58 inc Vat a Box of 2.8 x 50 mm galv 1100 no gas.
  2. nail guns gas or battery

    You can buy nails without the gas, or could when i last looked. Not Paslode but other makes.
  3. AYA B25 A1 Magnum

    A picture is worth a thousand words.
  4. Mint & sauce

    Now you have named them you will have to watch over them, kill all corvids and foxes to keep them safe.
  5. Suns out guns out

    Good books for you, i am sure you will be repaid in future.
  6. UK Gun Repairs

    Dennis used to come on here as SAGE100 in the past, shame he isn't still an active member.
  7. India got it right

    Lets hope that when tried the scumbag who done that to the girl in India gets time in a cell with Big Bubba when he is horny before they execute him.
  8. Another example of NO justice

    You know my views, if they no longer breathe they no longer offend.
  9. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    I never really got the fight club thing.
  10. India got it right

    DanBettin you keep banging on about American laws or components of we want over here. No, non of us as far as im reading want any of the American system of appeal after appeal. All we want is our UK death penalty bringing back, the sentance of judicial punishment as it was in this country not all that long ago. It would save an awful lot of money and free up places in prisons so other crimes get the jail time they should instead of being let off due to no space.
  11. India got it right

    How can it possibly cost more to execute someone than keep them in prison ? Not once did i say bring the American system here. Bringing the death penalty back to the UK has nothing to do with America. Way i and hope India look at is this, go to court found guilty 100% lead out of court either beheaded hanged or shot. cost very little. Body given to organ donation first for donors and then medical science.
  12. India got it right

    No need to offend their religion just punish their own crimes.
  13. Selling a car - we purchase any vehicle etc etc

    Get the missfire looked at, you mat get it fixed cheaply and sell for a decent amount for very little hassle. If you want no hassle at all just get the scrap man to take it away.
  14. One for the Fowler’s

    As thought Farmers want them shot.
  15. Any force applying its own rules and agenda should be taken to task. the monetary side should be looked at but not the deciding factor whether to proceed. If more funds are required BASC could ask for donations and or have events auctions etc to raise money. If we do nothing we will lose out.