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    shooting clays and game.Gun dog training handling. Hill walking. Touring with caravan.Spending qaulity time with family.Socialising with friends

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  1. You could have a pad properly fitted by a gunsmith. Trying to get bits to stick to a shaped stock butt is difficult.
  2. figgy

    moss control

    I have copper nails holding the slates on. Not going to help with them being underneath. You can buy copper sulphate on Amazon so it's not illegal.
  3. figgy

    moss control

    Cheap bleach and water will kill it. You won't stop it coming back unless you can change the conditions it's growing in. My slate roof is getting some lichen growth on the shady north facing ridge and a couple of foot below the ridge. I use Wet and Forget sprayed on and leave. Kills it and stops it for a season or so.
  4. figgy

    Pick 4

    The Victory challenger 2 in 24g were loads better than the 28g of the same. So some recipes suit 24g better.
  5. Get the reporter and shoot them with it, they can see just how lame their reporting is. As for the teacher fair play to him they're not little children but teenagers. What next no running around or playing sport or gloves must be worn when handling paper.
  6. figgy

    Semi Auto,

    Up your budget to around a grand and get a used Benelli super sport. I've had some semis and own two a supersport and a maxus. The Benelli is made for clays and is great on pigeon shooting too. Brownig Maxus is ok but not in same league.
  7. First thing strip it and clean it with a degreaser to remove all the preservation wax and grease. Relube and reassemble it. Get a few boxes of some heavy and fast game loads and shoot them. It should then cycle your eley carts with no problems. Some will cycle the eley from the box others won't. Is your gun 3" or 3 1/2" chamber ?
  8. The dog Inn at heighnton. Not sure but it was on Facebook and might still be. Oaklodge at Hartlepool is a good ground not to far away. Spennymoor is ok too and Marne barracks clay shoot.
  9. If you have your license that should suffice. The Duke of Wellington gun club is not too far near welbury. Open every other Sunday they have a Facebook page.
  10. WD40 on leather work bootswill only work untill it dries out. Try some silicone oil, it won't dry out and should work better.
  11. figgy

    What ye up to

    Ha ha ones on choccy biscuits and the other thinks Tennessee sipping whisky. After a couple of nice malts I'd bethinking same way.
  12. figgy

    What ye up to

    Sad times Grandalf, sure you will do him proud.
  13. figgy

    What ye up to

    Jacko3275 it's a nice refreshing tall drink when your sick of g&t
  14. Get the next size up Allen key, file the sides to a gentle taper so the end fits into your cap head screw. Tap it in with a small hammer and then push it in as you turn it. Should come out no problem and no damage.
  15. figgy

    What ye up to

    Relaxing watching TV with a nice vodka lime and soda with ice and a slice. After getting gear ready for a trip to Orston to shoot the 200 Sportrap in the morning.
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