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  1. In good old fashioned pigeon watch tradition, it's a triffyd.
  2. It's not about age, I had a 100 plus years old gun still working great do I win 😋 It's how many shots it's done and how big a cartridge they were. A Beretta or Miroku used for game and pigeons regular all its life firing heavy carts will be worn out much quicker that a gun used for a round of clays twice a month. A coaching gun will fire many tens of thousands of carts. Not just thousands. My clay guns would shoot over ten thousand some years. Few years and your up at a good amount. Would a Miroku last that amount of shooting for 45 years ?
  3. What can a 28 do a 12 can't. 12g 21,g factory loads readily available in sizes suitable for rats and much much cheaper than feeding 28 bore. I had one and though fun and great for long walked days with a pocket full of carts. A light 12 semi auto or sxs can do more. If you really want one buy one, but the move from lead can be catered for with home load steel.
  4. I had no problems seeing it at 36meters in my garden. At 25 meters it's bright. If direct mid day sunshinenidms shining in your target it might be a bit faint.
  5. The whistling in the flambards I remember from being a child.
  6. Best optics are lasers as someone else has done, set two up one above barrel and one below, one red one green. Pick your zero distanceand set them both to hit same spot at that like the dambusters sighting in the bombers. If closer or further you can tell by where the lasers dots are and can use them for aiming. Nephew has the Zoraki same gun, I find it very accurate.
  7. At a guess I'd say cost is the deciding factor. A round of 100 clays with carts in the UK is usually more than £50.00 without costing fuel and other costs. Airguns a tin of 500 top brand pellets around £11.00 targets a few pounds if you buy them, or free if use old boxes of cereals etc. On a pension with low interest rates so any invested money is making next to nothing.
  8. Jeez I live not far from Middlesbrough. This is terrible.
  9. What a complete let down, I said to my wife so who is H. She said him on prison, I thought ohh dear it's lost the plot. It was that I testing I was on my phone as I watched it. Riveting it was not.
  10. If no delay and I'm shooting alone, I put the button on the floor and tap with my toe.
  11. Keep cleaning the brush on side of tin, it's what painters do when painting above head height. Can you not just cut a suitable hole in a lid and push into the brush handle.
  12. They are so in demand around the world, any new orders are on a 12 month delivery time. Best look to stock up with what's available now or find a good H&N pellet.
  13. figgy

    Mont Blanc pens

    My wife loves using a fountain pen and has nicked all mine.
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