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  1. For a nice old sxs, lyalvale express make a very nice traditional game load, I used to shoot the 25g 6shot. Lovely and smooth to shoot and got the job done.
  2. He will be spitting much worse when he finds out his sisters had his guns taken away by the police. When he gets his iPad and logs on here, chances are he will read about his missing guns if he don't find out before receiving the I pad.
  3. Any biscuits dunked in hot tea are better than eaten dry.
  4. AHH I see now. Inertia block not moving after first shot. Have you tried hitting the butt pad to see if it resets for next shot.
  5. The new defender is a monococ body the same as the rest of the land rover line up. The Grenadier is sticking with seperate ladder frame, much more rugged. The defender is nothing more than another lifestyle vehicle in there line up. Most makers now have far too many models.
  6. Loads of American cars in skandinavia they go mad for them. I like the 60's&70's muscle cars and the pick ups would love a nice El Camino or hot rod pick up. There is a group that meet up at the OK Diner on the A19 local to me. Nice to see and hear them go by if I'm out and about.
  7. Can't see many farmers chucking bales or sheep.in the back of a new defender. The grenadier if they bring out a farmer poverty spec one could do very well.
  8. I thought he was keeping them as pets now.
  9. The gun police as you call them are only looking out for you and your safety fella. Personally I'd strip and clean the gun and lube the slide rails with drop or two of a good oil along with oiling the inertia spring. I've had benellis when new wouldn't run standard carts dry without being oiled it failed to cycle untill well run in.
  10. All good things come to an end, best of luck and enjoy spending more time with family. Ditchy as mod now there's thought 😀
  11. figgy

    .25 cal hybrids

    I totally agree the price is stupid. As much as shotgun cartridges. Less lead and components for a little slug.
  12. figgy

    .25 cal hybrids

    Villaman all the ones I've seen lately are .217" I remember FX saying they would be two sizes. Some other makes have three sizes as they can make all the difference.
  13. Seen a good video on YouTube today, it looks like a defender and a g wagon had a child and called it Grenadier. Hopefully best of both.
  14. Hope it all works out well for you. Bet your boss isn't having it easy, trying to keep things afloat in these times must be difficult.
  15. figgy

    .25 cal hybrids

    Villaman have you tried the other size in the hybrids? .217 or .216 whichever way round you tried. Could make all the difference.
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