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  1. Don't worry about your dog's, it's pungent enough that they stay away. Telegraph poles are done with it, love the smell of it in summer.
  2. Over mashed banana with milk and sugar with a slice of bread and butter. The main reason is we had a deal with a place for our bananas fyfes, for lots of years. This was then thrown out when we got deep with the EU. Hence we now get cack from allover the place. There was a programme on TV years ago about it. My daughter only eats them green, my grandfather only when black, sister in law's likes them nearly black, I like them yellow with brown spots, soft and sweet. I find lots these days don't so much ripen as dry out and go powdery.
  3. I once worked on a crude tar refinery that produced the stuff, when it comes out mildly hot it's bloody lethal to any exposed skin. Used to get the odd barrel to do fences and posts with. Was the best stuff I ever used. Farmers can still get decent creosote if you know any. Son in law had some round posts soaking last year in front bucket for a week before using them. blockquote widget
  4. If it's thin enough a pump sprayer like the cuprinol one should do the job.
  5. For general messing around in the shed get a mig. As said can do thin sheet like car body easily and also thicker steel. Get the 150 amp Sealy for free for any stick welding you want to do, just make sure it's the only thing drawing power from your socket, they tend to warm the plug a bit. The multi use machines are gaining popularity being MIG TIG and stick inverters.
  6. I really can't see the problem with re planting hedgerows, they're wildlife coridoors and good breeding for lots of birds. Curlews like open fields, so they will best away from hedges. We never had a problem with numbers years ago when we had hundreds of thousands of miles more hedgerows.
  7. Just nearly three my phone over my shoulder, I got close to see what was on the inside. Should have known better.
  8. I prefer them, I use a Briley choke great for the money. If you want a kicks buy one they're good, have had two.
  9. Wash in buckets that sieve it out, Kay it out to dry and go over it all with a strong magnet to pick out any steel. When dry put shot in round containers with lids and a spoonful of graphite powder, out kids on and roll around till all shot is coated.
  10. I'd use a culvert pipe for that span and then put concrete over if you need heavy loads over it. To buy a precast one would be hard as the engineering calcs and how it's fitted all have bearing on its design. You used to be able to buy them years ago where they sat on pre built engineering brick pillars each side. Had a quick look and it's either pre cast bridge beams or box culvert sections. I'd go with concrete railway sleepers as Waljwr570 said cheap and easy to get hold of.
  11. Rocky the prices of materials have gone through the roof. They will have to drain your system, remove the boiler pat h the wall. Cut and alter the pipework to suit the new boiler position all within current regs. Flush the system and commission it. They have all the usual to pay out of what you pay them. Unless you know someone to do it on the side of their normal working week, that's the price you have to pay. 18k for a bungalow roof is way off, what they using Tesla roof tiles.
  12. Binxkeys on the airgun forum does loads of samples packs, lots of makes and head sizes. You can buy in multiples of packs of 30 .
  13. Railway ballast send to bind quite well. But big for drives and paths. Would smaller of the same stuff work?
  14. Some of the old members were very knowledgeable and great writers, a pure pleasure to read. The old guard who were out in the field and marshes of the golden years of our sport are getting on and shuffling off. Others very very funny, remember Ack Ack and ME, Barnsley Dave the door kicker 😂
  15. Mel I will soon as my son finishes work, I'll get the place he bought from. Ed the biggest ones lots use them as workshop heaters, they're cheap to run and pump out plenty of heat.
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