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  1. Very funny and clever, one of the old school greats. Good age too 96. Just read he was planning the next just a minute program when he died, that's some dedication at his age. Obviously lived and lived his work. Rest of us long for retirement. Think we will see more old favourites go as they're all old men now.
  2. Ha ha, is that classed as swinging both ways.
  3. Ha ha I hope not I might crash the car. You got a pair of socks or silicone enhancement to go down the front of your shorts. Can't walk about in lycra looking gender neutral, Linford must be displayed proudly 😂
  4. You don't do yourself any favours, used very little and then used hung over and then with full chokes and steel 😂 Best get some more open chokes in and to a clay ground where repeatability is key to getting consistent with it.
  5. That's the one Steve on airpungogollogee bought himself and reviewed.
  6. figgy


    Some very funny posters, bet we get some howlers before we are truly out if it.
  7. That's probably it's zenith in your trajectory.
  8. My son has been into bikes much like I was when younger. BMX and MTB, though I had racers for more years to get around on. He was going for some clothes to go downhill MTB up Northumberland. Came home with stretchy jeans and tee shirts. I asked him where his lycra was, I can't post his replies 😂😂 To be fair if that's your sport you wear the appropriate clothing same as shooting etc. Some just wouldn't be seen in public in them.
  9. figgy

    1917 film

    We all have expectations of war films after Saving Private Ryan set the bar so high. Any modern film has big boots to fill, this one was a decent enough watch but you could pick holes allover in it. Better to go thinking it's not that good and being pleasantly surprised than being disappointed.
  10. Mice your second zero will be probable around 25-30 yards so your pellets are still rising from 10m the lighter pellets will print higher than heavier. Nothing out the ordinary, as stu said could be barrel harmonics. Keep pushing the distances and see where they go and how they group.
  11. Wymberly that's a proper gentleman's pedal cycle. Nice spring leather saddle and mudguards to keep you clean. No need to wear a bright condom from head to foot to ride it either. The new e bikes are more what I would ride these days.
  12. SxS are so easy to get moving but also so easy to stop as you pull the trigger, too many factors for you to try and sort easily, a session with a good coach will help. Ultrastu you had me chuckling at, non of this looking down the barrel at my eye pap 😂😂
  13. I'm thinking from his 10m zero, the pellets are shooting high as he moves further out towards his second zero. Different weights giving different poi. But I could be completely off.
  14. figgy


    What speeds were they going, this is the biggest factor for expansion.
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