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    shooting clays and game.Gun dog training handling. Hill walking. Touring with caravan.Spending qaulity time with family.Socialising with friends

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  1. The camo version of semis is very good during the day and gives more protection. If you go fowling best check what it's like on a night. My M2 lit up like a beacon under the moon or any light.
  2. figgy

    GT 85

    Typo 😆 now edited
  3. figgy


    Rigby 416 or H&H 475 anything less will just make it angry.
  4. Nice to watch the old films,takes me back to childhood and fishing and shooting.
  5. figgy

    GT 85

    Pigeon shredder your comments are obviously directed at my post. As mine seems to be the only one not singing it's praises. Used it on bike chains was same as other spray oils. If so the original poster asked about GT85 being same as dry lube because he can't get any dry lube. No it's not same as dryube it's a light oil with added PTFE same as many other makes nothing special. Some love it some don't. If he ain't interested in any other remarks he can ignore them. Shame you couldn't
  6. figgy


    Big grizzly bears, run as fast as you can.
  7. figgy


    Nice mooching guns, hope they get used in earnest.
  8. There was another old film on YouTube called Fishing Videos, Tom's River. I'll have a look and post a link
  9. Used some in a brown and beige cases, very effective carts. The powder is designed to perform down to sub zero temps without compromise to speed.
  10. Hard not to when one is a copy of the design and new they compete with used Berettas.
  11. Anything over 150 yards, I think should be powder burner territory. We owe it to our qaurry to use the best tool for the job. Great if in a country like America where air guns are unrestricted, the 300 yard big bore guns become a nessecity if you are not allowed a firearm.
  12. figgy

    The Sun

    Wegies are weaned on McEwans 80 Bob, teat fits straight on the bottle 🤣
  13. figgy

    The Sun

    It's good they give the Sun paper away free in airports. Then you know who not to sit next too. Usually also seen in a brand new football shirt and new Nike's wearing a gold chain drinking a pint at six in the morning.
  14. I think it's time we had more armed police and they should all wear bullet proof vest not stab jackets. When I was a kid coppers never hesitated to pull out the truncheons and Wade in with them. Cannot remember last time I saw a baton in a coppers hand. You catch a burglar in your house it should be law that you batter them to sausage meat, if you don't you get your wrist slapped for defending what's yours. Old people and women should be allowed to shoot them. Far too many criminals are armed theses days, more legally held firearms could restore the Ballance. As for tighter laws for criminals we already have them but the courts are not handing them out.
  15. Hope they have, more sensible load for general duck and goose.
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