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  1. Buy a wallpaper spiker, it will put loads of little holes this will let the water and steam in. As others have said, wet the walls with warm nearly hot water let it soak in and keep wetting it. Get the steamer up and running and it should steam.off easily.
  2. As others have said regards moleskins or even just Chino trousers in mustard marroon green brown etc with checked shirt and jumper in suitable colour or go to decathlon and you can buy green or brown trousers and matching shoot vest for not a lot. With a tie and shirt you'll look fine. John Norris usually have some cheap sale items and Sportsman's Gun Center do a range, my choice is Yorkshire Trading Company if you need something quick and cheap.
  3. It is, I got all the three extras the router base etc. I honestly can't fault it. My big router don't come out it's box, I'd rather take a couple of passes with the Katsu.
  4. Sad times, the worst part of owning a dog.
  5. Glad he is sorted and he has picked a very good rifle. One of the atlas knock-off bipods will go very well on it to for his target shooting. You can pick up very good used Benelli SuperSports I have did also another member has too.
  6. I have that little laminate trimmer, light router with all the bits. It a Makita tool without Makita on it. Should be good enough for knife scales if you don't push hard on it.
  7. Trouble is neither do any adults either.
  8. figgy


    One second bowline
  9. figgy


    I learn them but can never remember them unless I'm using them regularly. Quick look and I can do them again.
  10. figgy


    Chris watching some old timers tie knots is like Ted Rogers three two one and there like magic is perfect knot. I've seen the method your on about, the rabbit in the hole is easy to teach with the rabbit analogy. The other way you saw is the fastest, she wasn't a survival in the wild woman was she? Might be one I've watched.
  11. figgy

    Lewis Hamilton

    Never taken to him, even when interviewed as a child kart star he had an edge. Might be why he wins but don't make him a likable person. Other drivers are nice fellas on and off the track but still want to win and have the drive, they don't all start moaning like a spoilt brat when it don't go their way. I heard Hamilton's radio wamp, nearly turned the sodding highlights off.
  12. figgy


    Clove hitch, half hitch, timber hitch,berlutti shoe knot, Spaniard knot figure of eight, basic overhand granny knot, slip knot, Four in hand and half Windsor tie knot. Best advice I ever got, if you can't tie knots tie lots. Most used for me is overhand and Clove hitch
  13. I read the links and have read lots more on this, alliant have said there isn't a big difference or they wouldn't be allowed to sell the powder. They have tolerances to stay in. Using old data is where the problem is, the components change over the years. Trouble with UK is lots of the data uses components we can't get.
  14. The oy AK's we see are on programs in Africa were despots are running around.
  15. Motty I'm sure the Remington loads are only around that speed and seem to do the job.
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