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  1. Looking good as usual. The lambsfoot I would have binned and started again.
  2. That is not the answer you expect. Hope you get satisfaction from your dealer but lots will try and wash their hands of it saying it's the manufacturers problem.
  3. Your shoulder will thank you in future.
  4. Hamster the point I was getting at with manufacturers was nearly all competition shooters were shooting 28 or 30" tubes. Then 32" came along a few started scoring well with them and a new fad was born. To sell to us the run of the mill public. We wouldn't buy another 30" when we have one that works but a 32" yep need one it's the answer to get more crosses on the card. Then fully adjustable stock then comes adjustable ribs and weights for barrel and stock. Manufacturers need something to make us part with our money. The extra length barrel for weight can be nullified by heavier barrels or chokes. If your 32" tubes weigh in at say 1600 grams and your 30" tubes the same you have no difference in weight of swing bar the length and then can you actually see it or feel it. Same as I very light 32" gun verses a very heavy 30 or 28 gun. I'm not convinced with barrel length alone. I know most of the top boys use them, but weight where you want or need it to me is the key factor. A lighter gun is more pointable/instinctive for quick shots, a heavier or longer or heavier barreled gun can be more continuous in a swing due to its inertia. I have a Beretta 30" fixed choke that is a nice gun to shoot it's ballance feels very good to me well. Ballanced on the hi he pin without excess weight. I also have a 30" multichoked Benelli Rafaello Super Sport with Briley weighted mag cap, its chunk longer than my K80 Super Sport was but lighter to swing and use, still steady but much easier on my lower back to stop it's movement and get on a second clay. So barrel and gun length alone isn't the only factor to my way of thinking. It's about how much weight your holding in front of you,where that weight is ballanced and it's inertia.
  5. FX sell guns world wide. Others do to but FX is getting bigger in the USA and airguns don't need a fire arms cert in the USA so a 40 or 50 cal airgun can be bought without any constraints. The European market is controlled to poor power levels. 20ftlb would be more usable without fac regs.
  6. Ha ha I just tend to chuck it after a decade or so of not needing it then a few weeks later need it, then have to go and buy it.
  7. I wonder why you see clay shooters with their hand up following a clays line. So they get it right when they shoot with gun in shoulder. Surely with no gun they will throw their hand around with no control as it's far too light and uncontrollable. If longer barrels are better why are we not seeing more 34" & 36" barrelled guns on the clay circuit. Hmm could it be sponsored shots using guns given by manufacturers looking to sell more to Joe public. Who wouldn't buy it if it wasnt any different and better than what they already have. Shoot what you like and what feels comfortable to you, if that's 24" barrels or 36" barrels enjoy.
  8. AHH well a little fix has turned into a big one, but should last you years.
  9. I used to just use my finger tip.
  10. figgy


    The state should pay then.
  11. figgy


    Should be paid for by the church coffers not the public or begging for donations. They have billions.
  12. What's with organising your spanners, we all know you have to search for the one you need. Left in piles near the last thing you worked on. Roadkill yours looks nice and clean, by looks of the contents it's somewhere to tinker and clean your bikes. I see no grinders pillar drills and not tins and jars of nuts screws washers etc. You need some bits of random cack that will come in useful just after you decide to throw it away 😲
  13. Tell your dealer to take a run and jump. I prefer 30" tubes after owning three guns with 32" barrels and extended choke. I find 30" more instinctive to shoot and no disadvantage. Dedicated clay shooters and guns 32" is in favour and has been for near on the last decade.
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