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    shooting clays and game.Gun dog training handling. Hill walking. Touring with caravan.Spending qaulity time with family.Socialising with friends

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  1. figgy

    Webley Vulcan

    On the one i had it was a slip on silencer with a grub screw IIRC you should still be able to buy a slip on silencer on the barrel size.
  2. figgy

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    Nah Judge Judy
  3. figgy

    Silver pigeon 1 sporter

    A used silver pigeon at the right price is a good buy as when or if in the future as you progress and perfect your mount, and may want to sell it you wont lose much if anything. Parts and chokes are very easy to come by too.
  4. Now that is one unusual Silver pigeon 31/2" chambers double trigger and a roach belly straight hand stock.
  5. figgy

    Beretta 687 stock bolt

    The Micro Core is much better than the GEL ones, i have a GEL pad in green on a spare stock its gone hard inside as they do after a while.
  6. I think the biggest obstacles for reloaders is either postage for european components or all the sellers importers need to make their bit so by time it gets to the uk for us to buy the price we pay will have three or four companies profits on. The Cartridge makers buy direct in huge quantities so save big compared to us. You would think that wads and cases are light but bulky to transport, that it would be cheaper to produce them in the UK from granular plastic polymers produced in the UK.
  7. As most shotguns throw the pattern high it should be bang on at distance.
  8. 32G steel carts are not worth loading due the cost of components. I just buy what i need in that size and only reload for the 3" 36g in BB or BBB because i cant buy them.
  9. figgy

    Beretta 687 stock bolt

    It will have been the another sporter stock, think the OP wants to swap a field stock to a sporter, or the length of the stock bolt changed at some point in time.
  10. figgy

    Weather in Catterick

    15 deg c today so the temps are all over the place. if forecasters are right we’re in for a cold spell.
  11. figgy

    Dutch Oven

    Breaking wind after a big night out or a huge Sunday lunch and pulling covers over her head. they don’t find it anywhere near as funny as we do.
  12. figgy

    Red Kitten

    Great to see reds my parents have a lodge at Lowther and they regularly visit to raid the bird feeders.
  13. figgy

    New DPC and membrane, and dehumidifier question

    Mechanical heat recovery system for ventilating the house will help with keeping internal damp under control and any damp in the walls will dry out naturally.
  14. figgy

    What Carts for Crows??

    Try 5 shot if your not getting them down. Or get them in closer if you can. What choke are you using ? may need to tighten up if they are all at distance.
  15. figgy

    Dutch Oven

    Go on then Ditchy whats an apple pie ?