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    shooting clays and game.Gun dog training handling. Hill walking. Touring with caravan.Spending qaulity time with family.Socialising with friends

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  1. figgy

    .408 Cheytac

    Have a watch on you tube about cheytac , they designed the bullet then the rifle to shoot it. Good watching it was on some military hardware show years ago.
  2. figgy

    Holiday reading

    Try the jack reacher books. Noah Boyds the bricklayer books are good. Scott Mariano books are good reads for holidays. The Ben Hope series of books are a decent enough read to while away a few hours. Mith Rapp the CIAs own assassin are nice and easy going. I don’t like anything to heavy going for holiday reads, I like to keep putting the book down and doing other things so it needs to be easy reading so I don’t have to keep re reading bits.
  3. figgy

    Insa Turbo Tyres

    get some big bear claw tyres.
  4. figgy

    Wireless thermostat

    As Above Drayton, Honeywell one has let me down twice.
  5. figgy

    Free stuff and some advice please.

    Engine oil is great on wood fences and fence posts. If the tyres cant be sold or given away your looking at disposal costs, the white spirit might come in handy for thinning the oil so it soaks into the wood better.
  6. figgy

    where to get a used apple laptop?

    My son is a graphic designer and uses all singing and dancing top spec I Mac bought with studen discount called uni something. Go for the I Mac, bigger screen and faster.
  7. figgy

    First shower

    Been no rain in Surrey for what seems a long time, all the grass is brown or straw coloured and the trees are turning brown and shedding leaves like its autumn due to the dry weather. Not complaining I hate the rain.
  8. figgy

    Not "off topic"

    Wear your safety squints and stand well back
  9. figgy

    Not "off topic"

    Mix some casustic soda into a paste and apply that.
  10. figgy

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    Waxoyl original is for inside of steel sections not for under body protection, unless what you bought is a waxoyl underseal product.
  11. figgy

    What chokes are browning maxus

    Invector plus
  12. 21g hull comp x cos if you get them in the head they do the job. None of this 32gram of big shot just shoot better. You don’t get tired from recoil either.
  13. figgy

    The making of Handmade Turnscrews.

    Can’t wait to see the nice figured pieces you chose for me 👍 fantastic work and a young talent.
  14. figgy

    Surprised by Tesco fuel

    I use the main big oil companies for my fuel. After working in the tank farms and asking people on site I was also told to use anything but supermarket fuel. The big boys put additives in that most others don’t. Whether it helps I don’t know but I’m not bothered about a few pence.
  15. Some good trading and google translate got it nearly right. Hazelnuts in cartridges ? Wonder what they will come up with.