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  1. Shooting show 2018

    Vey rare you will get the manufacturer undercutting his retailers. If they did sell cheaper the retailers wouldn't stock his products, its why Teague will put their prices higher than they're retailers, if they do make a sale they're quids in.
  2. Chinese engine cranes

    Fergusson Tom nearly all get them made in China, just rebadged. Even Honda was getting their engines and generators made in China so do a lot of German companies. Have a look at some online reviews for the better one to pick.
  3. Multimeter

    lidl have some for £10.00
  4. Bathroom ceiling painting?

    Even anti-mould paint can only do so much to combat black mould you get in bathrooms. Extractor fans are good but need air coming in to be able to vent damp air outside, or they are no more than a very weak vacuum fan. Opening the bathroom window a little even in winter will stop most of the condensation.
  5. Look what i found...

    Looking at the cars id say 1970's/80's
  6. Tailor made dog food

    Im Confused Your dog is losing weight and you want her on a low fat diet. Is this low fat requirement due to the pancreatic trouble , if so i would do same as Bruno22rf and make my own.
  7. Born evil?

    Mungler i totally agree after seeing similar myself.
  8. New AUDI Feature

    Was It the new directional indicators that work in a line showing the direction. Quite clever and I'm sure soon to be copied by other car makers.
  9. Born evil?

    So could the age of the parents have some link to how a persons mind works ? I am sure there will have been lots of studies done in the past trying to understand it.
  10. winchester sx4

    Check the bolt handle does not pull out to easily lots have been lost, a quick go with a rat tail file to make the indent notch deeper like on the sx3 will fix it. Let us know what you think when you have put a few through it.
  11. Born evil?

    I still believe some are just born evil , what they experience in life may help shape them but whether it makes them what they are i am still out on that. Heres a question is ADHD an affliction caused by a persons upbringing or were they born that way ?
  12. France to bring back 'National Service'.

    National service should be two years for all, it will give them some values and skills.
  13. Anyone fancy moving to Shropshire

    Its near Hodnet that should sell it. Shrewsbury is a nice looking town with its old buildings but a night out is a eye opener especially in Uncle Alberts Shed. Wher you moving to Ben ?
  14. Buffalo River Cabinet Problems

    LLoyd73 you’ll get a new solenoid and probably have many years of trouble free use out of it.
  15. Semi auto woes

    The magazine release catch isn’t engaging the on the head of the cartridge case. Try a different brand of cartridge also try shoving the cartridge right into the magazine sometimes my Benelli will do same as yours if I don’t shove it right home.