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    shooting clays and game.Gun dog training handling. Hill walking. Touring with caravan.Spending qaulity time with family.Socialising with friends

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  1. Hw95k buying advice

    Tuning them yourself isn’t hard but getting the best out of that tuning is where the experts excel having all that experience of how far to go and where on the internals. Porting and short stroking can be a dark art.
  2. Diamond shot

    Never looked at the pigeon carts, I did look at the shot in the clay carts and black gold game the shot in both was very good. Reason I looked I wasn’t sure they would use the same diamond shot in the cheap clay carts but it didn’t look any poorer. Wonder if you got a bad batch.
  3. New car

    That’s one happy mrs so a monkey spent well. At least you know if the weather is bad she will get through ok so long as roads are not blocked. Mid they are teach her to drive off-road and use the verges
  4. Izuzu dmax or l200

    Isuzu every time.
  5. Diamond shot

    Whitebridges how do you rate the paper case cartridges? i have tried a few some gamebore pure gold 30g 6 shot express 30g 6shot and some Eley can’t remember if Grand Prix or Impax never found any of them as good as the plastic case versions.
  6. Diamond shot

    It’s highly polished and very round, not seen any better shot. Does what it’s meant to.
  7. How near, how far.

    So bread cake is it a weird Scottish cake made from bread ? or a plain old bread bun so known in parts of England as a barm cake. Scotland has gave us many great things like single malt and porridge but fried pies, lorn sausage and lard butties they can keep. What on earth is a tatie scone, that’s plain wrong, scones have jam and cream or fruit. Not eggs and pink slab meat sausage. Stovies can be very nice or horrid greasy muck depending who has made them. Had them offshore.
  8. Wad plastic or fibre

    Yes that’s the saying and your point is ?
  9. I don’t think our armed forces are that bothered about the sex of the terrorist they kill. But it’s easier for women to get close to another as they think alike.
  10. Wad plastic or fibre

    Ha ha hope you didn’t damage the bark or the tree huggers will be after you.
  11. CIGARS

    I used to love a cigar when I smoked. It was the only thing I missed when I packed in the cigarettes. Funny I don’t miss it anymore, don’t mind a light waft of the smell but when I see the thick pungent blue smoke I think ouch not good for you as I used to inhale them.
  12. Scaffman73 on here is on a jack up rig.
  13. How near, how far.

    Fish and gravy? Is that smokes or cured salmon gravadlax with a nice mustard and dill sauce, very nice and tasty healthy too. Or are you refferrring to that most un healthy deep fried crispy coated dripping in dripping or cheap oil type of fish and some spiky anaemic potato bits fried in the same gloop served in old newspapers. Usually frequented by beer swilling uncouth fellows after a night in the local working men’s establishments. As for the curry sauce served in polystyrene cups. Where do they get that stuff from.
  14. What’s for Christmas?

    I am the same in that there is nothing in particular I want. So will no doubt end up with things I neither want or have use for. Other years have been easy as I’ve been going somewhere or doing something they could pay for as my present. Any shooting related items are usually good, gloves hats/caps or even chokes or cartridges. Some country boots if you don’t have any. Didnt you say your buying a house? Some power tools would be a good idea.
  15. Tiny mallard

    Earlier in the season I shot three mallard but thought they were Gadwalls in the dark dusk light and all were smaller than normal hen mallard . Think they were still quite young. This season I saw more late broods than any other year. Unlucky with the Geese Anser2 better luck next time.