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  1. Looks great, want to lend a dutt for a week.or so. Don't, I have a few times. Also don't try your own surgery. The doctor and dentist look at you funny when you go to get your mistakes out right.
  2. Don't forget USA gallon is different to UK imperial gallon. Still very cheap though 35.6p per liter.
  3. Out of your list the Air Arms. If your looking to spend £700.00 you could get a FX Wildcat used if bullpups are your thing.
  4. Very nice work James as usual. Old farrier you ever come this far north I'll meet you for a drink and bite to eat.
  5. DAI Leisure have there own delivery drivers, so its a face to face transfer.
  6. Not such a lovely day, lovely day lovely day rip
  7. Who can forget Pete Mate his elderly producer. There is a fella on YouTube called Geof Crocker who restores machinery and restored his 1970's Series 111 Land Rover. Landcruisers do rot and go wrong.
  8. It's because it's still face to face only via the courier.
  9. Yes a few are still delivering.
  10. figgy

    eddie large died

    They can massage the figures to suit what they want on record.
  11. Better to ask to see a pic of their mum in case you are there dad. Soon shuts them up.
  12. Ditchy can only help with filling them up and letting others have the fuel. Don't think he actually uses his, just cleans it 😝😂 If you open the housing on the starter and see if the return spring has jumped or snapped, or it may have debris jamming it. Should be a easy fix Ben.
  13. Groaning when you out your socks on, looking for something to help you stand up after kneeling on the floor for five minutes. Seeing your children get married have children and then think, I've become my dad, I'm in the middle my dad's the elder male now. You realise you become the next generation, that makes you feel old.
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