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  1. He must bulk loose and bag it himself 👍
  2. What size bag you paying £17.00 for. https://www.mgsolidfuels.co.uk/north-east-coal-merchants.html
  3. Get yourself some M&G fuels briquettes, clean burning and last a longtime. UK owned and manufactured products in the north east.
  4. figgy

    My Wife!

    Ha ha that would send her off the deep end.
  5. Chilli pepper pickled eggs are very very nice. Need to use much hotter peppers than you would normally have in food. The vinegar seems to kill off a chunk of the heat. Mustard seeds in it are nice too, table spoon is enough in a jar of 12 eggs. If using spice or chilli the white vinegar is best. If just vinegar it's got to be dark malt and the eggs turn brown, make your gums peel back when eating them. My son waits all day to go to toilet, so when he gets home he crop dusts all way through the house to the toilet. Some of his have had my wife and I borking and wretching. If he was in
  6. Of course your girl.is happy, she now got something to wollop you with and you made it 😃
  7. As they were rot boxes not many about now. Price will be high if demand is there for them.
  8. Depends on many factors, if the farm has plenty of arable that needs crop protection, not all farmers have them beating the door down to get pigeon shooting. So keeping pest control down throughout the year can get you a good deal.with the farmer. If the farmer shoots can be good or bad, some farmers are glad of having a gun and will put lots of effort into the shoot. Others will wait untill you build up a good shoot and up the rent to push you off so he can make more off your hard work. £30.00 per acre must be renting Sandringham estate.
  9. It's a Baikal, your not going to break it. Put anything that fits the chamber through it.
  10. Wd40, acetone all sorts are used to clean and refinish them. Have a look one there should be some videos on it.
  11. Makes any used ones for sale expensive. If I was buying one it's a good deal.
  12. Burnwell by M&G fuels is an excellent briquette. Still nothing can beat proper house coal, the flames and then the red glowing coals.
  13. figgy

    My Wife!

    Doing that remote thing with my wife would be akin to lighting the blue touch paper. Stand back at a safe distance and watch her explode 😂 spewing expletives like a trooper. I find saying Christ do you ever shut up, will give one of two reactions, one like the above the other perfect silence for a day or so.
  14. No I don't, the four above put many many years in to the sport. Even after retirement put many years and a lot of time and effort into promoting and being ambassadors for the sport. Lewis is still racing, wait another twenty years see how he does then offer him a blue Peter badge.
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