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  1. With much better bc the slugs even at 10.8 will lose little energy at distance compared to pellets. For long range if accurate I’d use them. I can’t find any that work in fx supierior .177 liners at sub12 power.
  2. figgy

    Grand Children

    My grand children love a good book reading to them but not twaddle. my wife reads to them and they love it.
  3. Hybrids have never made sense to me unless it was a way around beating the ulez charge in London. The battery range isn’t the best and your lugging around all the weight of the extra electric motors and batteries , so petrol or diesel economy suffers.
  4. figgy


    Britains got talent. First question who are you and where are your from? Brooklyn America, is it just me that’s wondering why it’s called Britain’s got talent.
  5. figgy

    Brook v Khan

    Khan still had his glove speed but didn’t land many. Was almost shadow boxing with his combos. Khan took a fair few good hits that I thought would have floored him. Walked right into one that shook him to his boots. Hope he don’t suffer long term form form the blows he took. credit to Brooks he was much better at landing them.
  6. Couldn’t agree more. I’m now looking forward the moto GP and F1 can sod off now. Totally spoilt it for me just when I thought it was getting good and worth watching again after years of synchronised driving. should call masi, jimmy as he fixed it for Verstappen to win.
  7. Plenty complain about them yet imagine being born and living in a goldfish bowl. Having to be a certain way then your uncle abdicates and your dad dies then your it. The head of state, test its privileged but not without a lot of downsides too. I'm no royalist but I’d rather have them than be like America. There have always been and will always be a black sheep or two.
  8. Tried one and a F3 it is not. Try one if you like it it’s all that matters. Andy crow shoots whatever he is given and sponsored to shoot.
  9. Only watched so much of it. It just came across as a Black Lives Matter made western to me and not very good.
  10. I used one for years as I don’t have a dominant eye. It took a long time and a perfect fitting gun for me to shoot without one. it don’t harm to try one, buy the cheapest think it’s the easy hit iirc.
  11. Enjoyed it mostly, read most of the books but some scenes where some skinny runt is getting the better of him. Dear me not a chance even if he laid down and let them. Other than that enjoyed it as something to relax and just watch.
  12. figgy


    The compact and the standard have the exact same barrel and only difference is the bottle and shroud are shorter on the compact. Both are superbly accurate guns. I wanted the higher shot count and volume in the carbon bottle so went back to the standard impact.
  13. The gap in your forend happened to me on a new beretta after shooting it in the rain. It was teeming down and I then shot a flush getting the barrels scorching hot. The wood then moved and stayed that way. Very annoying but wood never stopped me using it. I did try the dampen the wood and bind it with elastic bands for a few weeks which did make the gap smaller. Such a shame as what Longthorne are doing with barrels as a one peice unit is much stronger. About time we were getting advancements in shotguns. But not the kind where customer is told to jog on after spending 50k on a now unmatched pair. Walker as many have said shotguns have not really changed in a hundred years. If it fits and is balanced costing many times more can’t make it hit more.
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