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    shooting clays and game.Gun dog training handling. Hill walking. Touring with caravan.Spending qaulity time with family.Socialising with friends

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  1. figgy

    Bayliss and Harding

    Think that thought crosses most men's minds. 😍😂 But think oy 100 bottles of soap wouldn't last long. Can see this topic going into the playpen rather quickly.😀
  2. figgy

    Any known problems with older audis 2.5 tdi?

    Have a good read on some Audi forums as they have known problems with the top of the engines the rockers iirc.
  3. figgy

    Crataegus monogyna

    You can mash up the flesh and spread it out to dry, it's called Hawthorne leather and is chewy. Not to my pallette but others may like it. Better with some elder berry and blackberry mixed in.
  4. True, just when you think k you found a good load it's gone or changed. I think with the new reach regs for powders we will find more changes.
  5. Aren't the Gamebore Regals just rebranded Pure Gold's. Pure Gold were a nice cartridge.
  6. figgy

    Made a few for tomorrow

    Have a good days shooting.
  7. figgy

    Made a few for tomorrow

    Front stuffer of what type ? Musket shotgun or cannon
  8. figgy

    First flying lesson

    Older aircraft don't but lots of the newer lighter aircraft seem to have them, maybe oy works up to a certain weight. Only a good thing as far as I can see, all new small aircraft should have it.
  9. figgy

    More wreaths, sorry!

    Very nice.
  10. I've used and still have some Three Crowns, a true old style cartridge. Not the fastest but smooth to shoot and hit hard. My son shot his first ever pheasant using them. Have you tried any Lyalvale traditional game or RC carts. Another soft shooting cart I liked in 12 was the Caledonian XL they also make 20 bore carts. I found in 28 bore, all carts barring the 28g express soft shooting, I think it's due to the powders used in the smaller guages.
  11. figgy

    First flying lesson

    If you look online lots of small light aircraft come with a safety parachute, fired by a small rocket to bring the and down safely.
  12. figgy

    The Admirable Gordon R

    Very nice Gordon R. Some very decent folk on here.
  13. figgy

    Moorhen - pest control

    The local marshesand ponds waterways etc have far too many plaguing the water. Noticed a population increase over the last four or five years. By your post you have a very nice permission.
  14. figgy


    Nice roast beef and mustard or roast ham with please pudding sandwich followed by some stollen or mince pies. A nice nip of port and a nip.of sloe gin during the day. Flask of strong black coffee for me.
  15. figgy


    Trouble for me is extra large hands. If I get my hands in most gloves I can't open my hand or fingers enough to shoot ok. Some gents leather gloves with the lining removed from pad of trigger finger and thumb work ok.