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  1. Countryman yours is the 997 911. Porsche have model codes for each generation. The 996 before yours had the fried egg shape headlights. The 930 my dad looked at was the turbo body with whale tail 1980's car.
  2. I agree that's what we do when it's all we have, shoot what's in the gun. I've dropped teal with 36g No1 steel carts and geese with 32g 4.
  3. What if you get two ducks come in or two geese.
  4. If it's working for you and your shooting leave alone. I sometimes wonder if I should take two guns. One for ducks and one with tight choke and large shot for geese.
  5. Have you tried reinstalling the app.
  6. figgy

    Le Mans '66

    Watched it, great film. Well made and humorous too. Le man's city is a nice place to visit.
  7. No doubt there will be cartridges capable at 80 yards, it's whether you'd want to shoot lots of them. 31/2" of 60 plus gram is going to thump.
  8. Long brass is the key, shiny and red plastic cases, red is faster. So long as the components are perfected to give the desired pattern and hitting power they done their job. If the pellets are a size bigger your getting less in the pattern.
  9. Stonepark that can't be true as we been told by Hull marketing these are the premier cartridge. Bet people reloading could make a cracking long range patterning cartridge. But would it have enough retained energy to kill.
  10. I've seen the GT6 nice car. What year 911?
  11. Yes he has a YouTube channel, good to watch. He's a hell of a shot. Two others worth a watch is Matt Dubber airarms hunting and air hunters both in South Africa. Link for you mice to ted shooting Hades pellets.
  12. Mice they're certainly smaller head diameter than the exact pellets. Go faster too, calm day I'll test some more for accuracy, the ones I shot seemed ok. Have you watched Ted's hold over he loves them and tested them even in sub12 still get a bit of expansion.
  13. One Jackdaw today. Magpies are giving a wide berth. Total 581
  14. Hope you get it sorted soon Arron, I am still thinking if buying one. I've shot the rear sensor and top edge of the rear plate on my chrony four times. Not funny, still working but throwing some odd figures now and again. Need to add some tape the get the same size opening as front sensors. The FX chrono only measures to 1300 FPS. I'll have to keep using the F1 for shotguns.
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