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  1. Smokersmith

    Lighter loads Rem 1100 .... ports ?

    I’d google search it .... bound to be some good advice somewhere!!
  2. There’ll be exceptions, but on the whole with similar components .... then yes.
  3. Smokersmith


    So what does semi-success look like?
  4. Smokersmith


    Erm ... no.
  5. Smokersmith


    Norwegian Air offered a comfortable and relatively cheap service ... not sure if they'd fit your requirements.
  6. Smokersmith

    Hold the Porsche.

    Do you see us getting close to a deal in the next 40 odd days? A hard Brexit is becoming more likely, and businesses need to prepare.
  7. Good luck .... some sensible suggestions on here. The slower route with Supergame should be a great starting point with lots of pellets in 32g 6 .... plus not too thumpy, and not silly money. Higher quality harder shot is another route. I think you’ll get on a lot better than you think,
  8. Smokersmith

    Air arms Diabolo field .22 + .177

    I’ll have the .177 please ...
  9. Smokersmith

    New Ceasar Guerini guns

    Isn’t it amazing that so many people across the world put up with it!
  10. Looks like progress to me.
  11. Smokersmith

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    None taken !! It’s just factual data. If you can measure speed and pressure in the field, I have to bow to your talent.
  12. Smokersmith

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Hard data for you to agrue with below:- 24 grains A1 32g lead fibre wad 1230 fps @2.5m 494 Bar 24 grains A1 32g lead plastic wad 1280 fps @ 2.5m 585 Bar I'm not an academic sitting behind a desk calculating this ..this is data from reloading sheets I use ... there are countless other examples I could post. I can't get speeds from my own chrony for fibre .. 'cos it doesn't measure it. Look at the famous shot speed table at the top of this section .. how many fibre in there? Is it because he's not keen enough? There's nearly 100bar increase in pressure putting a plastic wad in the example above ... please open your mind to the facts, or show some of your own.
  13. Smokersmith

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    You’re right the wad is important. Why do you think home use chronys don’t work with fibre wads ? It’s due to the increased muzzle blast as more gasses blow past the fibre wad. That’s why in all the literature when you compare like for like, it shows more powder is required in these loads, than plastic which expands and captures the force better. You can see this in reloading manuals, the FES Kent load data, Claygame data for 12, 10, and 8 bore loads, and there’s a section in Douglas McDougals book on 8 bore reloading which explores the phenomena also. Therefore your experience is against the grain, and that’s why you’ve been asked for some data that demonstrates what you’re seeing.
  14. Smokersmith

    Largest Bismuth Cartridges

    Bismuth shot is no guarantee that the wads will not be plastic.