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  1. Has anyone been?
  2. What the hell's wrong with me??!!

    Go and treat yourself to a new blouse ...
  3. Divorce looking likely

    I went pheasant shooting to Scotland with my Dad on my wife's 40th .... no problems there
  4. Action Degrease

    A semi auto full of carp !!
  5. Interview

    You're already over half way there by being bothered to do the preparation ... good stuff!! Loads of stuff online ... having 'stock answers' to regular question will be a big help. When preparing, really think about how to get the message you want across in a concise way. It also really helps to make sure you understand exactly what's being asked ... if the questions a bit tricky .. you can buy time by stating your not 100% sure of the question and getting them to restate it in another way, or by playing it back ... "so if I understand correctly your looking for an example of where ..." That bit of time you needs is much better filled like this than umming and erring. There is also value in the STAR technique outlined below ... especially in the type of question from Zetter above ... Situation – set the context for your story. For example, "We were due to be delivering a presentation to a group of 30 interested industry players on our new product and Stuart, the guy due to deliver it, got stuck on a train from Birmingham." • Task – what was required of you. For example, "It was my responsibility to find an alternative so it didn't reflect badly on the company and we didn't waste the opportunity." • Activity – what you actually did. For example, "I spoke to the event organisers to find out if they could change the running order. They agreed so we bought ourselves some time. I contacted Susan, another member of the team, who at a push could step in. She agreed to drop what she was doing and head to the event." • Result – how well the situation played out. For example, "Stuart didn't make the meeting on time but we explained the problem to the delegates and Susan's presentation went well – a bit rough around the edges but it was warmly received. Stuart managed to get there for the last 15 minutes to answer questions. As a result we gained some good contacts, at least two of which we converted into paying clients." Be yourself 100% ... but be yourself on a brilliant day !!
  6. New CPSA website

    Not investigated it yet ... thought I'd let folks know.
  7. Duck shell

    Agree with you ... Dead is dead ... and the steel loads I use deliver the dead in the air performance at a much reduced cost to the heavier g/cc alternatives.
  8. Duck Numbers

    Some of us still prioritise a good tide flight over the big skeins .....
  9. Duck Numbers

    Some average to well above average numbers in some areas locally.
  10. Shot range

    My money is on the drafting idea .... Interesting reading here on goose formations, with multiple observations. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-do-migratory-birds-fl/
  11. Calling Pinkfeet

    There's always the option of shouting them yourself ..... will work on a certain %age of 'em.
  12. Holts Sealed Bid Auction

    Same here.
  13. Holts Sealed Bid Auction

    I think it takes some time ... have a look tomorrow pm. Watched kettle and all that!!
  14. Holts Sealed Bid Auction

    Yep ... put in for some non-tox and other shells ... will see how it goes, could be an expensive day tomorrow!!
  15. Vote your Favourite Clay Shooting Ground

    Grimsthorpe for FITASC. You certainly don't want to be afraid of forward allowance!!