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  1. I’m reminded of the Two Ronnies .. how to avoid flies in the kitchen? A pile of horse manure in the lounge …
  2. Understood … good luck finding something 👍
  3. I’m sure you can, but with so many better alternatives why would you?
  4. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!!
  5. Sir ITB got some credibility back this evening … He‘s leaving the magnificent 5 to go fishing! Good lad!!!
  6. I heard the interview with her mother. In her 1st training session back after breaking her tibea and fibea she landed awkwardly and the metal in her leg bent and shattered the bone again. Fair play to her for rebuilding and getting back to be the best in the world. She’s 22.
  7. You do see some manky taxidermy …. but this looks really good, further enhanced by the story. Thanks for sharing.
  8. That’s why you’re sat watching not shooting 🤣 Joking aside, it’s not good to watch on TV.
  9. Mens OT final on at 7 30 … Matt going for gold. Red button …
  10. Robson and his buddy certainly lack any sort of like-ability …. but the scenery, locations and some of the fish make it worth watching for me. Remember they only had 3 weeks ….. !!! ***!!
  11. Help me understand why tyre width would affect Speedo reading please?
  12. My father has a set and seems to get on OK with them.
  13. As I said to Mrs S … These folks. … banging on about how much they’re enjoying it… Paul and Bob … don’t need to ever say that, as it’s blindingly obvious they’re loving it …
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