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  1. A very expensive solution to an already solved problem.
  2. To be fair, I know he isn't the only one who's wondering ....
  3. Outdoor sports are back on .... get your hammers back folks!!
  4. Looks like you've integrated sling/swivels, so replacing just the swivels will be difficult. I'm using a Quake Claw sling to lug my 8 around and it's perfect ... spreads the weight and no-slip. If you order one without swivels, go for stainless as suggested.
  5. I believe there are still some rare practices in Norfolk .. that doesn't make them legal though !🤪
  6. Safety culture has moved on in most fields. Just talk to anyone 50+ non-office based about the 'things they used to get up to' in days gone by ...
  7. With a buzzard with pellets in, I'd rather be in the RSPB's shoes than BASC's.
  8. I think we can agree it was ‘retrievable’ ... pretty vertical in the drop!
  9. Looked again ... and I think it's perhaps more likely to be a crow. It certainly isn't the Buzzard they found .. which doesn't forgive that piece ....
  10. Sounds from the audio like a shotgun. Looking at the video ... 1 fresh pellet wound seems a bit light given the way it crumpled .... and certainly didn't look like it had 9 days of life left in it. Makes it worse though as it could be potentially more than one incident.
  11. He seems hungry enough to go for double figures. As long as the wind’s blowing his way ... it looks feasible.
  12. When Boris starts to talk about limiting fieldsports then the theory has some credibility .. till then keep you knicks on!
  13. Hopefully after that one or two might get the idea that he's actually pretty darn good!
  14. I’ve an as new copy of this wonderful record book ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fishermans-Record-Book-John-Humphreys/dp/B00CB5GOUC £60 posted for a short while before I put it on eBay.
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