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  1. If I were a cock bird I’d rather get a piece of no6 through my shoulder than a .22 bullet. What drives that comment is the number of geese I’ve felled and examined with minimal strikes of BBB steel.
  2. Thanks for making the point in a clearer way 👍
  3. Yep ... more seriously .... he uses 50g of 3’s and I personally believe that once you get to that shot size, the ‘normal’ rules on shot strikes change as the bigger pellets cause more trauma.
  4. From patterning No. 4 (36g) at 60 yards, I'll tell you that there's no guarantee you'll actually hit a coke can when in the middle of the pattern. When the OP does his pattern testing he'll see that pattern is the limiting factor, not penetration. The challenges on 70 yard pheasants are putting the pattern in the right place, then having a cartridge/choke combo that can deliver an 'effective' pattern .. which will involve luck as it's rare in normal game shells. Spectacular shots can and do occur, but not without luck in most cases.
  5. Smokersmith

    Extended Forcing Cones & Fibre Wads

    Hmmm ... Things have move on a bit since your post in May last year then where different DT11 barrels were trialed with fibre and found the one with the wider bore was ... 'ha ha' ... Deffo some tosh somewhere
  6. Smokersmith

    Too warm ... ?

    Not just me then !! I'm soon heading to Iceland .. hopefully I'll bring back the rest of the Pinks, and the cold weather and we can all get at it again !!
  7. Smokersmith

    Too warm ... ?

    I'm not sure if it's me getting older, but I'm not getting fired up to go out on the foreshore with these temperatures ... just doesn't seem right! No doubt some are getting some sweaty sport, but I'm completely fine with waiting till it gets cooler .... Anyone else still in 'neutral' ....
  8. Smokersmith

    Pigeon cartridges in autos

    OK ... difficult for me to know that without you articulating it !! Point agreed ....
  9. Smokersmith

    Pigeon cartridges in autos

    Look at shot wads ... you see that the setback forces show now marks towards the mouth of the wads ... I'm convinced we're not at risk on that one at least
  10. Smokersmith

    Pigeon cartridges in autos

    With lighter loads, you get more space to be filled by wad rather than shot ... ergo less/no issues. The highest risk would be on heavy loads of larger shot there the space in the case is taken up by more shot / less wad. The only other thing to add, is that I expect the was to be under huge compressive forces at that point in the chamber .. therefore squished up quite a bit!
  11. Smokersmith

    Hull Superfast Pigeon?

    Good shells no doubt ... I'll be using some later in the week on driven partridges in Yorkshire. For pheasants, I'd be tempted to use a similar offering from Express ..their Pigeon Power ... the shot size is 2.7mm, so an English 5.5 ... they hit convincingly further out.
  12. Smokersmith

    Cracked sack

    A delicate one ... My 2yr old yellow lab is suffering a 2nd bout of issues with his scrotum!! Basically it appears like red patches of very tender skin that grown and meet all over the bag. He went to the vets a couple of times earlier in the year when it happened, and 'hibuscrub' seemed to fix it eventually, with no clear cause. The skin seemed to grow back slowly and then it was restored to it's full glory. Anyone seen this before and understands the cause?
  13. Smokersmith

    Back bored 12bore - Fibre Game Cartridge.

    Thanks Cookie ... my understanding is that the process with a plastic wad is similar, but with a 'flexible skirt' the base of a plaswad can act as a better 'gas seal', and give advantages that have led to it's widespread use.
  14. Smokersmith

    Bean to cup coffee machine

    Nespresso for me ... what else?