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  1. I must be really out of luck .. picking up a 29.5" ASE Gold Sporting on Saturday ...
  2. It's a bit like how people judge quiz questions as hard or easy ... What's more relevant is the 'ones you know the answer to', and the 'ones you don't'.
  3. Well my father shot it today and ended up with exactly the same scores as Hammy ... His mate ended up on 179 .... he was enthusiastic about the targets and has convinced me to give it a go next year.
  4. Not seen a swallow yet, but did see a Blackcap in the bottom hedge a few days ago. These have never been seen in my back garden, so I guess it was moving through.
  5. If you leave it in a sunny spot on some kitchen roll .. it'll come out without you investing any time in it!!
  6. If it keeps your head free from distraction ... then it should work and good luck. The reality is that most cartridges will be more consistent and outperform you for the rest of your shooting career .. like the rest of us
  7. Used one for the last 6 years ... doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  8. I'd be interested in what you found if you did the testing ....
  9. Does this also apply to fibre wads?
  10. A difficult topic to share and very much appreciated, as hopefully it'll help avoid problems for anyone else. Whys is it always the 'good guys' who get the carp, and the uninsured, idle, seem to get away every time.
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