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  1. I'm not sure you listened to all of this ... it finished with a Boris supporting MP, giving a rallying cry to which Vine then ended, and played some music. I didn't perceive any set up at all, and heard views on both sides, including someone who worked with Boris for quite some time.
  2. A highly sustainable solution .. Packham would be proud
  3. Positives for us ... we scored 3 good goals, and didn't lose our rags. Norway will be a better game, and a stiffer test in real footballing terms.
  4. I'm concerned that Boris is leaving quite a vacuum on communication at the moment. Hi initial 'less is more' stance needs to change, and he needs to get out and inspire people again. I see reports today that his lead has evaporated .. time to step up. If he can't .. he's not the right man.
  5. I would try shooting it before you change too much. I’ve a couple of wooden stocks with no pad, and they don’t slip at all.
  6. Try Guntrader .... often some on there
  7. Even my flexitarian hormonal teenage daughter thought he did the right thing !!
  8. From my perspective I fear his Gollum like features make him unappealing to the masses, an inevitable figure of ridicule, and unelectable. It appears his peers agree.
  9. Given the detail available, that appears to be the most likely .. I'm seeing more of them about now .. which is nice!
  10. There's quite a good thread on here from a few months ago ... a quick search will find it.
  11. Smokersmith


    I count myself as very lucky, as my better half loves a day at a test match. Having said that, I do believe in making your own luck!!
  12. I was wondering if any of those well informed in the ‘real’ world of conspiracies knew who had been picked to be the next pm?
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