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  1. You need a call bird .. hopefully someone in the area will be able to help.
  2. Smokersmith


    I’d rather be up that than a ladder A bad days shooting ... better than a good day at work
  3. Smokersmith


    Like trying to pick a lock with a wet piece of string. You’ve more chance of ******** in the Queen’s handbag
  4. This was a similar deal .. Full set up - Other Sales - Pigeon Watch Forums
  5. Who knew Frankie Boyle had time for fishing also !!!
  6. Yep ... ITM all day long. Very effective.
  7. They’re a lot of fun. A good tip is to always have a use for the residual heat once the Pizzas are done. I’ve used it this free heat for veg, fish and a haunch of venison!
  8. Just avoided the innings defeat... an hour of Ben and it’s game on. Conscious he’ll probably get out as I click ‘submit reply’ !
  9. Best put the ballet shoes on and take everything before it pitches!
  10. Root 5 wickets for 8 runs. Tidy.
  11. And what's wrong with Root's bowling?
  12. I expect we'll have an unaffected season, unless a new variant arrives which renders the vaccine impotent.
  13. That's a good deal for someone!
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