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  1. Pop them in your hold luggage ... no problem when I did it!
  2. Smokersmith

    Bob Willis

    One of my heroes has passed .... RIP Bob, and thank you for delivering one of the best spells of English fast bowling ever.
  3. You don't need and FAC to buy shotgun primers .. crack on :-)
  4. Anyone shot there? I've been invited for a day post Xmas.
  5. Is it the same as 1/4 … the only thin I can think is that it's an I(mproved) Cyl typo!
  6. It's not a nomenclature that Teague use now … Stick your finger in and see if it's tighter than the skeet is all I can suggest!
  7. Season with salt, pepper and crushed juniper … pan fry the outside for 2 mins, slice thickly, and add on top of a mini Yorkshire pudding with some mixed horseradish and crème fraiche. Ideal as a manly canape !
  8. Sometimes common sense isn't that common !
  9. Not sure on this Gordon. Winchokes and Winchester Invectors can interchange. But when you look at the Browning invectors they have slightly different dimensions. I think they fit, but not as well.
  10. You see advertising every season on this. With product ranges changing it makes sense.
  11. I thought the concept was that due to the very high density, lethal patterns could be created by smaller shot and therefore smaller loads?
  12. Mine arrived yesterday ... top tip 👌
  13. Clear pigeon gone … others remain.
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