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  1. Caesar Guerini Forum

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean .. can you re-phrase?
  2. OSPREY !!

    I'm a bit excited ... Coming home from my daughters parents evening, alongside the Holland Drain out the back of Holbech and saw a bird of prey just disappearing behind some trees onto a telegraph pole .. It was too 'slim' to be a buzzard, and expected to see a kite as I slowed up and pulled up alongside ... but no ... there it sat no more than 15 yards away, my all time favourite bird of prey that I've never seen in 44 years on the planet .... we drove alongside it for several hundred yards as it went from post to post before it went away across the fields. I even went to a special evening boat trip to Rutland Water, but didn't manage to catch a glimpse. For some of you lucky folks, this will be nothing at all, but for a bumpkin like me from the Fens it was simply awesome What a bird.
  3. I'd keep the thread separate .. this is about what BASC are doing ... I understand the need to be 100% clear on legal position before taking next steps.
  4. Sad loss

    Sat at my desk this morning (dust must have got into my eyes), and didn't know what to write. Still don't, other than I'm sure everyone is feeling for you.
  5. Grip Cap for Remmy Auto stock

    Lost the one off my G3 (1100). Anyone have one spare before I click 'buy' from Brownells? Ta!
  6. Hearing protection

    Cens are comfy for long periods. I've left mine in for long days on the woodies, and many hours under the moon with no issues.
  7. Stock Renovation

    That's for people who REALLY love their guns
  8. Drink driving ant&dec

    Apparently his mum didn't know he'd been drinking when she got in the car ... that surprises me 'cos he clearly looked smashed when he got out of it !!
  9. 275 65 R17 M+S Tyres

    Folks, changing the boots on a recent purchase to AT's so these are going spare .... 2 x Marshall Road Venture with a good 7mm of tread on .... 60 quid for both 2 x Bridgestone Dueller H/T's with circa 5mm of tread on .... 50 quid for both Pick up South Lincs or postage at cost. Photo's on request via email.
  10. Drink!

    Me too !!
  11. Drink!

    The report stated something like ... more than 5 drinks a week can take 6 months off your life ... We were in the car at the time, and the wife and I both exclaimed 'bring it on!!' .... 79, or 79.5 won't make that much difference to me!! Live for the moment !!
  12. Essex masters

    4" deep looking at the tyres of a buddy who's been ....
  13. Perazzi stock wrench

    I have a Blaser one which may do the job?
  14. Proof markings and steel shot

    Does that help explain it Mat ?