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  1. Could be right ... I think I'll save the money on advertising it though, and spend it on shooting instead ...
  2. Yep .. I didn't get a tat ... and I don't regret it! Probably tells me it was the right choice. I like the idea, but can't think of any 'single thing' that would 'define me' ....
  3. Sounds like a good plan for staying safe and sane.
  4. Give Elderkins a ring .. they've had some in recently I think.
  5. I’d not seen that ... but I rarely do the same thing every day.
  6. We had similar thing recently with the Electric guys surveying the cable network.
  7. Thanks .. I'll get a few things sorted and give you a bell tomorrow. I've made a note of your number if you wanted to remove it from the post.
  8. PM already sent ... fingers crossed!!
  9. No defence for killing a Goshawk. It puts them in an undefendable position.
  10. Great recovery for it, and perfect it's been used !!
  11. Benelli click !? I've had pretty much all breeds over the years. I think the best mix of value, relaibility, and handling would be the SX3.
  12. It's difficult to buy a poor cartridge nowadays. Check where you're likely to shoot to see if there are any restrictions on plastic wads, then pick a relatively cheap shell and buy loads of them. If you've an auto, just choose the cheapest you can get. If something else, then it may be worth spending a bit more on something like Comp X, as the real cheap Velocity offerings can sometimes be fierce on the recoil. Bottom line is never worry about the cartridge as it'll always be better than you are!
  13. I would agree up .... until the point where he mentioned "it wouldn't cost the farmer too much" ..
  14. Thanks Jim .... I’ll see what’s kicking about in the shed!!
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