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  1. Steel may or may not damage an old gun, but if you want the same performance steel v lead through one of these guns, then it will damage poor sod firing it!
  2. Just been notified of my first cancelled day in Yorkshire
  3. And if you were really unlucky (like me) the Acorn Electron !
  4. There was a question on University Challenge around 6 weeks ago about early computing .. The answer was 'a Commodore 64' …. but they all looked at each other clueless.
  5. I'm sure the boys at OPEC have got scouts on your tank as we speak
  6. The only thing I'd add to the excellent advice above, is that the creeks on Fenland are a bit kinder … most run in a useful direction to and from the sea … therefore meaning it's more difficult to get caught out (but not impossible!!). The creeks on Gedney are a bit more knarly and run in stranger orientations, which can work well, but can also mean that on big tides you're more limited.
  7. Certainly was … still a really good watch!
  8. We've been re-watching This Life with Andrew Lincoln. References about the length of Princess Di's skirts, smoking in offices, and calls from payphones … it's a tour do force of 90's life!!!
  9. I tend to use 8x42 as you see a wider field of view, and they’re less susceptible to wobbly viewing.
  10. That was how I read it. Seeing plenty on the drilling during my once a day bike ride 🙄
  11. Looks bespoke to me ... I’d imagine the recoil was negligible given the size of the gun and the fact it’s a semi-auto. My SP10 is lovely to shoot.
  12. I think the OP was talking about clay shooting. I agree on the pheasant shoot though!
  13. I wonder how far it spat the shells out !!
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