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  1. Bought this off eBay, marked as Large but at 23” across it’s huge on me. Benefits from padded rh shoulder. A tenner posted. https://www.dropbox.com/s/70nrzxi25p3bip6/Photo 10-07-2020%2C 09 52 20.jpg?dl=0
  2. Excellent stuff ... very satisfying.
  3. I put a 'pattern' up in a previous thread … there isn't one, and that's not in dispute. In you blind advocacy, you're not accepting the point that there's a lot of game currently shot in the 60-75 (ish) yard bracket where steel through game guns will be less effective than lead ….
  4. I don't see the CPSA decrying shooting on a Sunday. It's blatant snobbery, and could be understood from an old duffer writing to "The Field" … but has NO PLACE WHATSOEVER coming from an organization promoting all of our interests.
  5. I had one about 12 years ago .. lovely to drive. Ended up parting with bit due to persistent engine problems, so do your research there.
  6. Yep ... no issues and arrived promptly. Hope you get sorted soon.
  7. Belvita breakfast biscuits are shaped well for the purpose but your timing needs to be ninja sharp, otherwise it's a spoon job ….
  8. As a wildfowler, I do have loads that I would use on 'normal' game … with confidence. I'm also fortunate enough to go on the odd shoot that have me reaching for much higher birds, and something like the Hull HPE 34g 4's. Herein lies the two ends of the debate that haven't been covered by steel yet …. At one end those with 2 1/2 game guns who have concerns on availability (which should be easily sorted in the next 4 years), and at the other end, those fortunate few who pump a huge amount into the 'system' on high and very high bird shoots … normal game steel loads will not create the kills are being made now. There are Ioads that from performance on the shore 'would' drop a 65 yard pheasant, but they wouldn't go through my game gun. The other option for the well funded is to have other non-tox loaded …. given some of their annual spends the %age increment wouldn't be too bad.
  9. Launch announcement on social media .. What the fans have been waiting for!!
  10. He certainly smiled at the ‘super-sensitives’ term!!
  11. A steel cartridge breaks clays …. who knew !!
  12. They always give views for and against in this type of slot ..… I expect a couple of 'leave the poor birds alone' and a couple of 'we've been doing this for generations ….'
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