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  1. They'll continue to go up, along with everything else. Inflation here we come !!
  2. The F3’s are 2.6mm and the Ultimates are 2.8mm … so 6’s and 5’s …. Reading some other threads I’m amazed you killed anything given the shot size discrepancy.
  3. There will be far more birds wounded through poor shooting than any misconceptions on shot size.
  4. It didn't. Inflation V cost of living = 2 different things.
  5. It’ll be interesting to see how many 50 yard birds ‘fly on’ with the winning combination.
  6. This is where I draw the line. A good even spread of the right number of pellets in a 30” circle is enough for me.
  7. There’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of research to know your set up is suitable for the ranges you’ll be shooting at. A lot of shooting is about confidence … and if this research helps then good on you. I’d start in the 3/8ths range and you’ll not be far out.
  8. Erm … because they’ll sell millions of them and make a fortune … ? The burgers that hit my BBQ have all been shot and minced by myself, but that doesn’t stop me keeping pace with a changing world and having a McBacon roll on the way back from the marsh.
  9. Eley and Express both have a 2 1/2” steel in a protective biocup available for the new game market.
  10. I was referring to LB.
  11. Retired at 53 and paid in plenty for over 50 years… What role did you have when you were 3🤣
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