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  1. Smokersmith

    First Aid Kits when shooting

    I'd prefer a dock leaf!!
  2. Smokersmith

    Golden Wedding Anniversary

    Congratulations!! Ours is 15 years tomorrow. Heading out on a Simulated Game day to celebrate 😣
  3. Smokersmith


    The one I did last week, I butterflied the breasts, and just seasoned them and did a minute on each side.
  4. Smokersmith

    First Aid Kits when shooting

    Yep, carry a full one in both the truck and the car. Several times I've been able to help folks who've nicked a finger or something. It's always appreciated when you can do something to help.
  5. Smokersmith

    Tour de France 2018

    Today reads like it was a bit epic also!!
  6. Smokersmith

    3.5" Bismuth in a SAM1

    I see where you're going .. but no, I don't.
  7. Gents ... looking through my components on stock, and I've got all the bits to do a 3.5" bismuth load from the RSI manual. Has anyone tried it before I load a few up to try?
  8. Smokersmith

    Knife carry while shooting

    For me it's about practical use ... so multi-tool for me also ..... it gives you more options than just a blade.
  9. Smokersmith

    world cup

    I was really hoping Croatia would have just conceded after 50 minutes as they were outclassed ... b*gger !!
  10. Smokersmith

    world cup

    We overachieved ..... let's be happy with that, and hope Gareth can keep the teams feet on the ground.
  11. Smokersmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Clear the country is divided ...
  12. Smokersmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I can't see who will lead us out of this ... The Tories have always been split on Europe, and cannot govern through with this level of polarisation. The Labour alternative lacks credibility. Perhaps we need Lord Sugar to do a Trump !!
  13. Smokersmith

    Am I entitled to travel time?

    If it's a business worth working for, then they should see your predicament and help you. If not, they may not be a good long term bet.
  14. Smokersmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    What a clucking mess.
  15. Smokersmith

    world cup

    A surreal game where we seemed to simultaneously dither in the final third and have no hunger for the back of then net, and yet pull off a comfortable win. Oh well .. bring on the next