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    38 minutes ago, bornfree said:

    An accurate rifle but the trigger is not good quite heavy and a fair bit of creep. But a good gunsmith can sort it.


    thanks for that 

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    I’ve got one I think...or a savage edge they’re supposedly one and the same. I ordered a replacement trigger spring from an American company that I can’t remeber the name off at the minute. Anyway once I took it apart what was a threaded hole on their instructional video wasn’t threaded on my trigger so I put it back together and I’ll have another go when I get chance. The reviews say the stock is flimsy but mine isn’t. It’s not as stiff as a wooden stock but it’s not made out of jelly and you’d comfortably get a bipod on it without affecting poi. It is quite a straight stock and LOP is quite long compared to my other rifles. I will replace the stock with a nice laminate job from form rifle stocks when I get some money, but a new stock is more than I paid for the gun including RFD transfer. It shoots straight and gets the job done, it’s not a sexy little thing but does the job as well as expensive rifles. 

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