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  1. Depends entirely on the machine. Older models you should be able to get the individual parts for but if its more modern the parts are not individual and you end up needing a whole new drum to get a little bearing. Our last washer died of a similar sickness and although you could buy the drum set up it was more than half the cost of a new machine. Fortunately the wife has it insured and because of covid the engineer refused to come out so they just replaced it with a new machine.
  2. We had some goats a few years back. I killed Gary because he was far too tame and annoying. He was delicious. It's definitely its own flavour but we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately or fortunately a neighbour heard id killed Gary and offered us silly money for the remaining pair who were miles off killing weight so we sold them.
  3. Yeah that occurred to me afterwards too. Maybe even chewing some electric tape?
  4. Looks like something has burnt him doesnt it. Any hot metal he could have licked or water managed to get super heated? Or a salt lick maybe? Strange one!
  5. I was helping flush and embryo transferring some sheep yesterday afternoon. Just as we started the ET the sun had moved round and was beaming right down on us in the shed. Our job was catching the recipients in the pen, pulling them out of the pen, turning them upside down onto the trolley and wheeling them to the vet and wheeling away and tipping the ones he'd implanted. 2 of us non stop for an hour it got very sweaty! But no sun burn. I'm supposed to be going pigeon shooting this evening on some fresh barley stubble, i can hear my mate out there now popping away but in this heat he'll be half the man he was at the start.
  6. Warning ⚠️ British summer time may contain fleeting spells of hot weather. Expect sweaty balls, chubby pasty girls in ever so slightly too revealing shorts and bald men with sunburnt heads. Keep drinking lots of fluids and make the most of it. Don't panic normal miserable weather will be resumed shortly. Having worked outside my whole life and this winter worked in snow, rain and frost from October until May I personally am enjoying a but of lovely warm weather! We could do with removing a few of the Warning labels and letting nature take its course. Darwin awards winners will strive for excellence regardless!
  7. I can make it number 3 of being rough as toast but it not being covid. Toddlers aren't great at sharing unless it's an illness.
  8. 🙈 yes it is! I definitely didnt write dearth! And definitely didn't mean dearth! Bloody phone!
  9. The countries in South Africa where they're hunted have large elephant populations. They're only "endangered" in the African countries where they're not hunted. The villagers can't eat photographs. In the countries that hunt animals like elephant and lion there's actually really healthy populations because they have a financial value to the locals. The industry surrounding hunting provides jobs and money for them as well as meat for them to eat.
  10. A better option would be to move some of the animals from countries on the same continent would it not? Ah but they couldn't do that because the countries where there is a dearth of Loxodonta are the countries where they're legally hunted and to relocate some of those would be tantamount to admitting that the trophy hunting business is key to conservation.
  11. A few years back Shrewsbury Council commissioned a sculpture next to the river Severn opposite the theatre and that spiralled miles out of budget. Meanwhile the roads are some of the worst roads in the country for potholes!
  12. I read the multitool thread about an hour ago and now I'm getting adverts for the leatherman wave
  13. I was in a similar situation a few years back. Your biggest problem could come well before even getting to court. If she makes malicious allegations against you such as you knocked her about or were being inappropriate with your lad the police and social services will 100% take her side. Any woman can say anything about any man and its guilty until proven innocent. So be prepared for her to get really dirty. In my case after it all came to a head and we ended up in front of a judge he was very sympathetic and said if he could have given the mother a custodial sentence for all the misery and trouble she caused me he'd have locked her away for the maximum he could. I spent £10k in 8 months and that was with striking a deal with the solicitors. 2 things to remember whatever happens 1 in years to come you'll have all the court paperwork to prove you've tried your best for your son regardless of the outcome and you can show him you did everything you could. 2 talk to your friends or any one. Don't let it all get too much for you. We're men, we don't do talking but you can't let it eat away at you inside otherwise the worst can happen.
  14. Lurcher pups born 19/6/21 Mum works and is a brilliant family pet, the 2yr old can take her for walks and has on occasion dressed her up in her sun hat and sun glasses and painted her nails with felt tip pen! The dad is my brothers dog he also works and is also as soft as a brush! He stayed here for a week to and avoided the sun hat but still got his nails painted! I know the bitches family back to her great grandparents, my best friend has her dad and aunt. And I know the dogs parents. Very good working pedigree but all brilliant pet dogs. Mum is whippet/bull/grey she's quite fine and racey. The dog is a 2nd cross bull/grey hes a bigger dog with more bone but he's not a big slow lump by any stretch. Theres 3 fawn bitches, 3 black bitches, 3 brindle dogs, 1 brindle bitch and 1 black dog. All doing very well and growing like absolute weeds. Theyre £750 each which is in line with every other lurcher ad I've seen in the last few weeks. A deposit would be required to hold one but I'm happy for the balance to be paid in installments before you collect your puppy. Good homes are a definite. I'm based at Shrewsbury. I can WhatsApp or text or email photos but they're all to big to put up here at the minute.
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