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  1. One for the farmers on here.

    One of my farmers had a problem with it. Turned out the bloke who had moved into the house at the bottom of the Farm was letting his dogs run through the silage field for the morning daily constitutionals. He got asked several times to not do it, then warned not to do it, then cattle were put in that field and signs went up about stock being worried and he was warned the dogs would be shot if they were caught worrying cattle/in the field and that did the trick. Anyone who knows anything about cows knows they love to chase dogs so either the warning worked or the dogs got chased enough that it worries him enough to keep them off the farm. Either way there isn’t a footpath anywhere near that field so he shouldn’t have been on it and the funniest thing is the farmer hasn’t even got an air gun never mind a shotgun license!
  2. Cuckoo

    Heard ours last week. Wed or Thursday morning. And the swallows arrived Saturday.
  3. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    Inception I couldn’t watch more than 45 minutes of it! Dross.
  4. Honest opinion on the kids and the internet

    Had a similar thing with my step daughter. Her dad decided she needed a phone when she was 8 because apparently he wanted to be able to reach her any time. When I said the phone lives in the kitchen, I have full unlimited access to it, it doesn’t go anywhere it can get lost, stolen or broken and under no circumstances does it go into her bedroom at night time he hit the roof. We had an exchange of views which he didn’t like but I stayed firm. Our house our rules. A few months later at his she downloaded the musically app. Very proudly she showed us this app where you record videos of yourself dancing and miming to songs and upload them to the musically world. He couldn’t grasp why it was unsafe for a 9yr old girl to be uploading videos of herself to an unregulated, unmonitored online world and I was the bad man for deleting it. 6 weeks later there was a news report about someone using it to groom kids which I showed to the step daughter and she got it straight away what I’d been talking about. Suddenly I wasn’t quite such an ogre. She’s now nearly 12 and a lot t more savvy but I still monitor it all very closely. I hate her having a phone, she doesn’t need it but because her dad wants her to have it we have to compromise. Fortunately she’s not a bad kid and even when she doesn’t like it she knows we’re ultimately trying to look after her.
  5. Cz stock

    Form Rifle stocks seem very helpful. I was after a stock that nobody seemed to make and he would have taken mine and put it in the machine and made a template or whatever sorcery it is they do to create a template. Google form rifle stocks and he’s top of the page.
  6. Grand National

    Winston you obviously enjoy being an argumentative pillock and I really can’t be bothered playing silly games with you.
  7. Grand National

    I think to be fair I derailed the thread yesterday 😬 I just get fed up of people affording horses a mythical status that means if they die doing what they’re bred for it’s the end of the world. It’s sad and upsetting but they are animals and they are replaceable.
  8. Grand National

    Oh I’m sorry now I completely see your point of view you know exactly what you’re talking about and I stand corrected.....oh no..no wait... I Do you support help for hero’s? The charity for soldiers? Or being that they’re soldiers and they choose to go and fight you lack empathy for those poor **** that get their ***** blown off fighting for their country?
  9. Grand National

    Right Winston here’s a special one time offer just for you. I’ll take you to work with me, you can see all our horses, the good the bad and the plain useless, I’ll then let you give me 8 backhand slaps across the **** with my racing whip and then maybe you’ll actually have a modecum of understanding towards race horses. The whip they ‘beat’ them with is padded, so much so that short of making a really good loud slapping noise and encourage a horse forward by the waving motion they do not hurt the horse at all - coincidentally watch horses kick 7 shades of **** out of each other in a field and then tell me a flick of a racing stick hurts them. I have worked with literally thousands of horses over my life and will work with thousands more and I can confirm that you cannot make a horse do anything it doesn’t want to do. It won’t happen. It’s unfortunate when a horse dies racing and very sad. But you know what I’d be more concerned about from today’s racing? How’s poor Adrian Heskin? He got absolutely flattened. His horse got up and galloped away but he’s in hospital having X-rays. How about Robbie Macnamara or JP Macnamara 1 dead 1 wheel chair bound doing the sport they loved. You can replace a horse a million times over but people are irreplaceable. Make no mistake the horse industry as a whole in this country would be a better place if the horse slaughter Market was allowed to prosper and not be run as a dirty little secret. There’s a lot of horses living a **** life that would be much better off in a pie! Also I know th connections of Lilbitluso and have ridden against him many times and I know how upset they were at losing him. But not as upset as they were a month ago when the lady who rode him out all winter died of a sudden heart attack the Saturday night before the point to point she organised, ran on the Sunday!
  10. Pulsar Trail XQ38 scope

    I’ll give you £5! This is better than eBay!
  11. Grand National

    Do you know how many horses die in field accidents every day of the week? Do you know how many horses ‘rescued’ from the meat man get to live out their life abject misery in a 10 acre field of weeds and mud? Have you ever tried to make a horse do something it doesn’t want to do? The horses running round the National have got a great life doing what they love doing. If they unfortunately get killed Racing then that is very sad but it’s still a better life than a large proportion of horses live in this country. Nobody sends their horse to the National with the intention of killing it. The attrition rate of racehorses ticks along at under 1% which is pretty damn good. And frankly having seen some of the horses I’ve known when they were racing, in some of the places they’ve ended up, they’d have been better off dead. Sorry to hijack the thread but comments like that really boil my ****. Anyone betting probably wants something fresh that swerved Cheltenham that goes in bad ground. You’re probably going to be looking for one of the outsiders I’d imagine.
  12. Badger cull

    It looks like the cull may well be extended to Shropshire which for a few of the places I shoot can only be a good thing! The one farmer is despairing he’d been down with Tb for 3 years, he missed two years growing maize and the population of badgers dropped and he went clear for the first time in a long time for about 9 months. Then the following season his neighbour planted a load of maize and they’re back down with it again and he’s desperate for the cull to come his way so I can thin them out a good bit for him. I can’t find a whole lot about taking part in the cull online funnily enough! Probably to do with the nutters in balaclavas. Does anyone on here have any idea about getting involved?
  13. Drink!

    So can getting hit by a bus. Actually getting hit by a bus makes drinking look good for you. Statistics are what you make of them.
  14. Grand National

    Just a weather update for anyone wanting to back anything this afternoon or tomorrow. I’m currently 40 miles away and it is hurling it down again. And it drizzled most of the night. And as ab aside I’ve left my waterproofs in the wife’s car so I’m going to be very wet and grumpy come lunch time! Take the official going with a pinch of salt the clerk of the course is like all the others in the country and eternally optimistic!!!
  15. L200 gearbox problem

    Apparently the pressure sensor on the turbo has died and there’s a clunk on the transfer box which he’s unsure about.