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  1. Will I never learn?

    I went out for a few hours this morning and shot a handful of crows and jackdaws floating round a silage pit. Managed just shy of two hours before my feet gave up on being frozen and I had to go for a sit in the car.
  2. Is it snowing yet

    The A49 was grid locked all day!
  3. Is it snowing yet

    Plenty in shropshire. Probably had 8 inches in places. And it’s still snowing. Forecast a cold night tonight and another big dump of snow on Sunday. I’ve pushed cars, dug cars out and directed traffic for half of the afternoon!
  4. Shortening an O/U

    You take an ack saw and you chop dem fackin barruls off roight in frant of tha wood. Then you get yourself dawn the bank and you make yourself a noice wiv drawul. Aw right! Don’t actually do that you’ll end up in jail.
  5. Uma Thurman / Harvey Weinstein

    I’ve never had much of either!!! The girl I was with turned out to be proper bat **** crazy. We split up and she wouldn’t the house I was paying for and when I did finally get rid of her she stalked me for ages! Proper loony toon!
  6. Uma Thurman / Harvey Weinstein

    I’m not into eventing in any way shape or form but have had the bad luck to go out with a high profile eventing girl for a while. Most of them will sleep with anyone with a huge pot of money and decent horses for them to ride. They’ll happily take one for the team if they think they’re going to benefit. Similar in racing although not so much any more but there were a little t of trainers and owners renowned for offering a ride for a ride. Now I’m not an up and coming Hollywood starlet but surely getting a leg up in your career for getting your leg over, providing it was consensual, really isn’t the end of the world. I’m sure we’ve all had a few questionable spins courtesy of beer goggles.
  7. Dog killed by pit bull type in Manchester

    They’re not pitbulls they’re more like Doggo’s but they’re quite light framed so they could well be somebodies idea of a badger smashing lurcher either way they are a danger and out of control. There is only one cure for a dog like that and it’s a bullet. They are a product of their upbringing admittedly but they need putting down nonetheless. Imagine if that had been a little toddler out for a walk in the park? It doesn’t bear thinking about.
  8. Hunt rider beat sab

    The good news for the sab is that’s a procush or procush lookalike whip like we use for racing. You can pretty much hit someone as hard as you like and it doesn’t really hurt. The trouble with these videos is they’re released by the sabs. So we’ve got the video of them being ridden at and then having a tickle with a stick but what we haven’t got is what was happening prior to that. I got a call last week off my mate who told me to watch the latest video on the West mid sabs group. There he is on a road somewhere in Warwickshire fetching hounds back and a policeman come up and talks to him for a good 5 minutes. Watching the video and seeing what the sabs said I called him back thinking he might be in trouble. Nope. What you don’t see is the sabs abusing him all day or what happens after the video stops. The policeman came over, passed the time of day, asked him if he felt intimidated - which of course he definitely did - and he went across and removed the sabs from the area
  9. Big cats again

    I imagined it might be a dog. Or maybe it isn’t maybe it’s all part of the conspiracy to cover up the truth. Aliens are out there...
  10. Big cats again

    Made the Star up in Sheffield yesterday https://trib.al/I3Iud5N
  11. Airbags

    We we’re having this conversation the other day. We decided it had to be an impact at 30mph or above to make them go pop. I’ve bent a few vehicles in my time but always going under 10mph and that feels hard enough of a collision!
  12. Dog walkers

    My snare comment was a bit tongue in cheek mice. So I think the plan is tell gob****e neighbours X and Y we’ve had a couple of confirmed cases of Alabama Rot on the field, to gob****e neighbours W and Z that we’re trying to eradicate all the rabbits and foxes that are eating the saplings and harassing the sheep with snares and fenn traps and on all the stiles put signs with a picture of a dead sheep and some sort of spiked message and possibly on a few of the molehills put caution strichnene or whatever it is they poison moles with nowadays.
  13. Just four guns

    At least 8, I’d say that’s at a bare minimum really. Probably 12 is more acceptable unless you shoot abroad or shoot big game then you’d need to add extra guns to that!
  14. Dog walkers

    Never mind the livestock I wouldn’t snare up there because I’d forever be having to mud wrestle badgers out of the snares! And I might be brave and stupid but grabbing Billy by the tail whilst I try and open the snare is way too brave and way to stupid even for me!!!
  15. Disgusting

    I’ll take as many pheasants, partridge, duck etc from anyone who shoots in or near Shropshire, as many as they want to give away! Sod burning or dumping them. And I’m even happy to come and collect!