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  1. Benthejockey

    17 hmr

    THe HMR was my first rifle so I’m probably a little bit biased but I do love it. Touch wood I’ve never had any of the ammo problems that were widely publicised early on and I’ve shot a lot with it. I’ve cleaned it maybe a handful of times and that’s only with a bore snake and it’s still as accurate as the day I bought it. If you’re wanting to eat the rabbits you shoot then you’ve got to head shoot them, you can chest shoot them but you do run the risk of rupturing the guts because that little bullet explodes! I’ve shot a lot of foxes with it, it’s not the best tool for the job but it is an adequate tool for the job. Shoot them in the head and they fall over. Chest shooting them is an option but the tiny bullet doesn’t always drop them on the spot and they will run. The bullets will bounce, not as regularly as a 22 but the they still do ricochet. And I’ve found they will ricochet off bizzare things - one zinged off a cow pat one day! Overall it’s a handy little gun to have in the cupboard and I wouldn’t be without it.
  2. Benthejockey

    Bruised pigeon breast

    Flash fry it in butter with some salt and pepper and eat it on crusty white bread with a small handful of watercress.
  3. Benthejockey

    Bayliss and Harding

    I never knew she was an avid sailor 😜
  4. Are Shrews not meat eaters ?

    1. Benthejockey

      Are mice cannibals

      I can Imagine leaving that lying about and then catching one in a trap or shooting it and it going pop 😂
    2. Benthejockey

      Are mice cannibals

      Rats are cannibalistic and will eat other rats out of the traps. And I’d imagine if there’s an easy food source and not much else to eat they’d happily have a chew on a dead mouse.
    3. Benthejockey

      Family of swans shot dead

      There’s 1 air rifle pellet and the rest is lead shot from a shotgun cartridge. Not sure quite who would do that. You wouldn’t trust the RSPCA not to have done it themselves!
    4. Benthejockey

      The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs,Coen Brothers Movie.

      Just watched the finale of S1 with the baby this morning. She’s quite the fan. Got disappointed that it was nearly finished and then BAM there’s a second season! That’s the next few sleepless nights sorted. I liked the haunting of hill house. Especially the way it did an episode from everyone’s perspective.
    5. Benthejockey

      The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs,Coen Brothers Movie.

      The series Ozark on Netflix is worth a watch too. Handy to watch at 4am when Mrs BTJ needs a rest from baby BTJ.
    6. Benthejockey

      Post - op recovery

      🙈 you’ll be fine as long as you keep the water below your chin.
    7. Benthejockey

      Post - op recovery

      The best physio I’ve found for any injury I’ve ever had was swimming. As soon as my wounds had healed and I was allowed to get in the water. Hope you heal quickly.
    8. Benthejockey

      Sheep skin

      I think the washing machine would be perfect but our washing machine would die with the sheer weight of it. I can’t think of any outdoor laundrettes around here and I’d definitel get thrown out of an indoor laundrette because it stinks of sheep. I think I’m going to have use an old bin and be a mainuak washing machine. It’s not worth being murdered by Mrs BTJ or killing the washing machine.
    9. Benthejockey

      Sheep skin

      Yeah I was right on the cusp of being too late. There’s a few checks you can do before you go to the effort of starting the tanning process. It’s a seriously big fleece so if I do It the stretching will be fun! I need the goat to turn out well as it’s going to be a xmas present.
    10. Benthejockey

      Sheep skin

      You two definitely want to get me killed 🙈
    11. Benthejockey

      Sheep skin

      I’ve got a sheep skin to tan. Not in itself a tricky job, I’ve done deer, Fox and I’m doing a goat skin at the minute. But this sheep is different because it’s a big woolly beast of a thing. Tight ish fleece not long straggly welsh type wool. I’m in a quandary as to how to get the fleece clean before I start tanning. I’m likely going to use the snowdonia supplies Ktan because I’ve got some in the garage. Normally a cup of detergent and some degreasing soap works but I don’t think it will get it white. Any ideas?