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  1. Damson. You may even have the high protein damson with a little grub inside. I'm currently doing a lot of slash and burn gardening at the new house and I've found a load of wild plum trees that will get a reprieve until theyve fruits.
  2. I've got a 223 in wynnstay at Oswestry. Cracking little gun. With a scope and mod. Only selling to fund a new toy.
  3. Benthejockey


    Watched 4 out of the 5. Cream crackered last night so missed the last one. Quiet a good watch I've enjoyed it.
  4. Benthejockey


    Fortunately we never got them in the house but they got close. They started in the hedge by the hens, then under the slabs and the shed by the hens and by the time we realised there was a problem they were running across the garden and stealing left over dog biscuits out of the dog bowls if they were left out and fighting by the back door. I caught 48 in 12 weeks and a squirrel and 2 rats tails where theyd been flicking the traps with their back ends to set them off. Plus a female and 8 babies in the raised beds. We moved the hens and emptied the raised beds and then took the shed down when we moved house and the dogs had 3 more young ones! I was quite enjoying the hunt to be fair! Now we've moved house I've got a new nemesis....magpies!
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    Leave her a really bad trip advisor review on Monday morning.
  6. Benthejockey

    Using Fox skin

    They're not bad to skin unless you get an old one that doesn't want to let go of their jacket then they can be hard work. I've done a few and I've got a few in the freezer until I get some more chemicals.
  7. Sunday morning here, made it a crunchy old roe buck stalk, not helped by bumping some fallow that went crashing through the wood.
  8. Black muscovy. They're good slug removers. Also they're supposed to be good eating and egg layers.
  9. Ride ons are great IF you've got room to get to the edges and to back in and out of the corners and you've not got any low trees or anything in the way. I used a viking roller mower the other day on FIL's postage stamp of a lawn and it was amazing. Felt like it was running away with me on their tiny garden, tempted to try and acquire it off them for our lawn which is about .7 of an acre.
  10. We use insulation tape to secure bandages on the gallopers it's more preferable than turning a somersault with a loose bandage wrapping round their legs. One of the girls had been moaning all morning about something or other so we taped her saddle, bridle, hat and boots to her peg with insulation tape. Another girl got tied to her peg with the plastic girth sleeves one her birthday. My car keys got put on the Walker roof after riding this morning, so once the culprit was caught his tack got put in the front of the muck trailer, his boots on the roof of the tractor and his hat on the top of the Walker. My stuff is off limits so if it happens again the young lad will be recovering his tack off the roof of our brick stables which are very high!
  11. I broke my scaphoid twice, the most recent being 12 years ago. Being young, stupid and wanting to keep competing I decided the best course was to tubigrip it and take nurofen and after 12 weeks it was healed ish. I'd didn't hurt too much, I had full grip strength and 85% flexion. Back in March I landed on it and knew its was bad news. An xray the next day showed my DIY fix had left me with two scaphoid bones instead of one which were held together with scar tissue, bone callus and arthritis. I had opted for surgery to remove a couple of the bones and stick some scaffolding into it. But if that didn't work it would be a wrist replacement or a wrist fusion both of which would really be quite unpleasant. I've decided to have steroid injections and hope they numb the pain and slow the arthritic changes for a while and consider surgery in the future. I've got a high pain threshold and I've spent years coping and if I can get the pain levels down to pre March levels I can cope with that. Moral of the story dont rise horses for a living.
  12. I'm just guessing but caustic soda probably comes under noxious substances. Aerosolising capsicum or pepper would also probably come under noxious substances but would be harder for Tommy the tinker to prove "I was robbing this place and I got a load of chilli in my eyes". Either way probably not a good idea realistically incase you set it off yourself.
  13. Depending on how long the license rejig takes it might be an ideal time to buy cartridges with vermin bashing suspended and game shooting a long way off there could be a few disgruntled shop keepers with some cheap cartridges.
  14. The blank alarm mines are good. I bet you can get exploding ink dye packs that you can set up with a trip wire too. It's hard to deny you were there if you're covered in blue ink and look like a smurf. I cant remember the height limit but if your building is high enough its perfectly acceptable to glue broken bottles to the top of the wall - Sir Mark Prescott has his yard walls topped with broken bottles in newmarket.
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