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  1. We used to live right on the Severn. Next door to haimwood shooting ground. Just above the confluence of the vyrnwy and the Severn at Melverley. I once went to a meeting with Lembit Oprick about flood prevention after the EA had said they would no longer upkeep the argaes and essentially if they got a hole in them then good. Lembit had some incredible ideas like buying the quarry at criggion and pumping the flood water into it. He really was a buffoon. The drainage committee was the most corrupt bunch of local morons going who would dig your ditches if they liked you but after I had a stand up row with the chairman one day they gave up even mowing the verge down to ours. Too many houses on flood plains means they have to erect flood defenses which just pushes the flooding elsewhere, where they haven't got the defenses. If you know haimwood there's a tumble down old house across the fields from the shooting ground, that's the driest house in haimwood and even when the argae over tops it doesn't get wet, the old boys knew what they were doing!
  2. Benthejockey

    Storm Dennis

    Floods everywhere today early doors. Shrewsbury was still there though. Seen some videos of Pentre and Melverley and it looked probably the worst I'd seen it. I haven't heard but I'd imagine it was over topping the argae in llandrinio. Did anyone get to haimwood to go shooting this morning?
  3. Benthejockey

    Storm Dennis

    Wet in Shropshire tonight. Sat up watching ewes that are fit to burst. I've got 20ewes and lambs ready to go out but they'll have to stay in until Monday lunch if it doesn't stop raining. Running out of space and hurdles to build pens! There's 7 left of this bunch to go and then another 10 black ones that are feral and will probably manage all by themselves but they're so wild I'd never get the lambs ringed and tagged if I left them too it outside. It got a bit blowy about 830 but not bad. Just wet!
  4. I caught the same cat 5 times! A bucket of cold water over him as he came out the last time stopped him.
  5. Catching foxes in cages isn't quite as straight forward as it seems! I've caught numerous cats, badgers, a small dog, hedgehogs and a pole cat in the pursuit of trapping a fox!
  6. 2 left boy and girls.
  7. 3 left ladies and gents. @WestonSalop any interest to you?
  8. These will be quite happy in the freezer, they don't do so well at grass after they've been to Wrexham. They'll take up a shelf in a normal freezer.
  9. Benthejockey


    Similar to @Teal's post the other day I've got some lambs going to the abattoir on the 24th that need new homes to go to. Free range, organically reared, grass fed, rare breed Southdown lamb. We intended on keeping them in the flock but I lost my phone which had all their pedigrees on and had no back up so can't register them with the society. There's 4 left, they're good lambs so I would expect them to kill out well. They're £70/half or £130 for a whole. That's very good value for money because they'll be big lamb's but not massive and fat because they're grass fed. Ill be taking them to Wrexham abattoir, we're in Shrewsbury and I work in Market Drayton so I can deliver along that route or you can collect from Shrewsbury. If Teal can let me know about posting them I may be able to post them at extra cost.
  10. As long as they want to throw money at it they can keep going. Planning permission in situations like this is quite often sorted over unofficial boozy lunches or trade offs. It sounds all very conspiracy theory but we were talking about just this with a housing developer friend of our last night. It's not what you know it's who you know.
  11. Benthejockey

    Storm Ciara

    It's wet and a bit blowy but definitely not worth all the drama. I was out at the sheep at 11pm last night and shut the top doors on the ewes and lambs because it was blowing in and back there at 5am and everyone was warm and dry.
  12. Benthejockey


    Ah right that makes a bit more sense. Still doesn't seem a lot with the capability of modern firearms it's not like reloading a musket is it. Even 6 a minute would seem more appropriate. Aim, fire, acquire target, aim, fire. Rinse and repeat. I'm not criticising anyone by the way...well maybe the bean counters but not the people that matter.
  13. Benthejockey


    5 rounds per minute! Has anyone told the baddies they are only allowed that rate of fire?
  14. Benthejockey


    Just a thought but if they're worried that soldiers can't shoot for toffee why don't they...ermmm...do some more training. Most untrained civilians can shoot about an inch at 100 yds - yes the targets aren't shooting back I know! The 5.56 is rated as accurate depending on the rifle to about 600 yds. I would think that with even limited training your average shooter would be able to hit a 2ft by 3ft rectangle at 600 yds so with some intensive and regular training it can't be beyond the realm of possibilities for a soldier to be able to regularly shoot decent groups at 600 yds. Think how much money they might save by NOT funding and researching this new toy.
  15. Benthejockey

    Urban Fox

    Generally country folk try to kill them that's why 😂
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