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  1. Closed ticket and guided stalking?

    I’m sure my license used to say all the standard closed ticket stuff but because I’d put guided shooting as my good reason that it also said something along the lines of can be used on land cleared to be used in conjunction with guided stalking or something equally vague. It’s all open now so I can’t tell you precisely what it said.
  2. Game dealers West Midlands

    How many have you got?
  3. Fred the Golden Eagle missing?

    What I struggle with with all these alleged raptor killings or if anyone wanted to shoot them and was stupid enough to do it why would they ever leave the body lying around? It just doesn’t make sense. Commit an illegal act and leave the evidence there for anyone to find is just stupid at the very least.
  4. Killed a hedgehog.

    Billy likes to eat them. Dont give up on your traps, accidental catches are unfortunately par for the course, you do everything you can to prevent it but accidents happen. I caught a hedge pig in one once but by some miracle he was still alive, I loosed him out and he tootled off to eat more slugs. But yesterday I had a wonderful catch...the biggest male rat I’ve seen. He’s been dodging my traps and taking funny routes to avoid them but I got the ******. He was a brute!
  5. Any small calibre centrefire from 223 down. Realistically if you’re going to be eating them once you get out of rimfire territory you only want to be head shooting, even with the hmr you want to shoot them in the head because the bullets do a great job of killing them but are so explosive they frequently end up sneaking through the diaphragm and making a nasty green mess inside. If you just want to kill them then you could go bigger. 243 covers a multitude of sins but unless you reload it’s a bit pricey for eviscerating rabbits. But is a great fox killer.
  6. Wildcat cartridges vol 1/2

    If I had a spare £55 I’d have this it looks a really interesting read!
  7. Fox attack

    It’s a shame the skins are now worthless! There’s got to be a corner in the market for free range organic British fox fur rather than the Chinese stuff?! I’ve got two skins the wife wants making into a scarf. If I was a better seamstress I’d be knocking them out and selling them to posh hunty type women for £150 a piece 😂
  8. The world has officially gone mad....

    I thought moobs were for display purposes only?! It’s not another transformer wanting to be a man until it comes to bearing children is it?
  9. Florida School Shooting

    The people with mental instabilities are being failed by the system in America. Either the system doesn’t work, doesn’t care or is focused on foreign threats so far removed from reality that a serious domestic threat can be over looked. Scully is correct there is nothing to prevent this sort of even occurring in our schools and colleges. But they are picked up by the system and helped or at least monitored. It would be naïve to think that it is because of our archaic and restrictive firearms regulations that we don’t have more atrocities, in simple terms if you were a weird angsty teenager with no friends and an axe to grind it would not be difficult to set off your school fire alarm and wield a machete or throw petrol bombs at the congregated students or even make a rucksack full of crude pipe bombs and make yourself word famous. These mass killings have nothing to do with guns and everything to do with inadequate social care for the loony toons out there.
  10. Fox attack

    I saw this yesterday. The uncropped photos show bin bags full of rubbish on the back yard so even if hey were directly feeding it they have been drawing them in with an all you can eat rubbish buffet. Two positives I could draw from this are thank god we’ve only got foxes as the largest predator running round this country! If yogi bear had been in the house they wouldn’t have been worrying about a couple of bites because he’d have eaten her like a little chicken nugget and been halfway through eating grandad before anyone’s knew what was happening. And secondly thankfully we haven’t got rabies in this country!
  11. Alexa

    Only half listening to the radio yesterday I’m sure one ordered somebody dog food having heard the Alexa advert on the tv. I’ve had a play with one but it’s not for me. I’ve got a step daughter with a phone glued to her face half the time which is nearly the same - doesn’t listen properly, plays music loudly and puts random things in your Amazon basket 😂
  12. Florida School Shooting

    Konnie you can’t feasibly blame the gun for killing people. I’ve got a load of them in my gun cabinet and I don’t lose any sleep thinking they might kill me and it would be the same even if I had a machine gun under the stairs. What America does need to change is their ability to catch people with mental health issues. Which they are very poor at doing. Guns are inanimate and doesn’t matter if they’re capable of firing a million bullets a minute or one or if they’ve got a 50inch barrel or a 3inch barrel they are all only as dangerous as the person pointing them. Any normal person is quite capable of handling any gun and not killing a school full of children. It’s when mentally ill people get their hands on any sort of weapon that things go wrong quickly! And that weapon could be a broken bottle, a car, a petrol bomb, even a pencil can become a good stabbing weapon. The ability to fire a large amount of bullets in a short time has increased this persons spree but if his issues had been spotted and diagnosed he could have been dealt with appropriately before he could harm anyone. Mentally sound people don’t go on killing sprees.
  13. Anyone fancy moving to Shropshire

    Yeah its very pretty down there and you don’t notice the shooting when you live there. Unless someone’s shooting with an elephant gun! They’ve been lucky this winter it’s not been so wet. One year I had about 12 horses in and all the fields were under water for the majority of the winter!
  14. Anyone fancy moving to Shropshire

    No no mum and Dad have got the property before the shoot. The Hollies. There’s usually a sign offering eggs for sale and up until last April there was often horses to be seen flying sideways out of the end of the drive.
  15. Anyone fancy moving to Shropshire

    That’s my mum and dads place over at Haimwood. We’re at Frodesley near Dorrington. http://www.holters.co.uk/index.php?id=510 that’s it for anyone who wants a look 👍🏼