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  1. I've never seen one but my best mate whilst out walking his lurchers on afternoon near Kenilworth saw one cross a lane and disappear into a spinney. His dogs wouldn't go into the wood and they aren't soft. He's a reputable source. The hunt i whipped into have 4 different people in 4 different locations who all saw something within minutes of each other, which they describe as a large black cat, run a stone wall and along a valley out the back of Llansantffraid a few years back all reputable, reliable people. And I was out lamping one night behind the army camp at nesscliff with the w
  2. They are heavy but very good mods. And you're right they're practically bullet proof.
  3. Ever sheeted silage? Tires are foul. Full of stinky, **** water, rats and nettles. We use mats theyre so much better!
  4. If youve got 22cf on your ticket just buy any 22 centrefire that will suit your needs like a 22hornet, or like a 221 fireball or a 22-250 or a 220 swift. And then put back in for a rimfire afterwards.
  5. Maize whole or split, sugar beet nuts, peanuts, wheat, ruminant mix, salt licks, molasses, apples, carrots, fodder beet pretty much anything you can get your hands on. I had fallow get hooked on beet pulp nuts last year.
  6. Could you not cast it in stages and glue the sections together with something like jb weld leaving a big, proud seam and grind it back to flat?
  7. Handguns have been illegal for years now so it's surely not possible that the shooter used one is it? Or did the bad guys not get the memo? Youd like to think this would make the powers that be do something proactive and sensible but they'll just try and take guns off licensees instead.
  8. If I had the money I'd snap your hand off! If you feel like gifting it to me I can give it a very good home 😉
  9. Sako 70gr game head 243 £1.50 a bang from Wynnstay Federal powrshok 130gr 270 £1.50 a bang. No rhyme or reason to it.
  10. That's why he's got a 4inch angle grinder, the 9inch was making too much of a mess of the wrists 😄
  11. SAK cheap and cheerful. Got one on mine and it does the job.
  12. I spend 90% of my time looking after a 21 month old whirling dervish. I've got today and the weekend to get her to forget 'we feeding the badgers so daddy can shoot them hahahaha' before nursery on Monday morning! Stationary is borderline outlawed in this because she loves doing drawing drawing drawing! Finding a ruler is more of a miracle than jesus turning water into wine! My calipers were hidden away somewhere safe. I did dig them out and measure it yesterday. I'll try and find a minute and photograph it but the measurements were 12mm x 12mm.
  13. Can you get adapters? I'm going to dig out some hearing protection and go and zero it tonight if the rain holds off. I've had it a month and not shot it yet!
  14. It's looking like that might be the case. If I do I'll get it threaded to M14 so my other mod fits it and I don't have to spend any more money.
  15. It's a parker hale 270win, it says it at the top of the first picture. I'll have a root round in the garage.
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