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  1. It's roasting in Shropshire. I've got varying degrees of farmers tan.
  2. I haven't really got an issue with the price really I think it's fair, but £200 is a lot of money to me at the best of times. The dog running a squirrel up an oak tree a week ago and skinning herself has cost me £300 I didn't need to spend.
  3. I'm not specifically after game cover but something like sunflower seed that I can have a bag in my pocket and chuck a few handfuls about when I'm out shooting and hopefully grow a little bit of wild bird feed. Ive got a few rough spots with decent cover but that could benefit from a little bit of something with feed value. Any ideas as to what would be best, sunflowers were an example but they do look nice. There won't be a prepared seed bed as such and I'm not after spending a lot of money.
  4. I might actually. I'd have bought his ride one mower the other week if I lived in Norfolkbania.
  5. I've got a John Deere R54RKB mower I inherited from my FIL and it is a beast, I love mowing the lawn with it it dies such a good job. However a little while back it stopped driving. A bloke in the village tarts mowers up and sells them on so I got him to have a look at it. The good news was the belt and chain drives were in great order. Bad news was the gearbox/transmission box needs replacing. The new part, next day delivery and fitting was going to be circa £200. I don't think he was trying to rip me off the part is around £125-£155 depending on where you look, plus the middle man will need to make a bit and the p&p and then he's got to fit it for me too. I was wondering if the PW mega minds know any really good mower spares people that might have a used part or a reconditioned part before I have to cry and buy a new one. It's a John Deere R54RKB and the part is SA34286 I think it's a 2008 model.
  6. Our last holiday in the UK was to just outside of Bath for a camping expedition. It was a really hot week and we had a great time. But it was quite expensive. We've been to Spain twice since and loved it. We're quite antisocial and fell very lucky, especially with the last place which was about 2 miles down a donkey track with its own private pool. It was a villa that belongs to someone I used to ride for so it was free. The downside was Mrs BTJ was quite heavy in calf so the heat was a bit much for her, it got to 38c some days. The following week when we went home it got into the high 40's! The food in France and Spain, especially in what looks a cheap place is generally very tasty whereas over here cheap food is usually a dirty fry up and a cup of milky tea.
  7. I've no intention of buying a new gun browning or otherwise but you've got to love free tat 😂
  8. Loads around South Shropshire which have tracked up from Welshpool.
  9. Benthejockey

    Jimmys Farm

    Adams farm isn't real. I never watch it but for some reason it was on when they did a tour round the lambing shed. There's not another shed like his in the country unless it's at a college I can guarantee. If they showed the reality of sitting in a shed, in the rain, in February, bottle feeding a set of twins at 3am that you've had to wean because their mothers gone down with mastitis, whilst another ewe is trying to have a set of twins at the same time backwards then people might appreciate the effort put into getting meat on to their plates. Or the other reality of sitting in a shed all night whilst nothing happens 😂
  10. I saw elvis waiting for a bus just outside of Loggerheads near Market Drayton a couple of years back.
  11. And the whine of the gliders when they come over is surprisingly loud despite not having an engine.
  12. Dodgy reporting again. The buzzard had a fractured wing and was full of shrapnel but they nursed it back to health and the kite had been shot 12 times. I'm not saying they weren't shot but the dodgy reporting makes me question what they were shot with. I'm not condoning it but legal shotgun licencees always get the blame when often it's a berk with an air gun.
  13. Benthejockey

    Lawn damage.

    I thought rooks and leather jackets to start with but being done over night I'd have to agree it's Billy bunter but he was probably after leather jackets. Unfortunately you can't shoot, trap, poison, karate chop, drop kick or poke them with spoons. Short of having a polite word or sending him an email you can't really stop the badgers. If it was leather jackets he was after though you can buy nematodes which target leather jackets.
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