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  1. Anyone local to Shrewsbury know the best place to get some 270 rounds? Specifically 130gr federal powershok? I was given a 270 which I picked up yesterday from wynnstay but the only 270 ammo they had was WSM not 270 WIN.
  2. I've worked for a handful of people since I was too young to be legally working the hours I was working. I also employed staff for a good few years so I can see it from both sides. Theres a staff shortage in my industry for one main reason, the best staff get worked to death picking up the strain from the worst staff but the worst staff are much cheaper to employ so eventually the good staff get fed up and walk. But there are so many bad and lazy staff about that take the Mickey you can see why bosses take a hardline. For instance I know one girl who had a week off with a stiff neck, whereas I was back riding out 2 weeks after breaking my wrist with it strapped up tight.
  3. There was an earthquake here in Shropshire not that long ago. I assumed it was a clap of thunder but turned out it was an earthquake.
  4. A sports massage does do wonders and they're not expensive...its the extras that cost 😉😂
  5. Same here it was like calpol without the nice taste! And I've never had the slightest leanings towards getting hooked on codeine. I have to be quite sore to take it otherwise it makes me feel sick. Whiskey however is good pain killer - drink one large glass of whiskey, if it still hurts after a large glass of whiskey repeat step one 😂
  6. I've just acquired the above whilst clearing out a shed. It's got a bit of light surface rust on the barrel and cocking lever and a crack on the one side of the grip. The grip is a horrible formed right hand grip! Are they worth anything? It cocks and fires so it's on working order I just want to know whether its worth my time and energy trying to tidy it up or is it just a plinker for the garden and leave it as is?
  7. Pungee pit? If they're tame and you've got a 22 and some subs then feed them away from prying eyes and shoot them from an upstairs window. If they're really really tame stand over them whilst they eat the cat food and shoot them where they stand. If they're coming in the garden in a spot where it's safe and again out of sight then you could stick a snare in the hole. You might get lucky with cage traps at this time of year because there's a lot of youngsters about and they're stupid! Make sure you cover the base with soil though as they won't walk on the mesh.
  8. To collect the oil 😉
  9. 😂 Fortunately it had only cost me £2.50 so it didn't hurt too much. Hopefully it went straight, stayed in the same field, landed yellow side up and the farmer will silage it again before the winter and I'll be able to find it!
  10. Ive been practising shooting off sticks this week with a 2 inch Hardox gong. Decided to hang it out on an old electric fence post. Didn't have any chain but found some 3 core electrical cable, that'll do I thought. First shot smacked it like a sledgehammer, the wire snapped and the target went winging off onto next week!
  11. I bet its a raised deck. Stack em high 😉
  12. Benthejockey

    Bad break

    😂 He's more metal than man. Although it shouldn't be possible I set the alarms off going into asda I. Shrewsbury every time I walk in and do the same at Cambers.
  13. Benthejockey

    Bad break

    When I broke my leg I stood up and walked on it a few strides to confirm it was broken then sat down and calmly asked for the doctor and ambulance. I refused to let them cut my boot off and took it off myself and offered to walk into the ambulance when they couldn't put the stretcher together. I didn't use gas and air or have any pain relief all the way to hospital and was directing the driver the fastest way to hospital because of traffic lights and road works. And flirting with the girl paramedic of course! The worst bit was when the plaster nurse who thought he was a comedian and the bad tempered consultant couldn't agree how to straighten the fracture so did both their ideas at the same time! I'd had morphine by that point but it was excruciating. That was the Sunday, post op on the Wednesday after they'd hammered a 2ft long metal rod down the inside of my shin bone and screwed it all together was a pretty abysmal day too. All in I spent a week in hospital, 2 weeks no weight bearing and another 4 with crutches. And 5 months 18 days before I could return to full work. I got married 3 weeks after breaking my leg and was back riding 6 weeks after breaking it. All in all it was the most painful thing I've ever broken.
  14. Have you thought WMR? Heavier 22 bullet compared to the 17hmr but winging along. "old fashioned" so cheap to buy and feed. And you've got the option of semi auto if you feel so inclined. But still a rim fire so no significant recoil. I've never shot one but one day will probably get one just because....oh that's not good reason, I'll have to think of one 😂
  15. My hmr has accounted for many foxes. Shoot them in the head and they don't go anywhere. Chest shots are riskier because they will sometimes run. I shot one once and smashed both its shoulders and caught up with it 100yds later doing butterfly trying to make a swift exit. Saying that I've shot foxes with the 243 that were still alive after a solid hit but its much more incapacitating. The HMR is a super little round and knocking foxes over inside 150 yds is perfectly do able.
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