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  1. Seemed like a bargain. Mine arrived yesterday because I went with the free postage. On the face of it it's exactly the same camera as the Chinese ones off ebay but they have all worked well for me the 3 I've had. The only one that wasnt great was the one that emailed the photos to your phone but that was the software not the camera. It's an SD card not a micro SD or TF card so its harder to drop and lose the memory card! If the rain holds off I might set it up tonight and find out where my deer have gone!
  2. DO NOT BUY A YEARLING OR A FOAL. The second most annoying thing I had to deal with was the 'we bought it as a foal so they could grow up together'. The first was 'it just needs sitting on now. Kids are better being too big on their pony rather than being over horsed. Also shetland ponies are renowned for being r soles. They're little so youd imagine they're good kids ponies but they generally are vile little creatures fit for making into pies!
  3. Try these lads. They moved us recently and were very good and very quick. They manage to wind a fair few biscuits down though! Not ideal but still it's better than 1400! https://jaysremovalsandstorage.com
  4. Obviously I'm big time here Nev 😉 I just thought it might be handy to feed the margins on a few ponds I cant get to every day.
  5. Just a quickie for the PW brains to ponder. Has anyone ever made their own auto spinner feeder? The cheapest I can find are 50 quid! For what is effectively a motor on a timer! I fancy having a go myself if A its economically viable and B its not hugely complicated and time consuming.
  6. Its not regret its just being pragmatic. I did things a bit backward and had my own business breaking horses in by the time I was 20. And by the time I was 25 I had 14 boxes constantly full. Until I broke my leg 2 1/2 years ago. I had dealings with a lot of horses that should have been made into burgers and a lot of people who shouldn't own a Guinea pig. Horses are the most brilliant, heart breaking, exciting, time consuming, fun, money pits going. For example that horse I'm syndicating was out at 5am this morning, did 3 miles cantering on the grass and was back in the field by 630. Quick shower **** and shave and it was time to go to work to ride another 4 or 5 then home to ride 2 or 3 on the way home depending on the rain. That's 6 days a week. On sundays I usually only ride 2 or 3. Throw into the mix the odd injury, last week I rode 3 through the stalls. 1 tried flipping over backwards and smashed me off the sides, another preempted the gates opening and tried to go underneath them with me and the final one decided I needed some dental work and tried to take my teeth out with her head and put my tooth through the inside of my lip and split the outside leaving me look like Katie Price! My 9 month old daughter will have a pony because she already adores the bloody things. But I wouldn't be encouraging her to work with them. What I would say is if you do get a pony dont worry about her. Let her have fun and be wild and daft. She will fall off. She will get stood on, bucked off, bitten, knocked over, kicked its inevitable. Riding hats are essential, body protectors arent! Hi vis tabbard to ride on the roads is a good idea but head to to hi vis on every inch of her and the pony isn't essential! Always say thank you to drivers, dont be afraid as the person in the ground to encourage bad drivers to slow down by any means necessary! Things like buckets and brooms are cheaper if they're not in the horsey section - £3.99 for a bucket compared to 99p for a builders black bucket!
  7. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Victure-Wildlife-Activated-Infrared-Waterproof-Camouflage/dp/B07H7D83PZ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=victure+wildlife+camera&qid=1565887658&s=gateway&sprefix=victure&sr=8-3 @Papercase Cant see the deal on the one I bought. Might have expired or you might only be able to buy 1 at the deal price, the one I've bought only comes up as being 41 squid. This one is the same but different but with the deal is only 24 grotes. Theres a check box you have to tick and the deal is applied at the checkout.
  8. I just bought a victure wildlife camera off amazon. Should have been 40 ish quid down to 24.99 with some random 10 quid off voucher that is a check box on the bottom of the description. Cost me 14.99.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it makes the cost of grouse shooting look like a quick round of Clay's 😂😂😂 I always reckoned there was 2 banes in my life. Horses and women, that's why I took up shooting for the peace and quiet.
  10. Dont do it!!!! God forbid she actually gets good and wants to ride them for a living. Shell end up like me poor and crippled 😂 Loan a pony dont buy one, wait now until the spring because the novelty will definitely wear off for you dealing with it in the winter. Whatever you get get it insured for vets bills, but dont tell the vets its insurered because the Bill's get doubled. You'll need a field with a big hedge at least to keep the wind off but really a field shelter/shed/stable I better. Buy yourself some warm wellies! Pony club 🙈 yet to meet any yummy mummies but they must be out there. I'd keep doing the lessons for another 12 months and see how she gets on.
  11. I think I need a cider press 🤔
  12. That's what it seems like to me.
  13. I was wondering about a bit of cider making. Our new place has some substantial apple trees. And aside from using them to feed deer, ducks, pheasants and make about a million apple pies i thought about making a bit of cider. No idea where to start though.
  14. @Fatcatsplatjust sent you a PM. Hurting it in march is what lead me to discover it was stuffed. Without hurting it to the extent I did I wouldnt have gone and got it looked at and just coped with a sore wrist.
  15. Fantastic just what I wanted to hear.
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