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  1. Wife had the boiler replaced in our barn conversion just before she met me. It cost £3k. As long as it was serviced yearly by Worcester Bosch it had a 2yr warranty. Which sounded good but the service charge from a WB licensed engineer was expensive. At the new house we've got a hot water cylinder and traditional boiler which would be cheaper to replace. There was an issue with it when we first moved in so Mrs BTJ got WB to come and have a look and they told her how old and knackered it was and would need replacing within 12/18 months. She loves to stress about things! It died about a month ago, que impending doom, misery and firey brimstone from the depths of hell. Me and dad stripped it down and despite both WB and the woman we bought off confirming it had been serviced it definitely hadnt been serviced in a very long time! Friendly heating engineer from Oswestry way, 2 litres of contaminated oil, a new jet and just shy of £100 later and we were back in business. He said that yes it was an old boiler but parts are still made and will be available new or second hand for years and we wouldn't need to replace the boiler probably as long as we live there. So it's always good to take what the big companies say with a pinch of salt.
  2. If I had more than 50p to my name I would buy a 16g Damascus hammer gun because that would be a sexy beast. But then I've got a 308 and a 357 slot to fill as well so the saucy Damascus shotgun would have to wait.
  3. What license do you need to fly one of these? And how much work does it take to get one?
  4. We interpreted dispute as to be over boundaries and buildings primarily, when we sold our place. The southern couple next door liked to have a drink or 10 and row or knock lumps off each other. And occasionally the police would be called out by her for their fights. She'd occasionally go knocking on doors drunk to complain about him/the area/the tractors/life/running out of gin/the country lanes. She was embarrassing and cost us 2 sales being ****** up and coming out to quiz buyers. We knew our eventual buyers would cope with her as I knew where they had previously lived, next to an Indian takeaway that was raided every 6 months for illegal immigrants and they always got a few! A gobby southern cow wasnt a patch on that. It caused the wife and step daughter a fair amount of stress living next to her but it used to amuse me on the whole. But we never actually had a dispute with her because we wanted to move. She's now wanting to sell to go back darn sarf and is on her best behaviour!
  5. With all the leather in the house and the possibility of acid and electricity theres no way hes going to let her read 50 shades of grey 😂😂
  6. Could be a new sideline for Lin. I don't think it's all that hard you just need a bit of acid, something a bit shiny and some electricity. A woman of Lins skill and ingenuity could master it and she'll be gold plating everything 😂
  7. Benthejockey

    .308 Rifle

    I've got a Steyr tactical prohunter 308 with TV mod and I think a nikko sterling scope on top. It's in Wynnstay gun room in Oswestry. It's a lovely short stalking rifle with pachamyr flush fit sling swivel mounts. Only selling it because I want a brock and norris custom jobby and need the money. I'm asking £750 but would take a sensible offer.
  8. Always nice when you kill one stone dead and you think it was a great shot and someone else tells you it was a cracking shot.
  9. No worries thanks for looking. I'll see if I can buy a replacement charger
  10. https://www.diy.com/departments/black-decker-cordless-18v-1-5ah-li-ion-brushed-drill-2-batteries-bcd700s2s-bqgb/1852369_BQ.prd?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAiA5o3vBRBUEiwA9PVzanuc2DNr6nEXAZN7CVhL2fhNrllqrn2ay5el7ZkZ4r6A-7xiu6KPgRoCmwcQAvD_BwE That's the one Gordon. I thought it could be but I've tried both batteries and it does it with both.
  11. Went to charge my screwdriver battery the other day and plugged it into the charger and the light started flashing with the over heat warning immediately. I know it wasn't over cooked so it occurred it might be cold from being in the garage so took it in over night and still no joy. It's not an expensive screwdriver just an 18v black and decker and I could get a new whizzer and chuck the lot but I don't want to. Any ideas about what's upset the charger???
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