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  1. Sainsburys at Meole Brace at Shrewsbury were out of fuel this afternoon. Only had diesel on some pumps yesterday evening when I topped up. Still £1.71/Litre!
  2. I'm going to stick my head above the parapet here and agree with @NoBodyImportant As a country we're on our ****. Energy, fuel, cost of living its all sky rocketed and it was going up before Russia started playing silly *******. They've been farting about for the last decade flexing their muscles but apparently only once they blow up a few buildings does it occur to anyone to do anything. Last I heard we'd sent over 400 million in aid money plus all the toys and donations from Joe public. £400 million! Now it's very sad that Ukraine is bearing the Brunt of vlads bad mood but christ think of the good that 400 million could have actually done here at home. You're not telling me had Ireland or Wales or the Scottish come knocking in a foul temper and blown up some civilians in Birmingham and been threatening to take over London, that Ukraine would give a monkeys?! They're not a third world, they're Eastern European but they're not a poverty stricken African shanty town of a country. Its very sad but there's wars going on all over the place all of the time. 25k dead in the Russia/Ukraine war since 2014. That's not even a drop in the ocean compared to Ethiopia/Eritrea/Sudan- 500000 or Yemen/Saudi/UAE 377000 deaths. But we aside from Lewis Hamilton moaning he won't race in Saudi occasionally we don't hear about these crises. So yeah I agree with our American chum that charity should begin at home.
  3. Generally they have 2 default settings escape or die 😂 to achieve absolute Nirvana they die whilst they're at large!
  4. Sat in the sun after tagging some lambs and turning them onto some fresh grass and it was nice. Made all the effort feel worthwhile....so I came home quickly before a sheep decided to try and die and ruin my good humour!
  5. I knew her before the accident when she had 2 legs.
  6. That's what all good serial killers say 😉😂
  7. "Good morning UK. We might be a train wreck of a country but at least you can identify as a plant pot and have sexual liaisons with a one legged, black, lesbian called Dave and no one can say anything about it...unlike those bloody Russians" Damn! Too many characters that's probably why I haven't got twitter 🤔
  8. Bloody hell if only I had some spare cash I'd snap your hand off!
  9. Big fan of the books, you know Reacher is always going to win in the end and kick some *** along the way. Tom Cruise was a **** Reacher, for starters he's only 3ft tall and Reachers supposed to be a behemoth. Jason Statham would have made a great Reacher. I'll have to find the series on Amazon.
  10. I was give a PH 270 a while back, I havent the time or inclination to reload at the moment but mine enjoys 130gr Federal Powrshok. Now when I first got it I didn't have the money to afford a mod for it and typically it was a different thread to my ASE Northstar 30 cal mod so I had to use it naked - the gun not me. And the only way I can describe it is as brilliantly disgusting! The 2ft jet of flame out of the muzzle was brilliant, the monstrous bang that scared everything in a 15 mile radius was disgusting 😂 but as a caliber it does seem to make things very dead with an authority more in with a much bigger caliber....like a 20mm cannon 😂😂 I suspect I will eventually upgrade the PH to something else because I'm fickle and like shiny things.
  11. If its not going to break up as you remove it you can get bags from your local tip and book it in with them and they'll take small amounts. Our tip at Craven Arms will supply the plastic to double wrap it, you phone up and book a time slot so they can unlock the bin and that's it. They're not allowed to help you move it though so make sure you don't make the packages too big to lift yourself.
  12. Cockapoo, sproodle etc etc all the bad bits of both breeds and no redeeming features unless you're the person breeding them then the price the idiots will pay for them is quite a redeeming feature I'd imagine!
  13. By the wonder of Facebook a post appeared yesterday that was a share from a gun shop in Llanyfillin that's now being run or is possibly owned by Helen from Wynnstay. Looks like a smart shop so I'll surely venture over next time I'm over that way.
  14. Helen and Dave went back in the summer. There was a new bloke there when I nipped in July/August who hadn't long started. I still need a box of bigger cartridges incase a fox appears on our final seasonal outing next week but I can probably get side from a closer Wynnstay.
  15. Morgans has been closed for a while now, must be getting on for 2 or possibly even 3 years
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