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  1. Shot a brace of mallard last Saturday on my daily exercise. First thing errant teenager says when I got back was "are we having duck pancakes tomorrow night then?". So we did. The little mallard wasn't fatty enough really but he tried his best for me and was bloody tasty. Made my own plum sauce and pancakes too. I was going to go for a look this evening again but the littlest boss was in a bad mood which was angering the big boss and if I'd gone put it might have ended in Chinese crispy toddler 😂
  2. OK I've changed my mind 😂 I've fed the cade lambs, cleaned the house, done a couple loads of washing, the teenager has returned from her dads louder and more attention seeking than normal, the toddler has fallen out with her, stolen her pencil case and is now sat on her potty doing a poo Andre the Giant would have been surprise to have passed! Its going to be a long old day and its not 1030 yet!
  3. I worked my backside off since I was about 15, set up my own business at 20 then I got to now and reevaluated my life. I still work hard now but the pandemic made me realise that in my line of work it doesn't matter how good you are just how cheap you are and people will always go for cheap over quality. I work mornings for a bloke that really appreciates my help, the other day I rode an extra one, didn't finish any later and he couldn't wait to give me extra money! I work 2 afternoons a week on a farm milking and doing gfw and again they appreciate the help and if they could have afford me th
  4. Saw a write up about these the other day on Facebook. Apparently they've got good low speed expansion at extended ranges and good overall performance. Instead of mushrooming they have petals that open, people were worried about petals snapping off and either getting lost in meat or rupturing the stomach and other juicy bits. Cant say any more than that although I think they're relatively pricey but I think that's a non lead thing at the minute anyway.
  5. A famous recently one was the coffee cup left on a table - Starbucks or Costa - in a pivotal scene in Game of Thrones.
  6. Have you tried a pouring in a kettle full of boiling water when it won't drain? We had a previous dishwasher that would flood in a similar way, it was built in so a pain to pull out but a kettle of boiling water usually did the trick.
  7. Mine are boring; Have a break from drinking - alcohol not fluid in general. I've not got a problem or anything but it just gets a bit "ill just have a beer". Its making me fat and if like to keep it for special occasions and really savour what I'm drinking. Get fit. I'm the most unfit I've ever been. Still fit by normal peoples standards but I used to be 9st 10 throughout the winter, lean and could run 3 miles in 20 minutes and it was a serious pull up to home. Now I feel heavy, I look chubby and couldn't run a bath. My metal leg will limit running because it'll hurt but I'd like to
  8. I set the alarms off at our local area 7/10 times with my heavily armour plated leg. Security doesn't look going in and coming out he might come over to check you haven't got anything in the bag that will set the alarms off. Never checks receipts to see you aren't nicking.
  9. People get emotional about fireworks so you could imagine how they'd feel about "a machine gun being waved around and firning willy nilly into the air" - say the bit in quotation marks in a screamy, wail type of voice.
  10. I quite like a sauna, which is good because I have on occasion had to bake in one to sweat a few lbs off. But when you're using it for pleasure rather than work its much nicer. Weve also got a cryo chamber in Shrewsbury. Its minus 90 Celsius in there. If you want to be invigorated go and have a go in one of them. They only allow you 3 minutes but you come out and feel like someone has jump started you. Id have used it frequently but its a tenner a pop and you're only allowed 3 minutes and once you're in there after the first minute it's not too bad and I could definitely stand to go in there f
  11. I still get asked for id now...I'm 33. Went to sainsburys the other night to buy a turkey - id over sold mine so we were looking like having pot noodle. I bought a turkey, an expensive bottle of gin, rum and whiskey and the girl on checkout wanted to id me. I asked her if she wanted to bet she was older than me and said I'd give her a tenner if she could guess my age within 2 years either way. I do look young when I've shaved, I look older with stubble but probably only my age!
  12. That 100% depends on the mood. I can drink whisky regardless of mood - which one depends on my humour. But red has to be sociable or in a good mood. I'm drinking port but that's because it was cheap 😂😉
  13. I'm on my second significant glass of port and halfway through a bag of cashews. I've got a cade lamb to feed in an hour and then its probably bed time unless I find a good film to watch.
  14. I was thinking of getting one of the evolution saws from screwfix. Apparently the blade it comes with will cut steel, plastic and wood.
  15. Maybe she'll slip with the sword and accidentally decapitate him.
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