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  1. Benthejockey

    Holiday reading

    The jack reacher books are good. Easy to read and although not challenging they’re entertaining. I quite like them as audio books for when I’m trucking up and down the country on my own. Kerry Shale reads them the best Tom Cruise has got to be the worst Jack Reacher going! I always thought Jason Statham would be a good Reacher. The wife’s bought me a book by Greg Hurwitz called Hellbent that isn’t a bad read so far over the first few chapters.
  2. Benthejockey

    Vegan in the family

    😂😂😂 It really depends on the relationship with your sister. If you’re close and you’d be upset if she potentially wouldn’t come because you offended the herbivore by not offering him a plate of grass, then get the caterers to leave the cheese and pork pie off his ploughman’s. If you’ve got a good relationship but you’re not fussed if your sister comes or not because you’ve upset the lawn mower then don’t change anything. And if you meet him before the wedding and he’s a peenarse change the ploughman’s to an all meat alternative with a side of extra meat. It’s youre wedding do what you want if people don’t like it they can get lost. You’ll upset someone over something, but don’t worry about it, I didn’t.
  3. Benthejockey

    Guajar Faraguit

    Spain. About an hour from Granada and an hour and a half from Malaga.
  4. Benthejockey

    Guajar Faraguit

    I’m off here for a week next week, it’s up in the hills a bit and I was wondering if any of the PW jet setters know if there’s any hunting/shooting goes on nearby? Realistically I’m probably going to sleep for a week and drink copious amounts of sangria and move very little but if there’s a bit of pig hunting going on one morning I could drag my carcass out of bed before it gets too hot for a bit of a look.
  5. Benthejockey

    Photon Yukon RT zeroing

    If it’s anything like the XT it’s not hard to do. I never had any trouble zeroing my original XT with bog standard mounts. Then like a **** I fiddled with it and extremed it and it decided it wasn’t going to zero any better than 2 inches higher than the elevation would allow for. I sold it and got the bigger XT off a bloke on here with a doubler on it and got an adjustable mount and it worked great. Try without the adjustable mounts you might get lucky like I did originally
  6. Benthejockey

    Free stuff and some advice please.

    Sounds like one hell of a bonfire 🔥 I’m joking!
  7. Benthejockey

    Poachers/Hare coursers?!

    Get out and about round the farm for the next few weeks. Don’t go alone, two minimum but three or even better four of you go out. No sneaking about with nv and thermal, go old school and get the biggest, shiniest lamp you’ve got and make sure you’re visible. They’re opportunistic, if they know you’re about because the big shiny lamp is waving around they won’t come on the ground. The one Farm I shoot which is in an area where ****** have been arrested coursing the hares I spend this time of year mooching where I can be seen from the road with a rifle or shotgun and it encourages them to stay off my ground. They stay off because they know I’m about when they’re scouting the place out so can’t be sure I won’t be about when it’s dark and they can’t see me. The neighbours that have their own ‘shooters’ had fields of sheep let out and 3 different fields of cattle mixed up last winter before the snow.
  8. Benthejockey

    Tree or big shrub recommendation

    Rhododendron maybe?
  9. Benthejockey

    Tree or big shrub recommendation

    Japanese Knotweed
  10. Benthejockey

    Norfolk based engineering wizard

    Yeah but they squeal when you have to rip it off their mouths so the little blighters can eat and drink.
  11. Benthejockey

    Another Handgun shooting in London

    Good job they banned them, it’s preventing all those law abiding citizens shooting people 🤔
  12. Benthejockey

    Poor shots and guilt

    I shoot them because I like to eat them. My Hare and venison faggots are Incredible!!! I’ll take a couple a year and try and take the big jack hares holding large territories which gives the younger jack hares a chance to do their thing. And a bit like shooting foxes leaves a void for hares on the periphery to come in and fill. You shoot enough live quarry then you will unfortunately wound a few. The majority you’ll get chance to have another go at but there will be some that disappear into the undergrowth never to be seen again. All you can do is do your best to try and mitigate it but otherwise carry on and keep shooting.
  13. Benthejockey

    Novochick strikes again!

    Did you not know that MI5 are recruiting crack heads as secret agents nowadays?
  14. Benthejockey


    Happened to me about 12 months ago. Fortunately it was emptier than your freezer, I used all the defrosted goodies as trail camera bait. Went the next day to change the camera batteries to be greeted by local busy body telling me he’d phoned the RSPB, Shropshire badger watch and was waiting for a call back from DEFRA because someone had dumped a load of meat and stuff in our field and was clearly trying to poison the badgers or the ravens or both. He didn’t know where to look when I said it was me, and I then said if I was trying to poison badgers, ravens or pillocks who were trespassing off the footpath on my ground then I probably wouldn’t be trying to do it in front of a great big camera that’s strapped to the fence photographing and videoing anything that comes within 50m of the bloody camera. It made me more cross than Mrs BTJ leaving the freezer open.
  15. Benthejockey


    Sell a couple of kids you’ll only get ear ache for that rather than ball ache 😂