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  1. Benthejockey

    Roast Pigs Head .

    I love a bit of brawn. Never had roasted pig face because before I’d even taken my boots off it was in a pan simmering away to become brawn or as we used to call it pigs head pate. It’s more of a terrine than a pate. I’ve also been a huge fan of trotters since I was tiny but as I’ve got older and more discerning the bones annoy me more and more!
  2. Benthejockey

    My favorite time of year

    Yeah I went to fetch the ewes off the top field this morning so they’re easier to check now we’re getting near to lambing and I went up in 2WD 10 days ago I couldn’t get through the gateway with 4WD and the difflock in!
  3. Benthejockey

    My favorite time of year

    If the weather man is to be believed it’s going to be 18+ degrees next weekend. So my Sunday will be spent harrowing.
  4. Benthejockey

    Country file tonight

    Same **** different way to spoon feed it to the public. This country is actually going to hell in a shopping trolley faster than it is possible to imagine. They banned digging badgers because of badger baiting but the only ones badger baiting were chavvy pillocks that wouldn’t have known the pointy end of a spade from the handle. They banned handguns because some nutter decided to shoot people. Machine guns are banned because terrorists use them. Hunting with dogs was banned because it wasn’t fair that only posh people did it. Hare coursing was banned because apparently that was cruel. Yet I can run rabbits with my dog or use a pack of terriers to kill rats but if they hunted and killed a squirrel I’d be in breach of the hunting act. It’s a bloody joke. The hare population was a million times better off when coursing was allowed now a lot of estates want them murdered so the ****** don’t get on their causing a menace. The fox population was better off before the ban because hunts had a vested interest rather than watch them get decimated by rifles. The badger population was kept in check when you were allowed to dig them rather than the huge over population we have now, £40 a badger to shoot them when the cull comes? You can bet I’ll shoot every single one I see until there’s no more on my permissions, that’s not population control it’s paid extermination. The people that govern our ways in the country should have to experience what it’s like first hand before they’re allowed to make a decision that doesn’t effect their livelihood.
  5. Benthejockey

    prince harry

    Frankly £26000 is a drop in the sea compared to the monies the government wastes. It’d probably cost that to replace a light bulb in Westminster.
  6. Benthejockey

    22lr and Horses

    Anyone who knows Haimwood sporting would have seen, up until the last 18 months or so, a large number of different horses right next door to the shooting range. On the whole they never cared about the shooting at all. And sundays were noisy old days at Haimwood. Even when I rode past the shooting ground they never really bothered. And I had some right horrible lunatics that probably needed to be on the sharp end of a shotgun! It’s mainly the owners that are the problem.
  7. Benthejockey

    First doe of 2019

    Fallow are hard work unless you’ve got loads of connected ground to go at which I haven’t. Round me they’ll be in one area for a day or two because they’re on my cameras and then they’ll be gone for weeks. They get hammered round me so they’re quite nocturnal and you’re really just relying on them making a mistake. They can also see round corners, smell noises and hear smells. If you’re lucky enough to have some slightly less wild than mine I’m very jealous!!!
  8. Benthejockey

    What battery

    https://howesmodels.co.uk/product/12-volt-7ah-rechargeable-lead-acid-battery-2/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI46D0w6a24AIVQ_hRCh0RYghjEAQYCCABEgLDb_D_BwE I bought this battery which I would have thought would do the job. And I bought an adaptor for the cigarette and to crocodile clips to connect to the battery. Turned it on and the high beam was slow to power up and when it got as powerful as it was going to get it was a poor/weak orange beam. The low power bulb is fine. So what do we think??? Too much resistance from the adaptor? The cigarette lighter end on the lamp is a plastic moulded jobby so to remove it and hardwire the lamp straight to the battery I’d have to chop it off.
  9. Benthejockey

    What battery

    I’ve found in my collection of treasure a Clulite LA4 which after a brief google appears to be this one https://clulite.cluson.co.uk/spotlights/246-la4-lazerlite-1million-c-power-db-cp.html Id forgotten I had it. Very handy for lamping rabbits out of the car window when I have permissions I can drive around but not so handy when they’re wet! Do any of the PW boffins know what battery is need if I wanted to make it portable? I know I’ll need an adaptor to connect it to the battery from the cigarette plug end.
  10. Benthejockey

    Clear out

    243 Amax now sold.
  11. Benthejockey

    Clear out

    Getting old is rubbish, as a young dog he’d run out with me on the horses every lot I rode, he must have jogged thousands of miles over the years! He’d work anything and everything but barely get a mark on him and he was the softest dog going...unless you were small and furry. As a pet dog he put many a ‘proper working’ terrier to shame. And sired many litters of hardcore workers. Now he like a to bark at the sofa and wee on the step daughters Pe kit bag 😂🙈
  12. Benthejockey

    Clear out

    I’ll have a large bottle of nice single malt whiskey cheers 😜
  13. Benthejockey

    Clear out

    🙈 it’s one of those bloody words I can never spell!!! For the abuse you two have got to buy something now 😂
  14. Benthejockey

    Clear out

    I was being fasetious but I shall amend the advert accordingly 👍🏼