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  1. Benthejockey


    Bet its the cleaner unplugged the server to do the hoovering.
  2. A gun shot rang out round here at midnight...but it was just me shooting a rat on my way home from lamping. 270 is definitely minimum calibre for rats 😬🙈😂 My mates wife is running the marathon today too.
  3. I think they should bring back wolves and bears. But let them loose in an urban environment. Let them eat a few idiots then see how they feel!
  4. Weve got pp for an L shaped block of 5 which is well beyond my big hammer and nails ability! The gate solution would save me using so many hurdles when I've got a shed full of lambs too. And using 2 gates I'll have a use for them again once we're sorted with the real thing.
  5. I'm well aware it's not the ideal size for a stable but it'll be fine for the pony as a temporary measure. It can only be temporary as I'll need the space back for rearing cade lambs in March!
  6. Thanks to Mrs BTJ we are now currently in the position of having 3 horses for 2 stables. "It'll be fine well get some quotes for the new stables and get them built ASAP" unfortunately she's not quite grasped the current materials shortages and the fact the run in time to getting them actually built is about 20 weeks at the minute. Oh and the cost for what she wants too! Plus you know we're nearly at turkey season not lambing season so the weather is only going to get worse. What I have got and very begrudgingly I'm thinking about is building a temporary stable inside the small barn that's on the side of the stables. I've got a concrete slab just over 11ft long and 9ft wide - probably 11ft 6 X 9ft 6. I was thinking of an 11ft gate down the long side with a 9ft gate on the front. Either half mesh gates or standard galvanised gates with ply or stock board screwed to the inside whichever worked out cheaper. The 11ft gate doesn't need to swing but obviously the front will need to. I'm just not sure how to attach a post sturdy enough to support a gate to a concrete pad without a good bit of invasive surgery! I could potentially build a small timber wall and use a smaller gate.
  7. Isn't that a hoist rather than a winch? It might be semantics or me being daft but I always thought a winch pulled horizontally and a hoist pulled vertically and that looks like a vertical pull to me.
  8. They look about .25 calibre. Velocity is a bit low, worse in cold weather but they male a real impact if they connect!
  9. I've got half a dozen tennis ball sized wasps nests in my loft.
  10. 😂😂😂 it's not localised to Essex trust me!
  11. Some gun shops it feels as if its inconvenient that you've gone into their shop to spend your money. But today I felt like if I had any stupid questions I could have asked them and not felt like a numb nuts and I felt like I could have asked about every single gun in the shop and Phil would have been able to tell me something different about them all. He even dug out a box of 460 wby mag ammo to let me have a look at.
  12. Been for a visit to Powys guns thus morning. Definitely the friendliest gun room I've been into. Very helpful people that went out of their way to sort me out. The shop is like an Alladins cave, full of treasure. Its the first time I've been happy we have to have slots for rifles unlike shotgun certificates otherwise I might have tried to rehome more than 1 rifle. Definitely worth supporting them if you can.
  13. Theres quite a few. 9/11 happened when I was at school and didn't hear about it until we were on the bus going home. I can remember being on the 419 bus going past the old Maltings going out of town and thinking it was strange he had the radio on and being bored of the story being repeated so got my mini disc player out and put on some Nirvana. I was very nonplussed about it. The moment I sorted it in my mind to get out of a hugely toxic relationship - I'd been hunting all day and got home at 9 and didn't sit down till 10 after I'd sorted the horses, and she turned up on my doorstep looking for a fight. I went team chasing the next day and have never ridden so recklessly in my entire life! It ended up with me getting asked to hunt a rather attractive ladies horse and she has since ended up as wife. The birth of my little girl. It was a bit boring, the mid wife didn't like me, I ate the wife's sweets and got told off and finally after about 14 hours the little goblin decided to pop out. She was then unfortunately poorly and spent a week in hospital. I'll never forget getting in my car after id gone to pick them both up to find they'd been moved up to the special care baby unit, I held it together in the hospital for the wife and then got in the car and just sat and bawled my eyes out for 5 minutes. Ended up alright in the end but it was a rough week!
  14. Yeah all we've got is fallow and roe on the ground I shoot.
  15. Yeah I was ruing not having a medical stapler after my lurcher ran up a tree and ripped her leg last year, a good clean and a few staples would have saved me £300!
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