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  1. Would an otter get in a crayfish trap? I'd have thought the opening would have been too smal? A tin of tuna with holes I'm is supposed to be good bait.
  2. Probably too much risk of catching natives at a guess although why catch and release couldn't be an option I donr know.
  3. More foxes have died post ban than pre ban. Pre ban foxes on hunting estates had a close season and were pretty well looked after. They were fit and healthy foxes because the stupid, slow, sick and injured got killed. It wasnt the most effective form of pest control BUT during lambing time it was a very effective way of targeting an individual fox that was killing lambs. With the advent of NV and thermal foxes get hammered especially on shooting estates where although a pain they always left one or two for the hounds. Im a member of group on FB and they kept tally one month and they shot over 400 foxes in a month! People dont understand animals dont think like humans. They're constantly alert looking for danger but that's their daily survival instinct, if a fox is chased by hounds and gets away he catches his breath and goes back to his day job he doesn't go home and sit in a dark corner needing therapy, they also learn very well so if hes been hunted before and hes within ear shot and hears hounds barking on the wagon or hears the hunting horn hes legged it long before they get to him.
  4. It's all to do with the m³ of water discharged per house hold from the septic tank and existing tanks requiring permits from the EA depending on volume of discharge and if its into a watercourse, treatment Reed bed or soak away. Some tanks are exempt but I fully expect that wont be the case because as the old phrase goes where theres muck theres money. I'm not hugely au fait with it all but I think that's essentially the crux of it.
  5. When have the antis been afraid to tell a lie or three?
  6. Not really the end, I wouldn't be surprised for them to amalgamate or something similar. The antis are claiming it as their victory but it's not really, poor management decisions caused ruptions amongst the staff. I believe they have the money to continue. The hounds are being drafted out to different packs, my friend is getting a few. The antis harassed the atherstone horrifically for the past 4years, criminally in my opinion. If Kathy Scott got hit by a bus tomorrow the countryside would be a better place!
  7. Oh I know! Mrs BTJ was in meltdown before we moved because our friend who's a drainage engineer, told her about the new regs. Fortunately what she was worrying about wasn't an issue in the end. But our tank at the new house will need changing in the future and that will be a world of fun!
  8. To be fair rabies isnt exactly some far away unheard of exotic disease and its not like Nobbyathome was looking fir help in some remote backwater village on a mountain, so although they may not have had it on the shelf youd have thought theres a little stockpile somewhere like the UCH hospital especially in London. I bet theres a handy stock pile of anthrax, small pox and ebola vaccine in London!
  9. Weve been on septic tanks for as long as I can remember, never had any problems really until make up wipes became a thing. Mother, sister, girlfriends theyd get through a few as well as other 'ladies things' plus mother was a ****** for pouring fat down the sink. One day the upstairs toilet was flushed and backed up the downstairs one. Several hours of sweating and wrestling later a 2ft long plug of fat, tampons and face wipes gurgled down the pipe into the septic tank and landed like a brick. Fun times.
  10. The Yukon is a bit naff in daytime conditions and pretty much unusable in sunny conditions. Like Nev I zero at 50yds because it's easy to see. I've got a doubler on my Yukon which helps and if you extreme it and do a good job its crystal clear. As soon as it starts dropping dark you'll be good to go and zero which at this time of year is quite early. The thing to remember is when you knock over half a dozen rabbits in a row is you've got to find them all! Many a time I've lost dead rabbits and a few foxes. One dropped on the spot, we drove round looking for it for ages, couldn't find it, next morning wed driven a couple of yards past it!
  11. It's no help but I do agree the ASE mods are very good. I've got an ASE north star for my 243 and although heavy its bullet proof and I dont think youd ever get one of them blowing up on you!
  12. Benthejockey

    Back pain?

    Mines from contorting myself into the martini glass shape you sit at when you're galloping race horses since I was 14, as well as hitting the floor at speed from a height - my avatar is one such occasion and that hurt! I got up and rode 2 more including a winner but an hour in the bath after and I was crippled for about a week. I also remember turning a somersault on a breaker I was teaching to jump and I'm pretty sure I fractured something in my back that day, I thought I'd killed the pony to be fair but he was a bad un and got up after 10 minutes just winded. I'm ok as long as I'm moving, but sitting for long periods ends up making me very achey and I cant have a lie in in bed, not that I ever get a chance anyway but 615 and I'm wide awake and have to get up and make a brew.
  13. @mel b3I try my best to avoid crashing all the time the car doesn't like it 😂 @Walker570an old girlfriend had an 18tonner that had a wheel in each corner, it had the turning circle about the size of the west Midlands! It was a pig but I enjoyed driving it because it had a nice gearbox and comfy seat, it was a lovely drive unless you had so ewhere tight to go but itd go most places backwards. @flippermaj cheers I will look in to doing my cpc at some point.
  14. Beat me to it, they look like knopper galls as malmick says.
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