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MSA Sordin Ear defenders repair service

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    For those of you that have the MSA Sordin ear defenders here is a bit of info......


    Yes they come with a 5 year warrantee and after 71/2 years mine gave up the ghost... so I bought a new set from Starkeys (https://www.starkeyheadsets.co.uk)

    I had a slight issue with leakage from the gel seal and was chatting to the guy from Starkeys, mentioned my old pic which were out of warrantee, when he told me that MSA have a fixed price repair............ Shortly I will have a spare pair for the princely sum of £35 plus the postage cost to Starkeys.


    Worth bearing in mind before buying new...... wish I had known 😞


    ps I have no connection except as a customer to either firm.



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