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Yukon Sightline 450 or Sightmark Wraith?

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I currently use a Pard 007 with all my rifles, however I'm considering dedicating either my 22 Hornet or 17 WSM for night vision use only. I know many recommend the Pard 008 as a dedicated NV sight, however I had one before and didn't like the mount and found the focusing ring didn't give a sharp image.
I like the fact that both the Sightline 450 and the Wraith have a 4 base mag, but I'm not sure which to go for. I know the Wraith is colour for daytime use, whilst the Sightline isn't. But I'm unsure as to how sharp the black/white daytime image of the Sightline compares to the Wraith. More importantly, I would like to know which performs best for night time use. I know there are pros and cons regarding the onboard IR of both, although the Wraith does seem to offer greater flexibility in this regard.
Would be interested to hear from anyone who has used both of the above.

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