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Paying for a new car

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On 27/01/2020 at 12:16, Hamster said:

News to me, I just can’t see how they could impose such a law for car purchases, I’ve known dealers asking for the credit card companies percentage to be added to the balance (particularly for American Express who charge 3%) hence say a £10k balance attracting an additional £300 😐 which is quite a hit but must admit I’m not certain as to legality. 


3 minutes ago, Davyo said:

I'd never pay cash again unless something 2nd hand say 4 or 5k.

Once bought a Jag Stype new (cash as i took a lumpa from one of my pensions) three years later the £34k Jag was worth 9k trade in.No better way to waste money.

Cannot now charge for use of credit card. I would pay as much as I could by credit card(s).

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Move the money into your own current account and when you pick the car up the money can be transferred to the dealer immediately using your debit card.

Dealers, in my experience, will not take anything more than a deposit using a credit card because of the charges they have to pay.

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