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  1. Brodie

    Transporting a gun on a motorbike

    Much as I agree it's common sense to have the gun in a slip or case, and I would personally want to break it down in a bag, I have yet to see any legal requirement for it to be covered at all. A previous post includes the relevant portion of the act and no mention is made of covering the gun.
  2. Brodie

    Plasterers...HELP PLEASE!

    Bulls Eye 123 is excellent but it's no good unless you're putting it on a good base. If the paint underneath is peeling or flaking the new sealer will just come off with the old paint layers. Get back to a sound surface.
  3. Brodie

    Old (non high vis) blank pistols

    Orange spray paint?
  4. Brodie

    Tour de France 2018

    Just a thought? It looks pretty certain that Sky will be taken over, probably by Comcast. Will the new owner continue to sponsor cycling; especially a US company supporting what is almost the British national team in essence. This may be the last Tour De France for Sky.
  5. Brodie

    GMK Turnaround times

    Why did you not exercise your legal rights and ask for a refund or replacement? Having bought a gun to use it is not acceptable that you are left without the use of it for any length of time.
  6. Brodie

    Non affiliated club.

    Thanks for all the replies. Varied opinions as I expected but all valid. I decided today to go and have a look at the ground the club uses. No sooner had I arrived than an irate gentleman appeared asking what I intended to do about the lead shot landing in his garden every shoot!. I offered my sympathy and departed. Nice and local as the club is I am in the enviable position I can shoot weekdays for less money at a commercial ground without any concerns other than my own conduct.
  7. Brodie

    Non affiliated club.

    Agreed and I see no problem if each individual has insurance. Main concern for me is uninsured shooters with no certificate. Get someone off work after being hit by a piece of clay and they'll soon start looking for someone to claim off for loss of earnings.
  8. Brodie

    Non affiliated club.

    Quite agree Westley re the safety officer issue. My main concern would be that without club insurance cover, and no guarantee that individuals have cover, would members be jointly liable in the event of any accident. I understand game shoot syndicate members can be held jointly liable in the absence of cover.
  9. Someone suggested I join their local clay club. It appears to be very informal with no insurance cover, no qualified safety officer and despite no exemption certificate encourages non certificate novices to attend and shoot. Am I paranoid in thinking this is one to avoid?
  10. Brodie

    Car puncture repair kits?

    Repairing punctures without taking tyre off rim means you have no idea if any damage has been done to the inside of the tyre. If I'm going to be driving at motorway speeds I want confidence in my tyres.
  11. Brodie

    Gunstar - Security

    Opens as usual for me. I'm using Chrome browser on an Android tablet.
  12. Some of the comments made here on this, an open forun, makes great ammunition for the anti's.
  13. Brodie

    11-87 recoil pad

    Could your bruised shoulder be due to length of pull. 11/87 is probably shorter than Beretta.
  14. Enforcement difficulty does not seem to fit into the political brain. It might, however, affect folk shooting on permissions. Farmers might start asking to see it like they do shooting insurance to ensure they are not liable as the landowner.