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  1. Sold to themayor58 (Martyn) Thanks
  2. Thanks for that R6demon. CS-310ES. It's a current model and full details are on Echo-Tools website plus plenty on Youtube. Thanks for your interest
  3. Lightweight 1.5hp Echo chainsaw in good, clean condition. Starts and runs well. No damage, just cosmetic marks on mouldings. Fitted with 14inch bar and chain. Despite being their entry level saw it is built to the same quality as their upper range products. Yours for £95, less than half new internet price. Can be seen running near Basildon, Essex or can send for £10.
  4. I gave up on my wood decking after a few years. Never had rats before but they do like to breed/live under decking. Also the wood surface, even grooved, gets greasy and slippery in wet weather. Just my personal experience.
  5. Not forgetting you need planning permission to put up a fence over 2 metres high. An amicable solution is always the best - a little bit of give and take because you've got to get on with your neighbours or you'll soon be looking to move.
  6. I don't think Hamilton can rely on many votes from this forum for Sports Personality of the Year.
  7. Totally agree with using Aspen fuels. You can leave it in the machine all year round without fear of gumming up. Aren't Mitox rebranded Chinese products?
  8. Be interesting to see what happens at the Grand Prix this weekend - will Mr Hamilton be kneeling on his own? Mercedes can paint their cars black in support of BLM but I've yet to hear them apologise for using white slave labour to produce vehicles to support Hitler's war efforts.
  9. Google Tony Timpa and ask why there were no demonstrations after his death in Dallas in 2016. Look at the police bodycam video and it might give a clue.
  10. Exciting time coming up. Might help if you tell us what breed as that can influence recommendations.
  11. Brodie


    Quite agree. There are too many out there who ignore the advisories, or whatever they're now called, and assume the car's safe for 12 months. So now they assume the car's safe for an extra 6 months. My neighbour moaned about his exhaust falling off a week after his MOT but it was noted during the test. Six months later his wife braked hard in the wet and skidded into a parked car - partially seized caliper had been noted during MOT but he ignored the advice because "the car must be safe for another year because it passed the test" I used to carry out Thorough Examinations - th
  12. I can see the logic in opposing views on this subject. This subject was covered recently on TV. If you have travel insurance you must pay the balance on time to be able to make any claim. No insurance company will consider a claim if you are in breach of contract by not paying on time. A question for the holiday home owners - do you ensure your customers take out insurance to cover cancellation? It could prevent a lot of arguments and bad feeling.
  13. Low mileage often means short journeys when the engine struggles to get up to temperature. That's when there's a lot of condensation created which degrades the oil.
  14. Move the money into your own current account and when you pick the car up the money can be transferred to the dealer immediately using your debit card. Dealers, in my experience, will not take anything more than a deposit using a credit card because of the charges they have to pay.
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