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  1. Brodie

    Foglight proposal

    You might not be aware of how foggy it is until you meet another car. Fog can be patchy - okay when you get in the car but thick a few miles ahead. I agree rear fog lights can be distracting but surely help reduce accidents. The idiot driving too fast may be the one that rear ends your car. Rear fog lights are most distracting when switched on in rain when they shouldn't be used anyway.
  2. Brodie

    Just a thought...plastic wads

    In the interests of reducing plastic waste do we all use fibre wads for clay shooting?
  3. Brodie

    Just a thought...plastic wads

    I don't consider cases as much a problem as wads as we hopefully all pick up our cases and can choose where to dispose of them sensibly. Regarding paper cases, is the paper recyclable as it's bound to be coated or printed with something non-recyclable like so much packaging.
  4. Brodie

    Left handed Browning

    Beretta, Benelli, Franchi and Fabarm all make left hand action semi autos. Some like Armsan still leave the bolt release button on the right hand side which I personally find awkward especially with gloves on.
  5. Brodie

    Just a thought...plastic wads

    Whilst the current interest is in reducing plastic waste we are still depositing lead shot over land everywhere. What's worse - lead or plastic waste contamination? Both need addressing.
  6. Brodie

    Just a thought...plastic wads

    Armusa Green Shoot cartridges used a water soluble wad which reviews showed degraded quite quickly. Don't know if they're still available. Purbeck Shooting Supplies, I believe, were UK agents.
  7. Brodie

    4" Roller Decorators/Anyone Help Please?

    Use any roller on scrap material first to shed any loose fibres or just use a foam roller for speed and lay off with a brush in the "grain" direction.
  8. Brodie

    Corded electric drill advice

    You can use a three jaw chuck with an adaptor in any SDS drill. Screwfix do them.
  9. It's surely in the interest of BASC and other shooting associations to act positively and quickly on these issues. If shooters give up due to licencing problems or costs they are hardly likely to continue paying membership subs. BASC and the like have got a lot to loose financially if they don't get a grip on things. No members = no income = no organisations.
  10. Regarding Scotland surely SACS should have instigated action.
  11. Brodie

    Dog eating too fast

    I have used the special bowls described above with success but first I would try feeding the dogs separately. Good luck whatever you try.
  12. Brodie

    692 and GMK

    Surely the wake-up call for GMK will be if dealers refuse to stock their products. If we as consumers use our legal rights to get the dealer to put things right they will soon kick back at GMK. Sympathise with the RFD, by all means, but don't let them fob you off by saying it's not their problem. It is because you paid them your money. GMK is the dealer's problem - not ours.
  13. Brodie

    Tesla Owner

    The potential might be great but we will have to wait and see. Mazda are promoting it and we all know how we can trust manufacturer's claims. Small turbo petrol engines are great for performance and test bench economy but in the real world are thirsty and emissions including particulates are higher than non turbo on the road. Volkswagen have already stated that future petrol engines will need particulate filters to meet tighter regulations.
  14. Brodie

    Tesla Owner

    Totally agree about Elon Musk. Zero tailpipe emissions are important because there's obviously a need to reduce pollution in city streets etc. and that's where the electric car scores. I must admit I own a hybrid (Ioniq). Not for the eco issues but because it is very economical over shorter journeys which would cripple a modern diesel with a DPF.
  15. Brodie

    Note to self...Don’t use family tradesmen

    Slightly off the OP but I have noticed some appalling work carried out for cash with no receipts. Recently a patio laid level with the damp course, electrics installed in a kitchen without certification and a wood burning stove installed on a wooden floor! No way would anybody carry out the work if they were issuing a bill or receipt. I doubt any would admit to doing the work if anything went wrong afterwards.