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  1. A question for you Edd, If I leave a gun with an RFD to sell on commission do I have to go to the shop and sign the buyers cert when it's sold?
  2. Brodie


    If a replacement battery solves the problem, there's your answer.
  3. My barber refused to give a woman a haircut and received a letter from her solicitors threatening legal action. He went to his own solicitor for advice and was told to invite her back for a free hair cut but cut it so badly she won't want to return.
  4. If the car was parked unattended I understand it is not considered an accident but an incident and does not have to be divulged for renewal. This was the advice given on a well known motoring website but make your own checks.
  5. Buy whatever fits and you feel comfortable to use weight wise. If buying used a game gun will usually have been shot far less than a sporter so less worn. Good luck and enjoy your choice
  6. Remember to allow for the cost of building insurance on the empty property. It's a lot higher than an occupied house.
  7. For years we gave cheques out with our bank details for all to see. Why didn't we get scammed then?
  8. I have received similar calls from people purportedly from Microsoft saying my computer was not running a legitimate Microsoft operating system and unless I could provide a valid license number my computer would be shut down. I could, of course, buy a license from them over the phone using my credit card. I let them waffle on before casually asking if the new Microsoft licence will be valid for my Chrome netbook. They terminate the call immediately.
  9. If she is 9 months pregnant as reported surely airlines will refuse her boarding a flight - problem solved.
  10. Can we be sympathetic and start a Go fund me page to help reunite the girl with her family on the condition that the reunion takes place in her adopted caliphate. They can all live there happily forever. Yes she has committed a crime in leaving UK to join a banned terrorist organisation.
  11. Will Kent Police be expecting you to pay for a GP letter?
  12. If Packham feels so strongly, he should decline the award. Simple
  13. A Remington 1100/11-87 is light on recoil not only because it's a semi but surely because it weighs around 8lbs comparable with an over/under.
  14. I believe Teague recommend using the key to tighten.
  15. Brodie

    Smart home

    Totally agree. My wife was given an Amazon Echo for Christmas and can't say I'm impressed. The sound quality is on a par with a battery radio. She was told about the benefits of getting free streamed music - no so free when you need an Amazon prime account or premium Spotify. Technology for the sake of technology - perhaps I'm just too old.
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