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  1. I recently sold a car to Cazoo. I entered the details and condition on the website and the price quoted was what I got when took it in. No checks for microscopic chips, they just checked paperwork and that spare wheel was there and paid into my bank within minutes. £1500 more than trade in quotes.
  2. I've seen this in places where you would be reversing up to, or under, opening windows.
  3. Model : EA3500S35B , 35cc 2 stroke, 1.7kw - 2.3 hp has always been run on Aspen fuel from new. 14in bar and chain. On/off switch combined with choke switch and automatic half throttle and fuel primer for easy starting. Side chain tensioner and automatic chain oil pump. About two years old in good condition this is a current model and has only ever had light use. £125. Basildon, Essex
  4. Emission levels can make a big difference to road fund tax. I see plenty of posts on here asking the tax for certain cars so it seems to matter for some. I'm taxing and insuring two cars for what my son has just paid for a year's tax on a new Volvo XC60.
  5. Since you're required to complete the census on 21st March, or after, you have plenty of time to revise your answers. Or can you see into the future?
  6. A friend recently bought the "remains" of a mini purely for the number plate. On trying to transfer the number DVLA informed him the car had previously been declared scrapped and the number was no longer valid and available for transfer. This is what he told me. Checking the DVLA website for current tax or SORN status shoould eliminate this possibilty I would think.
  7. I recently bought a Freesat 4K box - not a good buy for me. On connecting picture quality was excellent but no Netflix. Had to reboot twice to get that. I like to use Teletext while having breakfast to get up to date with the news - the 4K box does not support teletext despite having a button on the remote. Changing channels, the new channel comes on with no sound then the screen goes blank before sound and vision come on. Channel info bar works on some channels, not others. Freesat support just say they are aware of problems and they may be sorted in the future with a software upgrade. I sent it back for a refund and may buy another when they finish developing the product. Humax seem to have stopped making Freesat recorders and support is now provided by Freesat - Humax no longer respond to email support questions.
  8. I am replying using a Dell Chromebook with a very similar spec. I got it for about £100 as an unwanted, unused gift. I prefer a proper keyboard to use and that influenced my choice. A Chromebook relies on an internet connection as very liittle is stored on the computer itself. That is why it only needs a very basic spec - you can't make a comparison with a Windows or Apple. I have been very pleased with mine - it has worked without fault and is my go-to computer for most things. Just make sure it will do what you want. Good luck whatever you decide.
  9. Cosmicblue - Yes, you are perfectly correct that you can legally cancel within 30 days. That means the finance agreement is cancelled but the extra discount on the car was dependent on you taking out the finance so it becomes repayable on cancellation.
  10. What Cosmicblue says makes a lot of sense. Except, from my experience, one thing. I have, several times, used the dealer finance to get a better discount and then paid the finance balance off to save the interest charges. But you must make one monthly payment before paying off the balance; otherwise you can get hit for termination fees. Maybe it differs with each finance company but I have been warned of this by different manufacturer's dealer's sales staff. It is worth checking because it cost if you get it wrong. On a slightly different point. You buy a house hoping it will go up in value; you buy a new car knowing it will go down in value.
  11. Sorry about the photos being upside down - I'm sure they were right way up when I put them on. The saw seems to have had little use. I made the mistake of boasting how easily my own Echo saw recently sold on here and and got asked to advertise this.
  12. Selling for a friend who has no computer access. EFCO petrol chainsaw. 14inch bar, 39cc, 2.3hp. In excellent condition complete with instruction book, bar cover and multi tool. Less than 12 moths old it's a current model selling online for around £160. £100 collected from Basildon, Essex area or can send for £10 extra.
  13. This is my gun. Having now decided not to renew my certificate at the end of the year I am looking for offers. The gun will also come with some extra extended chokes, a quality Napier gun slip and an additional thinner Inflex recoil pad to alter LOP.
  14. Sold to themayor58 (Martyn) Thanks
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