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  1. New AUDI Feature

    Audi have started something. Volvo are to fit them to all new models.
  2. Kent Wildfowler’s Press Release

    So a year after The Wildfowler s Association Ltd was registered there has been no progress. Doesn't seem much local support. Surelythe time to promote and gain volunteers for the new venture was at the meeting when opting out of BASC.
  3. Tesla Owner

    I seem to remember a forum member getting a new Tesla. Be interesting to know how he's getting on with it - topic seems to have gone very quiet. Yes, I know the car's mean't to be quiet.
  4. Briley Extended choke.

    I have a 3/8 (L/M) Briley extended which I don't think has been used. As previously suggested £28 posted?
  5. Interested in the Hatsan o/u silver.

    I know the comb is adjustable but is there any cast on the stock? I ask because I am left handed.



      Any faults within 6 months of buying the car are legally considered to be present at the time of purchase. The trader should be given the opportunity to rectify first. Nothing to do with any warranty - that is additional to your legal rights as above.
    2. One for the sparkies

      Exterior socket needs to be installed by a registered electrician or inspected for building regs approval. A friend has recently spent a lot of money getting building inspector to pass various jobs he did himself on the cheap including outside electrics, double glazing and electrics in his kitchen. He couldn't supply paperwork needed to sell his house! It seems pay now or pay later.
    3. FENSA

      FENSA is, as I understand, purely an organisation which registers the installation with the local authority for Building Regs. Normally the installer provides his own guarantee insurance backed in case the business folds.
    4. ARMSAN semi auto instructions

      I ran a couple of boxes of pigeon shot through mine when new but I don't know if it was needed. What I do know is mine will not cycle low brass cartridges like Hull Superfast.
    5. Fabarm Gamma

      I have seen a left handed Gamma for sale in good condition and am tempted as I'm looking for a cheap sporter. Has anyone any knowledge or opinions of these? There seems now to be a link with Guerini but don't know what the quality of the older guns was like - I'm guessing the Gamma is about 15-20 years old. Thanks in advance
    6. Kwik fit

      Mentioning sending someone from Scottish Borders might be impressive if we knew where you were.
    7. Lincs police reasons for requesting GPs reports could equally apply to applicants requiring a new driving license. In the wrong hands a vehicle can be as lethal as a firearm. Why did BBC interviewer not ask the Detective Inspected, who strangely appeared in uniform clutching his cap, what evidence they have of shooters with medical conditions being involved in incidents.
    8. Legal eagles any tips

      Hotpoint should underwrite their tumble dryer warranty with the fire brigade.
    9. Legal eagles any tips

      I believe all goods within the EU must have a minimum of 2 years guarantee. After that the argument can start about reasonable life.
    10. Parking limits.

      Back to the OP. What size are the vans? Anything above car size requires lights when parked in darkness according to the law although I've yet to see it enforced.