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  1. This is my gun. I can include a Buffalo River gunslip plus a 3/8 Briley extended choke and a 2in long 1/4 extended choke if anyone's tempted
  2. Metabo powermaxx tools comparable with Makita or DeWalt for quality. Comprises: SB combi drill with 10mm chuck, SSD impact driver, ASE reciprocating saw, LED torch, 3x 2Ah batteries, charger and kit box. All tools are in very good condition and batteries perform as new. Online price for these is around £265. Collect from Basildon, Essex or could meet within reasonable distance. £115
  3. Car built in satnavs are very often about 12 months out of date with map updates. Despite a recent update my Hyundai satnav is still missing local estate roads that have existed more than 2 years!
  4. Don't know about a flat spot but the 1.2 entry engine is fairly gutless. Either of the 1.0 turbos is a better bet, especially the 120bhp but I believe that's still only available in upper specs.
  5. Brodie


    Surely best to have the MOT carried out by someone different from whoever does the service. That way you get two independent opinions and not one person checking their own work. Totally agree that advisories are joke - I've just seen a car passed with advisories on corroded brake pipes. I know the owner now considers it safe for 12 months. An MOT is meaningless the day after its carried out as the tester cannot know how the vehicle will be used or abused.
  6. Brodie

    35 Dakotas

    For those hoping to see them in Southend on Sea area the Echo newspaper website says a route change means they will no longer fly over the pier but over the airport and Westcliff. The Echo website, and newspaper, is not always very accurate in its reporting however. Plus the weather could effect routing I guess.
  7. Are you using decent quality chains? Cheap chains, like off the bay, can stretch and slack off very quickly.
  8. Whilst what the OP says may appear common sense it provides Packham and Co all the evidence they need that the General Licence has been abused. You can legally eat the pigeons shot for crop protection but not shoot pigeons for food and justify it by saying it helps protect crops.
  9. If the screws can hold the flooring down after the head is snapped off how do you lift the flooring later when needed - like when you find you've put a screw through a water pipe.
  10. Pity the OP didn't check the gun when he collected it . GMK have had their chance and failed. Should have refused it and asked for a refund or replacement.
  11. If Ed's insurance company consider him liable for the repair bill why are we being constantly reminded of how much of our insurance premium covers uninsured driver claims? His mate was uninsured - that fact is not disputed.
  12. Sold to stevewall968 & collected. Many thanks
  13. Sold to stevewall968 pending collection.
  14. I’ll have them if they are still available. Shooting the Essex Masters tomorrow so could call in to Basildon on the way back. 


    07714 740760

    1. Brodie


      Hi Steve, you're welcome to collect them whenever you like. Just give me a call on 07500 875902 to let me know when. Regards, Dave

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