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  1. As I seem to lose quite a few leads I am thinking of making my own. They will be the Field Trial Pro slip lead type as they are flexible, hard wearing and suit my needs I can source everything I need apart from the braid which needs to be 5mm for the reasons above. I have tried different thicknesses and 5mm is the best for me. Anyone know where I can get the right material from? I have bought a couple of samples from the net (unseen) and they aren't what I want. I would prefer olive colour (probably why I can't find my lost leads!) but other colours considered
  2. As mentioned in the OP my licence expires next Saturday - 16th April. As I still haven't heard anything I called the licencing department (not an FEO but an admin member of staff) last Tuesday (5th April) and they told me that my new licence had been issued and was with my FEO who would contact me shortly. I asked if it would be before the expiry date and was told "we don't know as everyone is really busy" but don't worry your new licence is registered/live on the NFLMS (?) so you will be legal to go shooting but won't be able to buy any ammunition or buy/sell guns. I asked if they would issue me an extension to my existing licence (I made the new application 13 weeks ago) or issue me with a temporary licence but was told "we don't do that, but as I said there isn't a problem. I emailed BASC who again told me not to worry if your licence is registered/live on the national system. I also asked BASC if I should be asking for an extension or a temporary licence but they didn't answer this point. I have emailed BASC again but await their response Any suggestions on what I should do; 1. Assume that what I am told is correct? 2. Put my gun in storage with an RFD?
  3. Looking for a single place on a small Saturday shoot (Gloucestershire, South Herefordshire, South Worcestershire, North Somerset, West Wiltshire etc) for the 2022/2023 season. Anything considered e.g. driven, walked up, stand one walk one etc. Full gun or half gun considered I have insurance, my own 4 x 4 and two well trained spaniels. Please message me with anything that may suit me. Regards
  4. Sporting Saint https://www.sportingsaint.co.uk/
  5. My SGC expires on 16th April I sent my renewal application on 12th January It was received by Gloucestershire Firearms on 13th January My cheque was cashed on 12th February I emailed for an update on 7th March On 8th March Gloucestershire Firearms emailed back confirming that they had my application and that someone would contact me 14 days before the expiry date which they haven't I have emailed them and tried to call them but haven't received any response. Are they obliged to extend my current certificate or should I be looking at putting my guns into storage with an RFD? If they extend my current license how do they do this - do they send me another certificate, a letter, email?
  6. Updating your details isn't difficult (most authorities have a form online) and then deal with renewal closer to the date
  7. I feel your pain. I did a similar thing on a recent Holts auction. I thought I "clicked" to view but bid and won a pair of antique pheasant coffee cups and saucers! Cost me £115 but actually when they arrived they are very nice However, care is needed when viewing these onlin auctions
  8. Someone needs to advise WJ that according to the Mammal Society, cats kill up to 55 million wild birds a year. Probably roughly same as the number of game birds are shot each year
  9. I applied for my certificate renewal on 12th January and paid by cheque. My current certificate doesn't expire until early April I noticed today that the cheque has been debited from my account, does this mean anything? i.e. Have they checked my application and are happy with it, nothing missing? Or are they about to arrange a visit? Or is paying in the cheque the first thing they do before they do anything else?
  10. When do air tanks used for filling air rifles need testing? I have one that has the date 19/03 on it
  11. Live Multi-Catch Rat Trap has arrived! What bait do you experts recommend? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the replies. We definitely have rats as we saw one run from under the kennel down the path. There are definitely areas under the kennel where they have been digging. I can't understand why they are there as there is no food source. The dogs rarely go in the kennel (only for a short while when the daycare man brings them home late afternoon before we get home) and are never fed in there. I have 3 springers. Would one cage do the job or would I need more? We now have mice in the garage! Both my pheasant skin dummies have been chewed
  13. I think I might have rats under the dog kennels. 1. How do I confirm that I have a rat issue? Should I get a trailcm? 2. How do I get rid of them? I can't use poison as I have 3 dogs. We live on a housing estate so have neighbours. Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the replies and as I see it (and I may be wrong) you can only shoot Jays under General Licence 40 and then only to conserve endangered woodland birds. there is a specific list of endangered species. Intrestingly Woodcosk are on the list so you could shoot a jay if woodcock are around but you can also shoot woodcock so this is a bit of a contradiction? If challenged would the shooter not have to prove that at least one of those endangered species was present in the woodland? With regard to permission to shoot many of the above have said that the gamekeeper can give permission to shoot Jays but legally the only person who can give permission would be the landowner or the owner of the shooting rights? Although the gamekeeper could be one of those on alot of shoots the gamekeeper is only an employee
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