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  1. Many of these country shows are less about field sports and more about shopping (mostly overpriced rubbish), burgers and beer!
  2. We went but got there really early as we had breakfast included as part of our platinum package but lots of people we spoke to later complained of traffic issues. Several of the demonstrations were cancelled or changed, lots of people and as above no bargains. All seemed a bit chaotic (poor signage in the ground, untrained staff) but it was good to get out. It almost seemed as if the organisers wern't expecting it to go ahead and then at the last minute when it got confirmed it was panic to organize everything Would we go again next year? At the moment we would probably leave it
  3. Another recommendation for both Joe Irving book and David Lissett However, I woild also reccommend Joe Hipwell (Sealpin Gundogs) DVD's but as above find a good local trainer
  4. My shotgun certificate is due for renewal in April 2022. Given the current delays in processing when should I apply? I was thinking 6 months before the due date - sometime in October? Thanks
  5. That object is a "Norfolk Liar" I am not suggesting that people from Norfolk do not tell the truth! A quick Google gives; Some sportsmen had an over optimistic view of the number of birds they actually hit and on occasion may instruct their loader to record near misses when they were “confident” the bird would eventually drop hence the nickname for these game markers of “Norfolk Liar”.
  6. Does anyone know anything about these? I recently acquired an old game counter, possibly German? However, although the front looks to be brass plated the rear has had the plated finish removed and now has a silver finish. At first I thought that the front and rear may have had different finishes to make it easier to select the right game but on closer inspection there are still small remains of brass on the rear. Do you know of anyone who might be able to refurbish and replate the rear and the front and possibly tell me a bit about the origin and history?
  7. Animal Transit Boxes in Telford will build bespoke boxes and/or drawer systems. Not cheap but excellent quality
  8. I bought it direct and I think that in this case it helped
  9. Last autumn I bought a Harkila Retrieve coat which was great during the winter. However, last Saturday I wore it all day in the heavy rain and it leaked quite badly at the front. I emailed Harkila yesterday and they asked me to send them some photographs of the general condition of the coat which I did. Today I got an email saying that they had despatched me a new coat which should be with me on Thursday but asked if I would send them some photographs showing that I had destroyed the damaged coat. No fuss a couple of photographs and a new coat on the way. That's what I call customer service.
  10. I have a new Barbarian X which I bought using the BASC scheme and got it cheaper than any 12 month old ones with circa 5,000 miles on the clock which I was originally looking at. Initially I had couple of issues but got them sorted and now I really enjoy it. Its very different to the Discovery Sport I had previously but as I said it's a great car. I do alot of mileage (around 30,000 miles a year) and it is comfortable enough and i get on average around 31 mile to the gallon
  11. marccus, that's the stuff I used and it is excellent
  12. I drilled a 12mm dia holes, cleared the dust, filled the holes with resin and inserted 10mm dia allthread bar. I out a washer on the allthread bar, placed the cabinet on, put another washer on the allthread bar and then the nuts
  13. Anyone got experience/advice regarding artificial turf? We are about to get our back garden remodelled and are thinking of artificial turf for low maintenance and because we have three dogs. Its not a huge area, probably 20m x 10m Is any type suitable for dogs or would we need to get a pet specific type? Thanks
  14. Went out to my car this morning and saw hundreds of these grubs on the drive. Anyone got any idea what they might be? Wondering if they are leatherjacket grubs as our lawn is in a pretty bad state
  15. Is this worth doing? I have a 20 plate L200 and have got 2 quotes; Dinitrol - £946.80 inc VAT Waxoyl- £550.00 inc VAT Quite a difference in price, which is the best?
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