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  1. My thinking was buy expensive and get quality! I don't like the "headset" type ear defenders and prefer the "in the ear" type although I may have to admit I got it wrong this time!!
  2. Bad Customer Service; CENS Puretone - sent my ProFlex+ Competition (bought in May 2017 for £634) ear protectors back 2 weeks ago and today they confirmed that it will be £65.99 to repair them. Ok I suppose as they are 5 months out of warranty. Interestingly they said that they should be serviced every 12 months at £22.50 per unit plus £5.99 p & p However, they said that as they are busy they will try and get them back before Christmas! Apparently they are busy preparing and sending out new orders before they do the repairs Good Customer Service I bought a Schoffel Ptarmigan Extreme coat in November 2017 and last weekend it leaked. I called them and they said that as their coats have a 2 year warranty (I had 2 days left!) I should return it which I did and less than a week later I get a phone call to say that they have tested it and it is a manufacture issue so they will be issuing a credit note (they don't make my coat anymore) to the shop I bought it from. I called the shop and they have received the notification from Schoffel already so I now have a brand new coat on its way.
  3. Kennel club insurance doesn't cover working dogs. PetPlan does and have been great for me, one dog had a £6,000 bill 18 months ago and they paid it without question and the policy hardly increased the following year.
  4. I have sent mine back and although they are only 3 months out of warranty they have confirmed that I will have to pay for any repairs Apparently it costs £35 per module to look at them and then any repair costs on top of that and if I don't want to go ahead with the repairs they will return at a cost of £20 or dispose of for nothing. Interestingly they said that the units should be sent back to them annually for a service/check up which costs £20 per module + p&p!! I don't think I will buying CENS again or recommending them
  5. Anyone know what the warranty period is on these? I bought a pair of CENS ProFlex+ Competition ear protectors in May 2017 and recently I have been having problems with the left unit; 1. The battery runs flat vey quickly. I put new batteries in both units on Saturday night but when I put them in on Sunday the left battery had no power 2. I put a new battery in and while I was shooting the left unit kept switching off. If I tapped the unit it came back on momentarily 3. The left unit doesn’t seem to switch off Any advice?
  6. right from a pup walking her on lead where there is game (birds & rabbits) and every time she flushes a bird/rabbit I give a gentle tug on the lead and get her to sit. Effectively I am teaching her to sit to any type of flush. Next stage is doing the same off the lead. Next stage is shoot over training days Only when she is 100% steady (ie. sitting every time she flushes) would I consider taking her shooting. If the dog isn't 100% steady at training there is no chance it will be in the shooting field and all the training to date will quickly turn to rat **** as it's in their DNA to chase If you struggle to find rabbits they can often be found around the grassed areas of industrial estates. I would use this before I try a rabbit pen. little steps and all that.
  7. Figgy, I think you are correct Sporting Saint were the agent but back in the day you could buy direct. However, this one is battery operated using a remote switch. It doesn't require blanks. It is not as sophisticated as the DT ones (Sporting Saint now sell these) but even these do not require blanks
  8. I have a remote operated bird launcher for sale. It is a few years old but little used and in full working order. I put a new battery in and tested it yesterday. It is made by a company called "lite launcher" who I don't think exist anymore. It is perfect for tennis balls, dummies, pigeons etc but not sure if you would get a pheasant in it. pm me if you would like pictures or anymore info I may be able to do a video at the weekend. £105 posted
  9. Hi, I bought it in July 2017 (I have a copy of the original invoice £1,359!!) and all the batteries are genuine DJI
  10. I have a DJI Mavic Pro for sale. It is in perfect condition and is little used and never crashed. Package consists of; Mavic Pro Drone Mavic Pro Remote Controller 4 x Batteries Battery charger/charging hub & power cable Car charger Mavic pro aircraft sleeve 4 x Foldable Propellers 12 x spare Propellers DJI ND lens filters for the drone camera Video Cables Micro memory card - 128GB DJI Mavic shoulder bag Dustproof and shockproof hard case with custom foam insert for the DJI Mavic Pro copter. If anyone wants photos pm me and I will email them over tonight £525.00 posted
  11. Icebreaker or Howies for me
  12. I have one of these and they are wonderful guns and this is a great price too. Grab yourself a bargain
  13. I am looking at buying a new car, probably an L200 but when I visited a local dealer I was told that they don't come with factory fitted satnav's just ApplePlay which they claimed was better as it was always up to date. I have never heard of ApplePlay (I do have an iPhone X) so I would be interested to know if it is better. What about when you don't have a phone signal which can be an issue for me as a lot of my work locations are rural. Satnav has always been a priority for me in a car but maybe I am behind the times! Any info welcome Thanks in advance
  14. Salmo, pm me your address and i will post on Monday
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