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  1. ilovemyheckler

    Gundog working tests

    Maybe not too far as I have family in Gloucestershire so could combine both
  2. ilovemyheckler

    Gundog working tests

    Thanks for the replies. bigbird I would appreciate a rundown on a novice test please. Are there any videos online worth watching? I want to see what the cover is like and the distance of the marked, blind and water retrieves
  3. ilovemyheckler

    Gundog working tests

    Does anyone know what the tests are for a spaniel in the "Puppy" working test? I know what the entry requirements are - under 18 months of age on date of test etc but I can't find anything relating to the actual test. I would like to know what is involved for me and the puppy. I can find details for the "novice" and "open" tests but not the "Puppy" test Thanks
  4. ilovemyheckler

    Gundog Insurance

    PetPlan for all 3 of mine They have been great and never had a problem with them. We had a 6.5K claim in February this year and they were brilliant
  5. ilovemyheckler

    gundog training

    You could also try Darren @ Kirkbourne Gundogs as they do group and one2one sessions; https://www.kirkbournespaniels.co.uk/ About 30 miles from Mansfield but I would say well worth the trip.
  6. ilovemyheckler

    gundog training

    Get David Lisett’s dvd and/or Joe Irving’s book The Learning Chain
  7. ilovemyheckler

    Getting a gundog trained

    Thanks for the informative reply. Yes I could train her myself but I don’t have the time. I work full time and I am picking up 2 - 3 times a week until January. I wasn’t going to get another dog until February/March but this extremely well bred part trained dog came And i had to make a decision on taking her now or waiting, and I doubt i would have got such an opportunity had I waited. My older dog is now 9 so I doubt she will be picking up much after this season so I need another for the start of the next shooting season
  8. ilovemyheckler

    Getting a gundog trained

    Anyone trained their own dog and also sent one away for residential training? i gave tesined two myself but don’t have time to train a third. I have bought a 6 month old part trained ess and thinking of sending her for residential training so I would appreciate the thoughts from people who have done both. Do you get the same “bond” with a dog who is sent away? thanks
  9. ilovemyheckler

    7 month old lab bitch - cold game retrieving

    Whenever its ready. I have a 6 month old springer who is already on the whistle, sitting, staying, basic directions and is retrieving cold and warm game. It depends on the dog and how its trained However, I wouldn’t be working it until it is much older.
  10. ilovemyheckler

    Hypoallergenic Gundog Food

    The new grain free one is excellent
  11. ilovemyheckler

    Air Arms HFT 500 .177

    Now Sold
  12. ilovemyheckler

    Quality Drone - Typhoon H with Realsense

    I am selling this little used (less than 1 hour of flying time) drone. It is 2 years old and absolutely immaculate Complete Ready-To-Fly 4k camera drone with collision avoidance Pilot the drone with one hand and control many of its functions using the Typhoon Wizard remote control. Intel Real Sense Collison avoidance proximity sensor unit 4K Ultra HD camera and 3 axis gimbal system Integrated 3-axis 360 degree precision gimbal camera Powered by Intel ultra-sonic sensor technologies Six ultra powerful motors for unparalleled stability Four batteries Back pack Spare rotors I am selling because I want something smaller that I can put in a backpack when walking so I want to buy a Mavic Pro £650 posted Pm me for pictures and any other information
  13. Do you know what happened to my "Bruni Mod 92 8mm blank firing pistol" post in the for sale section?

    It seems to have disappeared

    1. ilovemyheckler

      English Springer Spaniel.

      I have 2 springers. One was easy to train the other difficult. That said the difficult one to train is probably the better Gundogs. As said I would read Joe Irving’s book but also watch David Lissets dvd
    2. ilovemyheckler

      Does anyone make their own raw dog food?

      Big Bob, was Aberdeen but back in Yorkshire now