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  1. ilovemyheckler

    Musto retrievers vest

    Now Sold thanks
  2. ilovemyheckler

    Musto retrievers vest

    Yes it is
  3. ilovemyheckler

    Musto retrievers vest

    A few years old but little worn and in excellent condition with no rips, tears, stains etc. All zips work Size Large £45 posted
  4. ilovemyheckler


    Thanks Vince what is the name of the gun shop? i am new to the area
  5. ilovemyheckler


    Anyone on here have any local knowledge of Chippenham? I work there, on Bumpers Farm I am looking for some rough grass where I can train my young spaniel to hunt during my lunch hour. There are plenty of parks and fields with short grass but I specifically want some cover. Thanks
  6. ilovemyheckler

    Spaniel training dvd or books

    2nd Chris Upton. I have watched loads of his stuff on youtube DVD - I would recommend David Lisett Books - Joe Irving's book The Learning Chain That said a good local trainer who does one2one and group lessons would prove invaluable Best of all use all the above
  7. ilovemyheckler

    Worth claiming?

    I would say claim if you need the money and if you don't I wouldn't bother. My experience with PetPlan is that if the incident doesn't cause an ongoing health issue your premium will not go up. We had a £6,000 vet bill (infection caused by grass seed) earlier this year and last week a £500 bill for the same dog due to barbed wire and we claimed for both. The claim process is easy and quick and most vets will check it and submit it on your behalf. Our policy was due for renewal in March and didn't increase by more than 3% which I would expect anyway due to inflation. I submitted the "barbed wire" claim last week and got a text on Friday confirming it had been accepted and the money will be paid direct into my account within 5 days
  8. ilovemyheckler

    Gundog working tests

    Maybe not too far as I have family in Gloucestershire so could combine both
  9. ilovemyheckler

    Gundog working tests

    Thanks for the replies. bigbird I would appreciate a rundown on a novice test please. Are there any videos online worth watching? I want to see what the cover is like and the distance of the marked, blind and water retrieves
  10. ilovemyheckler

    Gundog working tests

    Does anyone know what the tests are for a spaniel in the "Puppy" working test? I know what the entry requirements are - under 18 months of age on date of test etc but I can't find anything relating to the actual test. I would like to know what is involved for me and the puppy. I can find details for the "novice" and "open" tests but not the "Puppy" test Thanks
  11. ilovemyheckler

    Gundog Insurance

    PetPlan for all 3 of mine They have been great and never had a problem with them. We had a 6.5K claim in February this year and they were brilliant
  12. ilovemyheckler

    gundog training

    You could also try Darren @ Kirkbourne Gundogs as they do group and one2one sessions; https://www.kirkbournespaniels.co.uk/ About 30 miles from Mansfield but I would say well worth the trip.
  13. ilovemyheckler

    gundog training

    Get David Lisett’s dvd and/or Joe Irving’s book The Learning Chain
  14. ilovemyheckler

    Getting a gundog trained

    Thanks for the informative reply. Yes I could train her myself but I don’t have the time. I work full time and I am picking up 2 - 3 times a week until January. I wasn’t going to get another dog until February/March but this extremely well bred part trained dog came And i had to make a decision on taking her now or waiting, and I doubt i would have got such an opportunity had I waited. My older dog is now 9 so I doubt she will be picking up much after this season so I need another for the start of the next shooting season
  15. ilovemyheckler

    Getting a gundog trained

    Anyone trained their own dog and also sent one away for residential training? i gave tesined two myself but don’t have time to train a third. I have bought a 6 month old part trained ess and thinking of sending her for residential training so I would appreciate the thoughts from people who have done both. Do you get the same “bond” with a dog who is sent away? thanks