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  1. I have one of these and they are wonderful guns and this is a great price too. Grab yourself a bargain
  2. I am looking at buying a new car, probably an L200 but when I visited a local dealer I was told that they don't come with factory fitted satnav's just ApplePlay which they claimed was better as it was always up to date. I have never heard of ApplePlay (I do have an iPhone X) so I would be interested to know if it is better. What about when you don't have a phone signal which can be an issue for me as a lot of my work locations are rural. Satnav has always been a priority for me in a car but maybe I am behind the times! Any info welcome Thanks in advance
  3. Salmo, pm me your address and i will post on Monday
  4. I was sent a complementary tin of 500 .177 Air Arms Diablo Fields pellets an Air Arms tin cover and an Air Arms pellet pouch by an air gun shop as the air rifle they sent me came with a broken stock and had to be replaced. They should have known these were no good to me as i had bought a .22 air rifle from them! Whoever answers first can have them foc
  5. Kernel, is this the MK4 or MK5?
  6. Looking for a good quality and accurate chrono in excellent condition suitable for any air rifle
  7. Lloyd those covenants are not worth the paper they are written and are rarely if ever enforceable. They are only enforceable by the person or company who took it out and only then if they can prove loss or damage as a result of the breach. developers include them in sale contracts to stop people parking caravans, commercial (sign written vans) vehicles and sometimes hanging washing on certain days. This is to protect them while they continue to build and sell. Such breaches may, for instance prevent another potential purchaser from buying. In this case they could enforce. However, once the development is finished they it would be extremely unlikely that they could enforce as they would not be able to suffer any loss or damage as a result. Importantly no neighbour can enforce against the breach at anytime. A letter from a developer or management company is usually enough to "frighten" people into complying. Hope this helps
  8. Thanks Lloyd. Was it you who had the liver & white spaniel at the working test on Sunday? I had the little black & white spaniel that came 4th
  9. Anyone know of a trainer in the Gloucestershire/Worcestershire are that has a rabbit pen? Thanks
  10. One of my spaniels ate a pack of 3 mars bars including the wrappers. I called the vet and said as its milk chocolate it won't harm her and it didn't. I often give my spaniels half a mars bar (not usually the wrapper though!) at lunchtime when we are shooting. The sugar perks them up for the afternoon
  11. You should always have one more than you need.... just in case
  12. I think the important thing is to be able to identify between toys and real guns. I too grew up playing cowboys and indians with cap guns but as soon as I had my air rifle or my fathers shotgun in my hands I knew not to point ithem at anyone.
  13. I think Wild Justice always knew they would eventually lose this one but their ultimate goal is to stop shooting so I expect that they will try and stop the General Licences being used by gamekeepers. Their argument will probably be that it is unlawful to use the General licences to protect non native birds by killing native birds that are protected under the current wildlife act. While we maynot like Packham and co. he is not the fool that alot of people think he is and he has it in for shooting so we need to be aware. Hopefully BASC/CA etc. will now step up to the plate and use our membership fees to sort this out quickly. I remember before the hunting ban in 2005 alot of people saying "they will never ban hunting" and when it was they said "the act will be repealed" and it hasn't and isn't likely to be, certainly not in the near future. I think the longer it goes unrepealed the less likely it is to evr be repealed. Hopefully I am wrong
  14. Chessgrove and they have automatic/solo traps
  15. Theses are excellent made machines and also useful for trading steadiness of Gundogs by attaching a dummy
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