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  1. Harkila or Musto, both expensive but they work My favourite are Harkila Retriever coat and trousers which have performed faultlessly in really wet weather day after day
  2. Does anyone know of any companies who could remove the carpet in my L200 and replace it with rubber flooring? I don't want to buy the rubber myself and cut and fit myself I am looking for a specialist company to do it for me. I can't work out why it isn't an option when you buy. If I am not shooting I am driving around muddy building site etc and even though I have heavy duty rubber mats I am getting fed up of cleaning my carpets! Thanks
  3. I have an unlocked iPhone 8 but I think the battery has had it as it discharges after a couple of hours. Everything else is fine and it is in good condition
  4. Packham isn't a BBC employee, he is freelance so this may not apply to him?
  5. Now BASC are not offering insurance with their membership what are the alternatives? I intend to keep my BASC membership but I am looking for insurance while shooting. This could be via another "club" membership or a specialised shooting insurance.
  6. Sold to Sidesy as he was the first to say he would take it
  7. I have an old (circa 6 or 7 years) Pro Hunter jacket for sale. Although it is old it is in great condition as I haven't worn it much because I always found it too warm. That said I am only selling as I have bought anew one! There are no rips, holes, stains etc and it comes complete with detachable hood. Its Harkila size 52 £55 posted
  8. There is no point contacting BASC. BASC are a facilitator and not party to the sale contract. The dealer I purchased from (they are 85 miles away) have been ok. It is just the distance for me. Because of the distance I took it to my local Mitsubishi dealer and it is them who were hopeless. It has been at the purchasing dealer for a week and is due back tomorrow. They and Mistiubishi are aware that this is their final chance to fix. My solicitor has confirmed that getting my money back will not be an issue. Mitsubishi are aware that I may reject the car if it isn’t fixed. However
  9. Mine is an auto and has "stop start" but you can switch it off
  10. Well the local dealer (not the one I bought it from) rang this afternoon to say the battery needed replacing! They can't get a Mitsubishi battery until 2nd October but as a favour they offered to send someone to the port where new Mistubishi's are stored on arrival into the UK and get one. They refused to take one out of their showroom cars. Hopefully they will do that Tuesday, they then need to complete a Mitsubishi warranty claim form and get it approved. Next they they need to test the alternator etc. and if that needs replacing order the parts and complete another warranty form.
  11. Thanks all My preference is to get the car repaired as I like it. I have also had 2.5K of dog box and draws fitted and with the supplying dealership being 60 miles away its not easy. The repair dealership are the ones who are being unhelpful. I haven't used finance for this purchase so the "weight" of a finance supplier isn't going to help. I suspect it will get sorted but not quickly and will probably have to go back to the supplying dealer.
  12. Five weeks ago I took delivery of a new series 6 Barbarian X I bought it via the BASC offer and it was supplied by a Mitsubishi dealer about 60 miles from where I live. I would have preferred to get it from a local dealer but the BASC saving represents an £8,500 saving and no local dealer could get near it. After 1,100 miles the adblue warning light came on. I put 20 litres in and all has been good since. I put it down to just being missed. At 2,000 miles the vehicle wouldn't start. All the warning lights were on as was the engine management light. There was no power. Mitsubishi
  13. I have just bought a car with no satnav as it has Apple CarPlay which I was a bit sceptical of. However, I have found it amazing. I have tried google maps but prefer to use my TomTom Go app (there is a monthly fee for this) as it gives more information, in particular speed camera warnings (fixed, red light and mobile) which Google maps doesn't. Google maps does offer voice control through Siri so I do use it if I need directions while I am driving.
  14. Looks like it might be correct; https://www.motortradenews.com/news/mitsubishi-to-pull-out-of-the-uk-market/
  15. The Turner Richards website says ".22 short blanks are not suitable to power a dummy launcher" I guess that the distance will be reduced along with the noise?
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