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  1. I have just listened to the latest Fieldsports Podcast and a chap from Guns on Pegs has said that he has spoken to 132 shoots since 24.03.20 to ask them on their plans for the next season. 27 said that they definitely plan to hold shoots 31 said that they definitely will not be holding shoots 74 said that the had not made up their minds I guess that the game farms are taking orders now (some will require deposits and some won't) so its "crunch time" very soon? At this moment in time it looks like very limited commercial shooting opportunities for the coming season
  2. Anyone got copies of Gamekeeper and countryside magazines and/or Dog & Country magazines they want to sell? Thanks
  3. Can anyone recommend a good book for the first time sausage maker? I would like a book that explains how to make them along with some recipes. I have watched a couple of videos on YouTube and I have a mincer and would look at investing in a sausage stuffer. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks, that’s very kind I should have mentioned that I now live in the midlands
  5. I have never shot pigeons but would like a go. I shoot clays (very average) and on rare occasions driven game (again very average). Is there anywhere that does pigeon shooting "experience days"? (Obviously not in the next few weeks)
  6. Try some of the trialing people they often keep two from a litter and then pass on the “lesser” of the two I picked up two of my ess’s and they are both outstanding dogs Its probably all about timing and speaking to the right person at the right time
  7. Jim Neal, yes PetPlan do cover working dogs but Kennel Club insurance doesn't
  8. I got a great offer from Tyson Cooper on the basis of being a member of BASC. They reduced the cost (I first asked them for a quote without mentioning BASC) by 20% on the base car price so not including delivery, car tax, service plan, VAT or any extras. However when I told another garage that I wasn’t now interested in their demonstrator because I had decided to buy new they asked if they could quote. Interestingly they asked me several questions: Are you a cash for car drivers (those who receive a car allowance instead of a company car) ? Business owners / legal directors of a limited company / partner in a limited liability partnership (llp) >? Professional partner and sole traders ? Vehicles acquired for business purpose ( driving to and from work does not count ) ? Vat registered business.? registered to the BASC or NFU. ? I told them I got a car allowance and i used it for business (not just driving to and from work) and that I was a member of BASC They came back with a quotation that was only £300 more than Tyson Cooper. They said that they gave the discount based on my car allowance rather than my BASC membership Their quotation was cheaper about £1,000 than the December 2019 (5,000 miles on the clock) demonstrator I was considering and I would have had to go and collect the demonstrator whereas the new one they would deliver to my door!
  9. PetPlan have always been great with us. We have had one 6K claim and several at circa 1K and none have ever been a problem The 6K one was in February and our policy expired end of February and they even rang to say that any treatment from 1st March was a new claim so we could claim the full annual allowance again if we needed
  10. Has anyone purchased a new vehicle using the BASC discount offer? How does it work? Is it available on all models and private and business users? I am looking at buying a new L200 Barbarian X and wondered if I could take advantage of the offer. Thanks
  11. Unfortunately BASC have shown themselves to be completely arrogant. Although they claim to represent the shooting fraternity they don't ask for our opinion or consult with us.
  12. that's a very interesting if not worrying announcement on the Gamebore website it's astonishing and/or arrogant that BASC and the others have made such a "sport changing" decision without any consultation with members or the UK cartridge manufacturers. God help the future of British driven shooting!
  13. I have recently returned my 2nd faulty Schoffel Ptarmigan pro (about £479) coat as they have both leaked. The second one which was a warranty replacement was only 3 months old. Schoffel have agreed that it was faulty and reluctantly refunded me. I have returned my 2nd faulty pair of Schoffel Ptarmigan over trousers (about £200). The second pair were again only 3 months old and little worn. However, Schoffel refused the replace these as they say they were badly punctured. They must be constructed from tissue paper! They wouldn't replace the first pair either for the same reason although these were older and much used. As, I won't be buying Schoffel rain wear clothing again what do you recommend? Both coat and over trousers need to be light weight, durable, waterproof, windproof and breathable. I would prefer over trousers rather than waterproof trousers. I don't mind paying a bit more as long as they do the job and last
  14. Based on all the figures someone at work was allowed to order a tesla. Nobody checked the insurance but when work came to insure it it cost 3 times a s much as his currenty series 3 BMW. The insurance company claimed that all electric cars were more expensive to insure and Tesla's were the most expensive of all the electric cars
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