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  1. Anyone got experience/advice regarding artificial turf? We are about to get our back garden remodelled and are thinking of artificial turf for low maintenance and because we have three dogs. Its not a huge area, probably 20m x 10m Is any type suitable for dogs or would we need to get a pet specific type? Thanks
  2. Went out to my car this morning and saw hundreds of these grubs on the drive. Anyone got any idea what they might be? Wondering if they are leatherjacket grubs as our lawn is in a pretty bad state
  3. Is this worth doing? I have a 20 plate L200 and have got 2 quotes; Dinitrol - £946.80 inc VAT Waxoyl- £550.00 inc VAT Quite a difference in price, which is the best?
  4. I remembered I have a glue gun in garage I forgot one of my spaniels was in the kitchen and when I came back she had taken the pheasant upstairs and destroyed it leaving a mess all over the house! Now need to try and find somewhere that has pheasant skins in stock
  5. It is for dog training. I might try zip ties and see how I get on
  6. I want to attach a pheasant skin to a canvas dummy. Superglue doesn't work. Thanks
  7. That makes sense. No road or path alterations as such but we are on a new development. We are in phase 1 and they are currently building phase 4. Spine road hasn't been adopted yet so could be to do with that. I guess these are for the "new" single person operated levels? In my day they need two people - one operating the level and one the staff!
  8. Its not my money, its the current mrs ilovemyheckler's Funny thing is I am not sure she even knows what 4 wheel drive is! We will be buying it using the BASC scheme so a decent discount is available
  9. I have read alot about dog theft recently and in particular belittle signs that are left outside properties. Is this just "urban myth" or is ir real? The only things I have found are " a friend of a friend said....", or its mentioned on social media so sounds like urban myth. However, a few weeks ago the little sign (about 2cm x 2cm) as attached photograph appeared on a lampost outside our house. It is made of plastic and is very reflective. There is also one on a fence post next to a path that leads to a field where I exercise my dogs. I have removed them and wire
  10. The current mrs ilovemyheckler wants to buy a new car and has narrowed it down to a Ford Kuga ST line x or Jaguar F Pace I don't know anything about either really so I thought I would ask. She is adamant that she wants a 4 wheel drive even though neither will go off road. She won't consider electric or hybrid either and she only does about 8,000 miles a year. My opinion is a complete waste of money and unsuitable choices but I am not going to say that even though I wear thr trousers in her house!
  11. Thanks I don't suppose my insurance will reduce after 5 years anyway. It just goes up when you get them!
  12. I have an SP30 which expires in August this year but the removal date says August next year The offence date was August 2018 When can I tell my insurance company that I have no points? Thanks
  13. My neighbours car wouldn't start this morning and as it has been unused on her drive for around 4 months I suspect that it might be the battery. I said I would happlily jump start it for her but I am not sure how to do it. Do I connect the red lead to the positive on my battery and the positive on her battery Connect the black lead to the negative on my battery and the negative on her battery Start my car Rev my car a little Get her to start her car
  14. Lloyd, yes it is Both books now sold thanks
  15. River Cottage Handbook No,15: Game (Hardback) immaculate and unread - £10 posted Professional Gundog Training: The trade secrets (Hardback) Immaculate - £10 posted
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