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  1. Dave at kelton

    Caerlaverock wildfowling.

    Our defence starts on Itv border news at 6.00 tonight. My role is limited to my community and the economic consequences. Tom Brown speaks on behalf of wildfowlers. Let’s see where it takes us!
  2. Dave at kelton

    More problems for wildfowlers in Scotland

    Our defence of wildfowling at Caerlaverock starts at 6.00 tonight on itv border news!,
  3. Dave at kelton

    More problems for wildfowlers in Scotland

    We continue to argue our case and will keep you all posted.
  4. Dave at kelton

    whats it do

    Could also dim your mirror
  5. Dave at kelton

    Iconic fowling guns.

  6. Dave at kelton

    Anyone for a bit of mackereling ?

    So it stays in the conger. The clue is the use of several hand lines by my grandfather. There was no such thing as using a rod or line. This was about catching and killing. We had a photo of him just after the First World War in Isle of Man. He was pictured with a couple of I am sure 50ilb plus eels but damned if I know what happened to the photo.
  7. Dave at kelton

    Anyone for a bit of mackereling ?

    I used these regularly forty years ago for conger eel fishing with a big half herring. The swivel took the spinning of the eel when hooked. My grandfather used to have four or five hand lines out at a time attached to brass bells to indicate a bite. Happy memories
  8. Dave at kelton

    More problems for wildfowlers in Scotland

    In answer to some of your comments permits at Caerlaverock have always been free of charge. The declining budgets are used as the reason for the lack of wardening. The answer is to cut the shooting to the number of days they can afford to put wardens out. Beggars belief and indicates a thorough misunderstanding of how wildfowling works. Worse still it has no regard for the economic benefits brought to the area by visiting Fowler’s. This will massively impact the community I represent and the decision must be reversed and proper consultation undertaken with all stakeholders including my Communiy Association which represents individuals and businesses alike. The offers to assist by local wildfowlers and clubs has simply been disregarded!
  9. Moderators hope this is permitted. This is the latest challenge to those of us wildfowl in Scotland. Since this hit our doormats we have been working With BASC to challenge this decision. All who can support our case to overturn these proposals should write to SNH or Natural Scotland as they now call themselves to voice their opposition. The more noise that is created the greater our chance of success. I will email the full details to anyone who pms their email address. BASC press announcement is: BASC statement on wildfowling at Caerlaverock On the 6 August 201, BASC was informed by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) that they have decided to make significant changes to the way the wildfowling permit system on this famous reserve on the Solway estuary is to be administered. This notification comes just three weeks before the start of the wildfowling season on the 1 September. The email we received, which has subsequently been sent to all who have had wildfowling permits in previous seasons, refers to the challenge faced by SNH given the decline in their budget and how best to run a financially sustainable scheme at Caerlaverock. While we were aware of the SNH concerns, and have participated in meetings with them and others earlier this year, we had also offered to help in recent weeks by explaining how BASC, throughout the UK, assists with wildfowling management at other sites. This offer had not been accepted. The SNH proposals are (“subject to the resources being found and the risks adequately addressed”): The permit scheme will not start until mid-October – six weeks after the start of the season There will be no wildfowling for two weeks at Christmas – traditionally a favoured time for local and visiting wildfowlers No shooting to take place on Fridays and Saturdays – normally the only time local wildfowlers can enjoy their sport Changes in boundary that restricts shooting area A reduction in the number of permits issued, from 188 last season to a maximum of 90 A bag limit of four birds No shooting of any ducks – “this is because the numbers of ducks was (sic) extremely low last year” No punt-gunning permits Dr Colin Shedden, BASC director Scotland said: “These restrictions not only decrease levels of participation in wildfowling, for locals and visitors alike, but reduce the area available to wildfowlers and the quarry that could legally be shot. “There are no documented or justifiable reasons of safety or shooting behaviour to support these proposals and instead of producing long-term data on overwintering duck populations, as one would expect from a statutory conservation body, reference is just made to a subjective comment on low duck numbers. “In addition to the impact on wildfowlers themselves, SNH must consider the knock-on financial effect to the many hotels and holiday cottages that visiting wildfowlers use, as well as many other local businesses. “While we were unable to discuss these suggested proposals with SNH area staff on the 7 August we have spoken with senior SNH staff. It was agreed that it would clearly be in everyone’s interest to meet as soon as possible and seek to resolve both the concerns of SNH, that appear to be resource-focussed, and those of local and visiting wildfowling interests. BASC Scotland hope to attend such a meeting with SNH, Caerlaverock and District Wildfowlers and Scottish Solway Wildfowlers Association.”
  10. Dave at kelton

    Iconic fowling guns.

    Me too, what loading data with bismuth as I am running short on ATM
  11. Dave at kelton

    Shooting game with open chokes

    I regularly shoot with percussion guns and hammer guns with no choke and with good quality loads/cartridges kill at sensible ranges no problem. My daughter shoots a silver pigeon with cylinder in both and also kills no problem. I would not be put off if you like the gun and it fits. Pattern test it with different cartridges and see what gives best result. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  12. Dave at kelton

    Wigtown, Dumfries & Galloway....

    Get in touch with David Campbell to see if he has any vacancies. Individualidual tickets available from Scottish Solway Wildfowlers.
  13. Dave at kelton

    Retrieve question

    First thing is he is a puppy so let him have his time and wait till he is a lot older before worrying too much about things. As he is bringing the ball back just take it off him and give him loads of praise. That is enough reward and will not put him off bringing things back. I have been at it nearly forty years and it has never caused a problem. I never give food as a reward for a retrieve as it can lead to dogs spitting the dummy out later in anticipation. Some say it works for them but not for me. The important thing is to carry on doing the little things you are and relax serious, stuff does not start with my dogs until at lest eight months or more. I am currently training a lab and he has been so slow developing we are only starting advanced work at 17 months. Just go at the dogs pace and not your own or someone else’s pups. good luck and enjoy your pup.
  14. Dave at kelton

    Caribbean Cruise

    All agreed but would add late dinner sitting let’s you take time after a day out and there is always a late show so no need to rush. Most lines also have anytime dining and of course the buffet but for us it is a proper restaurant dinner every time.
  15. Dave at kelton

    Which dog

    Agreed, steer clear of mongrels and get whatever breed you choose from a good recognised breeder who can discuss his dogs traits before you buy. I travel a long way to get calm biddable labs because many are just too fast.