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  1. Of corse not. Pal of mine had a litter up here in Scotland, Ayrshire. Is that too far?
  2. Yes looks like ITM to me. It’s what I use in my 8 bore with fibre shot cups and blue dot powder. A very good killing load.
  3. Tungsten matrix can be crushed like lead so guessing that is what it might be. Looks like these have been loaded with a fibre cup and plastic gas seal. It seems whoever loaded these knew what they were doing.
  4. That reminds me. My young brother when asked what he wanted for Christmas in the early eighties told my father a “Raleigh Chopper”. On Christmas morning he unwrapped this. Think my father misheard him.
  5. I am puzzled that for a premium home loaded product they haven’t targeted the English gun market with a 65mm load. Not that I can see anyway.
  6. Have his books here in the study. A sad loss.
  7. Nice flies. You could try adding natural guinea fowl as a very light hackle. Used to work a treat on Farmoor before I moved north of the border. Trick with buzzers as you know is to fish slow and generally let the current or wind bring them around. Tight lines when you get out!
  8. Yep borders will be closed to the Easter Bunnies!
  9. Get in touch with Kirsty Cousins at Gordon’s Gundogs. She is top dollar, qualifies for the championship every year and based in Scotland.
  10. Thawing here today. Ground is frozen but water lying on top, perfect leg breaking conditions. Haven’t seen our pinks today. First day this past week they haven’t been next to the house. See what flight I get tomorrow.
  11. Well done. We were forecast gales all day Yesterday but nothing. Still had three pinks out on the shore despite it being relatively calm. Was bloody cold though. Fortunately I have a good coat and gloves brought over from USA 25 years ago. Add Hot Hands heat pads inside the gloves and neoprene chest waders and it’s only the face that catches the icy blast. I pray for weather like that but have had precious little strong wind when I could get out this season.
  12. Yep can use scuba shops. I used to dive so had tanks anyway but don’t forget they have to be tested every few years and you need to factor that cost in too!
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