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  1. If you have to split I would take Dark Estuary
  2. Don’t have any of these problems if you have BT call minder installed.
  3. Personally I would look far a lanber in the light of the chewed screw heads which show the sideplates have been off probably more than once. Lanber is a good starter gun plenty about for spares and a great reputation.
  4. you are braver than me. We had six weeks in NZ three years back and loved it. I hope to get back one day and to fish the rivers around lake Taupo again.
  5. Where are you based please
  6. Some bloody good football and commitment. None of the rolling around of the men’s game either. Love it.
  7. Any changes will affect value in the eyes of the purist but if done by Purdey it will be fine in general terms. A Purdey is a Purdey when all is said and done.Even top names are struggling to sell at present and prices have not been maintained. I would keep an eye out for a period case.
  8. Had both success and failure on GT as I have putting guns through dealers. As ever it depends what you have and how much you want for it.
  9. I suggest one of the gundog training vests. I use one for picking up for the same reason and it will carry as much as you are likely to need on a walked up day. Look at the Firedog vest from muntjac trading.
  10. Had a pals son shoot with us recently. He was shooting a Kofs 28 bore with 14 gm load and was very competent. That is as good as it gets with a youngster age 11 in my view.
  11. As a Lancastrian in Scotland I do not recognise Yorkshire😂
  12. Best way to survive it is ask your partner to pull the chord. Jumping out of a plane didn’t kill anyone, it’s hitting the ground too fast that’s the problem. Also suggest bread and jam for brekky. Only thing I know tastes the same coming up as it did going down. and with that advice good luck.
  13. Agreed assuming English law. Scotland is another matter and a lot less mucking about
  14. Dave at kelton


    Line up a solicitor and a housekeeper in that order😂
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