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  1. I have worked labs now for thirty years and whilst I never breed from them always want a pup from tested parents with low hip scores. As has been said though it does not guarantee perfection it reduces the odds of a problem later. I had one dog I did think of breeding from had the X-ray done but the vet said not to think about submitting as the scores were off the scale. That dog worked till twelve and died at fourteen with no problem whatsoever. He was kept light and fit. there are so many good breeders out there the advice to bide your time is sound.
  2. Dave at kelton

    Suzuki jimny

    We have a jimmy auto and it is heavier on fuel then my l200, beware!
  3. I have a Hyundai i30 for running about and paid for by the company and get 48-50 from it
  4. Steady run today 20 miles to pick up 38mpg
  5. I have an l200 auto for shooting and picking up. I can get 33-35 if I take it steady at 45-50 mph. As an average I get around 30 mpg but don’t do much crawling around town when it will fall 23-25.
  6. To shoot a moon you need light cloud over it so ducks and geese are silhouetted against the cloud.
  7. Interesting comment by Muncher on SBE 2 &3. I was in Canada goose shooting in November and used the hire guns SBE2 cammo. They commented that the 2 was the more reliable and they had experienced barrel issues with the 3. Given the hammer their guns get that is probably a pretty good field test. And yes my black model can be prone to rust on the barrels but I just keep it well cleaned and am ready for it.
  8. I use the benelli super black eagle 2 on the shore and it is fine with 2.75- 3.5” cartridges bit I am not happy with it with light loads. I bought it for wildfowling only. A few boys up here use the Winchester sx3 and really rate it
  9. This is my local ground. If you want lessons call Ian Furness direct on 07510419915. He is a really nice guy and you will get on with him.
  10. Definitely a market for ITM as getting rarer and great in the big bores. I have a fair store in BB and 1’s. I also have one hundred 3” 42gm no 3 I might move on. I bought them for the shot but can use steel in my guns in that size.
  11. I have just bought a job lot of components so before you buy anything let me know as I was going to advertise for sale. I have 12 bore plastic wads and may have some unprimed cases. Other bits like primers you would have to collect from me as they are too expensive to post. PM if interested and will let you have details.
  12. I have two vintage 12 bore cartridge holders for 14 shells each. They could do with a polish but would be good to keep shells clean and dry in a game bag or the like. Anyone interested at £10.00 each plus postage before I go to the bay
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