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  1. Yep keep changing almost impossible to keep up
  2. Yes all going ahead to date key issues are social distancing and accommodation.
  3. Nice gun and looks English to me. Very similar to a 16 bore I have by Holding of Liverpool. You might be surprised how many gunshops have caps. Usually no 10 or 11 to fit. I get the magnum caps. Get the nipples off and give them a good scrub out, and get some meths down the barrel to clear out any old oil. If it all flows freely it should go bang when you use it. not sure if you have had a bore light down it and hopefully a gunsmith will give it a clean bill of health. Let us know how you get on. Nothing quite like knocking birds down with these old guns.
  4. Lovely gun have you registered it on the John Blanch database?
  5. Thank you this is now starting to appear on the Scottish tourist sites. It places our clubs and permit issuing bodies in a difficult position. If it comes to our attention that parties are sharing accommodation it should be reported. The hotel I am liaising with seem pretty clear that shooting parties cannot meet over meals or at the bar either. Afraid so, one household only see other posts. Only way around it is book hotels as individuals and don’t meet up over meals or at the bar, and don’t share cars.
  6. Go out and use common sense abiding by whatever restrictions are in place.
  7. Not clear as there is still a two households limit in cafes restaurants and generally indoors etc. Nobody has yet said if it applies to self catering accommodation but I am enquiring due to the issues of visiting wildfowlers. yes Connor but how does the two household limit apply to staying in accommodation, except someone’s house which is banned?
  8. I have been picking up three times a week on a major estate throughout this month. All are trying to ensure that we comply and being super vigilant and cautious about anything, particularly social media. Perhaps no coincidence we had a police van watching us one morning. Take care folks it wouldn’t take much to wreck our season.
  9. Agreed let’s not mention Glasgow😁. At present Dumfries and Galloway, I.e. The Solway has stayed pretty safe and we would prefer it stayed that way. I can still see her introducing travel restrictions, particularly through the school holiday season in October.
  10. Have you looked on Holts unsold lots? I have one which I had bored out to half choke in each and a slight left hand cast and they are a great fowling gun.
  11. Hope you are happy to face a fine or worse as it’s your shotgun certificate that is on the line if you break the rules. I hope your alternative includes a stay in a hotel. Breaking the rules up here is not welcomed by any community I know and it is highly likely that you will be reported as will whoever you stay with if not permitted. We may or may not like Nicola up here but her rules have so far kept Scotland in a far better place than England.
  12. Forget all the technical stuff and find a good shooting instructor and pay for a few lessons even before you buy a gun.
  13. Yep small biscuits up here and in my view best served with salted butter and thinly sliced smoked goose breast.
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