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  1. 3” is perfectly adequate for all you are doing. 3.5” is really one for the foreshore and maximum loads at long range.
  2. It is worth trying different foods until you find one that suits the dog. As Lloyd says it can be just one ingredient or the way the food is put together. I had the same problem with my last pup. Eukanuba used by the breeder had him scratching but a move to Harringtons puppy and problem solved. Good luck
  3. Depends on the ground. For hill, bog and Heather I use Mountain Warehouse. For bramble and thorn it has to be canvas of some description so I guess Barbour.
  4. Well done great to see youngsters out enjoying our sport!
  5. A lot of double guns on the big estates. I would say where I pick up they are in the majority.
  6. Well done. I was a little late off the mark this season. Just couldn’t get my head around it with such warm weather and pink feet arriving late. Managed a Canada on the 1 October and two pinks on the 8th. Big goose numbers then but all but disappeared this week. A number are saying worst start to the season in memory on this bit of the Solway. Out tomorrow but not optimistic.
  7. Would love those but too far to travel….good luck I am sure they will be snapped up!
  8. If you can find Mammoth in BB good luck because I discussed this with Just cartridges a month ago and haven’t been able to order since last November. Spoke to Gamebore on Sunday and they said they wouldn’t be doing a production run this season due to lack of materials. So I shall be loading my own as I do 10 and 8 bores.
  9. Each force seems to operate different rules so it’s down to what Police Scotland say not what people experience south of the border. I renewed last year and had to provide a doctors note. I found Police Scotland very helpful when I had a couple of queries so recommend you just call and check.
  10. I use Kicks in both my 10 and 12 bore and can’t fault them. I use full later in the season when the geese are a little higher and many other Fowler’s up here also use extra full. Both are used with Steel in BB or larger. Bearing in mind how much tighter steel patterns I have never found the need to go bigger than full. I suggest that you start with full and pattern it at what you regard as your max range (for me 60 yds) before spending your hard earned cash on an extra full.
  11. Yes saw this and glad it has gone to an appreciative home. Contact AYA as they are generally very helpful. Westlands is a great ground and with the new facilities takes some beating. So glad it’s on my door step.
  12. My labs work steep sided fells three days a week and then a little wildfowling in between. Once hill fit after a few weeks they will go all day unless it is too warm. Never needed extra energy feed but they do need plenty to drink and to cool down in the burns. Think about whether the dog is getting enough water through the day.
  13. We have had an Aarrow for three years and very happy with it. Had to repaint a small corner last year but otherwise no problems. Recommend one or two recirculating fans subject to size. Ours burns both coal eggs or wood. Chimney swept every year.
  14. If they really need a wash this but run the washing machine empty without detergent for a cycle to flush it through. If not just soak in water then hose down before drying.in some cases a run through the drier can help.
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