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  1. So now I have the numbers courtesy of The Telegraph it paints a very different story. On their stats the SNP and Greens, independence parties, got 1,326,204 votes. The remaining parties got 1,370,010 votes, if my calculator is correct. In short a majority of the the Scottish people, albeit a small one, did not support independence in this election. What more is there to say?? Shows how close a run thing it is and how the largest number of seats in the Scottish Parliament means damn all!
  2. Friend do mine is exRAF MP dog handler now retired so into Gundogs. Don’t think there isn’t anything she hasn’t done with dogs bar trialling. If you need advice from her let me know and I will get details to you.
  3. All very interesting as an Englishman moved to Scotland at my own volition and paying extra tax for the privilege. One point has not been mentioned as the stats are not yet available and does not follow the winning of seats by any particular party. How many people voted? Of these how many people voted SNP or Green?That surely is the only barometer of what an Indy vote or support looks like.
  4. And they have learned perhaps
  5. Me too! I don’t fire enough cartridges to worry about the extra cost relative to the cost of a day. All I want is something I can use in the guns, particularly as I am just waiting to collect a Dickson ra to add to the collection.
  6. How can the average labour voter identify with Starmer, a QC? Add to that he has done nothing constructive since being appointed leader merely criticise everything that has been done by the Conservatives.
  7. Local greengrocers here in Scotland
  8. I have a Caesar Guerini with 28 and 20 bore barrels. Before that I had a 28g Macnab highlander. The 28 can do anything a 12 can with light loads at reasonable ranges. We have an annual small bore game day and the 28 features heavily. We have no trouble taking our bag with max 21 gm loads. You won’t be disappointed in this calibre.
  9. Soles too soft. The Brandecosse are a traditional hard welted sole so don’t flex on rough ground. I do mostly hill work so need a very sturdy boot.
  10. No manufacturing problems with mine but made my feet ache like hell so sold them on and bought Brandecosse Diemes
  11. Pm inbound for the caimore
  12. A lot of the larger better quality shooting grounds have shops. If you look around you should find one that will carry a good range of guns that you can try at a lesson, including the makes you have mentioned. I would concentrate on one of those rather than a shop. Not sure which side of London you are but there are a few gorounds around that should help. Start off my finding a shooting buddy. Good luck!
  13. Nice 5lb brown trout on a dry today, returned to fight another day!
  14. Just ask politely and I am sure someone would help you.
  15. Good, had a chat with Iain whilst I was there and great instructor. Took my grandson out last summer.
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