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  1. You have not said how pronounced the limp is or if the dog is in obvious discomfort. If it in discomfort as opposed to a bit of a limp it is a very different matter. My older dogs go onto glucosamine 300 mil from Holland and Barrett when they start to struggle and it does make a difference. Not sure if it would work in your case.
  2. Yes used to do it with the air rifle but don’t have the stomach for it any longer and don’t live in an area where Rooks are mentioned as a problem or would be out on the fields after them.
  3. Too far but will be at the Scottish Game Fair at Scone. Smaller but a very much better atmosphere in my view.
  4. Love your pictures and this is fab
  5. Never see divers with one and I was one of them!
  6. It was chickens that have me the pox.
  7. That’s a work of art in itself ….well done
  8. Swapped my front camera from pickup on sale to van. The first was wired through the lighter output but I had the van hard wired by Halfords. Now I know what some of you think of them but they did a great job for fifty quid and that included the price of the kit.
  9. For me it depends on the charity. I support cancer charities, particularly MacMillan, and RNLI. Was talking to MacMillan at the show and they have lost £100 plus million due to covid. The wife has missed holding her last few coffee mornings where she usually gets over three hundred pounds plus so I can see where the figure comes from. You can only support so many and for me it stays at home sorry and all that.
  10. Surely it depends on the proof and the cartridge. If you are using a cartridge that is clearly marked as suitable for standard proof guns and your chokes are at, or less than, the maximum recommended there is no excuse for insurers to avoid paying out. So, if I am using Eley eco steel in a standard proof gun, as I do, I expect to be covered and happy to see them in court if they decline.
  11. Was the same with my oldest lab in January, just lying out in the cold run barking to himself so let him go as there were other things to that pointed to the fact he was not enjoying life.
  12. Very nice in all respects! Well done.
  13. To say that there is supposedly no demand for English guns these sell like hot cakes. Round Actions are though few in number and demand seems to be incessant. He certainly shifts some guns. He told me he had several enquiries after I had bought mine and also sold two others on my behalf without difficulty. .
  14. Yep saw that! Non ejector if I recall
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