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  1. I use Seeland trousers for picking up on the hill and they have withstood the worst weather Scotland can throw at them. Try Lakeland Toys and Hobbies for good prices
  2. Petrol type are excellent, charcoal generally poor but what about chemical type disposable. I use Hot Hands bought in bulk and they last all day. They are small and comfortable to wear in gloves, just slip them in the back. They have my vote having used all types of hand warmers and reasonably economical.
  3. I cannot comment on a small business but have found HSBC to be excellent for personal banking. Great local branch in Dumfries and can pay in at PO. Good luck!
  4. I am interested in this too as I currently use mammoth steel that are devastating.
  5. Always consider their safety. They are an invaluable part of the team and deserve nothing less.
  6. About the same at my shooting ground Westlands
  7. I regularly change between SxS double trigger, ou single trigger, and semi auto. The trick is practice with them all and all but one stocks are fitted left hand for me. Game shooting this year will be with a Caesar guerini 20 bore.
  8. Definitely try reducing protein. Skinners maintenance is very good at 18%
  9. Big numbers of pinks and barnacle now arriving on the Solway. Not had a shot yet but fingers crossed for next week.
  10. Difficult one because it may just be she is still immature and enthusiasm is what you want. I do not work mine until two years old. I assume you are now using adult food in which case protein is 22%. You could try a lower protein hypoallergenic food. It may just be her character as some of the labs being bred are like fire crackers and fast but difficult to control. Personally I would not take her out until the end of the season and see if she calms. Even then I would have her with me at the back of the gun line on her own and just get her used to being out. As she is already very excitable I would be concerned that a shoot day would tip her over the edge. I am an advocate of slow and steady so I do not ruin a dog that I want ten years out of from the start. Good luck
  11. I invested in one in the spring. The Maxum with 20 and 28 bore 32” barrels. Only had one outing on partridges two weeks ago but a few thousand clays and it does handle well. I chopped in my two macnabs for a left handed gun that is not too light. I have a frozen shoulder and wanted to shoot one medium weight gun rather than keep chopping and changing. So far I am delighted and the woodwork, like nearly all of them, is to die for.
  12. Impossible question to answer as we all look for different things and at say 8 weeks they can change in character in days. I just sit down and watch, rattle a box of matches or similar to see if any are more attentive. I find that one eventually stands out but damned if I can explain why. Once went to look at a litter and did not like any of them but did see one in a slightly older litter. He never wants to leave my side. If the pups are well bred in my experience it is then largely a lottery. Good luck.
  13. I always had springers and yes okay for wildfowling but not ideal. They don’t take the cold and wet as well as a lab. Mine will lie out for hours in any conditions with no ill effects. The springers suffered and shivered like hell on a long session. I have stuck with yellow labs for thirty years now. But you need to decide what really suits you.
  14. Agreed get a variety of cartridges and patten test at 25 or 30m. All you need is a large pallet and lining paper or large cardboard boxes.
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