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  1. Much as debated above it seems the demand for pups is finally dwindling, and at some speed. I am seeing so many good litters up here in SW Scotland not fully taken up; all working breeds . These are cracking dogs with good working and, or, trialling pedigrees. Some are still asking COVID prices but by no means all. I genuinely hope this both reduces the amount of dog theft and prices to more affordable levels. I guess we can only wait and see. On an associated point my daughter quit her job to set up a dog walking business in December, much to my horror. Seven months in she is fully booked and won’t take any more. To be fair she won’t walk masses of dogs at once. As she put it, now everyone is being dragged back to work a lot of people need help with their dogs and are prepared to pay for the privilege.
  2. I have shot all gauges on game and clays and they all kill with a suitable cartridge. I particularly love the 28 bore and have just bought a Yildiz with both youth and standard stock for my grandson to use when he is with me.
  3. Sorry to hear but you did the right thing.
  4. Yes had two days on the river and two on the estuary. Plenty of fish in the river but left empty handed. Missed two fish on pool 2. Tight lines Dave
  5. Advice please. Just refinishing a set of pine oars. The varnish was badly flaked so stripped and sanded. Should I refinish with yacht varnish or will Danish Oil do the job.They aren’t going to get a lot of use. Thanks
  6. My question too!
  7. Just checked mine and good job my address was out of date. Changed my password though.
  8. Anyone got a 28g RTO head or hand roller they will part with. I don’t want to be paying new prices if I can help it. Thanks
  9. Agree, if Graham cannot or will not sell a Scottish gun it is not worth selling. Recently bought my Dickson off him and he sold a Holland and a Purdey last year for me plus a number of repairs and servicing. Absolute Gentleman.
  10. Many of us empathise with that. I bought a few guns as a pension but couldn’t shift them now at the prices I paid. Saying that if I don’t need the money then it won’t be my problem. Kids can worry about it when I turn my toes up and they won’t know what I paid😂😂
  11. Numerous factors not just steel although the uncertainty or lack of knowledge aren’t helping. SBS are not massively popular in the main and non ejectors are give aways, just look at Holts sales. Quality of gun plays a massive factor and name on it. Without being rude you aren’t selling vintage top London guns. That being said I see Rules are selling one AYACoral and asking £1250 so perhaps it depends which gun dealer you speak with?
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