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  1. Dave at kelton

    Rear end shunt experience?

    Hope she did not suffer any injury but hope she went to the doc for a check up. Very important to have a medical record of any effects from the shunt so you can claim later if anything develops
  2. Dave at kelton

    Muzzle loading

    Shame I live in SW Scotland as I love muzzle loading.
  3. Dave at kelton

    Tightest patterning cartridge

    Little powder, much lead, shoots straight kills dead as the saying goes. Why because you are keeping the speed down and not blowing the pattern. There seems to be a current preoccupation with speed and people now wonder why they have punchy cartridges which are okay in a heavy o/u but not the game gun described. I try to stick with 28 or 30 gm and a traditional cartridge like impax or Grand Prix as I do not shoot at extreme range and they pattern well. The data is grand prix and impax 1296 ft/sec. compare with say hull high pheasant at 1450ft/sec. subsonic is 1126 ft/sec max so why not stick with impax or Grand Prix or their equivalents? I do accept that the only proof of pattern is at the plate but would start on this gun with the slower cartridges.
  4. Dave at kelton

    Roast Pigs Head .

    Pigs cheek lovely. I used to work with my father in law in his butchers and always had a cooked pigs head in the window at Christmas with an orange in its mouth. Trouble was my brother in law married a veggie. As father in law lived behind the shop we had to throw a towel over it when she came around to stop her freaking out!
  5. Dave at kelton

    Berretta or zoli or something else HELP!

    Macnab highlander, built by B Rizzini and all super quality whilst being good value for money
  6. Dave at kelton

    Hide Poles ???

    Bloody predictive text
  7. Dave at kelton

    Hide Poles ???

    Are you able to extend them with extra tubing pop riveted in lace?
  8. Dave at kelton

    Am I right in thinking.....?

    Why not suggest you share a lesson or two to iron out your respective wrinkles. Might give him moral support and you can go through the same basics, gun fit etc. You might even get a few tips yourself.
  9. Dave at kelton

    Birds breasts....

    Be bloody difficult to get the breasts off if you do not shoot it first😂
  10. Dave at kelton

    Is fowling still as popular ?

    Travelling north fo 38 years before moving here permanently I have always found local Fowler’s always very welcoming as long as you follow the rules and are respectful. Now as a local I welcome visitors on the same basis. Most visitors are recognised as providing local income on which rural communities rely. It is all a matter of balance.
  11. Dave at kelton

    Is fowling still as popular ?

    Some interesting points on this thread so here is my tuppence worth and I accept some may disagree. social media has generally been a negative thing with posts even during a flight so no need to do your homework. Guns are reliable and good cartridges easily accessible. people have more money and leisure time so can just drop everything and head to the coast if they are so minded geese bring out the worst in many guns, skybusting, shooting out on the roost and a general disrespect for the quarry bag limits are an imposition but with such disrespect for the quarry why not? Five geese is plenty to both carry and use, if you are that lucky. I have managed it once this season. we have now had nearly four months of wildfowlers monitoring at Caerlaverock, limit on shooting irrespective of bore size to 50 yds. Yes I know we don’t have yard sticks out there but we know the difference between 50 and 100 yds. Limited access time morning and evening enforced. Do you know what? We have had respectful guns and almost no incidents of poor and unsporting behaviour. Better still as it is permit only so you can’t just turn up because social media says the geese are in it is regrettable that controls are needed but as general standards of behaviour and respect in society deteriorate we need them. Forty years on from my first trip on the Solway I am as entranced by wildfowling as ever I just have to take a different approach.
  12. Dave at kelton

    North East newbie

    Welcome, there is nothing wrong starting with a cheap gun. Most of us have and over the years gone through more guns than we care to think about. Most of us will regret the guns we sold or didn’t buy. Remember they are all just steel tubes with a bit of wood at the back. More expensive does not mean you will shoot better.
  13. Dave at kelton

    Best fowling locations?

    A maximum 50 yds was put in place at Caerlaverock this year. It has been enforced and plenty of geese have been shot with notably more shootable geese coming through. Elsewhere the sky busting continues regrettably.
  14. Dave at kelton

    ITX and fibre

    I wouldnt use it without a shotcup for fear of damaging barrels.
  15. Dave at kelton

    Best fowling locations?

    The Solway for me. Shot it for forty years and now live on the Scottish side so have my wildfowling on the doorstep.