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  1. Dave at kelton

    Extended Forcing Cones & Fibre Wads

    And therein is another problem, slightly off topic. We use fibre wads to be environmentally friendly and then still have bits of plastic lying around the countryside. I know because in picking up on a major sporting estate that only use fibre wads the obturators are lying around everywhere!
  2. Dave at kelton

    3" .410 Reloading- Feedback?

    I agree with Seadog you need to use a good stiff overshot card and might wax them just rubbing with an old candle as well. That will also take up some of the space. I use hand tools in other bores and if you get the overshot card right and give it a few turns before gently applying pressure you will get used to the feel of the right roll turnover. Good luck
  3. Dave at kelton

    pink numbers

    Thousands on the Solway just now, never seen so many this time of year
  4. Dave at kelton

    Lead shot retail

    Peter starley Warwick?
  5. Dave at kelton

    Lab Breeder Recommendations North east

    As a first time trainer I would go for a breeder of good working dogs not just one of the top triallers. Many of the top field trial bred dogs can be very fast and hot to handle for a novice. That is not to say you don’t want to see it in the breeding line just not the immediate parents. If you are prepared to travel to SW Scotland I can recommend some breeders here. as to general advice, take your time and let the pup be a pup for six to eight months at least. Don’t judge progress against other dogs they all progress at different rates. Enjoy your dog and expect two steps forward and one back, they can reduce you to tears. read gundog sense and sensibility by Wilson stephens anything else pm me
  6. Dave at kelton

    7 month old lab bitch - cold game retrieving

    You have a sensible dog that on that basis will never pick pigeons you have put out for decoys
  7. Dave at kelton

    Shotgun Beads

    Easy hit game in green
  8. Dave at kelton

    7 month old lab bitch - cold game retrieving

    Pigeons are a terrible bird to start a dog off on due to the number of loose feathers you get. If you do start with them put it in a stocking. All dogs retrieving pigeon get a mouthful of feathers. With young dogs it can encourage mouthing or spitting out. If you can get them partridge are a great bird to start with.
  9. Dave at kelton

    Shotgun Beads

    Fitted a fibre optic on my daughters and it is very helpful in getting her gun mount correct. As a left hander and despite the cast on she had a habit of not getting the gun in her shoulder correctly. Fibre optic resolved this
  10. Dave at kelton

    leather priest

    Absolutely are more stylish just worried about what the old bill might say if they found one on me.lol
  11. Dave at kelton

    leather priest

    I use hose pipe with an AA battery in the end
  12. Dave at kelton

    10 bore reloading

    The answer depends on what gun you are using. Roll turnover is fine if you are not using an auto. I found they miss fed in my browning gold and caused frequent jams. I am fairly certain that I have seen them used in an SP10. I ended up buying a mec steelmaster which may be way too expensive solution for you but I am out a few times a week throughout the season.
  13. Dave at kelton

    Dog just cant control his excitement

    I leave it on when walking them. I would only leave on when retrieving if in a grass field where it cannot tangle. They do get used to it and I use about 8-10 m length with knots every metre. I then use it for control sparingly but it is a gentle reminder that they are not in control, I am.
  14. Dave at kelton

    Dog just cant control his excitement

    I find the para cord light enough that if used for a while they get used to it and then you set them up as explained. Make sure you put knots at intervals so that when you put your foot on it there is something to grip.