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  1. Dave at kelton

    Alabama Rot

  2. Dave at kelton

    A classic wife over reaction.

    Only yourself to blame. Putting things in washing machines is a pink job and you shouldn' have gone anywhere near it. Now if you had got her to put them in it would have been a whole different matter!
  3. Dave at kelton

    Woodburner tax

    And in rural areas like mine there isn' a lot of choice!
  4. Dave at kelton

    Side by Side Club

    These 3 inch ayas are good solid guns and have one that doesn't get a lot of use now with steel shot. I had some of the choke taken out which many of you will think is shameful but I don' like heavily choked guns.
  5. Dave at kelton

    Gub case Labels

    Looks a good one
  6. Dave at kelton

    treating pheasant pens

    Yes we regularly limed our pens before the pouts arrived.
  7. Dave at kelton

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    No chance saved by a simulted game day. Far more interesting shooting with my daughter so brought her up correctly as well!
  8. Dave at kelton

    Black powder loads 16 bore

    Feltwad load is about what I use in a muzzle loader bot don't forget the mag tech cases take over size wads due to the thin case walls so look at 15 bore wads in card and felt. I assume you will use bath seal to close off around the overshot card.
  9. Dave at kelton

    Has Wildfowling become too easy?

    True wildfowling by which I mean out on the shore not shooting over decoys on stubble is no different. Clothing is better so easier to stay warm and dry. Catridges are more reliable due to plastic cases; no more swollen paper cases that got damp. Travel too and from the shore is easier with modern cars. What is harder is getting under geese where there are no idiots screwing up the flight by high shooting. After that nothing has changed. Wildfowl fly as they always have. Shot from muddy gutters where you have crouched for hours in wet and cold they are challenging and no easier to hit. Not sure steel shot is such a disadvantage in heavy loads with appropriately choked guns. After 40 years of this I don't find any of it easy let alone too easy.
  10. Dave at kelton

    Northern Shooting Show

    Went today and had a good time. Collected preordered loading gear and managed to pick up the other bits on my list. No trouble getting in or out.
  11. Dave at kelton

    Wife's gun

    I use a light Ou 28g on game with 21 or at most 24 gm loads. The recoil is not at all noticeable and would expect less in a semi auto. I use 7 on patridge and 6 on pheasant. My preference is eley vip but have also used others and never had a problem. I know you can use heavier loads but see no point or you defeat the object of a small bore in my view. I am sure you, sorry I mean your wife, will enjoy using this.
  12. Dave at kelton

    Wire fence question

    Yes there is a hog plier which is a gun containing round staple clips that close around the two wires. Buy on amazon etc and save yourself a heap of time and trouble
  13. Dave at kelton

    Goose calls

    If you can' go for muddy gutter. Just bought a pink call fantastic.
  14. Dave at kelton

    Side by Side Club

    That really was a project well done!
  15. Dave at kelton

    Side by Side Club

    Your quite right most side levers are on the right. I do though have a Charles Lancaster hammergun with the side lever on the left and it is nothing like as natural to use. It does therefore puzzle me why a right handed guns do not have the lever on the left. If you keep an eye out you may be surprised that some prices are reasonable if you go for a provincial maker as I did.