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  1. Yes Alan Myers and Eley. He sent me some photos pm an email and I can forward them. Dave
  2. Pal of mine has around 300 8 bore cartridges for sale, varying sizes 1, 3, 4. Most are lead but some bismuth and includes 2 boxes of eley. He won’t split and is looking for £500. PM me if you are interested and I will put you in touch. Assuming this is allowed and note SW Scotland so not expecting anyone to travel just yet.
  3. And still won’t be able too until Scotland comes out as well I am assuming. So here until English guns can travel many of our estates and goose guides are stuffed.
  4. Make sure they are thoroughly dried and cleaned as soon as I get home. Frankly I don’t worry too much about finish on my wildfowling guns. They are tools and I accept as such. My 8 bore has no brown left on the barrels and no point redoing it as it will be off again in a couple of seasons. My AYA no 3 has patchy blue and my semi autos are standing up to it pretty well at present.
  5. Worst I have seen in many years of picking up was the gun who rather than put the gun in the slip tucked it under his arm barrels pointing backwards. He then bent down and spent five minutes picking up his cartridges before using the slip. The gun assumed to be unloaded but who knows was pointing at everyone waist to chest high during that time. Needless to say I stayed behind a mound of earth and waited until he had gone before starting to pick up. An elderly estate owner who was completely oblivious to his behaviour.
  6. I have both. When game shooting or picking up near guns I pop in emtec individually moulded plugs. You can hear conversation but generally that’s not necessary. I don’t fire a lot of shots so fine. Loaders/keepers on the estate I work on use them to as ell as muffs.For clays I use Peltor electronic muffs and set the left slightly higher so it does not catch the stock. Remember it is not just damage to the ear drum etc it is also about protecting the cochlea at the back of the ear. If that is damaged it is irreparable. Ear muffs protect both, plugs do not.
  7. All as above. Do not take pups where there is that sort of distraction unless you have complete control, for example a rabbit pen. I would now be looking for a chance to get the pup into a similar position on a lead or long line where you can teach right from wrong.
  8. The ones I have seen have just been uncompleted guns that have been sitting in workshops, now closed. Once saw a tolley 8 bore action and barrels on a stall at an arms fair and still wish I had bought it although no idea how I would ever have got it completed. I am sure our gun trade colleagues will give a more satisfactory answer.
  9. Yes two sets of barrels. One of the two reasons I bought it. So I don’t have to chop and change guns when I want to do a small bore day. Other was south paw.
  10. Police Scotland started the process four months before my SGC expired. All paperwork done two months before, telephone interview etc and then issued about ten days before expiry.
  11. For dog walking Austrian army gore-tex off the bay. Cheap and won’t let you down in grade 1. Alternatively basic agricultural plastic type jackets and trousers do the job but you might sweat a little.
  12. Yep Maxum, with left hand stock and 28 bore barrels as well!
  13. What the hell did we do when our choice was eley impax or Grand Prix? We killed things just the same.
  14. Can’t see where you live as a good freind died recently and don’t know what is happening to his eight bore
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