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  1. Stupid reloading question

    Few points that may help. I have checked and my old Lee loadable will prime but will not deprime. I used to use basic hand tools but now use mec steelmaster. This is what I used to do If you drill a suitable hole in a block of hard wood you can stand the cartridge on that and tap the caps out with a steel rod of suitable diameter. To prime I used a large dowel in the case, upside down and tap the cap in with a punch or dowel that bears on the outer edge of the cap at least. I have done this for years and not set a cap off but wear safety glasses just in case. You have not mentioned what type of ten bore. If you are using a sxs or ou roll turnover should be fine and you can just get a roll turnover head for the drill, or a hand tool. Semi autos can be more temperememtal. My browning gold will not recycle rto cases even when shortened. That is why I bought the mec even though I have to weigh powder and shot. For this claygame sell very reasonably priced digital scales. Resizing is always a problem which again the mec does for you. You cannot guarantee both chambers are identical although they should be close. I used to use a resizing die to be on the safe side. You can squeeze the case through with a large g cramp held in the bench vice. I have to do this with my 8 bore cases. Hope this helps and pm me if you have any queries but I cannot help on NI supplies. Good luck
  2. Best treatment for keeping leather boots in good order

    I am old fashioned and just used dubbin on mine. Used to use Nikwax liquid but the big tins are no longer available and I don' like the new stuff.
  3. Does gun buying ever stop?

    Wife is an easy fix just tell her they are an investment, works for me. Bank manager is more difficult as he just says No to the overdraft.
  4. Confused from Birmingham

    I load steel in heavy loads for geese. Because steel is less dense than lead it needs speed to kill cleanly so we never look to reduce our speed as we just end up wounding. I am looking for 1450 fps. You are looking for sub 1125fps. Look on Gamebore site and see what speeds their steel loads generate. They are fast for a very good reason; they need to kill. I would not bother doing what you are trying. If you really intend to load then you must must must recognise the steel is far less forgiving than lead. Don't experiment. Get a recipe from Claygame and stick to it. Weigh the ingredients accurately and don't guess by just filling the plastic shotcup. If I did that without my packers in the 10 bore shot cup I would be way over on shot weight with a significant increase in pressure and probably would not be posting this. I think we would all prefer not to be reading your obituary on this site.
  5. Casterating working dogs

    Interesting article and worth reading.
  6. 28 gauge hull hi pheasant carts

    I am in your area on Tuesday and could call and collect but cannot guarantee a time as travelling down from Scotland to High Wycombe via Halesowen. Likely to be late afternoon earliest. Would that suit you?
  7. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    Please can we just rememer what a safety catch does. It locks the triggers and nothing else. So unless you have a shotgun with intercepting safety sears it does not prevent it going off. So a gun can still discharge with safety on in most cases. That could be caused by any type of jarring such as dropping and I guess snapping shut if the gun has excessive wear. The point is you can never rely on the safety, auto or manual, with a loaded gun and must have the barrels pointing in a safe direction, preferably skywards or into the ground. That is also why you raise the stock to the barrels not vice versa. In so doing the barrels are always pointing safely into the ground when the gun is closed. That is my two pennies worth.
  8. Beretta Waxwear Gun Bags - New x 2

    Sorry for the stupid question but is the price for the two or each?
  9. 28" or 30" Barrels

    I have shot eveything in 12 bore from 25 to 30 inch barrels. I can honestly say only the very short barrels seem to be noticeably different. As has has been said it is all about gun fit and balance, not barrel length. Psychologically though if you are going to have a nagging doubt about 28 inch barrels then wait for a good 30 inch barrel beretta. It will come and welcome back into the sport.
  10. Glasses and the rain!

    First off I wear contacts for shooting in anything appoaching wet weather. Specs have the obvious problem, but also can steam up under a peaked cap. Worse still peaked caps such as baseball type have too long a peak and restrict or remove your view of over head birds. I largely wildfowl and cut the peaks right back on waterproof caps as when ducking below a bank you don't see the geese over your head. You will only do so at risk of a crick in your neck. My advice is try daily contacts and if you persevere they are by far the best way to go. Good luck
  11. Snugtop gas struts

    Great thanks guys will try and get a pair off sgs
  12. Snugtop gas struts

    I have a 53 plate l200 with snugtop canopy. The gas struts are now pretty weak and the window falls if jarred eg when the dogs jump in. Is there an easy fix replacement anyone can suggest not just a stick to prop it open. Thanks guys
  13. looking for a 10 bore

    Whar are you looking for something cheap, foreign, english etc
  14. Casterating working dogs

    12 months is the minimum recommended age so the dog is fully grown. You also notice at that age the testosterone starts kickingin , leg cocking, marking etc starts to take hold. Older dogs it takes several months to really notice the change but young dogs it' seems stop these behaviours quicker. So stick with your vets advice and wait to 12 months or so.
  15. Wildfowling Coat - any new ones to buy?

    Agree with layering and the Ridgeline Monsoon smock cannot be beaten for wildfowling as a top layer. Just sweat a bit walking but absolutely wind and waterproof. Good value too.