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  1. They are far from economical on fuel. I have both L200 and jimmy in auto. I get better mpg in the l200
  2. I would agree with starting with a small still water in your area. Most are friendly affairs in my experience and more than happy to help and encourage newbies. Don’t though under estimate the addictive nature of fly fishing as fifty years on I am still accumulating stuff! There is plenty of good secondhand gear about and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune initially. good luck
  3. Wouldn’t trust him with a brush let alone a caretaker role
  4. Plenty of resident greys here on the Solway and first pinks will be here 12-15 September
  5. Depends on gun and quarry. 3.5” steel proofed 12 and gamebore mammoth bb for geese. In ten bore load my own 42gm bb steel.
  6. It is largely down to the weight of the gun. A heavier gun will generally have less felt recoil. So you are trying to compromise with a gun he can handle, not being too heavy, with one that does not kick like a mule. I would get to a reputable dealer with access to a clay ground and take it from there with there advice.You are in Bristol so what about a trip to Ian Coley?
  7. We didn’t bother just cut a rectangle on each side and pop rivet a piece of perforated steel gauze that allows the wheat through when pecked at.
  8. I keep a photo of my license on my phone now for convenience but I believe the answer is NO!
  9. Perhaps look at William Powell guns?
  10. And buy a midge hoody until you are ready to take a shot
  11. I would do so first in an open but enclosed area where the bitches will not feel territorial and see what reaction you get. Plenty of attention for the girls so they do not get jealous. You will need to see if he wants to hump them all the time or is content to just be in their company. If they will settle that way you can move him onto their territory and see how that goes.GOOD LUCK
  12. Just read and responded to this and recommend all other Forum members do likewise. The medical requirements are to my mind unacceptable. If a GP report is not provided you do not get a certificate. That I consider as assuming guilt until proven innocent. Please get behind BASC request and respond so this does not go through on the nod.
  13. Interesting as I have been told by one major supermarket not to pull away to park up and pay as it is logged as driving off without paying. So even being considerate gets criticism! Sign of the times grin and bare it as any altercation puts your certificate at risk.
  14. It would be even better news if those large estates that host country file roadshows took a similar line and stood up for our community!
  15. I love seeing the children catching wrasse. That’s how I start all of the grandchildren
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