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  1. It is not a matter of blocking free speech it is a matter of blocking offensive and inflammatory language. It is not about this councillor’s views but how he has expressed them. Well done BASC on this point. I remain a supporter of BASC but it does need to address the numerous clangers it has dropped over recent months. As it is not about what you do but how you do it and some serious thought needs to be given to how policies are formulated, expressed, and communicated to the membership.
  2. Thanks. The Claygame 12 bore brass cases are good value but you need to use large pistol primers. I haven’t tried boring out for a standard primer but told you can.
  3. I started playing in 10 bore with inverted card cup wads and cup cards for steel (from Claygame), but lockdown put a stop to it. I will pick up again as soon as I know I can get out to pattern. I want to get away from plastic except the cases. Fingers crossed with the NE situation which fortunately doesn’t affect me. I don’t really start until we get the geese back in numbers early October so a little time to go yet.
  4. I am staggered I don’t know of any that would behave that way as it’s a health and safety matter. You are dealing with a potential bomb if it burst under pressure of refilling.
  5. It can be retested if you take it along to a dive centre they can usually arrange. Not cheap but required if you are going to have it filled commercially.
  6. In the historical, context Lloyd is correct on beaters but I can’t speak for pickers up. I have seen and still experience, both ends of the spectrum. The local, farm or small syndicate where you shot Saturdays to the large commercial shoot where It is weekdays. In the former I was happy to have any beater who could walk in a vaguely straight line, without holding hands and make a little noise. They were paid in cash at the end of the day. Money collected from the guns and distributed at about thirty quid for the day. On the commercial shoot you have an employment contract, are clocked in each day electronically and paid monthly after deductions for tax. Holiday pay is added at the end of the season. You have to be a very competent picker up as there is a lot at stake but even so put an extra couple of birds in the bag and you have covered your cost and more. That just about covers my travel and dog expenses for the year and as I do it for the love of it I have no problem with that. If we think about the dreaded Covid the formal approach is probably a must for at least this season so you know who has been in contact with who. As to money you probably get what you pay for and remember in rural areas beating might be the only employment for some for the whole year.
  7. It’s worth buying or borrowing some digital scales and they are not expensive. Steel is very unforgiving so not worth the risk.
  8. Nice looking gun. With everything going on cartridge wise the longer chambers will be distinct advantage.
  9. Great footballer and saw him play at Anfield, met him on a cruise, and an all round decent countryman Was there for that game but didn’t here that one
  10. Aye me too, did a lot for me over the years and used to sit in the middle of the workshop with a mug of tea. A sad loss to the trade.
  11. Okay pedantic, slip of the finger, cast antler is what I have been after.
  12. Will keep an eye out for red deer horn. Been trying to negotiate for some but so far unsuccessful.
  13. He was at Benjamin Wild in Price Street Brum. He took in barrels from all around the UK and blacked for other gunsmiths.
  14. I can tell you how Colin Wild used to do them bless his soul and that was a hot bath of water and his chemicals, and a bloody good job he made too!
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