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  1. Dave at kelton

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    Cannot see why not but remember you will still need a fibre wad and an obturator wad. The latter is where the issue arises as most are plastic unless you can make up some inverted cardboard cup wads (see separate thread). These wads are also thicker walled than plastic so will take less shot although I have never compared them. hope this helps, good luck
  2. Dave at kelton

    28 bore

    Try and pick up a John Macnab Higlander. I shoot the side plate and it is a brilliant reliable gun. Not easy to find and do not mistake it for the low lander.
  3. Dave at kelton

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    I have used these for years in my 8 bore. Work well if split and shot two geese right and left this morning.
  4. Dave at kelton

    Buying game direct from those who shoot

    Many estates have been letting birds go free or paying game dealers to collect so getting birds if you ask politely should not be difficult.
  5. Dave at kelton

    Proud owner

    Well done there is nothing better than the pleasure you get when your dog does you proud like that. That’s why I now work my dogs picking up more than I go out shooting.
  6. Dave at kelton

    Barrel Wall thickness for used gun?

    They still are made for Powell’s, or were as per their website.
  7. Dave at kelton

    Wildfoweling calls

    Muddy gutter are superb on goose calls, pink and greylag not sure about duck. Worth looking them up.
  8. Dave at kelton

    Leather Boots

    Harkila half price at John Norris
  9. Dave at kelton

    hanging geese

    One week max depending on the temperature
  10. Dave at kelton

    28 bore v 20 bore

    I shoot a 28 bore on driven birds, 24 or 25 gm loads and do not find I am undergunned at all shooting average height birds, that is not more than 35-40 yds. I would not shoot it on super high birds but nor would I use a normal 12 bore with 28 gm load. I join a team of guns for a traditional partridge day with 28 or 410 and maximum 21 gm load and yes we get our 100-120 bag without loads of pricked birds. I use a John Macnab sideplated 28; it’s light has 29” barrels and does the job so, as others have said used on average range birds the suggestion that you are undergunned is “bobbins”. Just point it in the right direction and pull the trigger at the right time!
  11. Dave at kelton


    Nice one!
  12. Dave at kelton

    2k budget - 692,725?

    If you are set on those fine and make sure you try before you buy. If you want to think about anything else I have a John Macnab highlander side plate at not much over half your budget.
  13. Dave at kelton

    Effective Killing Range of Steel Shot

    Yep bb min and full
  14. Dave at kelton

    Effective Killing Range of Steel Shot

    Up to 60 yds with large shot and a good pattern put up front on geese =stone dead
  15. Dave at kelton

    Itx 8 bore load

    Pm’d It