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  1. Go for it. I am a great believer in only ever looking forward. It is the only part of life’s journey you can influence. I always promised myself I would never regret the things I hadn’t done.
  2. They clearly belonged to a politician. Best return them before you see start to the world in an unrealistic light.
  3. I have a number of reminds who shoot all their game with 410, admittedly in normal ranges not mega high. They use ou or SxS depending what they prefer. Yildiz come out pretty well on value for money.
  4. I am just playing with inverted cup over the powder and CG cups for the steel. I can get about 24gms Steel 3.25 (3) in the cup. I would like to use a 2.5” case but powder is the issue. I know I cannot use Alliant Steel but also have Blue Dot, Red Dot, CSBO, GM3, AO, A1. Any suggestions or do I just have to go to 2.75 cases.
  5. You put it into perspective in that the additional cost of say bismuth cartridges when taken as part of the overall cost of a reasonable day is not really a consideration. I have a number of such guns and it is not going to stop me using them, and I include muzzle loaders.
  6. I just dip a ball of newspaper in water and wood ash. Don’t use coal ash it will scratch the glass. If I get something really baked on I use a proprietary stove glass cleaner. Never seen it white like that and wonder if the surface of the glass has been damaged.
  7. Yes put the birds on their backs. Bread trays have flaps at the side that flip over to stack. This also allows air flow for cooling. Another benefit is that birds that are”necked” do not lose their heads as the vehicle rocks and rolls. Lastly it saves time stringing.
  8. Build a Rack that will take bread trays. You will get a dozen or so pheasant or 20 partridge to a tray. It is far better than having birds bouncing around on ties.
  9. Folic Acid?...who knows flush down the lav!
  10. Good to welcome another member from north of the border.
  11. Wonderful place to be and would like to get back sometime but not cheap these days even though it’s half the distance from Oxford.
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