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  1. I used the plug in style in the last bungalow to get signal from one end to the other and it worked okay.
  2. The passive ones do allow normal conversation in my case. I would though share your concern if you are slightly deaf. I have electronic ear muffs that I use when I am shooting clays or standing with my daughter. They are very good for conversation. I agree you could try something like Emtec and if they are not quite right you at least have spares when shooting on your own etc. good luck
  3. I use emtec passive ear protection. Inexpensive stay put and do the job perfectly. I would not pay the price of digital as I do not see the benefit.
  4. As always it’s not about the organisation but the compassion of the individual and their courage to be human and compassionate. Good for her and do keep posting!
  5. Only ever used bits of dog biscuit
  6. Not used steel in it yet as have plenty of TM/bismuth and don’t need this for the shore. Speaking to the trade there is a lot of development work ongoing on steel loads for traditional English guns. Over the next few years I do believe we will see safe steel loads and wads developed and wonder what all the fuss is about. I am very happy with it in my dedicated wildfowling guns so am looking forward to seeing how it goes for game.
  7. This will absolutely do the job on the shore and I took the chokes down to 1/2 so it will take steel. Only reason I don’t use it on the shore is the salt would wreck the finish over time
  8. Difficult question but if we take coastal wildfowling out of the equation it has to be my Charles Lancaster SxS 3” chambers and 30” Damascus barrels
  9. I have various sizes but closest are 3.25mm and 4.32 are you talking 3.81? Let me know if the either suits and happy to let you have some but based in SWScotland so postage likely to be most expensive bit. Otherwise Claygame for a kilo at £4.50 plus postage.
  10. I insure my dogs for their first two years. I reckon by then the dangers associated with pups are past and you will have a good idea how healthy your dog is likely to be. I just used comparison sites and ended up using LV. With four dogs insurance is prohibitively expensive. The estate I work for covers injury itself and that is when they are at greatest risk. whilst you are insuring I would always go for lifetime condition insurance. i would say that over forty years I have never been paid out more than I have paid in but then perhaps I am just lucky.
  11. Riverside outdoors if you want new
  12. Unfortunately my season has been cut short by a spell in hospital with pneumonia so no more picking up or wildfowling for seven months. About the only thing I have the strength to do is turn to the tying bench to top up the fly boxes. With a time on my hands until I get back to work I thought I would put a little effort in with the gallows tool. I hope the trout appreciate it.
  13. In those days you used what you could as I was certainly on a budget. I used brick band stands so they moved in a breeze.
  14. Yes used them and still have them somewhere. I fact I used them as a template for making my own decoys out of plastic sheet. I still use these them on the few occasions I shoot pigeon and whilst simple they work.
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