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Browning Auto Five composite stock set

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Does anybody know where I'd be able to get a plastic stock set for a browning auto five?

I'm specifically looking for a set to fit a magnum A5. The fore-ends were often made with spacers in to be removed for magnum guns. These stock sets are readily available in America for around $90 but none of the companies selling them are willing to ship to the UK. I've been looking for many months and I'm yet to find somebody in the UK that sells them.

Would anybody be able to recommend somebody or help?

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57 minutes ago, ratass said:

I have a ramline on mine,try midway uk ,or it might be owned by brownills


Both Midway and Brownells refuse to ship synthetic A5 stocks to the UK. They don't keep UK stock and their American sites won't ship anything to the UK.
I've also emailed Ramline directly but they won't ship anything out the UK to an individual. They'll only deal with registered importers.

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3 hours ago, Andy H said:

They must have changed their policy as a few years ago i bought one for my 1907 A5 from Midway UK.

Midway UK were bought by Brownells and the Brownells policy is much stricter regarding shipping to the UK. They sell UK stock items only and won't ship anything that is in their US store to the UK.

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