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How can this be justified

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1 hour ago, hodge911 said:

It was a poodle x german shepherd .. it had a very aggressive cancer .

from first sign of it to death via 5 vet visits 2 to her go to vet who then referred her to Fitzpatrick cancer unit was 6-7 weeks

I told her to keep him at home until he showed signs of distress then send him on his way without going to the "super vets"( as I read up on and asked a vet who comes as a gun on the shoot I drive the game cart on and it's an incurable diseases as once you see any outward signs its too late ) but her granddaughter begged her to try. 

Each visit came with the same result .... a scan which the results showed whatever had been done in the previous visit hadn't worked ... but then came the words" that hasn't worked but we could try this and come back next week " and add another 1k+ to the insurance bill. And each time was the same until her son said what I had at the beginning and she sent the gentle giant quietly on his way.... before I start getting slated for calling the "super vet"  I will agree he does outstanding work but in this instance I didn't agree with what was in my opinion false hope ...... but everybody is different it was her dog her call .

Yes, you can only try and advise . When it comes to our babies we're all the same.

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