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Sea Fishing Over-Trousers Cleaning


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Getting some gear yesterday to go crabbing with my littlest one yesterday I finally located the source of "that smell" in my shed (I thought it was a poisoned rat that had crawled into a corner to die). Something with black & white fur and no noticeable tail (I'm assuming that it was the weasel I've asked about previously on here), judging from the remains, climbed into one of the Ikea bags hanging from the shed roof (with my fishing clothes in them - bottom half of a FLADEN flotation suit and TFG over trousers - both quite dear so I really don't want to bin them) sometime after 13th May (when I put them away) and curled up and died. It died became a feast for greenbottles and 'liquefied' and leaked all over the trousers which have now been baked dry in the heatwave.

They've been on the line since yesterday as I was hoping they would be 'rinsed' by the promised storms which missed us. With the stench of them I'm afraid/ashamed to take them to a local cleaners. Is there anything I can do at home or has anybody got a product they would recommend if they've been in a similar situation?


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