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  1. Stephen-H

    Single Gun Storage Help

    I'd get a five cabinet at the very least! I speak from experience I got a three gun cabinet off eBay for £80 new delivered it can only hold two guns at best as I had the same thought as you I would only have the one shotgun....I am now in the market for a second shotgun and it's not even been twelve months since I got my cert through & I could see myself getting a third in the future easily
  2. Stephen-H

    Beaters required Northumberland

    ....I only get paid one pie a day where I beat 😂😂 you lads have got it good!
  3. Stephen-H

    South Manchester Permission

    😂😂 never a truer word spoken!!
  4. Stephen-H

    South Manchester Permission

    Hello & welcome to pigeon watch if you need a club to shoot air rifles / rifles at please give the boar clay ground a look it's near crowden just through glossop around 25 minutes away from marple. They may also be able to help with getting your f.a.c but it would be for target shooting only not open ticket
  5. Stephen-H

    Would You Say Anything ? If So What ? .

    Think that is the general thought in are beaters group chat on Facebook I think a lot of us will be leaving for somewhere new in the coming season! This is only my first season at this shoot while I really enjoy the day with all the beaters I've met at this shoot over the season I think we are just fed up with the guns and the way the day is organised the gamekeepers hands are pretty much tied as the landowner/shoot captain simply will not let her run the day as she would like to & insist on running drives wrong & putting guns where they aren't needed and does not want anyone to back gun the woods as we knock them through!
  6. Stephen-H

    Would You Say Anything ? If So What ? .

    This happens a lot on the shoot I beat for its just rude and uncalled for I'm giving my Saturday up to help out and make there day possible a lot of guns need to realise that! A lot of beaters and pickers up don't get paid it's done for the love and enjoyment of the sport & working there dogs etc people with a poor attitude to helping pickers up and beaters roughly locate downed birds will eventually ruin there own shoot as people will just not turn up or find another shoot to help out on . We had are beaters day on Saturday the guns were beating this time three birds had been shot two went into a duck pit & one in the woods . They walked around the duck pit but wouldn't send there own dogs in for the birds & the guns beating in the woods didn't pick the third bird either just walked past it luckily one of the lads shooting on the peg had his partner & there dogs with them so she went to pick the down birds it just put a bit of a spoiler on the day. They also knocked one drive through & then decided that they were going to have 11s at 10am after one drive!
  7. Stephen-H

    Benelli 828u

    Lad on my local shoot got one new within two weeks the bottom ejector broke had to be sent back it's been five weeks since and he still hasn't heard anything from the gun dealer he got it off . Think he will part ex it once it's fixed
  8. Stephen-H

    Skiing trip

    Beautiful pictures! My friend is a ski instructor in kitzbuhel Austria I went a couple years ago one of the best holidays I ever had id be happy just sitting in one of the cafe / bars taking in all the views the mountians have to offer . Plan to go back in the next year or so with the girlfriend gives us time to brush up on the local slopes over here . Looks like you had a brillant time! 👍
  9. Stephen-H

    LH Caesar Guerini Invictus Wanted

    Try premier guns in ashnbourne
  10. Stephen-H

    Hilderstone shoot

    Lovely write up! Is that you finished for the season now Steve? We've are beaters day on Saturday the 12th then a final day for the guns on the 19th but the birds are thin on the ground now we did five drives last Saturday and the guns managed 12 pheasants there were some misses but to be fair to the guns there weren't a lot of birds in drives that normally hold them well.
  11. Stephen-H

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    I think they have gone now! I used to work for John titterton in Stockport my first ever job loved the food there would often get a pie on my break . But he has now closed as well to my knowledge there is only one in reddish & one in Woodley that is still open! Never been into pimlotts but often pass it on my way home and it looks busy down the way from branwaithtes gunsmith as well!
  12. Stephen-H

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    the aldi specially selected ones are nice the pastry is lovely on them can't beat the local butcher's normally tho
  13. Stephen-H


    Can't beat it I like to make a simple ragu sauce with it & serve it with fresh pasta any left overs get made into either a Bolognese or a lasagne
  14. Will do! I've been recommended the complete book of game conservation it's been refered as the bible of game keeping haha . Another recommendation is a book called your shoot!
  15. Evening everyone could anyone recommend a good game keeping book that covers topics such as getting started, building pens , day to day jobs, feeding routines etc? Been beating on a few shoots now & would like to learn more about the keeping and day to day running side of a shoot . Cheers