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  1. Always fancied making Biltong! How do you dry yours if you dont mind me asking?
  2. Spotted this on a local auction site thought It might be of interest to add to a collection / man cave https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/ashleywaller/catalogue-id-ashley10037/lot-5f6fb017-6439-451d-82f9-abd3001960c3
  3. Thank you will pass on the info! it`s a lovely little gun nice and light handles lovely would look beautiful once restored Thank you for your help will have a look now
  4. Wow thank you that`s a big help! do you know roughly what sort of year it could be from the stamp marks also is it nitro proofed as i think i would like to use it again he inherited when his dad passed and its been in the cabinet for around 20 years. Ive advised him having a local gunsmith check it over and give it a service
  5. Hi I wonder if someone on here might be able to help ive a family friend with a old 20 gauge army and navy double trigger non injector fixed chokes side by side. Just after some more information about them really had a look at it today looks to be in ok condition lot of cabinet Mark's on the stock & looking at the barrels it's been resleeved & stamped could anyone possibly tell me more about it
  6. P.m the gouse on here he has a brillant shoot at hilderstone
  7. Leaving batteries on a cold stone floor or in a cold environment kills them quickly there isnt much you can do with a sealed battery to my knowledge as you can't change the water in them or have a look at the cell plates. Maybe just put them on a slow trickle charge & hope for the best but keep your eye on them while they are charging and do it in a well ventilated area incase any are leaking. You can buy a solar powered trickle charger cheap now so might be worth getting one and popping it onto your new battery after a days decoying
  8. Can understand your point then! Very annoying Bredbury - litte mill - cold springs all gone . charlesworth , quanford just googled them looks like they have gone also Only leaves old glossop - the boar at crowden Star gun club at lyme The wild boar at macclesfield Holmes chapel & Mickley hall
  9. How come? Im running out of localish shoots from the stockport area in the last few years the little mill shooting ground has closed that was only 20 minutes away from me & then cold springs in buxton and now owls hoot in warrington.
  10. Facebook groups jobs for beaters and pickers up. Pop a post up with your location , availability & distance willing to travel should get a response from a local ish shoot! Good luck
  11. https://www.hallamsguns.co.uk/shotguns-miroku-mk70-sporter-12-boregauge-over-and-under
  12. Hope they can get a new venue set up soon I liked the lay out at warrington.
  13. Try affordable game days on Facebook if you dont get any offers on here 👍
  14. If you are on Facebook try some of the groups on there like affordable game days , fieldsports for all 👍
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