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  1. I used to rate the Gregg's mince pies aldi & m&s ones are good as well
  2. The jacket is good lots of pockets waterproof, windproof .The Kraft force trousers are rubbish tho I've had nothing but problems with them
  3. Lovely dogs good luck hope you get some 👍
  4. I second facebook search groups Jobs for beaters and pickers up Beaters and pickers up Post up you're availability, location I'm sure you will have a reply in no time as said a lot of shoots around there always wanting good reliable beaters 👍
  5. Looked at it when I wanted to have ago at beating didnt bother when I found out you had to pay to be a member of it. Went on facebook found lots of groups put a post up with my location & availability had a response within a hour joined a local shoot 30minutes away from my house. I wouldn't bother with them myself facebook is you're friend in the situation if you are on it.
  6. Got drawn into this hype myself shot a browning 525 at the clay ground 28inch multi/multi hit well with it majority of people preach browning , beretta be all and end all obviously being new into the sport & having little experience of guns you do in a way get moved in this direction. I do own a browning 525 sporter it's a very very good gun so I am in no ways slagging it off i enjoy shooting it & it will more then do me for what i want . But when people speak of a budget & its around the £1000-1500 upwards mark the majority of people instantly say browning/beretta. In my opinion no dont do it buy a Lanber buy a Lincoln buy a old miroku learn to shoot first or learn to shoot the discipline the gun is design /set up for Some people buy three thousand + guns and blame it on the gun , cartridges, choke & gun set up & wind where as someone on a £35 have a go day might be able to shoot better then them. Go on gun trader & find a nice 5-10k gun chances are it will be on there for a good while ...go find a good condition recent miroku, browning, beretta for sub £800 and watch how long it is on the website .
  7. Keep the gun he has now & choke it up more for dtl perhaps. Buy a cheap skeet gun second hand if it isnt for him after having a good go then it doesent really matter there was a lanber on here for £200-250 the other day 26inch barrels skeet & skeet ...spend the rest on cartridges beer & pork scratchings
  8. Hello & welcome localish clubs that I know of are The boar clay ground also has a air rifle , 22lr & higher calibre rifle range Owls hoot target club in warrington / edge of irlam . Clay pigeon , 22lr , air rifle range Wild boar clough macclesfield clay pigeon club Marple rifle & pistol club although I've never been / contacted them Cold springs clay ground - currently closed but should be reopening in the near future to another ground Dukinfield airgun club - now in chadderton - very good air rifle club friendly lot If you are after a local shop try https://abgunsmiths.co.uk/ Brillant shop excellent knowledgeable staff well stocked & local ish to yourself if you also go onto the link above there is a list of local clubs/ clay shoots in the areas.
  9. There was a ruger 10-22 stock for sale on here the other month I'm sure of it check the for sale section 👍
  10. Ive always fished with 15-12lb main line with a 10 -8lb hook link on rivers running rig with either a maggot or open feeder or sometimes a running ledger. Had the most succes with the maggot feeder & size 10- 12-14 hooks (will up the hook size when fishing a hair rig) only ever had the two barbel on my local river ( the goyt ) & both were only small lots of good chubb & plenty of good size trout with the odd greyling chucked in. Friend has had carp upto 8lb from the wierpools. Beautiful fish would love to catch something of that size 👍
  11. Following! Had thought of going tomorrow although have been put off by the price for entry
  12. Stephen-H

    Decoying kit

    A1 decoys has a Ebay auction on at the moment for ex display decoys lot of pigeon stuff on when I had checked the link earlier it was at £8.50 current bid for a mixed bag of there decoys flappers , bouncers & full bodied might be worth having a look at there social media pages or website page for a sale link 👍
  13. Facebook groups work for beaters & pickers up Beaters & pickers up Jobs for beaters & pickers up All free to join if you are on facebook & there is always lots of posts from all over the country looking for beaters I'm sure you will be able to get something local on there 👍
  14. +1 I've had Barbour it didnt last long the poppers soon came off it & the zip used to snag a lot. On seeland at the moment the jackets good but the pants are rubbish had to send them back once already for them to rip again a month later had them repaired for the coming season at a local shop. Friend has lot of stuff from decathlon never seems to have any issues & when there worn out just chuck them & get new for the price they are
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    On it will give you a follow now 👍
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