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  1. If you are on facebook search for the following groups. Beaters & pickers up Jobs,beaters & pickers up Fieldsports for all Pop a post up on any of the above group pages with where you are located you're availability & experience of beating/picking up & I'm sure someone in your local area or a little bit further a field will be able to offer you something for the coming season or know of a shoot needing a beater/picker up.
  2. I've got a san disk 32gb micro sd that I had spare just to use while figuring the camera out etc what card would you recommend? Was going to get the 128gb san disk one when this card fails
  3. Are you after beaters as well or is it just a gun with spaniel for rough walked up shooting available?
  4. How much is it also where abouts in huddersfield are you based?
  5. Branthwaites gun room has/had a browning 525 game scene engraving 28 inch barrels I think they could rfd when open again think it was £795
  6. Stephen-H

    sky tv

    when you go to cancel it they will do everything in there power to keep you by offering you lots of different packages & deals sometimes it can work out better in the long run even if you were happy with your original deal they will upgrade boxes & subscription plans etc. I do agree with you tho the price you pay for a subscription/ service with them for what you actually get in terms of programs & contect etc isnt really worth it espically with netflix , amazon & youtube producing more content
  7. Last few grounds i have taken people to have been fine with it only ground i found that had a problem was north wales shooting school the guest has to pay & do a 45 minute safety briefing is what we were told when we arrived & asked.
  8. You could try drive them from the main green pen mark which I imagine your pen & cover crop is to the other cover crop across that field. Having feeders in each cover crop to try hold them & feeders along the boundaries. Although if the ground is flat you might struggle to get any height on them perhaps walked up shooting might suit the layout better then trying to drive them over guns Just a guess I've no real experience of game keeping etc sure someone on here will be able to advise you on it.
  9. if you don't have any look on ebay etc try a company called breaker link lets you put a parts request form out to hundreds of breaker yards across the company
  10. Would recommend the deer hunter range not had any problems with the stuff i've had off them always found it to be warm windproof & smart. Currently got the seeland kraft force jacket & trousers where the coat its very good the trousers have been rubbish & sent off twice for repair. If you are on facebook look up a company called yorkshire field sports apparel a good selection of clothing & very competitive prices
  11. agreed i used to have a couple booked days each year in Yorkshire & the first drive was a duck drive a lot of guns got trigger happy & before you know it half the bag had been achieved
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