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  1. 33,000!! do you own a clay ground or all just really **** shots!?
  2. List them individually on Ebay there is a large following there is also Facebook group - cartridge collectors
  3. Went a couple years ago wasnt a bad show tbh some bargains to be had. The one at Doncaster was absolute pants
  4. They are ok for job but dont last long & if you are on uneven ground a bit rocky. You could make your own out of the taller blue drums paint it & be able to carry more decoying gear in it.
  5. There was a complete set up on ebay the other day can't remember the location but worth a look.
  6. I went pigeon shooting last year with a chap who had a full set of pinewood poles believe he got them years & years ago I was very impressed with the quality & how well they have aged/lasted but as above I've never been able to find any of the orginal ones for sale. All the modern stuff now is rubbish I've gone through two sets of the night hawk/jack pyke stuff
  7. Update pictures full size of gun , general condition, spec , fixed choke multi choke, length of pull its looks to be a stunning winchester should sell itself with more pics & info
  8. I've lived in Stockport ( South Manchester) my whole life & I avoid driving in the city centre like the plague one way systems , no right turns , bus lanes cameras, roads dug up , terrible parking, parking wardens on you like a pigeon on a pasty. When I do have to go in its normally a train job & I'm still not keen then.
  9. Wouldn't it be easier to pick up another 101 & just keep it for spares if the above was to ever happen?
  10. If you have the time stick it on Ebay pigeon decoying/shooting gear seems to be doing rather well on there at the moment. 👍
  11. Stephen-H

    Fishing Chair

    Go outdoors / fishing republic often have good deals on or ebay second hand
  12. Seems to be a gas supply problem I went to get a bottle of calor patio gas last weekend tried b&m they said they no longer deal with calor gas but instead stock flogas only. Tried a morrisons managed to get the calor patio gas I was after but the lady working there said calor gas are a nightmare to deal with & she has been after propane for over six weeks & they still haven't sent any.
  13. Hide building has never been my strong point I'm normally to eager to get set up & shooting! The first picture is set up in a ditch/drain I use a fishing umbrella to cover the back of the hide with camo netting over it & then just a net & poles to cover the front. The second picture the hide is probably too big accommodating two shooters & dogs & far to much stuff as usual it could of done with adding some foliage & grass to it
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185351455467?hash=item2b27cec2eb:g:Fb4AAOSwaFViOLqh https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185351460189?hash=item2b27ced55d:g:NIEAAOSwUjtiOL4d Spotted these this morning on my ebay saved searches if any good
  15. I've noticed the price of decoys / decoy set ups second hand on Ebay has gone up & often creates a bidding war.
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