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  1. Just last weekend I helped my father in law remove the engine from his Subaru it's currently covered by this car port https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-cig81020-heavy-duty-instant-garage---da/?da=1&TC=GS-140613572&&gclid=CjwKCAjwiZnnBRBQEiwAcWKfYvhNzX-rq2_rBKq9p0OGLTUJyzL9hydP1S2AYHg6qQKPhpmPK5eHqRoCCRoQAvD_BwE While I cant say what it's like in strong wind as it's currently between the house and high fence panels so rather sheltered itself it's been completely dry in the 6 plus months the car has been kept inside it & there was enough room for us to Jack the car up and work around inside it while removing the engine . Hope this helps
  2. Stephen-H

    gun cabinet

    Few nice ones on Ebay secondhand if nothing comes up on here around the stoke on trent area & derby 👍
  3. If your on Facebook check out sea kayaking anglesey as well they offer courses in safety at sea , have a go days with qualified instructors & a lot of really good information about it all
  4. I had two feel free single seater nomads which I fitted anchor pulley systems to & fishing rod holders they were good kayaks for going around in close around the coast of north Wales easy to launch very stable rather light as well a single person could load , unload & launch on there own they also do a wheel in the keel version as well . I think I paid just short of a £1000 for the pair with the paddles , life jackets , seats and straps for the roof bars. I got mine from Manchester kayaks https://www.manchester-canoes-and-kayaks.co.uk/
  5. Check out bamfords website should have plenty of steel proofed guns in stock
  6. Stephen-H

    Cartridge bag

    You can get them off Ebay new £9 delivered to your door
  7. Stephen-H

    Goggle Box

    Me the girlfriend and all the family love it! Currently watching it now! Brilliant series!
  8. Hia everyone is anyone from the Cheshire area having much luck with the pigeons? I went to check a friends permission the other day for him and there was nothing about at all seems odd looks like a lot of other fields have been drilled etc but not much in the skys. Anyone else finding this in the area?
  9. Stephen-H

    petrol strimmer

    Aldi sell them from time to time there usually pretty cheap & alright for the price might be worth keeping your eye on on the promo aisle or as I call it the dad aisle.
  10. Had the same for my breakfast this morning did it the old way tho in the pan with the water swirling drop of vinegar in there to help it along three minutes on a light simmer perfect eggs! Have a look at sainsburys for gluten free ranges my sister suffers from it & rates some of the products from there. Also b&m have a small section of gluten free products as well! Sainsburys do a gluten free larger which goes well with a packet of seebrook crisps also gluten free
  11. Put saving private Ryan on the t.v & turn it up
  12. If either of you need a extra gun to shoot pigeons or corvids let me know I'd love to get out pigeon shooting again
  13. It should have a little rod down the back where you can adjust it you may be able to undo it and then push it up to release it
  14. Picked up two bottles of this today rather impressed for the price! Put a glass in the shepards pie while cooking it & looking forward to getting stuck into the rest tonight! Can feel a cheese board coming on for desserts with it 👍
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