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  1. Hope they can get a new venue set up soon I liked the lay out at warrington.
  2. Try affordable game days on Facebook if you dont get any offers on here 👍
  3. If you are on Facebook try some of the groups on there like affordable game days , fieldsports for all 👍
  4. Hi does anyone know what has happened with owls hoot target club in warrington?. I used to go regularly then seen on the facebook page it had closed thought It might of re opened again but the facebook page has now gone & when I google it says that its permently closed?
  5. 😂😂😂
  6. Watched 20 minutes or so have had to turn it off!
  7. New series starting on channel quest 144 for sky viewers & also on freeview . Looks to cover general work on farms such as day to day jobs & also from the advert shown looks to cover crop protection from pigeons on a soya crop thought it might be of interest to some on here 👍 starts this Tuesday at 9pm
  8. Avon Skin so soft & mosquito milk
  9. Brillant I thought nice to have a different take on it & true to the period it was set in
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum from rainy stockport
  11. Try premier guns at doveridge
  12. There is one for sale on here for £100 might be worth getting just for spares
  13. As mentioned above if you are on facebook search the group section for "giving up the game" post a add up with your location what you have going for free or for sale & I'm sure you will have some interest 👍
  14. Stephen-H


    Where abouts are you based??
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