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  1. Branthwaites in cheadle hulme has/had two in fixed choke & multi choke both grade 5 were priced at £1600 & £1500 I know it's a dealer but it might be worth a look
  2. Gun trader put in cheshire on the county search part guns from £75 at mickley hall. Would spend the extra & buy either a old lanber or a second hand semi auto hatsan etc
  3. If you are on facebook try the following pages Affordable game days & lanchashire fieldsports pop a post up on there I'm sure someone will be able to sort something for you 👍
  4. Barbel rod, bait runner reel & a running ledger rig with either a lead on or cage feeder good ground bait mix or hemp mix & either a pellet , boilie or luncheon meat hair rigged should pull the barbel & chub out. If you can get near to that wier pool I would try there first where the water slacks off
  5. Try facebook jobs for beaters & pickers up etc there is a few pages to try . I can give you a contact number for a shoot near Appleton thorn if that's any good to you
  6. You might of contacted all the dealers already BUT ...try world of power based in buxton peak district they seem to stock everything for huskys & the gent who repairs them seems to be a wizard with fixing them he might have a spare in his work shops he's been doing it for years
  7. Screwfix £17.99 I think it was 1.5ah trickle charger
  8. I've just got a pair of dedito moorland boots I've wanted some for a while now so finally took the plunge very impressed with them keep your feet nice and warm even with thin socks on haven't rubbed at all grip is good in them & ankle support is excellent
  9. 100% agree try this after having a good look around the obvious stuff first
  10. As mentioned above about lifting decoys on bamboo sticks etc I've also found once we have a few birds in the bag I put them onto bird cradles you can get them in different lengths or if you need them higher you can take a telescopic hide pole apart & place the cradle in the lower tube this should give you well over 2ft - 2 1/2ft of height there really isnt anything better then real birds out as decoys & the cradles let you display the bird perfectly
  11. I would like to give these a try! If they could develop a well priced pigeon load it would keep a lot of falconry people happily supplied with woodies! Does anyone in the northwest supply jocker cartridges never seen them in any of my local shops
  12. That's the sort of money I would give for a dog tbh I think that is very fair! So far we have been quoted £2000 - 3000 & even £5000 for a bloody dog
  13. Following! After a lab pup can't get them anywhere contacted five breeders now three wanted silly money! Other two had sold the pups they had dont know what's going on!
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