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  1. Stephen-H

    John Wilson

    Sad news indeed inspired many generations to take a interest in fishing & the outdoors
  2. Stephen-H

    Tweed shooting jacket ???.

    Seeland do one for £260 brand new you can normally get seeland cheaper on eBay as well. You can add the breeks & waistcoat at a later date if you wanted to make a full suit up
  3. Stephen-H

    Usyk v bellew... Undercard too

    Spot on! Likes the sound of his own voice too much! Cashed out on his last four fights! We've to listen to him now for the next five plus years as a pundit! Rather a slug slime over my face!
  4. Stephen-H

    what the...on PW??

    I am! No numbers next to it tho so I don't know what to bloody order!!!!
  5. Stephen-H

    Brattonsound 5 gun cabinate

    Have you got a contact number I've a friend who's after a cabinet I could pass it on thanks
  6. Stephen-H

    Strange Seed

    Hemp seed?? Looks like what I use for fishing
  7. Stephen-H


    I got some muck boots in the sale they were meant to be £100 I got them for £28 delivered there warm comfy & the grip seems good this winter will be there real test but for the money I paid you can't really go wrong!
  8. Stephen-H

    New member

    Hello & welcome!
  9. Stephen-H

    Ssangyong Musso

    The older diesel ones were all mercedes Benz engines
  10. Stephen-H

    Hughie Fury

    Terrible fighter British level at best how he keeps getting world title fights and final elimanator chances is beyond me!
  11. Stephen-H

    Barrel blues

    Spotted that you are from Lancashire give bamfords near Chorley a call they might be able to help or point you in the right way of someone who can
  12. Stephen-H

    New to Pigeon watch

    Hello & welcome
  13. Stephen-H


    There is no set recipe for making Apple cider it's just apple juice, sugar & yeast . The more sugar you add the stronger cider you will have. But it's not all about alochol content it's best to use a variety of Apple's until you find the right mix you like I would only use a teaspoon of yeast to start off your brew depending on how many litres you are going to make. Keep everything sterile & with airlocks on and sealed . I've only dabbled with turbo ciders but it's all relatively the same YouTube is a good place to pick up a general guide and take it from there
  14. Stephen-H

    Hi from Derbyshire!

    Get yourself to cold springs if your localish in summer they do a 30 birds practise for £10 a round very friendly club shoot every last and first Sunday of the month & practise will move to the Saturday in the winter months hope to see you there and welcome to the forum
  15. Stephen-H

    Canada goose

    Put the goose in the oven for four hours with a brick after four hours take it out & chuck it in the bin and eat the brick