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  1. Thanks I will look up the thread now. Has the uk cartridge club got a website or a social media page I could follow?
  2. Not wishing to steal the thread & it probably sounds a daft question but how do you get into cartridge collecting as its something I could see myself doing. But I never see old cartridges up for sale & you cant advertise them on social media sites etc. Just wondering how collectors manage to start and how they locate the older cartridges to collect
  3. Try premier guns for left handed shotguns or driven sporting they have a good selection normally or even gun trader you can change the search settings for left hand cast guns.
  4. As mentioned premier guns at doveridge or try a.branthwaites in cheadle hulme very good shop been doing it 50 plus years very good reputation & more local
  5. Owls hoot is currently closed struggling to find clay grounds myself in Cheshire, peak district area Owls hoot in warrington closed currently Cold springs in buxton closed currenty awaiting a new ground for the shoot The little mill in rowarth closed Only leaves catton hall , mickley, Holmes chapel shoot & the boar in glossop and the wildboar clough in macclesfield that I know of unless you were to travel further out & try north Wales shooting school in sealand deeside
  6. Try holm hill shoot it's been taken over recently by a gentlemen I follow on instagram looks like it's going to be a good shoot they might be in need of beaters or if you are on facebook search the groups beaters & pickers up , jobs for beaters and pickers up , I'm sure you will be able to find a shoot on there no problem 👍
  7. I was working in l8 the other day there is a lot of litter and bin bags left around the back of properties etc I was working in student accommodation...that's another level of mess , litter , rotting food and empty beer and vodka bottles
  8. Toto - Africa Rap music , grime music , the majority of the new stuff that is made now with auto tune
  9. Double post sorry but definitely give driven sporting a ring they had a 410 remi 1100 on there Instagram feed back in late august just found it while looking at there page 👍 hope it's still there for you
  10. Hi there I know it's not a remi 1100 but if you search driven sporting they sometimes have some different stuff come in they have/had a Winchester m42 pump action circa 1950s in 410. Gauge the other week
  11. Where can you buy it from? Just been on the site & like the look of a pair of trousers on there but you cant seem to buy off the main site? Edit* found a few localish stockists cheers
  12. If you are on Facebook search affordable game days pop a post up on there with you're location travel distance and price you wish to pay for the day I'm sure you will have plenty of good offers 👍
  13. Decathlons clothes are good priced right last well & if they do rip tare snag or break there a fraction of the price of some of the major brands so cheap enough to replace.
  14. Stephen-H


    That's a shame as there good eating brabyns park used to have a lot of them in & I've seen a dead crayfish shell on the river etherow while I've been walking the dog so they must be in there as well
  15. If you dont get any interest on here & you are on facebook search on the group section for Beaters and pickers up Jobs for beaters and pickers up I'm sure you will get plenty of interest
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