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  1. Good luck! Looks like you could get the best of the weather as well 🤞👍
  2. 100% right!! from a left handed shooter the majority of guns break open to the right on the lever only a small amount open either way . You can normally tell the cast of the a gun by looking down the barrel ( only if it is empty and safe obv) and seeing which way the stock turns too will determine which way the stock is cast on the gun.
  3. Manchester road , buxton sk17 9se Pete 07720 681 513
  4. Lyavale express dan arms 28grams 7.5s hard hitting cartridge terrible on the shoulder and spat confetti everywhere and made a right mess in the chambers I imagine it would nail pigeons well tho. The first 1000 cartridges I ever bought tho the same day my cert came through you buy , you shoot , you learn
  5. Try cold springs shooting ground Pete is a brillant guy they do Saturday practise then Sunday comp nice clean ground good cafe & lots of pubs local 👍
  6. Just been on there website they do do the lessons with instructors & equipment hire will drop them a message this week. Thank you for the help & the very kind offer 👍
  7. Do you know if they do lessons at ladybower? I've never fly fished before and would like to have a go at it
  8. Lovely hope to see you in the summer as I help out up there filling traps etc 👍great bunch at the boar I'm sure you will enjoy it
  9. Try the boar clay ground just off the woodhead pass you can hire a gun & go around yourself or with a friend there is every discipline available some nice easy clays to get your eye in with & some more challenging ones on the flush & simulated game
  10. We've at least six months of listening to eubank jr mention every good middleweight & super middleweight names under the sun now & then fighting the easiest one or a defence of that naff ibo title he carries around everywhere with him. Next best move for him is to target Anthony dirrell for the wbc world title
  11. Not watching it myself as refuse to pay for it . If the right James degale turns up on the night he should outbox eubank easily but James degale does switch off & goes missing in the mid rounds. Eubank could win it with a busy work rate and staying right on top of degale and keeping the pressure on . James degale does not like a brawl. If degale is to lose this I can only see retirement for him not really anymore fights out there for him really. If Eubanks loses it just cements the fact that he is a British or European level fighter at best.
  12. Wait for the next game season and find a local shoot to beat on /help out you might get some roost shooting from it and possible pigeon shooting from a fellow gun or beater with some permission you've just got to put yourself out there
  13. Last I heard off a butcher near me was £5 a pheasant fully prepared for the table , plucked, gutted , cleaned & cling wrapped ready for the oven
  14. Hia just thought I would pop this up if anyone is interested A&D supplies of northwich are offering a new hatsan 12 gauge semi auto . 250 hull superfast pigeon cartridges & a hull cartridge cap for £345. Thought it might be of use to anyone either starting out or after a cheap semi auto https://www.aadsupplies.com/
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