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  1. Is there a deer stalking definition of a "hart" based on the number of points/size of antlers?
  2. Some good(ish) news? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-45799453 But I know "big" fish need (eat) lots of "little" fish to get that size. Does this mean the return of herring - as I've caught a few of these (herring not tunny unfortunately) whilst after bream in Weymouth?
  3. If this is from their "Taste the difference" range then I had one of these last night and it was gorgeous.
  4. Just had to buy some sunglasses for my little one to wear under his hockey "lid" this afternoon. I got the mid-range (£18) "Muddy Fox" brand cycling glasses from Sports Direct. In the semi-rigid case you get 4 one piece lenses (clear/yellow/polarised and mirror), "Dame Edna" lanyard, elastic head band, soft case and a "proper" lens holder for us four-eyes. BARGAIN as they appear to be not that different in quality to my "proper" £85 ones.
  5. Next weapon in the battle against crabs - arma mesh (right towards the end of the page)? The only downside I can see (apart from the £10+ a pop but 7m should be good for a few sessions) is that the squid wrapped baits would be quite fiddly to do and that the plunger-thingy would become very whiffy very quickly. Anyone use this system "at sea"?
  6. When the kids' .410 W&S bolt-action went to the great gun rack in the sky it was replaced with the Armsan A620 (polymer - I was after the JS - but was told by my gunsmith there was no point judging by the size of my littlest son). It's an absolute joy to shoot (and clean). Everyone who's borrowed it at the clay ground have walked away with a smile on their face and been very complimentary about it.
  7. I'm assuming that you're not talking about the "iffy" gout medicine but this stuff? EDIT: I think I'm going to buy it just because of the tin!
  8. [ANECDOTE] So after the W&S bolt action .410 "went", my youngest kept asking me to take him shooting again so I decided to get him ("me") a suitable gun. I wanted an Armsan A620 JS (the one with two stocks and the barrel extension) but my local gun dealer (big shout out to Park Street guns) offered me a pretty good deal on a "normal" A620 and sourced a junior stock for it (which we didn't actually need as the fit was better will the full size stock). It's a lovely gun, light-weight and light kick and as it had swivels fitted I got a sling for it.[/ANECDOTE] The sling is quite a nice piece of very thick quality (I think) "pink" leather - I've got a feeling that it should really be treated/waxed in some way. What's best to do it with "normal" wax polish or dubbin or whatever they use on bridles and saddles?
  9. I 've often wondered how they do their "landings" - especially on branches so accurately. I've always thought that their eye position would lead in a massive 3d blind-spot in front of them. Some birds have been shown to have pretty good echo-location (cave swifts etc.) and I wondered if pigeons had a rudimentary version for landing? This would indicate that the birds had quite a sophisticated hearing system - as another role for the "set up" of hearing is balance; in birds this is very important - so perhaps it's more complex than we think.
  10. Steve can you add me to the list for another one, please?
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