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  1. 20g cartridges for sale

    You have PM
  2. New semi auto

    When the kids' .410 W&S bolt-action went to the great gun rack in the sky it was replaced with the Armsan A620 (polymer - I was after the JS - but was told by my gunsmith there was no point judging by the size of my littlest son). It's an absolute joy to shoot (and clean). Everyone who's borrowed it at the clay ground have walked away with a smile on their face and been very complimentary about it.
  3. Leather help

    I'm assuming that you're not talking about the "iffy" gout medicine but this stuff? EDIT: I think I'm going to buy it just because of the tin!
  4. Leather help

    [ANECDOTE] So after the W&S bolt action .410 "went", my youngest kept asking me to take him shooting again so I decided to get him ("me") a suitable gun. I wanted an Armsan A620 JS (the one with two stocks and the barrel extension) but my local gun dealer (big shout out to Park Street guns) offered me a pretty good deal on a "normal" A620 and sourced a junior stock for it (which we didn't actually need as the fit was better will the full size stock). It's a lovely gun, light-weight and light kick and as it had swivels fitted I got a sling for it.[/ANECDOTE] The sling is quite a nice piece of very thick quality (I think) "pink" leather - I've got a feeling that it should really be treated/waxed in some way. What's best to do it with "normal" wax polish or dubbin or whatever they use on bridles and saddles?
  5. Pigeons hearing.

    I 've often wondered how they do their "landings" - especially on branches so accurately. I've always thought that their eye position would lead in a massive 3d blind-spot in front of them. Some birds have been shown to have pretty good echo-location (cave swifts etc.) and I wondered if pigeons had a rudimentary version for landing? This would indicate that the birds had quite a sophisticated hearing system - as another role for the "set up" of hearing is balance; in birds this is very important - so perhaps it's more complex than we think.
  6. 5 x Semi Auto Shotgun chamber safety device/flags

    Steve can you add me to the list for another one, please?
  7. Help with animal identification

    Fair enough (it wasn't particularly big). Any way I can make my home/garden/shed more weasel friendly? I was told that their main prey would be baby/young rats and greys in nests (sand starlings - although I've seen some of the resident magpies despatch a far few but they have a nasty habit of tearing my plants up to hide the corpses before eating their breasts).
  8. Help with animal identification

    Trouble is - we have a "bit" of a rat problem here so putting food out is a bit of a no-no. I don't care what sort of Mustelid it is - if it eats rats they're more than welcome. TBF I'm open to suggestions to make it more welcome.
  9. Help with animal identification

    Just done a google and the colour/shape and tail are all wrong. And it was a pretty poor climber.
  10. Help with animal identification

    It didn't have the pale coloured under-side nor a black-tip on its tail.
  11. Help with animal identification

    I've just done a google and I think this is the winner. Do they eat/hunt rats and if they do - how do I make them more welcome. Actually thinking about it - aren't they a bit "stinky" - my shed was a bit "whiffy" yesterday (a sort of not very nice cinnamon smell) - which I put down to a rat taking some "bait" I've put down for them. Ahhhhh "Mr Fitch"!
  12. Help with animal identification

    I didn't see the very light coloured "chest" or the black tail tip.
  13. Help with animal identification

    That was my first thought as it was so small - smaller than ferrets I've seen - its colour was a very, very dark brown (rat brown?). We've got these "up" at Letchworth.
  14. Just seen scampering in the leaf litter and climbing over my neighbour's and my sheds: a small dark "weasel-like" (it wasn't a rat as it had a short furry tail) creature. A quick google suggests it was a mink - but we're miles from river/stream/reservoir?