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  1. FYI I have just had a telephone interview with FAO and things don't look so bleak/uncertain as they did yesterday. Can I thank everyone who's replied for the helpful input. And even more apologies to all for not being able to spell "cartridges" in the thread title.
  2. Thanks for this little bit of positivity. And apologies to all for not being able to spell "confiscated" in the thread title.
  3. No. I let it lapse after a RTC (back injury) meant I didn't shoot for 3 years. First time was during the Xmas break in lockdown.
  4. Last week after as blazing row (over their continually and escalating challenging behaviour) with one of my (adult) children I took their keys away and physically had to throw them out the house. They called the police and allegations were made (that I think denied, I'm under new medication as part of my ongoing cancer treatment so it's hazy) and my 19 YO child was taken by their grandparents. The only thing I was told was that the police would have to inform my youngest SEND child's school of the incident (I didn't ask them about my volunteering with a disability sports group). The following afternoon an officer appeared at my door, I let him in thinking it would *just* be further questioning about the incident. He then said he was there to remove my shotguns, licence and all ammunition due to a directive from the three counties that comprise my firearms area (Herts, Beds and Cambs). He wanted the three shotguns (and their slips), cartridges (four slabs, a couple of boxes, a full cartridge belt) and my cert (with two previous certs and a few lapsed club/soc membership tickets) in its wallet. I fully complied (helping him move them from where they were stored) and I asked for a receipt (he declined), I requested that I photo his notebook entry detailing what he was taking he said that was confidential but said it could photo the 'haul'. Before driving off he said that I should contact my licensing authority for timescales of what would be happening and that he would 'send' me a receipt. The receipt turned out to be an SMS with a property reference no. I am at a loss and have no idea of what to do next as I have heard nothing about what is going on. My first instinct was to phone the FAO but that's just a recorded message saying that their in-box is full.
  5. Good as gold: I get my new ticket on Friday and when looking through it I see that they've incorrectly labelled one of my bang sticks (actually my youngest son's Armsan A620) as a 12G (serial numbers are ok). I quickly email the cops pointing this error out and asking how to rectify this (not expecting a reply at 16h50 on a Friday afternoon) and get a reply back saying I should print out this email and send it with my cert back to them. The thing is I promised my son that we would do some clay-bashing at the range this week (I'm abroad the following week) - this would be the first time in about a year we've done any shooting due to undergoing a couple of courses of physio after a car crash - we've been given strict instructions that if we experience any back pain to immediately stop and the physio (ex-mil) also advised us to use the A620 due to its lighter 'kick' (not an issue as it's possibly my favourite gun). The ground won't let us in without a SGC (of course) so I was thinking of delaying sending off the SGC until I'm away - would I be carrying out an offence if my cert 'incorrectly' identifies the weapon?
  6. Thanks - I think! From the horse's mouth: And see if you can guess just who I've had ring me...
  7. Just to clarify that's the letter that says something along the lines of "Dear Mr gen your SGC renewal will be at least three months..."?
  8. 'Ours', in Herts, deals with all three as they "unified" the Firearms depts. for the three constabularies in the name of "efficiency"... So what have you done with your "bang sticks" and "bangers" put them into storage which the local constabulary will, of course, offer you compensation for?
  9. My ticket runs out on the 30/07 - I was warned on the application that it'll be six weeks and I renewed on 05/06 anyone know what the turnaround time actually is?
  10. It's good to have local knowledge! So it looks like my pair of crappy travel gear (telescopic sea set-up originally from Lidl but rods replaced with Ron Thompson's, ahem, finest) will get yet another holiday outing... I'll have a look at the Ugly Stiks again. Thanks again for you input. I suppose my fascination with the roller rod is analagous the my growing collection of Parkside electric tools from Lidl - all the professional builders I've spoken to have said that they're "...alright..." but I've never seen one owned by a proper builder...
  11. I was looking at a 30lb plus rod because I mainly fish in/off Kent. If I were to buy a decent rod it would give me a kick up the backside to start boat angling again (kerchinggg!!!!!) from Kent where quite a few rays/skate are caught and decent sized huss/smoothhounds. Your comment on the braid/roller eyes caught my eye because - I've only ever seen a single roller rod in action - it would have been in the late 70's and was used with a reel loaded with wire (shows how long ago!) - a skipper used to it show just how much "give" there was with nylon lines. Thanks for your suggestions.
  12. I used to go with my Dad but with increasing boat costs and decreasing time (and fish stocks) I gave it up. But I've been invited for a week on a boat sailing Scotland's West coast at the end of the month. Normally for new gear, my first port of call was http://www.totalfishinggear.co.uk as I liked their cost/quality ratio but I've noticed they've really cut back on the amount of sea stuff they do (no own brand boat rods). Something that caught my eye was the Shimano TLD A Stand Up, 5.50 Feet, 20 80 lbs, 1 Section, Offshore Boat Fishing Rod with Roller Guides (I'm a braid convert) it's a nice looking rod but as it comes in just under £100 I'm concerned that it's very pricey for what might be just a weeks fishing. Also some of the Fladen stuff I've bought in the past has been 'alright' - their Fladen Fishing 30lb Euro Gold Full Roller looks 'alright' but, ideally I'd like a pair but I'm only able to source one. Anyone got any other suggestions. I've got my heart set on a full roller as I'm getting on and my Dad always said that they are the best rods for boat work. Any other opinions/advice?
  13. Is there a deer stalking definition of a "hart" based on the number of points/size of antlers?
  14. Some good(ish) news? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-45799453 But I know "big" fish need (eat) lots of "little" fish to get that size. Does this mean the return of herring - as I've caught a few of these (herring not tunny unfortunately) whilst after bream in Weymouth?
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