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BSA bolt action 410 questions.


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Hello all, 

Hopefully you guys can help me out with some info about the little BSA .410 shotguns that use Lee rifle bolts. After doing some searching on the internet, this seems to be the place to ask. 

I have the chance to pick up either one of these guns, or a bolt action Webley 410. I like the look of the BSA better, and my first rifle was an old SMLE so naturally I’d prefer it over the Webley.
While I can find some info about the Webley and people seem to adore them, the scant references to the BSA say it’s well made, but has trouble with feeding and extracting modern ammo.  Are these problems across the board? If so, is there a fix? 
One post said that it has trouble with the specs of continental European ammo, does that apply to American made ammo as well?Also, if you tell me the Webley is hands-down the better gun I could easily be swayed.

Either way… I’m sure my interest may seem silly, but over in America these are rarely seen and somewhat exotic. Even though I’m sure they are as common over there as the little vintage Winchester and Remington boy’s guns are over here.  

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Welcome to the forum and greetings from Wales. Tbh the Bsa is a fairly uncommon gun over here too. Many of them ended up with 23" barrels from the factory and so fell foul of the 1968 gun laws act that required a minimum 24" barrel length. The Bsa official factory sporting .410 conversions are single shot unless you have found a converted military SMLE. Some military spec 410's were official conversions for foraging and guard duty in regions where the locals would kidnap guards for their rifles, others were smoothbored as cheap shotguns and curiosities after the war up  until the 1980's.

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The model I’m talking about is the simple single shot BSA shotgun that was built using only the Lee style bolt, not one of the SMLE conversions. Apologies, I should have been more clear. 
Is there truth to these shotguns having issues with modern ammo? I’d be buying this to shoot, not just sit in my safe. 
I have a couple of BSA firearms that I already enjoy, an Anzac marked SMLE that was converted to 22lr by BSA, and a Viscount in 7mm Mauser. 

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