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  1. Wanted 22 Hornet Lee Loader. The simple kit you use with a rubber hammer. Cheers
  2. Tin or Fullish Tin Of .22 Eley Made Wasp Airgun Pellets - Or Bsa Pylarms - These are the best pellets for my 1913 Bsa Improved Model D. Cheers
  3. Not wishing to sound like a crank, but about ten years ago - me and my girlfriend saw a very muscular medium size puma type creature in broad daylight between Llanfyllin and Llangedwyn - it was no more than 30 meters away. Watched it for about 20 seconds. I have worked outside every single day of my life - it was no optical illusion and a domestic cat. A few years later, I found out it was seen by one other person
  4. Class I think there was some speculation at the time that it was a stowaway on a lorry from Finland
  5. Theres definately creatures out there. There was a well documented case of a farmer shooting a wolverine near Llangollen about 20 years ago.
  6. is the side mount made by a company called Field or Australian optics
  7. Hi Snow White, Thanks for your offer, but I have a set of those. The Warne's are a bit lower as was hoping to get scope down as low as possible. Cheers
  8. Hi, Wanted Warne Low / Medium mounts for CZ527 or Tikka. Will buy or can swap for 30mm tube ones
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    Paid, Cheers Mark
  10. morgan

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    Hi DB58 - Would like to buy these please. Whereabouts in Wales are you please or will you post. Cheers
  11. Wanted HW80 cylinder and block please - or complete action I've been fettling a HW80 for a lovely lady who lives in the woods by me. Unfortunately i have just discovered some heathen has drilled out the transfer port to about 5 or 6mm. Trying to avoid having to put an insert in, so wondering if anyone has a HW80 action and block they might be wanting to sell - would consider barrel too - or even complete rifle - Cosmetics not important - ideally not too expensive as on a tight budget 😊
  12. Hi, Chambers is locked down, not sure about Knibbs - but I was hoping to find some second hand ones. Specially the front sight, as I'm sorting out a HW80 for a lovely lady near me on a tight budget.
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