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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all, Hopefully you guys can help me out with some info about the little BSA .410 shotguns that use Lee rifle bolts. After doing some searching on the internet, this seems to be the place to ask. I have the chance to pick up either one of these guns, or a bolt action Webley 410. I like the look of the BSA better, and my first rifle was an old SMLE so naturally I’d prefer it over the Webley. While I can find some info about the Webley and people seem to adore them, the scant references to the BSA say it’s well made, but has trouble with feeding and extracting modern ammo. Are these problems across the board? If so, is there a fix? One post said that it has trouble with the specs of continental European ammo, does that apply to American made ammo as well?Also, if you tell me the Webley is hands-down the better gun I could easily be swayed. Either way… I’m sure my interest may seem silly, but over in America these are rarely seen and somewhat exotic. Even though I’m sure they are as common over there as the little vintage Winchester and Remington boy’s guns are over here.
  2. Hi, As the title says I'm looking for a pair of 1/4 chokes for my Zabala Beri-lux 410. Happy to buy them or swap for my 1/2 & full choke. I'm in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Thanks. Gary
  3. On paper this appears to be a good powder. Very slightly faster than H110 and about the same as SP3. I suspect its the same as 4100 and others but cant confirm it. I can find no data specifically for this powder. I know it replaced AA9 for which there is scant data. I emailed explosia.cz who tell me they have no 410 data for it. I have just mailed them back pointing out it says on the label its suitable for 410 ! I plan on using this in 3inch cases for clay busting. Anyone using it? Cheers, Tony
  4. Hello, I am relatively new to the shotgun community, but I have an important question about the first gun that I bought. The Parkemy 410 3" double barrel poacher's shotgun was the gun in question, and when I bought it the dealer said that although it had 3" chambers I can only shoot 2" 1/2 cartridges through it. I couldn't really get a straight answer as to why that was, only that it wasn't proofed for 3" cartridges. The gun has the spanish APM proof mark on it, but could it be that this gun was proofed for black powder cartridges rather that the modern nitro celulose equivalents, or could it be that the gun is fairly old so it's standard practice to shoot lighter loads through it? If anyone has any knowlegde in this field and can shed some light on it that would be very helpful. Regards Jon
  5. Perhaps someone with experience can tell me if its possible to home load a 410 cartridge using 9 shot in 14 oz for skeet, cheaper than the cheapest 12 gauge cartridges i buy now at £5.00 per box If so would using the brass cartridges re-bored to take standard primers also make a big difference Quite honestly I am going through a tough financial period and £5.00 a box is limiting my shooting and it looks like all clay cartridges will soon be above that number soon If it can be done please say how
  6. As per title. Does any one have one for sale? Thanks
  7. Hi I have for sale a few 410 cartridges in boxes. 14 boxes eley subsonic 18g 6s 2 boxes lylavale 16g 6s 2 boxes eley 18g 6s and 23 loose mix of fioochi/lylavale Price £100 collected Located Morpeth Northumberland cheers
  8. As a follow up, I have just repeated my previous experiment with the above through my Khan K226 at 35yards and Briley extended chokes. Eley subs are 12.5gr SP3 and diana wads v's xtralong which are 15gr sp3 and felt wads. Table again shows, choke, 20 inch circle, outer 10 ring, 30 inch (in bold), outside 30 inch ring and total hits on board With my gun, Light Mod, certainly seems to be the sweet spot for choking. Choke Actual Choke 20 inch 30 inch Total Board Total Cylinder 0.41 50 39 89 35 124 Skeet 0.405 66 37 103 40 143 Imp Cyl 0.401 70 41 111 38 149 Light Mod 0.398 82 35 117 32 149 Mod 0.395 78 35 113 42 155 Imp Mod 0.392 62 40 102 37 139 Briley Cylinder Briley Skeet Briley Improved Cylinder Briley Light Modified Briley Modified Briley Improved Modified
  9. Well got another set of choke tubes from Briley and now down some further comparisons, with results below for No7 Eley 18g 3inch Xtralong at 35 yards, numbers for 20inch circle, outer 10 ring, recorded on outside of ring and total recorded on the board (40 inch by 40 inch) On my gun, (Khan/Revo K226 Multi choke), it would appear with Eley 18g, Briley Light Modified gives the best pattern and that Mod and above, gun is over choked and fliers increase. Choke Maker Choke Actual Choke 20 inch Outer 10 30 inch Outside Total Briley Cylinder 0.410 45 34 79 68 147 Briley Skeet 0.405 69 45 114 59 173 Briley Imp Cyl 0.401 73 48 121 72 193 Briley Light Mod 0.398 86 50 136 67 203 Briley Mod 0.395 80 56 136 62 198 Briley Imp Mod 0.392 69 59 128 55 183 Briley Cyl Briley Skeet Briley Imp Cyl Briley Light Mod Briley Mod Briley Imp Mod
  10. I've just bought a Hushpower detachable 9" moderator for my bolt action W/S 410. The difference in noise level, even using 'normal' non-subsonic cartridges (Eley fourlong 2.5"), is frankly amazing. It's only a 2.5" chamber, so won't be able to use any dedicated subsonic cartridges. However, I'd really like to find out the actual before/after velocities, to see what (if any) difference there is. So, does anyone relatively local to me do this, or has done this ? What chrono to use, and how to set it all up ?
  11. Best fibre wad cartridge for clays? Best (plastic or fibre) for game? Thanks in advance. SE
  12. Moving overseas, so getting rid of a few bits and bobs. Just found a mixed box of Eley .410 cartridges. 75 x 3 inch magnum sub-sonics (18gm 6 shot) (Extra Long) 25 x 2.5 inch (12.5gm 6 shot)(Fourlong) 60 x 2 inch (9gm 6 shot) (Fourten) Free (collection King Lynn)
  13. I'm interested in user experiences of hush power shotguns. On searching here and on other forums opinion seems a bit divided on this. So primarily from the user's perspective, what in your experience is the quietest, and with what cartridge combo produces the best effect / noise tradeoff? I've been recommended a 410 pump and I'm tempted to, but just wondering what other options are available. This is going to be for close-ish range rough shooting. Thanks.
  14. compo90

    free shotguns

    A big ask..................but if you dont ask you never get my son attends this cadet organisation ,http://navalcadetcorps.wordpress.com/ the cadets do a lot of good for kids and also as a unit do stuff for the wider community. they are based in milton keynes and are expanding with new units in leighton buzzard and soon to be emberton. I have been asked to help out a few times, they have an air rifle range at the Milton Keynes unit and i have assisted at a few parade nights when they are short of staff supervising the kids (aged 8-18) on the rifle range. I have also arranged some informal clay shooting for them, where we borrowed a field, a clay trap and me and a colleague instructed with our own guns.One of the Instructors has access to a rifle range and the kids have done full bore rifle shooting there . the commanding officer is trying to arrange to borrow a clay ground . I have some suitable guns for instructing the kids, namely my 12g hushpower and another single 12g shotgun, a workmate who has helped a few times has a couple of other 12g guns and a 410 (but he lives in east london and cant always get up when we are shooting with them) .......where we come unstuck is with the smaller built kids, we ideally need a 20g, 16g 28g or 410......any or all of those would be helpful.... so if anyone has a smaller bore shotgun stood in the cabinet gathering dust................within an hour of milton keynes (i live in bletchley and work in north london so anywhere between those) and would like to gift it to me to use the next time i take the kids shooting..............seriously it wouldnt be sold or even used by me except when i am instructing the kids...........especially the girls can be intimidated by the larger and louder guns............i thought my hushpower could eliminate that but then its size is daunting especially for one lass who is about the same height as my gun.
  15. kimh

    410 over and under

    would prefer ejector but what have you got that you aren't using
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