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  1. Yes saw this too and my thoughts are same as yours.
  2. From what I have heard there is a doubt about this going ahead due to lack of clubs attending.
  3. edenman

    Layout blind

    Cheers Henry
  4. edenman

    Layout blind

    Just out of interest can you carry decoys inside of blind?
  5. Would 2nd this. TIG job though.
  6. edenman

    Layout blind

    If this is still for sale i will have it.
  7. I must be getting lazy in my old age as i rarely bother with decoys for geese these days. Too many times i have watched geese then set up with a pile of decoys only to find them use another flightline in to the field. These days i go mobile with only a net, cartridges and a call so if they move i can too without having to move a ton of decoys.
  8. Perhaps the increase in fowlers on Nigg relates to Findhorn? It may be that cowboys are finding Findhorn a bit hot so are going else where. Nigg may become the new Findhorn???
  9. If you reload, TSS is being used with some popularity and success in 20g by homeloaders. Expensive stuff though.
  10. I also think his writing is fantastic! I remember my older brother bringing Tides ending back home from the school library of all places. I read a few chapters and have been hooked all my life. I enjoy reading his stuff through the long summer months to sustain my fowling dreams!
  11. And quite rightly so! I often wonder what he would have made of social media and wildfowling today?
  12. I think it was a made up name to protect the true identity of where he was shooting.
  13. I always thought it was the west coast of scotland, the solway perhaps?
  14. Almost an every day occurence on some east coast of Scotland estuaries.
  15. I have never understood the fuss with buffer for keeping a pattern tight. As soon as it leaves the wad it will fall away surely?
  16. Why the buffer? Is it old style bismuth thats breaking up? I think you'd be better using blue dot or AO. I have both if you wish to try it.
  17. Will these fibre shot wads shoot as tightly as plastic?
  18. Very interested in this topic as it has to be the way forward for fowlers given the change in attitudes toward plastics.
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