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  1. Jim. I got a scope mounted led ray a good few years back and it works away fine for a few hours. The rechargeable batteries that came with it were fairly cheap ones. My brother advised me to buy more expensive ones and they are a lot better.
  2. Aye. I heard there was charred reeds on the lomonds too Jim.
  3. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/perth-kinross/1296367/long-read-how-firefighters-and-a-local-pilot-battled-to-save-a-river-tay-wonder-and-how-amazing-site-could-recover-in-months/
  4. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/perth-kinross/1291651/video-helicopter-drops-water-from-the-air-to-tame-fire-along-banks-of-river-tay-in-perthshire/
  5. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/perth-kinross/1291651/video-helicopter-drops-water-from-the-air-to-tame-fire-along-banks-of-river-tay-in-perthshire/
  6. This may be of interest
  7. Cheers Bill, will be in touch.
  8. Aye, the better one of the 2 is in freezer!
  9. Your a bloody goose magnet Jim! It was a good morning for me too.
  10. If your in Fife in near future drop me a line I can spare you half a kilo. Cheers
  11. I really enjoyed the local conference's BASC put on last year. Pity they aren't doing that again.
  12. edenman

    Ragworm Teal

    Ha, I suspect the tiny snails will be hydrobia that are commonly found on mud flats on estuaries.
  13. edenman

    Ragworm Teal

    Now I have figured out how to upload pictures I can share one or two. This happened last season during a coldish snap we had here. Taking a teal from my dog i was surprised to find the teal had ragworm in its beak. Minutes later I shot another teal which again had rag in its beak. Anyone else encountered this over the years?
  14. I have been on this site for sometime now and i have just figured out how to post pictures! 😁
  15. Fair point. I did that many years ago when hevi shot was easily bought in gunshops.
  16. Personally I would keep them for geese.
  17. If you have an itch for the whistle scratch it but you will find in time a mallard call is all you needed. I know this from experience buti know where you are coming from. For what its worth look at the 6 in 1 duck calls.
  18. Save your money and get a decent mallard call. All ducks will come in to one in my experience.
  19. Was this the reason why some of the eley lightning shells were recalled? I ask I as found a wad from pal shells on Monday and it was unopened. I asked what he was using and he told it was eley lightning steel.
  20. I have handled a Yildiz SxS 3 1/2"and i found it awfully light.
  21. As has been said confidence in the shells you are using is vital. Be it light loads or the heaviest loads it matters not.
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