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  1. Yes that was it, cheers figgy
  2. Was this the reason why some of the eley lightning shells were recalled? I ask I as found a wad from pal shells on Monday and it was unopened. I asked what he was using and he told it was eley lightning steel.
  3. I have handled a Yildiz SxS 3 1/2"and i found it awfully light.
  4. As has been said confidence in the shells you are using is vital. Be it light loads or the heaviest loads it matters not.
  5. edenman


    I personally saw a skein of 20 pinks this morning in Fife. Ive since heard they have been spotted along the east coast of Scotland all day today. That is the earliest I have ever seen them.
  6. Try one of these. Super easy to use. https://www.seriouscountrysports.com/4358.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoMyH-cme5AIVi813Ch2YAgYlEAUYASABEgLr8PD_BwE
  7. Yes saw this too and my thoughts are same as yours.
  8. From what I have heard there is a doubt about this going ahead due to lack of clubs attending.
  9. edenman

    Layout blind

    Cheers Henry
  10. edenman

    Layout blind

    Just out of interest can you carry decoys inside of blind?
  11. Would 2nd this. TIG job though.
  12. edenman

    Layout blind

    If this is still for sale i will have it.
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