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  1. Will these fibre shot wads shoot as tightly as plastic?
  2. Very interested in this topic as it has to be the way forward for fowlers given the change in attitudes toward plastics.
  3. edenman

    Michigan Nylon Waders

    Has anyone tried these? Need to get new pair of chesties as my neoprene ones gave up on me at montrose recently (both heels split at same time). Keen to move away from neoprene ones as i find them too hot. Vass waders get goodish reviews. Can anyone recommend any none neoprene waders?
  4. edenman

    csb-0 suggestions

    You're doing well then. When i had csbo i just couldn't get it to work for me...
  5. edenman

    Alliant Steel Powder

    I use this load a lot and I get 1450fps over the chrono with it.
  6. edenman

    Scope mounted lamp - glare off mod..?

    Try some insulation tape (electrical stuff?) over the bottom half of the lamp lense.
  7. edenman

    Coast to Coast

    In Scotland clubs would be over the moon to have 10-15% of the membership turn up to club meetings!!!
  8. edenman

    Coast to Coast

    Like anything else in life, you will get back what you put in to wildfowling.
  9. edenman

    Canadas up North

    Hi, I think this will be the way of things to come with the canadas, they will stay longer and longer until they stay all year round. This is the case in my neck of the woods, east scotland, where they are staying longer each year before moving on. Seeing a Canada goose up here until the 2000s was very rare but they are welcome addition to game bag - long may it continue.
  10. edenman

    Where to shoot?

    Try here http://www.esawc.co.uk They may be able to help you.
  11. edenman

    Scottish foreshore - quick vid

    Nice one Steve, May I ask what choke you have in the AYA and what shot size you are using? Cheers
  12. edenman

    Steel through 8 bore

    Totally agree with this but my point is your average working man could never afford to do so.
  13. edenman

    Steel through 8 bore

    Unless steel shot works through these big bores or a cheaper alternative non toxic shot type is found I do believe that big bores will soon be worthless IMO (if they already aren't).
  14. edenman

    Steel carts for driven shoot

    My one point on this is steel will kill much further than most of our abilities allow. Nothing wrong with steel at all. I use steel for 90% of all my shooting these days.