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  1. Those people (antis) that take a disgusting stance to a tragedy are proof of what happens when your brother and sister are your parents!!!. Undoubtedly they have hair that hasn't been washed or cut for years and wearing woolly jumpers that are too big for them and full of holes living in a clapped out vehicle... As the Muppets who were trying to drum up support in our area a few years back .
  2. Have a look at SGS engineering I just replaced my M18 impact driver at an amazing price https://www.sgs-engineering.com/search/?q=M18+battery
  3. Back home now was a 2 night break . We enjoyed the time away as it was the 1st time away in 3yrs as the Mrs had to shield during lock down and it took some persuading to get her to go as I believe it has had a mental effect on her confidence . That aside I have to say sedgebrook hall was good . It needs a little bit of TLC but bearing in mind the time that the hospitality industry has been through of late they have done ok . The grounds were very well kept the room was clean but could have benefited a redecorating but that's my opinion ... Food was excellent staff were very helpful/pleasant . Would I travel the 4 hours to go back ?? Hell yes in a blink of an eye!!! In fact I'm in the process of convincing her . Next time I'm seriously thinking of loading my fishing stuff as I passed a couple of fisheries not far from the hotel and she quite likes sitting watching while I fish
  4. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/liverpool-vet-warns-dog-owners-21588742
  5. Nope got 2 nights Inc breakfast for £94. We're sitting outside the boat Inn at the museum now
  6. Funny u say that mate we've seen it on Google and going there in morning Not too much walking or hills as Mrs H knees shot
  7. I'm staying here for a couple of nights . Anyone local tell me places to visit tomorrow . After the news we got yesterday I've treated the Mrs to a couple of nights away
  8. Just been looking on gumtree and someone selling Springer X bull mastiff . Why the hell would you cross those 2
  9. Yep it gives way on a regular basis and quite often has her sitting in tears
  10. Had S.W.M.B.O to see the consultant about her knees today and came out with being out on the list for knee replacement as they are both shot . Her left is by far the worst but the right is not far behind .... So he told her he's going to try his best to get it within 4-6 months (covid permitting). But she's also close to the top of the list if there's any cancellations as we can get her there at very short notice. Left knee pic Pic of x-ray of both is too large to add
  11. Not really mate everyone I've shot are stunned I actually managed to hit them as I'm sure they fly past thinking oh it's him we're safe he's a carp shot he had 2 goes at me last time
  12. Are they still there I've edited the post ? I've tried again deleted everything and recopied and pasted just the 1 email
  13. Yep copied and pasted all by error doh!!!
  14. Got this email today Reference CAS-6910524-K1M3W4 Dear Mr H Thank you for contacting us regarding 'The Hit List' broadcast on 11 September and for sharing your views. We note your concerns with Chris' chosen charity. Chris Packham is an established and respected naturalist in his own right. He is not solely employed by the BBC and may choose to express personal views outside of his work on BBC natural history programmes. We believe our audience is able to distinguish between his role at the BBC and his other external activities. Nevertheless, it would never be our intention to cause offence and we apologise for any unhappiness caused. Please be assured we value your feedback on this matter. All complaints are sent to senior management and we’ve included your points in our overnight report. These reports are among the most widely read sources of feedback in the company and ensures that your concerns have been seen by the right people quickly. This helps inform their decisions about current and future content. Thank you, once again, for getting in touch. Best wishes, Victoria Hutchinson BBC Complaints Team www.bbc.co.uk/complaints Please note: this email is sent from an unmonitored address so please don’t reply. If necessary please contact us through our webform (please include your case reference number). Delete Move to Forward Reply
  15. Thanks .. The way the beeb give him airtime to underhand promote his carp really boils my p
  16. On the little mates syndicate I used to be in a mate of one of the guns twice brought a doberman cross that he said was a "great working dog" . It actually was great at not listening to a word he said and running like a Ferrari at full chat through the cover crop about 300yds in front of the guns putting every bloody partridge and pheasant up with no chance of getting a shot at them . When the shoot captain shouted for him to get that ******##"* dog on a lead and fox trot Oscar the owner got really peed and stormed off thankfully to be never seen again
  17. I completely agree that working spaniel tails should be docked I've seen a couple of horrible injured tails over the years More on labs but there was 1 Springer that hadn't been done and it was a real mess . But looking around there's loads of KC reg litters of " working type" cockers but they're all undocked ( and an exorbitant price) there's a litter in the for sale section at a belter price but unfortunately out of pocket range unless anyone wants to buy a kidney
  18. I know nothing will be done about it .. but I did it just to vent . I sent in a complaint asking why the beeb keeps on giving him a platform to promote his personal views which have been many times proven to be incorrect and also to raise money for an organisation that carries out illegal activities which have been proven to endanger human life . I've had the automated reply saying they've received my email .. But like I say I do believe that they will carry on giving him the platform to spout his carp
  19. Send them up and I'll clean them But it may take a while for me to return them ..... I had that exact set until some theiving scrote still them out my shed . What made more annoying was they were my dad's 😢
  20. Should be we buy any newish car . My Audi they quoted £750 . Yes it's old 2008 . So I looked all over the net for a car the same year and trim levels as mine and the cheapest one was was over £3k up to £4k+ a little . But it's because wbac are owned by B.C.A who also own the new selling platform cinch . So what they do is cherry pick the very best cars that wbac purchase and sell them for profit on cinch and the older ones go through B.C.A
  21. I added a mosaic pin last night ready for sanding to shape and buffing
  22. Drilled in the handle in the centre of the brass loveless bolts and put a mosaic pin in ready for a bit fettling
  23. It's pretty clean all round really . Comfortable to drive
  24. Selling my Audi it's a 2008 on a 57plate. I bought this car in February this year (only selling as my disabled wife really struggles to get in & out ) as I do with all cars I buy the first thing I do is service them and change the timing belt . Since Feb as well as that it's had 2 new front anti roll bar end links and other jobs that were adivised ( they were advised on the mot ). It's also has new rear wiper motor , arm & blade new front passenger side wheel bearing and brake light switch . I've fitted led number plate lights and led sequence side repeater's. It's in VERY GOOD condition for it's age but does have the usual stone chips and car park dings that any 13 yr old car has .seats have very slight marks but no tears. Starts off the button and is good on fuel . Went to Leeds and back last month to collect my new car and never missed a beat . Everything works as it should . Has factory load cover and dog guard has 5 alloys with good tyres . Road tax is £210 a year Has 2 keys ( 1 remote needs looking at but still starts car fine). Mot till 28/01/22 . PRICE IS O.V.N.O £2250 More pics
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