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  1. there listed on ebay now so if interested please PM me they are in very good condition have had them from new
  2. Nobody interested? Price drop £600
  3. Zeiss Dialyt 7X42 B/GA T*P I have here in very good condition Zeiss 7X42 B/GA T*P I’ve owned these for years and in my and am sure others will agree are up there with the very best of the best these are the only binoculars that don’t strain my eyes and I’ve used others but none compere to my Zeiss 7X42 these classics are getting harder and harder to find. Am asking £650 and will let the sale run for a week or two then there going on Ebay; am not bothered if they sell or not but just don’t use them anymore so going to let some lucky person get many good years use out of them and then still
  4. Thanks guys am thinking £85 and buyer collects Near MANSFIELD mfletch
  5. Hi all Have stopped shooting due to health but anyway does anyone have a idea on what a Brady Halesowen cartridge bag is worth as on the Internet there fetching good money its the same as in the picture
  6. Winchester 101 XTR lightweight magnum multi choke sure its got skeet choke? £550 ono
  7. mfletch


    I've got a nice Winchester 12g 101XTR lightweight magnum £550
  8. I've got a nice Winchester O/U 101XTR 12g magnum don't know about a swap but the gun is £550
  9. mfletch

    Winchester 101

    I do believe so I've never changed it and had the gun for many years
  10. mfletch

    Winchester 101

    Here are some pictures
  11. mfletch

    Winchester 101

    I have a good condition 101XTR lightweight £550 when I'm on a real computer will post pictures
  12. I've only got the Winchester 101XTR £550
  13. If it's 101XTR Winchester price it's £550 Sorry too expensive but it's a good gun
  14. I've got a nice Winchester 12g O/U 101XTR lightweight single trigger multi choke ejector £550 I'm in the mansfield area
  15. mfletch


    Winchester 101 XTR lightweight multi choke £550
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