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  1. Pulsar N970LRF night vision scope for sale. Will include a T67 ir torch (batteries and mount not inc) SW Scotland £900 posted RMSD May swap decent day scope or OU 12bore.
  2. 1st Jan I went out for a look. Spotted a fox leaving a bit of cover, heading downhill. I drove round to where I thought i might meet it, but was too late. Watched it go down the field to a stream and turn left, following the path of the stream. I knew if I drove round a bit I would be in a position to meet it as it walked along. Sure enough, after a short wait, I spotted it walking towards me, a quick shout stopped it in its tracks and gave me a shot. Went on to another bit and put the caller on the roof. After a few minutes I saw a fox cross a field from right to left about 300 yards in front
  3. For sale, .243 ackley imp dies. £100 posted.
  4. Steel shot pigeons go for 50p -£1.00 to local falconers. Join "steel shot woodpigeons" on Facebook
  5. Nice pic, but it's the first barn owl I've seen with a perfect pattern of squares on its leg....photoshopped the anklets off?
  6. It's great how everyone is on first name terms with them both, what a friendly bunch.
  7. There's a date on each gun, 1904, 1945 and 1946.
  8. Not a sheik no. Anyone hazard a guess at value?
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