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  1. join the wires back up move the lever to 2wd then drive it straight in reverse that should disengage 4wd to 2wd some 4wd lights flash to warn you are in 4wd
  2. Hi there is a vortex micro 3 magnifier on the airgun forums.co.uk but its £225 posted
  3. Hi i am looking for a frame for a gunpower stealth frame etc that has the cut outs for the power adjust wheel etc as mine does not have them and i want to be able to adjust the power without stripping the gun each time thanks
  4. don't buy a fiat buy a cheaper jeep if you want rid of the landy i have a 2004 hyundai terracan 2.9 diesel plenty of room good towing if you need it and good off road and a lot more comfortable to drive than a landy plus cheaper parts
  5. winchester mod 70 xtr feather weight
  6. if you want a very light .243 go for a winchester model 70 xtr feather weight but without a heavy moderator it will kick like a mule i know as i have one
  7. that is the way its supposed to be done but most r.f.d. will take the gun enter it into their books then send it to the other r.f.d. and he would enter it on your certificate i would not post my certificate to anyone as it can get lost in the mail etc or not sent back
  8. i don't go its all over priced food stalls gun stalls etc etc etc
  9. still looking for a stealth for parts prefer .25 cal if possible thanks
  10. some police do over react i was out shooting a few years ago with my 12 year old niece we were just leaving the farm when a police sargent shouted asking were we would be leaving the field i told him when we got out two young officers were there they asked if i had permission and what gun was in the slip i should them my permission and certificate they were fine and said ok no problem then the sargent turned up he was not happy that the two officers had checked my gun and permission he was shouting and swearing i stayed cool and told him he can check my permission even though i did not need too if he would calm down and say sorry to my niece he did after a while the two officers asked if i wanted to make a complaint and they would also make a complaint i said no just let it go
  11. its very bad for dogs eyes feet etc etc
  12. Hi sorry i don't have a spare barrel also i don't know the guy
  13. contact the manufacturer and tell them what you have been told from tj they may help i done it with wraith and they got scott country to send out a new ir torch free of charge
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