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  1. Yaesu FT920 hf transceiver built in auto atu extras fitted fm board and am filter the radio is in perfect working order and condition with user manual and boxes plus navada ps-30m power supply and an ocf 80m to 10m dipole £570 for radio+power supply or swap for a decent .22 pcp air rifle kit
  2. you have to contact them on gun watch as it says they are not a pw member
  3. for all of you that think lead should not be used if it does go altogether then the next thing will be your non so call toxic shot getting blamed and wanting to ban that as well
  4. years ago they tried feeding mallard ducks lead pellets mixed in corn to prove it would give them lead poisoning it did not work
  5. i agree they are sucking up sportsman money but ain't standing by us they agreed to easy to the lead ban and they are doing it again with rifle ammo maybe if everyone stopped paying them they would change their minds
  6. Hi Jamie contact your local firearms dept and ask them they will tell you what to do but i think they will have too issue a temp certificate for her to sell or give the guns to you
  7. i think the word is cabin fever or just plain NUTS 🤣😂😎
  8. it took 4 month for me to get an air weapon certificate and i already have have f.a.c. & s.g.c.
  9. most places only do samples of 1 brand so you would have to buy a few brand samples
  10. Hi if your rifle dovetail is 11mm Ant supplies sell the 30mm adjustable hawk mounts £34
  11. 12 bore more choice of cartridges plenty guns on gun trader to look at
  12. no comeback you must be joking most women would say you should have told me what car we should have got you just can't win
  13. behind so the birds fly towards you and not over your head going away plus wind in your face makes your eyes water
  14. Hi Motty i don't like it too many people think they can take very high birds with it a few years ago we mett two guys who said their special steel catridges can take geese down from 90 yards up
  15. we need to tell the eu they no longer tell us what to do so take a hike
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