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  1. Hi i have 2 scopes swap 1 for a range finder 1 bsa contender 3-x12x40 ao with original screw on metal scope covers the scope is in very good condition and in perfect working order 30/30 reticule 2 jsr tf2 ir 3-x9x50 with sunshade illuminated etched mildot ao the scope is in very good condition and in perfect working order no boxes both scopes are 1 inch tubes
  2. Hi i have a set of 30mm alloy medium scope mounts to fit brno 2 or cz with 15mm dovetail groves as new £25.00 collected £30.00 posted also 30mm steel medium cz mounts fit parker hale bases 20mm dovetail £30.00 collected or £35.00 posted
  3. scarecrow243


    they are good for zeroing or if you are shooting from a motors bonnet or roof
  4. rough one looks more natural
  5. weaver rifle scope k6-w 6x 38mm wide veiw german reticule 1 steel body 1 inch tube in very good condition micro track turrets has original scope covers swap for a good range finder
  6. the first price could have been a mistake or they have a second gun in better condition and used the same add
  7. Hi i have a jeep cherokee / liberty in us limited edition 3.7l v6 auto petrol if you let them build their speed up and dont get heavy right footed they are not as gutsy on fuel i get 30mpg from mine
  8. sounds like the clutch is stuck on like you are pulling the clutch lever a worn clutch you would crunch gears changing gear
  9. yep thats ugly if it was a free gift i still would not have it i dont like these weird rifle stocks at all
  10. Hi try tapping the float housing on the carb it sounds like it is stuck down
  11. Hi Bruno i know what you are saying but a lot of very cheap scanners will give a generic code and you can end up buying lots of parts not needed i have a foxwell code reader its not too costly and it does engine codes gear box abs etc but they dont work on every motor or read all of the ecu etc
  12. as said they only give you a rough idea i had a cheap one it gave the code for a faulty lambda sensor but it was not the sensor the cat converter was goosed
  13. okay maybe i misread what you are saying the land you have applied for an f.a.c. on is the same land your friend has permission on if this is the case you would be able to both be out ie after roe in different area from each other or double high seat etc is this what you are asking if it is then yes you would be ok
  14. Hi it is a dedicated nv day/night scope its on my brno .22lr i was about 55 yards
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