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  1. Hi if you know your radio code disconnect your battery for a few hours it should reset the ecu
  2. sunny hot days affect thermal images
  3. you have to use primers that are similar ie for same powder and shot load some primers are hot for magnums etc
  4. what eat that rabbit food no chance 🤣😂😎
  5. i did the same on gun trader i told a gun shop the logun rifle they were selling was missing the pellet slip gauge they need it to work or it will jam they have not altered the add and no reply so they will sell it and blame it on the new owner
  6. shoot them they will swim too the feeder if its floating on the water
  7. the best one is the accident call i told them yes i had the accident and i am six feet under in a wooden box to my surprise the girl said i am very sorry to hear that we will take you off our calling list they have not phoned again
  8. do not press 1 or any thing else they are after your bank details
  9. Hi i am thinking of selling my 02 3.7l v6 limited auto its had 2 new catalytic converters 4 new 02 sensors new y shape exhaust new front discs and pads & callipers. & new battery. tow bar. parrot hands free. runs great body work good but surface rust above back door glass 5 good 4x4 tyres spare not used yet m.o.t. November £850 thanks dave
  10. Ditchman are you going to Snap 😂🤣😎
  11. you can get them from ant supplies i have .243 and .22lr metal ones
  12. Hi if the rifle has more than 1 screw holding it too the stock slacken them all off then screw the one nearest the butt tight first
  13. get a pcp air rifle for the rabbits as for the pigeons if you mean feral pigeons the GL is different for them a lot easier than wood pigeon for foxes just lock the cat flap simples as for f.a.c. you may struggle having lodger's some departments won't happy
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