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  1. i said a few years ago basc would not help me with my fac application and they said to the gun shop that phoned them on my behalf that they thought i was telling lies so i never joined them again they only help them selfs
  2. tagged as sold yet is on ebay at one bid £325
  3. Hi have a look on the sportsman gun centre they may have one
  4. if you are shooting a lot ie sbs o/u a semi auto will help you a lot
  5. Hi i dont blame you for being annoyed a reply is not hard to do but when you think about it if you are selling anything the amount of time wasters you get your self so yes its better to visit a shop and see for your self if its any good
  6. only worth what someone is willing to pay for it same for everything these days
  7. put it this way go to a tidal river put steel shot bismuth shot lead shot in 1lb piles on the silt come back after the tide goes out the lead shot will sink deeper than the other shot its all about money buy dearer cartridges new guns etc etc etc
  8. i had one years ago they are light weight and do kick like a mule if you dont have a very firm grip on the gun mine was proofed for magnum shells but i never tried it with them thank god haha
  9. they fed mallard ducks with corn and lead shot to see if the outcome was fatal is was not this was years ago i wish i could find the info to show these so called bird savers ps i am sure it was something to do with them the lead testing on the ducks
  10. lead shot sinks deep into silt ie mud flats birds do not dig deep enough to pick the pellets up so all you hear is total nonsence
  11. they either give you a small fee or cartridges and you can be sent around a few farms look up pea Viners and send them an email
  12. you dont have to pay anything to end up with a good dog i got my lab sky when she was 14 months full pedigree for free she was advertised for free in a local paper she had a very deep bark and it scared the couple's daughter's kids sky had only ever heard gas guns she had no gun training or any training i never trained her to do anything she was just a natural at retrieving rabbits geese Pigeon etc even when i had the rifle out she would stop beside me when i put the safety off i had her till she was 14 1/2 years old and still wish she was still here
  13. should have kept the .308 lots of choice in factory head weights and long range mil spec ammo if you can get it
  14. Hi have a look on ant supplies he has the best prices for mounts and their post free
  15. if you mean you are getting too much light glare you can get what they call a pigs ear for your scope this helps you see thru the eye piece of the scope cutting out the glare
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