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  1. Hi sorry i don't know i have posted this as it was on my Inchture local community group and they asked people to share it on as many as possible groups etc
  2. IMPORTANT and requiring as much shares as possible!! Just had 2 police officers at our door. It had been flagged that an app was being used from our address. Its called OK Live and believed to be run by paedophiles. My 3 girls denied ever using let alone seeing this app. My younger child's phone has google parental controls and I hadn't been notified of any downloads. The police could even tell us what the child was wearing and how old they looked. This was flagged up by a monitoring team that try so hard to keep our children safe. It was established no such app was ever downloaded and that these awful people are piggy backing from TikTock! My child had no idea she was being watched as her account is private. Nothing seems private online! AND, these dreadful people can bypass parental controls!! I am so grateful to Police Scotland, they were truley brilliant with us all. And, thank you to the monitoring team for flagging this up. They may have saved our child from harm. Share, share, share
  3. Hi i have a Winchester model 70 xtr feather weight .243 plus a viper evo 8 moderator plus a Leupold vx-1 3x9x40 plus other bases and mounts £500
  4. burnt powder too much oil causes it too stick on the bolt etc
  5. i have always used 100 grn sp different makes in all the .243 rifles i have had ie parker hale. remington 700 pss police. and now my winchester model 70 xtr feather weight i have never had too use any thing less than 100 grns the make of ammo has been better in some rifles i now use ppu .243 sp 100 grn in the winchester
  6. adds for guns are supposed to put on gun watch then it supposed too appear on here but a lot of people are having bother with gun watch
  7. when we were at the range it was a very hot day every time i fired 3 shots the 3rd one would go high and right after letting the rifle cool for a while tried again same result .243 100grn range was 100 yards so yes heat does affect shot placement
  8. have you tried it without the moderator just to rule out bad threading on the rifle also check the crown as a lot of people don't clean them ps also check to see if the barrel is free floating if not loosen all stock screws and re tighten from butt end first
  9. i have the gx-3-cs3 its the portable red one 12 volt or 240v via transformer it pumps the guns no problem and it does not need constant oil etc from i got it from amazon £499
  10. i got fed up trying as well
  11. fuel is seeping back into the tank so it is drawing air from the filter etc
  12. very nice i use to have a hawkens .50 cal reproduction
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