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  1. welcome rab to the mad house hahahaha
  2. up here it tells you you have to download it to sign it also NOT to post forms in wait on feo visit they will collect it just done mine for sgc renewal fac grant
  3. all of the above but beware of the 3 leg haggis its a nastie beastie
  4. they fall out the end of the barrel they are bad
  5. you still have to download the form to sign it so waste of time
  6. sgc.re and fac grant not first total 1 month
  7. scarecrow243

    243 needed

    Hi Kier i bought a parkerhale .308 a few years ago its condition was mint the bore was like on a brand new tyre you just have to have a look around i am using a very old winchester m70 xtr .243 featherweight
  8. Hi you may have to ask for a conformation email from them they should reply that way thats what we have to do now or no reply is sent
  9. scarecrow243

    243 needed

    Hi Kier you dont need a rollsroyce to do the job that a mini would do ie parkerhale.winchester.ruger. etc etc
  10. because i have a choice if it was the case i had to use any weapon in the case of war i would what was available
  11. i havent used the sa80 but have used the slr for 2 1/2 years it was all over the news about the sa80 faults as you say it may have been made better but i would still rather have the slr . i have had a .308 and now use. a .243 every one has their own opinion
  12. the slr 7.62 was replaced because the army needed to spend money and what they got was a piece of **** fit for the bin ask the guys who had to use them
  13. no longer needed as just bought a cheap one thanks
  14. Hi all i am looking for a laser range finder age dosent matter as long as it works 100%
  15. Hi I have just got a viper evo 8 moderator .30 cal has anyone heard of these moderators i searched the net but can't find any info thanks
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