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  1. well it don't make me green with envy jesus where is the sick bag 😒😄😄😄
  2. i have been waiting for an air rifle certificate from end of august i have valid f.a.c. & s.g.c
  3. they want us to have electric cars but will the army get electric tanks etc not on your nelly
  4. bludy hell you are giving them a sporting chance when you stalk up to them and you scare them off or if you move in a hide etc making a noise or pick the wrong spot
  5. man grow up you are being a kid in the play ground crying you want the ball
  6. according too them it was a bad shot before why was that not on video, your quarry should have a sporting chance and that video proved it was NOT humane
  7. Whoever said they think it's illegal to shoot an animal in the water... It isn't. it was me who said it and i dont care who thinks its ok to do it its not and it should be made illegal
  8. scarecrow243


    don waste your money they are for air soft guns
  9. H i Dave are you in a damp house this can be your cause i have half of my right lung removed and copd a damp house caused me to keep getting ill i moved house in 2016 and have not had any infections i also take one inhaler capsule each day
  10. would deal for a sight mark wraith
  11. i would not shoot any land animal while its in the water not sporting also i dont think its legal i could be wrong
  12. photon 4.5x42s in perfect working order comes with 2 battery holders owners manual box etc. fully adjustable mount for 11mm dovetail and fixed mount for weaver rail £350
  13. must be free as no price 😊
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