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  1. thats a bargain rifle i have one thats 47 years old and still shoots straight
  2. Hi it depends on what scope rail you are wanting to put it on ie if you have a weaver rail you can get an adapter from weaver to dovetail
  3. smart **** is better than a dead one plus as stated we don't know its a dummy round and your local f.a.o. would not be too pleased to see that in your rifle during a visit
  4. if you put that in the advert then you wont get comments
  5. scarecrow243

    pard 007

    one has just been put up for sale
  6. just speak to the land owner but first use your phone to video the guy doing what he doing then show the land owner i am sure he will kick him off the land and speak to his boss
  7. you can get cheapish night vision add on etc or pay £500 and above for a night vision rifle scope
  8. even new one's do it
  9. i only saw it happen to pinin some of the shogun engines are rubbish
  10. inner wings use to rot so front strut would burst thru
  11. hi try working the bolt with your hand to see if it will eject a live round ok if it does try high velocity rounds if they work ok your rifle wont work with sub sonic rounds unless the spring is shortened also check the magazine spring is in the right way as this causes them to not work properly
  12. you should be able to push the back of the breach block where the hammer hits to see if the fireing pin comes thru at the breach face
  13. my own motor is a 2002 jeep cherokee / liberty 3.7 litre v6 auto towing weight 3.5 ton very comfy and plenty of room and ground clearance
  14. Hi forget about the xtrail bad for rust and abs problems and a nightmare when trying to change sensors jap motors are some of the best 4x4 you can get
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