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  1. scarecrow243

    10 bore cartridges

    I know its the price thats scarey
  2. scarecrow243

    10 bore cartridges

    Hi my mate is looking for 10 bore cartridges 3 1/2 inch for geese and ducks prefer close as possible too dundee so can collect but posted would be ok thanks. may consider 10 bore reloader if not too pricey
  3. my mate graeme bought the lincoln o/u 10 bore he is very happy with it he got it yesterday and got his first goose with it this morning  he said you were a nice guy to deal with and thank you

    1. scarecrow243

      New hobby 😬

      lots of subjects including radios. antennas. cars. shooting. etc etc its not all 5/9 then 73 its like any hobby you meet a lot of very good people and some dipsticks
    2. scarecrow243

      New hobby 😬

      yes full licence my radio is a yaesu ft-990 ac/dc using a sirio 2016 cb vertical and it works great
    3. scarecrow243

      Lincoln 10 bore 3 1/2 chamber

      looking for a Lincoln 10 bore 3 1/2 chamber over/under must be in good condition
    4. scarecrow243

      Ammo Search

      best to load your own with that size of shot
    5. scarecrow243

      What would you do...

      if you hand any gun over you break the law. also then it becomes armed robbery so they wont want you to identify them reasonable force is what your allowed so shoot them in the legs to save your life
    6. scarecrow243

      Injured Roe Deer

      anyone who puts any badly hurt animal out of pain quickly should not get in bother the law should be changed with no hidden ifs or buts
    7. scarecrow243

      Injured Roe Deer

      what about the gamekeeper who lost his fac after being asked by a police officer to dispatch a roe deer that was hit with a car he used a non deer calibre as it was at the side of the road i am sure i read it on here a while back
    8. scarecrow243

      pietta shotgun

      Hi does anyone one else have a pietta mistral 3 12 bore semi auto i got one a while back and its a great gun its 3 inch magnum i have used 28grm cartridges in it and it works fine some semi autos need 30grm or more striping it down for cleaning is easy not a lot on the net except old reveiws
    9. scarecrow243

      Laurona 12 gauge

      these are sold should have been removed
    10. scarecrow243

      Cracking day for me

      Hi dont be so hard on your self we all miss at times the most important thing is you were out in the countryside having a good day
    11. scarecrow243


      BASC would not help me when i was having bother with feo they said i was adding arms and legs to the story so i told basc to stuff their help i sorted it myself
    12. scarecrow243

      Hobbies besides shooting?

      working on my own car or 4x4 amateur radio building hf antennas