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  1. figgy you are wasting your breath i have tried to tell them but they know better
  2. he does free postage does he not
  3. what a wee cracker she is its a pity i am so far away i hope you find a good working and pet home for her
  4. Hi ask wabbitbosher to order them for you he is a helpfull guy
  5. an mot for motors is a good thing as people have said but you still get garages that will rip you off saying you have faults that are not there i was taught at 13 years old to work on cars etc i am now 59 and seen many faults reported that were not there
  6. xtrails are bad for the abs sender bolts rusting and the abs senders being jammed then brake when you try to remove them freelanders are worse for abs problems i have a 2002 jeep cherokee liberty 3.7 litre auto limited edition its great no problems so far touch wood
  7. my god this is like the guy who asked can you use .308 ammunition in a 7.62 the .308 is proofed for a lot higher pressure plus a heavier bullet head than the 7.62 you will see videos on the net people puting .308 ammo thru a 7.62 but its blooming dangerous and totaly stupid like the ones shooting batteries etc thru shotguns
  8. foxhunter1 please take your s/s into your local gunshop and ask if its ok to use steel shot cartridges thru it with the chokes it has and see what reply you get
  9. Hi Scully sorry i did not explain it well enough the guy used steel ball bearings as someone told him he could
  10. here is one example i went to buy a remington semi auto a good few years ago when i looked thru the barrel it was like it had been hit with a ball pin hammer all the thru the barrel i said to the guy you have put steel ball bearings thru the gun its now ruined he said he was told it was ok to put steel shot thru it
  11. no the owners manual said to use half choke or less for steel shot
  12. yes and that is why it is bad to say you can use full choke for steel in a gun thats not proofed for it fixed choke or not if someone took you or someone elses advice and used a gun that was not proofed for steel and got injured would you accept the blame the guns could have thin barrels etc
  13. the semi auto was a pietta mistral 3 inch magnum multi choke
  14. so i had a 3 inch magnum semi auto the makers stated steel shot must NOT be used with more than half choke so if i blew my hand off or worse do you think cip would accept it was their fault for not agreeing with the gun maker would they heck
  15. standard steel only in bottom barrel ie half choke dont use the full choke no matter what anyone saying you can and are risking injury or worse why dont people pay attention too the cartridge makers
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