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  1. they are used for speaker plugs etc also
  2. Hi i am looking for an hf radio for a swap for my yukon photon 4.6x42s day and night vision rifle scope + yukon mpr video recorder for recording your shooting videos +8 new recharge able aa batteries and new charger
  3. its got nothing to do with pheasants there is no pheasant feeders or pens on the farm its because he wants to sell the roe deer shooting without the farmer knowing thats why he did not want me shooting any roe just another back stabbing part time keeper on the other farms
  4. i think their looking at you thinking bludy hit something for gods sake
  5. these so called gamekeepers i have met 5 in total from from the same college seemed to be ok at first but then would stab you in the back at the first chance so they get rid of you as your a set of eyes too see what they get up too 1 stealing pheasants from one estate too put on another, taken people pigeon shooting without estate owners permission, shooting deer and trying to blame other people for it
  6. it has nothing to do with pheasant shooting thats done on the other farms he wants to sell the deer shooting and the farmer did not believe me
  7. you think thats bad i just lost a farm where i had free range shooting for more than 20 odd years geese foxes pigeons crows and roe deer the farm was sold a few years ago but i still got to carry on then it got sold 2 1/2 years ago new owner allowed me to shoot geese pigeons, i asked him if it would be ok if i applied for my fac again for fox and deer control he said yes after me getting my fac and buying over a thousand pounds of rifles and accessories his part time keeper did not want me using my rifles on the land so the farmer said i could not use my rifles on the farm but i could still do the goose control i told him i would not as i dont like people who give permission then go back on their word, the so called gamkeeper is from that college in cupar
  8. i also have some people do the same unsafe shots in a hide or not they only get one chance with me if they dont pay attention
  9. i would wait and see if wee jimmy kranky gets her way it will ruin scotland as the eu will take and take till nothing is left
  10. dont like it and as for all the bad things that goes with so called high tec electrics just means you have to take it to the dealers to get it sorted just another piece of junk
  11. sorry but that does NOT mean squat if you or anyone gets hurt because you or anyone else said yes mate i have used it in my gun with no problems so the person goes out and shoots steel thru his or her gun and gets badly hurt or killed how would you feel surly some common sense should tell you not every gun is made with the same steel or proof testing, i worked in a gun shop years ago and seen a few guns in some blooming state with people giving the wrong advice one guy blu his new 20g barrels by turning the choke inside out he got told its just like extended chokes
  12. why does no one believe the gun makers if they say half choke with standard steel loads then if you dont and use heavy steel etc your insurance will NOT cover you in any instance if i said you could fly off the high bridge if you close your eyes would you do it doh
  13. no you will have to contact dvla you may find you will be limited on how many miles you do a year
  14. Hi check the coolant tank too see if it has been over heating if its clean run the engine till its at normal temp with the bonnet up check too see if the fans kick in also check the water pipes too see they all are warm ie hot
  15. Hi you may find that they will say wait another 3 years ie 10 years with no crime at all even motor offences
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