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  1. scarecrow243

    Rifle scope

    try sportsman gun centre they had good deal on minox scopes
  2. i think you missed the red dot and hit the pigeon instead hahahahahaha
  3. Hi try tac life on amazon uk i have one it does over 800m and works great built in batter charges with usb lead and you get a strong carry case
  4. driving back home today my wife says aw look that pair wee birdie has been ran over i said pair wee birdie thats a doggy poo bag
  5. yukon now say importers can say you do need your original receipt for warranty work even though yukon does not need it so its a total scam for money making
  6. yukon have not done anything about this so i am still £162 out of pocket
  7. lower price to get more space in the gun cabinet £100
  8. Hi i have sent yukon a few emails about this they said they would contact t/j about it so just waiting to hear the outcome
  9. update well i had to deal with thomas jacks again as a yukon photon 4.5x42s had a memory fault i did contact yukon first who told me it was the memory fault and it would be repaired according to the warranty i told them i did not have the original receipt they said the serial number will be enough for the warranty so i sent it to thomas jacks after telling them i had contacted yukon but once they had the scope they said because i did not have the receipt they could not tell if the scope was imported by them untrue as the serial number is on import paper work. so i had to pay £135 +vat + £162 they opened the box and removed the usb lead and spare battery pouch because i did not have them with the scope i sent them well they say the scottish are mean what does that make thomas jacks ps i had a good review on here before i removed it for them being so greedy
  10. Hi i have the above IR Illuminator torch with the extension tube to use two 18650 batteries two new rechargeable batteries +charger and weaver mount to fit on the side of night vision scope etc and torch user manual no box swap for a good range finder
  11. with this lead ban supposed to be in 5 years if your gun is not steel proof and you use factory steel loads in it if anything happens the gun maker will not help your insurance will not help nor the cartridge maker they will all walk away leaving you in deep doo doo this whole thing about making money nothing else no matter what they say
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