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  1. Afternoon Maxwell I’ve sent you a pm 

  2. Hello Maxwell do you still have the A12 mod
  3. White van man. You've got pm
  4. I used jack pyke decoys they are what you can only be describe as pants.
  5. If you take all of your time setting up in the right place. Putting your decoys and you're magnet put. Never be scared to change. if I have Pigeons flicking away from my decoyed pattern switch off the magnet. And if I shoots I Field that has been shot a lot with people using pigeon magnets I won't even take mine. The birds will shy away. Good luck and keep them dropping
  6. Ps. Just another observation I have made. When you study and watch pigeons feeding habits you will notice 5 out of 15 pigeons feeding We'll Have their Necks extended looking for predators. So if you use pigeon cradles. Make sure that your Dead birds on your cradles do not have extended necks. It would look like there is a problem if you have 25 birds with extended necks to a decoying bird. The way I resolved this was to cut 1 inch from the neck spike on the cradle. Good luck and keep them dropping
  7. The first thing you need to do is find if the pigeons are coming in to your field. Study your field as often as much as you can. And also study pigeons habits. In the past I have sat on the side of the field where pigeons are coming in just watching there behaviour while they're feeding. I've seen lots of guys putting decoys facing the wind Like military soldiers I think that's wrong. You need to put your Decoys all in different angles into the wind across the wind. The only time pigeons will face exactly the same way Is when they are about to fly off. Plus
  8. One thing on must say last night when I was sitting looking over the field having a nice brandy a young chap in his mid 30is walked past the bottom of my garden with a semi auto 12 gauge horizontal over his shoulder. I can only presume it was loaded so coming from someone that has been shooting shot gun for over 30 years Incident free It wasn't the safest way to carry a gun. When you're walking past Gardens. Ps My wife keeps telling me off for standing near just staring out the window and not unpacking lol. But I just can't stop it. Cheers guys and keep them dropping
  9. At last the move from London to Suffolk is complete. We have gone from a two bedroom flat in London with views that you can imagine And look at the view I'm looking at now. To be honest I've sat in the garden looking across this field as the pigeons are dropping in to this newly drilled field For the last few hours. I cannot believe my luck because I have already approached the farmer and Got shooting permission.
  10. Hi guys I went out again yesterday on the rape. Only shot 11 and really had to work for that. Started off looking good the wind was good and the birds were in the trees 200/300 yards away but it just didn't come together. The pigeons were flying out of the trees across the road and off. Just couldn't pull them in. But had a nice day out. Cheers guys Good luck and keep them dropping
  11. Yes mate I would get on to Basc websit you will find a fantastic coach From Basc. Good luck
  12. Just north lol. I drive up the m1 j22 a few times a week. They all call one other duck. And they all have jack duckworth glasses. ( broken and taped up ). Lol. Good luck guys keep them dropping.
  13. Sawn off lol. You tend to shoot in front as they are so lite. ;-)
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