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  1. OK, thanks. No problem with Paypal - although bank transfer would be more economical. Steve
  2. Bought at the CLA Game Fair last week, but unfortunately just too short for my Browning X-Bolt & A-TEC CMM4 sound mod It will accept rifle & scope up to 48" long. This really is a fantastic slip - thick padding and top quality. Brand new, unused still with all tags, padlock, keys etc. The price tag says £44.95 but I paid £35 cash to LADDS. Would like £25 (inc P&P) please.
  3. This one is offered for sale by myself. Delivery, if required, would be £10 via Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day. Regards, Steve
  4. It's impossible to watch it all day - they may be hitting it first or last thing in their feeding day. Also don't forget there's harvesting going on all over the place - so they are in a time of excitement with new food appearing everywhere. But I'm sure that they will find this wheat at some point - just keep watching!
  5. Definitely be polite. One because it's the right way to behave for an SGC and/or FAC holder - but secondly because you never know when youmay bump into these people in the future. A couple of years back a chap came over to the hide and said that the noise was annoying him and his wife in their garden. He was a little 'short' but I apologised and offered to change position and shoot in the other direction so that the noise would not be as loud. I gave him my mobile number and said to call if it was still an issue. He never did call but after shooting I called past his house and popped in to apologise again and check all was OK. They were polite and then expressed lots of interest in how we'd done and how pleased they were that we cared about the disturbance. Only 6 months later we were at a social occasion and this chap was there - and was an obvious good friend of the farmer and his family. We were on the same table and had a great evening - but how glad was I that I had adopted a positive attitude and hadn't had one of my 'less diplomatic days'. LOL
  6. My Son and I had a day at Attleborough with Tony - when the shooting was cr*p at home - and we found him a very helpful guy. Even if you have a huge estate you simply can't guarantee a day full of sport. But we felt Tony worked well to do his best to give us a good day - moving us a couple of times through the day to keep us on the birds. Was it a day FULL of sport - no. But we did get 40 or so shots and hit a good few. Tony is an experienced gamekeeper and extremely pleasant to deal with - he treats you as he would a client on a formal driven day, with respect. He has good local knowledge of where the birds have been, knows the basics and his kit is sufficient - we felt it was a reasonable buy for the money (£70 for the two of us). My only suggestion to Tony to improve the days would be more attention to flight lines - if he understood and used them more then I'm sure he'd get better results. Steve
  7. Recoil pad received next day and exactly as described. Cheers.

    1. .... and received today. All fine thanks. Steve
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