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  1. labstaff


    Second dibs please
  2. Hi, yes I did. I'm trying to remember now but i think I just did a search on google and saved the files to a SD card
  3. Great photo, cant wait to get out with mine
  4. I can't recommend anywhere, but avoid bathstore. I had a suite from there and I'm disappointed with the quality
  5. I have 3 unlimited mobile router thing. I pay £17 per month for unlimited data and I can't fault it. I can run Netflix from it and browse the internet. Couldn't tell you what the speed are. Plus if I go away, I can take it with me.
  6. That and time bomb are stand out songs on "and out come the wolves"
  7. Wish I could play, have to say, rancid are one of the best bands I've seen live. Good luck with the sale
  8. Thanks mate, I'll take a look
  9. Sorry to hijack your thread, but does anyone know who does fix knocker boxes?
  10. I used them in my gamo compact pistol in my youth, not to clean the barrel but so I could shoot little targets in my bedroom 🙈😂
  11. The david Lissett box set is worth a watch
  12. Plus one for Joe Irving, I recommend "gundogs, their learning chain"
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