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  1. labstaff

    How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    Ferreted just the one this morning. 1892
  2. labstaff

    Quick set long net

    👍 thanks Dougy, see you next week
  3. labstaff

    Quick set long net

    Hi Dougy, yes I'm interested thanks
  4. labstaff

    Quick set long net

    I'm open to offers on lengths and weight too. Thanks
  5. labstaff

    Quick set long net

    Hi all, I'm after a quick set long net complete with the basket. Ideally 4x 25 yard nets but anything that will give me a total of 100 yards. I'd like 8 or 10z but open to offers. Thanks
  6. labstaff

    firearms officers visit

    I find Derbyshire pretty good to be honest, I've never had a problem with them. Usually after the interview it's only a week or two, but they bought my new ticket with them on my last renewal. Oh, and hello from another in Derbyshire.
  7. labstaff

    Hi from Derbyshire!

    Hello from another in Derbyshire! Nevilles is a fantastic shop, highly recommended like the others have said
  8. labstaff

    gundog training

    There used to be a group train on a Sunday morning at Blyth. https://m.facebook.com/blythgundogs/?locale2=en_GB I'm not a member but I know a couple of people that have been to events and have enjoyed it
  9. labstaff

    hello from the peak district

    Welcome from another in Derbyshire
  10. labstaff

    Newark and district wildfowlers

    Someone I work with is a member and he speaks highly of them
  11. labstaff


    It's surprising what you can find in town! Lovely looking bird though
  12. labstaff

    Good day last Fall

    Really enjoying reading this, thanks for sharing
  13. labstaff

    dummy launcher

    I have a lite launcher which is remote operated. I can set it up at all different positions and angles and keep the remote in my pocket. Although to be honest, I don't use it much
  14. labstaff

    Hawke UK Optics

    Another +1 for Hawke. I sent my rangefinder back and they repaired it free of charge even though I told them I had bought it second hand, it was probably out of warranty and I had no receipt
  15. labstaff


    Fantastic looking knife! I wish I had your talent