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  1. They are nice. Can you make them any size? Could you PM me with details and I'll pass them on thanks 👍
  2. Thanks mate, I'll pass that on to him 👍
  3. Hi all, a friend of mine is looking for a galvanised kennel or kennels. Ideally located north Midlands/South Yorkshire area. Thanks
  4. Went to work saturday night on mine, came out Sunday morning to frost on the front tyre. That was a steady ride back! The cool air woke me up though!
  5. If you get up near derby, I could be interested in the hedge cutter thanks.
  6. Do you ever get up near derby? Interested in the hedge trimmer, but hard to justify travel to lichfield during this lockdown
  7. Nowhere open at the moment, but there is a good choice of grounds in the area once they do re open.
  8. labstaff

    .177 pcp

    Rougher than ilkeston! Blimey 😂
  9. labstaff

    .177 pcp

    Make sure your car wheels are well bolted on in Ilson! 😂
  10. My nearest shop too, and another thumbs up from me. Always friendly and always good service.
  11. Unfortunately the sentences for causing death by dangerous driving/drug driving are very weak. As said, drink/drug drivers should be charged with manslaughter. Everyone knows the effects they have and some choose to ignore them. Very sad loss for the families.
  12. A friend of mine is selling a tx200 in .22 if interested? PM me if you'd like to know more. The gun is near ibstock but I'm near Ripley, Derbyshire
  13. I will do, it's due for renewal in a couple of months thanks.
  14. Both cracking photos mate, you must be pleased with your season. Soon be over, I'll be counting down until it all starts again!
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