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  1. labstaff

    thermal imager

    I don't, but a mate of mine bought one at the shooting show yesterday, so looking forward to seeing what that's like
  2. labstaff

    Which picatinney rail

    A friend of mine has splashed out on a new pulsar trail to go on his tikka t3x. Before he can mount it, he needs a picatinney rail. What MOA rail will he need? 0 moa? Thanks all
  3. labstaff

    thermal imager

    I've got the helion xq50f. I don't use a lot of the bells and whistles like the video recorder, picture in picture or the different colour palettes, but it's a fantastic bit of kit and don't regret buying it at all
  4. labstaff

    Extendable stock kit

    Back in my teenage years many moons ago I used to shoot field target, and a lot of folk had the wegu butt pads which could have various amounts of spacers fitted which were on rails and slid on top of each other. https://www.cheshiregunroom.com/wegu-adjustable-rifle-pad.html https://www.cheshiregunroom.com/wegu-lengthening-piece.html https://www.cheshiregunroom.com/wegu-target-rifle-spacers-left-or-right-hand-cast.html
  5. labstaff

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    3 today whilst having a mooch round Total 200
  6. labstaff

    Shooting Magazines (Free)

    Hi ozalid, that is a good idea, once I've read them (and no doubt a mate of mine too) I'll let you know and pass them on.
  7. labstaff

    Shooting Magazines (Free)

    Yes please, how would you like me to send you the money? Thanks
  8. labstaff

    Hello from Inverness

    PM sent, thanks
  9. labstaff

    Hello from Devon

    Welcome to the forum. I know that part of the world well, my wife is from totnes, that does mean your lovely part of the world is spoiled by my mother in law haha
  10. labstaff

    Hello from Inverness

    Welcome to the forum. I travel to near Inverness (Dores) every year for my anniversary, possibly my most favourite place in the world. I don't suppose you happen to have any contacts for guided stalking in the area? I used to go with a chap not far away, but he's changed how he manages the deer on his land now and the guided stalking isn't the same. Thanks
  11. labstaff

    Sec 1 firearms

    Yorkshire deer stalking isn't far from you and is a reputable stalker.
  12. labstaff

    Sec 1 firearms

    As scully says depends on your feo. For some having a receipt to say you have stalking booked can constitute a good reason.
  13. labstaff

    New shoots

    It's good to see that the advice given on here pays off. Have fun!
  14. labstaff

    Walking stick / staff Nottingham area

    If you Google him, you should find a contact number. He used to be based in arnold. He made a stick for my dad's 70th and it was a lovely thing.