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  1. Hiya Phil, Can I buy this please mate ,if it hasn't already gone. Pm on way.
  2. could i order the first one from the ditchman stable please , and could i also order a spare catapult for two shillings and sixpence please .
  3. You really have to build one of these Simon, a catapult gun would even out cool your opinel builds👍.
  4. Good wood needs to be polished regularly to keep it in good condition sir.
  5. it is extremely well proportioned wood
  6. another fine project from the norfolk stable , i very much admire your wood simon
  7. That's a very generous offer 👍
  8. hiya guys. during my search for a petrol strimmer for our woodland , i came by three strimmers(thankyou kenholland). anyways , this engine wasnt really powerful enough to do the job , so im giving the engine away to be used as a rat smoker , itll need a new spark plug(i had it running with my spare chainsaw plug , but ive taken it out now), and i had to renew and re route the fuel line . its free to anyone that has been a customer of ours , but if it hasnt gone after a week , its free to anyone , and then if it hasnt gone in a fortnight , itll be going to the scrap man. its collection only im afraid gents , as i think posting things that smell of petrol is a no no. thanks for looking guys.
  9. one of the best things ive seen on countryfile for a while , it was certainly well balanced.
  10. That's so pretty I've just fallen in love with it.
  11. That stick looks absolutely fantastic nev , that'll be another future project for me to have a dabble at 👍.
  12. One of the designers of laney amps(Mr laney snr), was my technical drawing teacher in the early 80s . He eventually left teaching and went to work for his some full time. He taught me never to put a pencil in my mouth , because other people put them up their nose 😆
  13. Now that's a beautiful piece of work 👍.
  14. I really love that "just found it " look . Well done mate 👍.
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