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  1. you must be joking , wales was closed for most of last year , and when it was open , england was closed .
  2. id give my right arm to be able to wake up to the sounds and smells of the countryside.
  3. did none of you see the pictures of xxxxxx post hump fat white leg ? , it looked like something that youd see hanging in a butchers window when the ditchmeister had finished humping it.
  4. i can only comment on the revo k200 duck blind . ive had mine for around five years or so , and since ive had it i havent used any of my other shotguns . i bought it as i wanted a shotgun that would take 3.5" carts for foxes , but , it just does everything perfectly . it certainly doesnt have the feel of a browning , but neither does it have the price tag . when this one finally falls apart (id expect to get a good few years out of it yet) , i wont hesitate to buy another one. i should add , that im not a tackle tart , i like tools that get the job done , lots of people see things differ
  5. Ah but the ditchmeister is like a gypsies Jack Russell, he's a world class leg humper 😅.
  6. I'll have you know that the ditchmeister is the master of the leg hump ! 😊.
  7. It's something that I've never considered. You'd think that if it was somehow triggering the inner wolf , then the dog wouldn't be affected if it didn't make the kill every time . I can see how it might effect a dog that was used as a retriever though.
  8. Excellent nath . I'm not sure when lin will be able to get over . Her nausea is worse again today . Covid is dragging on longer than expected.
  9. 10k is a very small price to pay for your peace of mind 👍.
  10. That's a right tidy looking door nath 👍.
  11. Very nice to see you back john👍.
  12. I often think about members that have sadly passed. I well remember chatting to tiercel in the pw arms , and learning a new way to set my purse nets.
  13. Well done on your ten years nath 👍. I actually mainly click onto pw when I'm sitting on the crapper 😆, I'm very efficient, and like to kill two birds with one stone 😆.
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