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  1. mel b3

    SOLD Pulsar Apex XD 75 Thermal Image Scope

    Someone just got the bargain of a lifetime 👍.
  2. mel b3

    410 refreshed

    cracking job
  3. mel b3

    a few more woodland pics

    i did take a few squirrel traps this weekend , but we got rained off and didnt get chance to set them, theyll probably be more fun with an airgun anyway. ive heard rumours that the local shoot put massive amounts of birds down , but as tempting as it might be , it wouldnt really be right to shoot birds that have been paid for by someone else , but , in years to come , i might put a few birds down myself , mainly so that mates can pop up and shoot a few.
  4. mel b3

    a few more woodland pics

    For the life of me I can't remember, I know that it was next to a piece of public land ,and had a permanent travellers camp about half a mile away.
  5. mel b3

    a few more woodland pics

    We take 2.5 hours getting there ,but I could easily do it in under two hours. We had the chance to buy a great piece of woodland on the river avon , it had mooring and fishing rights , I absolutely loved it , unfortunately it also had eastern Europeans destroying the piece of public land next door , it would have been a constant fight to keep them out 😕.
  6. mel b3

    a few more woodland pics

    We've had a trail cam running since we got the woodland we've only caught one clip of a fox ,and one clip that we think was a badger , we do have a couple of squirrels that pop up now and again , and lots of woodland birds , the main footage though ,is the farmers sheep from next door , and loads of pheasants from the local shoot.
  7. mel b3

    free priest.

    When we first bought the woodland, this was the relaxing type of thing that I had in mind, but ,in reality, the woodland is like having another job , their always seems to be something that needs doing , and it's usually hard work lol , I'm very fortunate to have a mate that enjoys the woods as much as I do , he's always happy to pop up and get stuck into the graft.
  8. mel b3

    free priest.

    strangely enough , i never use one myself , all i ever use is my hands. i really enjoyed making it , as its my kind of woodworking , no tape measures , just do everything until it looks ok and feels right . im hoping to make a few more in the near future.
  9. mel b3

    free priest.

    hiya guys, the priest has gone , and im just about to reply to the pm s . thank you for your interest , and if thngs work out , well be adding them to our product line. cheers guys.
  10. mel b3

    free priest.

    hiya guys , after seeing the simple wooden priests that sold the other day(and liking them a lot) , i decided id look at making priests as one of our product lines(if viable) . ive made one as simply as possible , mainly because i like its simplicity . its made from oak , and has a leather lanyard , its un weighted as its more than heavy enough. as i said , the priest is free , BUT , id like it to go to someone that will use it, and send feedback asap. drop me a pm if its of interest , and your willing and able to keep me up to speed with its progress . cheers guys.
  11. mel b3

    a few more woodland pics

    feel free to pop up and grab some wood
  12. mel b3

    Sat afternoon thread

    My bowels would empty 😲
  13. mel b3

    a few more woodland pics

    Im not normally one to be put off by the weather ,but it had me beat today mate . I'm sure we'll get something sorted soon 👍.
  14. mel b3

    a few more woodland pics

    We've got three oaks down now nigel , im hoping to get some good usable wood from them for little projects. I was hoping to get one of them taken care of today , but the weather changed our plans. Cheers dave , it was lovely yesterday ,but the torrential rain started at 1 am ish , so we made our way home this morning, we left a swamp behind. It must have gotten a bit windy in the week, because the roof has been ripped from the toilet/shower tent 😆 It's about eight and a half acres buddy.
  15. hiya guys, heres a few more pics of our little piece of woodland , i meant to do them ages ago but got sidetracked . we were supposed to be staying there this weekend , but the weather beat us and we wimped out. https://ibb.co/album/jEvVDv