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  1. "im mainly (at it again)"

    You're such a tease ditchie. Pm on way mate.
  2. Drink driving ant&dec

    You're right ,it should be made equal ,and all drink drivers should be fined £86,000 , then they would never be able to afford to drink or drive ever again .
  3. The illuminati

    was he small ? , or was he just far away?, the plot thickens .
  4. Drink driving ant&dec

    I know ditchie 👍. I think it was last year or maybe 2016 that the way people are fined changed, it changed to reflect your earnings ,so that no matter how much you earn ,it still hurts your pocket ( i wonder how much Elton John would get fined for flashing 😆). I also agree with mung , he actually seems like a decent enough chap , but he's making some very bad choices, and those choices could have a massively detrimental effect on others.
  5. Drink driving ant&dec

    He got off pretty lightly really , he could have hit someone in his drunken state and be spending years behind bars . I have little sympathy for drink drivers , he could have easily got a taxi , but he chose not to.
  6. The illuminati

    Tell you what mung ,Youre gonna look a right fool when you and your mates are having a fine old jolly up on the good ship mungler , and it falls off the end of the earth 😅😅😅.
  7. Crew cab pick up.

    Still looking guys.
  8. Crew cab pick up.

    And replied to mate. That's would be a top idea , I have a couple of old beachcasters somewhere.
  9. Charger leads, plugs and thieving magpies

    just keep buying more and more of them , eventually the house will reach saturation point , and youll find them laying around whenever you want them . we have similar issues with , plates , knives forks and spoons , tea towels . i once lost , 4 plates , 6 mugs , 12 teaspoons , and 6 tea towels , in a week (all from two brand new sets that i bought) . its taken many years , but im now able to eat with odd cutlery and random plates , like some kind of vagrant. its just part of having kids.
  10. Norfolk County Council Charging For D I Y Rubbish

    That is probably the most accurate post that I've ever seen written on pw 👍.
  11. Crew cab pick up.

    Anything going guys ?, I'm getting pretty desperate now and would consider most other 4x4 .
  12. Crew cab pick up.

    Cheers Ken. You wouldn't know the name of the auction would you ?.
  13. Petrol chainsaw

    I've got an alaskan mill ,and the saw ,but I haven't had the chance to use them yet . I've been slabbing a few bits of 12" thick oak ,with my ms170 ,I've been doing it freehand ,and it's amazing what you can do.
  14. Norfolk County Council Charging For D I Y Rubbish

    Their already is a weight limit ,most binmen will just put your bin on anyway though,just be polite and hide the things that aren't supposed to be in your bin. The heaviest domestic bin that I've emptied was 300kg , I've had plenty 250kg bins. If you take a look under the front lip on your bin, you'll notice a small circular depression, this is to fit the microchip, so that each households bin can be weighed ,and they can be billed by weight (yes it coming) Reduction is mentioned every year , in fact ,I've had a letter today that fully explains our current pay reduction. I'm not xxxxxxx upset at all that xxxxxxx bosses and xxxxxxx councillors don't ever get xxxxxxx paycuts, xxxxxxx honest I'm not 😠.
  15. Petrol chainsaw

    I've recently bought a cheapish Chinese saw(that had half decent reviews), it has a 24" bar ,and I want to use it for slabbing windfall oak , its 62cc but I've no doubt that it'll still be a bit underpowered though . Have you got any suggestions for a reasonably priced decent saw that will run a 24"bar ?, I'm happy to throw my new Chinese saw in the bin if I can get a good saw at a none crippling price.