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  1. youve made a cracking job of that yvonne .
  2. ive reads a few bits about the 1080 thing , and it sounds like a very unpleasant business.
  3. I would imagine that a lost ferret could do some serious harm to the native wildlife over there.
  4. That's made me chuckle. It's on a par with the guy that brought his car into the garage for me to mot, and he'd repaired a flexible rubber brake pipe with insulation tape 😅.
  5. It's always sad to lose a friend , especially one that you hold in such high esteem.
  6. You can write a million words , and have a million opinions . But this is still the answer to it 👍.
  7. I'm glad that things are looking a bit more positive for you mate. Anyone that has ever lived with a teenager , will be no stranger to a blazing row , this includes your feo. Although this situation will seem pretty grim to you , it'll just be normal run of the mill stuff to them 👍.
  8. I was gagging for a pint when I drove past a cracking country pub yesterday , the beer garden was filled with people eating food out of baskets , and I so badly wanted to join them . It's funny really , because I haven't gone to the pub for a pint for about 15 years . I must have covid cabin fever.
  9. Be ok to take ferreting I spose 😆
  10. That wasn't a sporran, he was just trying to push the ginger all the way in with his ginger poker , as you walked into the room . Fair play to him I say . Not many would go to those lengths to revive a dead badger 😅.
  11. Dig a little deeper dave . I'm still pretty sure that it's an offence to have a badger, or part of a badger , in your possession . I'd guess that it was introduced as a way of securing a prosecution, after a badger had been killed(and you tried to say that youd found it) , or , if the police found traces of blood or hair , in your car or on your premises , but had no body .
  12. I believe that you aren't allowed to posses a badger ,or , part of a badger , unless certain criteria are filled ( just something I remember reading years ago ), but in reality , I don't expect that anyone would know , or care , if you cut a few hairs from a road kill badger.
  13. It appears that you've had your ticket removed , and not revoked ( but that might change). Give yourself time to catch your breath , then contact your firearms department . It's a bit early for shooting organisations and solicitors( but again ,that might change). The police are just being mindful of how a domestic can go downhill rapidly , and covering their backsides. You aren't the first to be in this situation buddy , and you won't be the last . Just roll with it for a while , until you know what the police are up to . I hope things work out well for you , in every way mate 👍.
  14. No sleep , but a job well done sir 👍.
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