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  1. Well I couldn't really see my old fella making it up malc. With my own eyes I've seen a mate drink a stainless still bucket filled with beer , without taking it from his lips , and then carry on with his drinking session, another mate had a pretty unique party piece , he had a two pint glass that he would down in one , whilst standing on his head 😊, and he would do that over and over during a night out . We have real drinking men down here malc , 😊.
  2. I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't happen in many places these days either dave , maybe a few pubs etc . My old fellas first job would have been over sixty years ago , when it was pretty much standard practice to have a drink in any physical job .
  3. my late fathers first job was working as a beer carrier in the patent shaft steel work , he would collect orders from the steel workers that worked on the furnaces , then collect the beer from one of the two onsite pubs , and take it to them on their break , he said that some of the blokes would drink twenty pints during their one hour break , and youd never see any of them drunk . could you imagine that these days .
  4. 😅😅😅😅 Many a true word said in jest .
  5. I smoked for many years , but I've never worked anywhere that let smokers have extra breaks . I think that it's a cracking idea though.
  6. Explain the teeth marks then 😆.
  7. She's just so desperate to get her nose back in the trough. I bet she wishes shed just paid the speeding fine in the first place now 😅.
  8. You ripped em , you mend em 😅
  9. as it happens , i was given an old canvas frame tent about three weeks ago , its brown too , i only need the frame from it , so the canvas will more than likely get dumped , it would be a long way to come and collect it though , its very heavy so would probably cost a fortune to post.
  10. this is one of the things that ive always been paranoid about , im not sure why , i just am . i always empty my gun and show that its empty (if im with someone), but i still sometimes have to take my gun back out of the slip to check.
  11. From my own pretty none political point of view , I would guess that a lot of traditional labour voters were just scared to vote conservative, I'll be quite honest and say that voting tory left me feeling a bit uncomfortable, I'll also be quite honest and admit that Corbyn and his lunatic party and policies , frightened the xxxx out of me . One good thing , is that Boris Johnson does seem to recognise and acknowledge this , and hopefully he'll remember it as he moves the country forward.
  12. You messed up , and you can't change that , what you can do is learn from it , and learn well , you and your mate might not be so lucky next time.
  13. I'm not really into politics , and I only follow it as much as I need to , but this pretty much summed it all up for me. This . Anyone with any common sense, could see that the labour party policies sank below poor , and we're verging on lunatic.
  14. If my family was as crazy as his and hers , I'd be running away as well.
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