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  1. Your certainly turn you hand to many different projects Simon 👍.
  2. We had a similar experience, my solicitors were very much on the ball , I'd stated clearly in writing that if we didn't get the sporting /mineral rights ,the sale was off , the sellers firm got quite childish in the end ( I still have all correspondence, and it was real playground stuff), in the end ,my solicitor just went straight to the people that did own the rights , and dealt with them directly.
  3. Here comes little Farmboy with his velcro mittens was the cry from the flock 😆
  4. mel b3


    That leaves another big question mark dave , bo jos bird might be buzzing in his ear until the screw gets tightened even further with shooting 😕. As a labour voter (not since blair),I voted conservative to help save my country ,and to help my children's future , the thought of Corbyn and his band of lunatics running the country , really frightened the xxxx out of me to be honest , the shooting side of things were small potatoes.
  5. The result has certainly shown Corbyn and his lunatic friends , that the voting public aren't quite as stupid as he thought . Let's just hope that Boris remembers that too , I certainly enjoyed his winners speech earlier 👍.
  6. I don't need it on my cv , I have it printed on my tshirt . Will you be wanting to borrow my spare sheep again this weekend ? , and can you give it a wash before you bring it back this time 😅.
  7. We had a similar situation when we were buying a piece of land a couple of years ago , the land was advertised for sale with the sporting rights ,and mineral rights included , I instructed our solicitors that the sale could not go ahead unless these rights were definitely included(and I made sure that I had written evidence of this) , the seller assured us that we were free to shoot the land , but on further investigation, it became apparent that these rights were owned by someone else, despite many assurances from the seller that this didn't matter ,my solicitors found the owners of the rights , and had them put into my name . You really need to chase your solicitors on this one , as the ownership of the sporting rights should have been clarified before the sale went ahead , they're the experts, and they should have the answers that you need. I know that it isn't always a named person or person's that own the rights , it may be that the rights are retained by whoever owns other land , or the descendants of previous owners etc , again , your solicitor would be the one to find out this information. One word of advice though , be nice to the guy that claims to own the sporting rights , you may well end up buying them from him , and the relationship that you build now , may well be reflected in the price at a later date . I hope that things work out for you 👍.
  8. Im only allowed to wear elasticated trousers 😆.
  9. I'd be lost without her , yes I'd be , thinner, richer , and happier , but I'd still be lost 😅.
  10. Give that very nice lady a cigar . Lin just did what you said , and everything is back to normal , thank you very much Yvonne 👍.
  11. I'll ask lin to give it a go for me Yvonne 👍. I never use my phone while I'm driving , because it makes me spill my beer 😊.
  12. Morning guys. I'm in need of help to get pw back on my phone. At some point yesterday , whenever I clicked onto pw through Google on my phone , it would open as normal (I can see all the sections ), then the sections vanish , and I'm left with the choice to start a new topic , and I can see a few recent posts from various sections at the bottom of the page . If you know how to fix it could you drop me a pm please, as I can still see messages. I should mention that I'm a complete technophobe and have pretty much zero understanding of anything with buttons. Thankyou in advance for any help 👍.
  13. that painting fits in with your bar perfectly dave , im really glad that i didnt bin it.
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