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  1. This is the answer . Spend ten minutes punching paper , and you'll know exactly what you and your gun are capable ofπŸ‘.
  2. I've only just noticed this thread. I used to buy all my farmers a bottle of single malt , their wives would get a posh tin of biscuits , and a hat and scarf for the kids . I'd done that for more years than I can remember, until I found out that one of the farmers was a alcoholic 😳. I'm a bit more careful these days , and try to match the presents to the farmers. On one of my farms , I buy the farmer a years worth of rat poison , and put it down for him as and when it's needed.
  3. Fantastic as always . None of us would have expected anything less πŸ‘.
  4. Nothing wrong with it at all , I do it every day😁. In this instance, I don't think the actual drinking part is relevant to most people . I think the drinking is just the salt that's being rubbed into the very open wound.
  5. I regularly see a guy fishing the local canal , he uses one of these , and pulls a trailer behind it . He doesn't appear to be disabled in any way , so I can only assume that he uses it to make access easier . I've seen him a couple of miles away from his usual fishing spot , so he must travel a decent distance along the towpaths. Edited to add. Whilst training for the three peaks challenge, I used to spend a lot of time on the wrekin in Telford. One day I saw a very large lady , on a large motability scooter , with large wheels and knobbly tyres . She was just sitting and taking in the view on a very steep section , and doubted that it would have the power or grip to go any further . It was very impressive to watch her just drive it up the hill past me , with no bother at all , and almost totally silent . It struck me that it would have made an excellent lamping vehicle.
  6. Not any more 😁.
  7. mel b3

    Chinese spies

    The Chinese government should have just asked me , I'd have told them that starmer was a xxxx for free 😁.
  8. Short , fat , and stroppy πŸ˜„.
  9. That's some canal carp. Well done πŸ‘.
  10. Mines a Tamworth pig 😁
  11. Would being upside down cause problems with the tumblers in the locks ?. I haven’t got a clue , but a locksmith would probably know πŸ‘.
  12. This , and it's a very bitter pill to swallow.
  13. It's absolutely rubbish , just post it to me and I'll get rid of it for you mate 😁. It's another work of art πŸ‘Œ.
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