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  1. Jesus wept, that's just a whole world of mangled stuff to try to understand . I think that some of it is the same type of thing that Zapp explained to me earlier in the thread only with a different name . I'm a bit embarrassed at my lack of knowledge and understanding, but a bit relieved at the same time ,I think. I'm also a bit embarrassed that I didn't know these things when my kids were growing up , I thought that I was on the ball when it came to protecting them from the Paedophiles of the world , but I'm realising that I actually knew very little . A few years ago, I had a very good friend that got sent to prison for being a paedo , when he was first arrested i just thought that it was all just a mistake (i just never dreamed that such a nice bloke could be a paedo) , until one day I realised that he was telling me lies , I didn't know what he was telling lies about , but my instinct told me that he was a liar , I told him exactly what I thought , and we never spoke again , it was only when I contacted his wife to tell her of my fears , that I found that they'd already split up , and she told me the full story . My stupidity and naivety still bother me now to be honest. I have lots of thoughts in my head on the subject , I'll write them down when they've unravelled a bit . At the moment they're just shouting.
  2. mel b3

    Hand sanitizer

    I have mine with a slice of lemon , it helps me to get through the day 😊.
  3. mel b3

    Hand sanitizer

    i doubt it , i use it probably 60 or 80 times a day , and im a hgv driver . im sure it would soon be big news if it was true.
  4. ive given myself time to think through this again before i reply . id never heard of foucault and queer theory to be honest liz , and i find it hard to grasp to be honest . do people do this openly ?, or is it some kind of secret peadophile thing ?, and if they do is openly do we not have laws to stop them ? . on the subject of maxwell , was she in it for the cash ? , or is she also some kind of sexual deviant . im not sure if a woman being involved is worse , or just even stranger , the instinct to protect children should be even stronger in women than men(yes i know thats my very old fashioned and most probably very wrong way of seeing things). in the past , ive never given these kind of people too much thought , ive always disliked them , but ive never given them much thought , to be honest , i think i was quite happy in my ignorance.
  5. mel b3

    Pilots ,Licence ?

    i work with an Austrian fella that has spent his life living here and there around the word(his dad worked for the un) , and working for a local authority we do plenty of training courses , and get plenty of certificates to prove that weve done the training , i see the certificates as pretty worthless , but he treasures them , he says that the uk is the only place in the world where gaining these certificates makes them worth something , and that in every other country , you get them by paying a bribe.
  6. ginger people should have the common decency to shave their heads , dont they realise that ginger is offensive to us normal people . they also smell of wee. hamilton is a spoiled tart , that takes every opportunity to get himself noticed , no matter how much of a knob it makes him look. for clarity . hardly any gingers were harmed during the typing of this post. dave nailed it .
  7. It's genetic , I come from a very long line of greedy fat xxxxxxxx.😆
  8. Oh yes ,They're both dirty dirty habits .
  9. Can you lot please leave us fatties alone , it's very hurtful y'know . Ya bunch of xxxxxxx 😅. Edited to add. Lewis Hamilton needs to get over himself , the big soft tart.
  10. You're right , she's great ..... when she's asleep 😅.
  11. Who was it that said " we should try everything once , except incest , and digestives with butter and cheese " .
  12. Good god chap , what are you thinking , that's as bad as dunking cake 😢.
  13. I'm so jealous, I wish my Mrs would xxxx off 😢😅. Chin up and keep moving forward 👍.
  14. Cake dunkers are just dirty dirty xxxxx xxx. Don't beat yourself up , we all need a hobby. So you're still in the closet? , you should just be open about it , it's not frowned upon half as much these days . It's still dirty . You'll be getting the dunking if she ever sees that one. It's just better to stay away from some people. If ever their was a reason not to dunk , this is it , let it stand as a lesson to all dunkers. I vaguely remember eating cornflakes and chinzano early one morning . Is this some kind of fetish thing ?, we're you wearing your rubber wellies at the time ?.
  15. mel b3

    Pubs now open

    Excuse me sir , but I think you'll find that my five years at university, studying jacobean history, make me extremely well qualified to confirm the origins of the quote . It was a wattsapp message from my mate jocka 😅😅😅 .
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