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  1. It's the David thing 😊. I get the same feeling when I get called melvyn , it's either my mother , or my probation officer 😅.
  2. Thankyou David, I'm glad my coolness is recognised the length and breadth of the country 😆
  3. This thread is a perfect example that people with tattoos are cool , and the rest are just xxxxxxx 😅😅😅😅 Sorry , I couldn't help it 😅😅😅
  4. That's a very mixed up set of standards you got there. For 40 p you can look through the tattoo shop window 😊.
  5. I agree with clanger man. My Mrs has a full back piece , and shes a right un 😆.
  6. i once remember putting a couple of pints of maggots in the fridge while i was very slightly intoxicated , i walked into my kitchen later , and theyd escaped , i lost about half a pint or so , i cleaned up and thought no more about it until a few days later when they started to hatch , it was so bad that we had to move out for a few days .
  7. ive said it plenty of times before , but , the main difference between people that have tattoos and people that dont , is that the people that have tattoos dont mind if you dont have any. personally , i always find that people with tattoos are much more interesting individuals.
  8. did you have it fastened to the front of your bike , as you rode from village to village , sharpening knives for people in the olden days ?. .
  9. You could always just tie a knot in the strap 👍.
  10. You should be very proud of your efforts with the saplings Steve. Your hard work ( not to mention how much you spend from your own pocket )has done more to help the planet , and the creatures that live on it , than Chris packam and his ilk . They sit and whine , while you just get on with it. Well done mate.
  11. Just undo the bolt through the bottom of the ratchet , and fasten it back on through the sewn loop near the hook , alternatively, post it here and my Mrs will shorten it for you.
  12. Hiya Steve. Could I have a couple of walnut if possible please mate . Hiya Steve. Could I have a couple of walnut if possible please mate .
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