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  1. what about the french maid ? , chantelle could come and stay with me , and help to eeerrr polish things
  2. Goodbye to the old mods , and Thankyou ,you have both given more to fieldeports than you probably realise. Hello to the new mods , don't forget to fill the form in with the colour of your new pw Bentley.
  3. Thankyou for your very generous words sir.
  4. i love these natural priests , you cant get much better looking than something made by nature.
  5. I'm OK then , their's no more chance of me catching anything from a shopping trolley, than their is of me catching something from a , vacuum cleaner, washing machine, cooker 😅
  6. I can speak from personal experience, when I say that , he nailed it.
  7. mel b3

    Leaving Neverland

    We started to watch it , but I couldn't stomach it ,and had to turn it off , it's very very uncomfortable viewing.
  8. mel b3

    Battery Pouch

    If you don't get fixed up mate , pop over with your gun and battery, and Lin will knock something up for you.
  9. I'll be taking mine into the boudoir and giving her a special international woman's day treat 😅.
  10. mel b3

    Grey squirrel tails

    another pw win
  11. funnily enough , i removed the tails , theyll be hung up so that nesting birds can use the fur over the next few months.
  12. I didn't nev,I'll take care of it later 👍 The bipod is just always left on the gun, even when I use it from a high seat 👍.
  13. It's probably due to the mild winter we've had.
  14. Now that's impressive 👍.
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