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  1. Come on folks , would you really expect anything different from them ?. We all know how scummy they are , they've just put it in writing this time.
  2. I already dislike him immensely. He'd be better to keep his fat gob shut , and nod politely , while the adults go about the business of trying to save lives and save the country from collapse.
  3. i can only answer for binmen in the borough that i work . the three man bin crews , and four man recycling crews, are supposed to wear masks as they travel to and from their work areas , rest assured that if their was another way , wed be doing it. i agree that most of us could improve massively on the 2m rule , and i would guess that the farmers of the country , are bending more ears than the shooting orgs (not knocking the shooting orgs). and i would also guess that all forces will shortly be singing from the same hymn sheet , itll just take a while to get things sorted. my firearms dept gave me a definite no , unless i live on the land to be shot over . again , things will hopefully fall into place shortly. for me , my certificates are of secondary importance , risking lives is at the very top of the pile , although , im pretty sure that im smart enough to shoot without spreading nasties all over the place , im expected to manage it at work every day. i reckon defra will be getting some right stick from farmers at the moment , and that the message will filter through to us(and the police) that we can shoot , albeit well probably have to stick to some pretty strict rules. i agree about the lockdown dave , it sucks , but for the good of the country , weve just got to bite the bullet (excuse the pun) , its for the greater good , so we have to do it. this week , ive had to tell two farmers that i cant turn out to shoot , i can just imagine the damage thats being done to their crops , as i see it with my own eyes every year . these farmers have been good and loyal friends for many years , and i feel like the worlds biggest ****bag for letting them down , i really do feel heartbroken over it , but , i also know that id feel devastated , if i were to take corona virus with me , into these relatively isolated communities.
  4. this post is meant with the greatest of respect dave. whilst most of us can understand where youre coming from dave , and most of us have a very good understanding of the countryside and farming , and most of us would also be out shooting today/tonight (including me) if we could , we just all need to stick to government advice at the moment mate, the best soldiers in this war , are the ones that are staying at home . the government will fully understand the need for pest control , and over the next few weeks , the pros and cons of pest control will be weighed up , and steps taken to make sure that the situation gets sorted, in the most advantageous way to benefit the farmers of the uk. most on here will also know that youre a top bloke , and that youre just champing at the bit , to get out and play your part mate , just wait a while , your turn is coming
  5. mel b3

    face masks

    Brilliant mate , thank you for letting me know. We have a few masks ready to go guys, so drop me a pm if you or yours are in need.
  6. mel b3

    Lager, ebay.

    ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…excellent ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…
  7. That's a beautiful thing indeed Simon, you have a massive amount of skills and patience mate ๐Ÿ‘.
  8. basc say ok , and some police forces are saying ok , but my force said no.
  9. ive had a no from staffs police this morning . just getting a definite answer either way is a relief.
  10. did your penny farthing have metal spokes then dave ?.
  11. i can remember leaving school , and going to work for two really old blokes , they were about 25 years old at the time .
  12. top job nev , using reclaimed materials is brilliant . i dont like the idea of you sending freda up the ladder to do the roof though .
  13. mel b3

    face masks

    masks have been made for everyone thats requested them folks .
  14. mel b3

    face masks

    thats fantastic , please tell her congratulations on finishing radiotherapy
  15. mel b3

    face masks

    Absolutely fantastic ๐Ÿ‘.
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