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  1. What a fantastic looking knife, I've never seen carbon fibre pins with antler before,and they suit each other extremely well 👍.
  2. mel b3

    PPI job losses

    around these parts , that would get the delivery guy a black eye .
  3. mel b3

    PPI job losses

    That's true enough dave . We seem to pick up American bad habits , but not so much with the good habits.
  4. mel b3

    PPI job losses

    I wonder if in the future , well be able to claim back monies from Asda etc . If they sold something that could have been bought cheaper elsewhere, or if they sold something that was harmful (cigarettes, full sugar coke , lard) etc.
  5. mel b3

    PPI job losses

    Just noticed another ad for missold mortgages , looks like they do just move along to the next thing.
  6. mel b3

    PPI job losses

    Just thinking out loud really , but what happened to all of the folks that worked in the ppi reclaim industry now that it's all over ? . My brain started ticking when I noticed a TV ad for claiming money back from delayed flights , is that just the next job that they move along to ?.
  7. petite , svelte , waif like , delicate , modelesque , are all things that have never said about me .
  8. mel b3

    Marriage time

    The best way to remember your wifes birthday , is to forget it once 😢.
  9. Yeah but my boobs are better 😆
  10. Are those fat sarahs vital statistics? .
  11. thank you , i might have a drive over there one of the sunday mornings.
  12. Are hilton and the wergs still going Ken? , I haven't been there for years.
  13. I agree , it's a very pleasant place to spend a couple of hours 👍.
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