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  1. mel b3

    recycle ?

    I watched a TV programme a few years back , it showed how one of the London boroughs were recycling all of their domestic waste. The waste was tipped onto a conveyor belt , and a massive team of workers sorted it out as it passed in front of them ,it looked like an awful job ,and I'm guessing that it might have helped to recover some of the collection costs at the time(when the recycled waste had a higher value), but I reckon the costs would be crippling these days. I can't vouch for other councils , but we had some green waste that was contaminated with needles around six weeks ago , the bosses were screaming as two artics full of green waste had to be sent to a specialist landfill site(it couldn't go into the local landfill site due to the type of contamination ), the cost was massive, and the weight couldn't be counted against the recycling figures. I'm not sure if it's still happening now , but several years ago, the Germans were digging waste out of old landfill sites so they had something to burn in incinerator plants , their recycling efforts had been so successful that they didn't have enough burnable waste to keep the incinerator plants going.
  2. mel b3

    recycle ?

    I think you've just about nailed it there . Although thousands of tons of materials get recycled, it's a drop in the ocean compared to how much still get landfill ed or incinerated. Apparently, plans are in place for waste to become more recyclable over the next few years , and also for companies like amazon etc to be charged for the waste that they produce. Weve all received tiny items from amazon that turn up in huge boxes.
  3. mel b3

    recycle ?

    Morning dave. I vaguely remember someone saying about sensors on machinery , it may well have been you that mentioned it. I took a dozen or so plastic kayaks to the recycling plant a couple of years ago , one of the guys there cut a piece of plastic out of a kayak and burned it with his lighter , he then had a good sniff of the smoke to decide what type of plastic it was , and if it could be recycled lol, I'm guessing that method of testing really can't be good for you lol. I was speaking to a police officer some time ago about how many plastic wheelie bins get stolen , he told me that the kids had been stealing them to burn , so that they can get stoned on the fumes😲,it makes glue sniffing seem quite glamorous lol. I've seen the guy collecting food waste in my local area(he don't get anything from my house because I leave naff all on any plate😆) , he pushes a four wheeled bin around and empties the slops buckets into it , he really doesn't have the stomach for it because I've seen him heaving his guts up in the street lol. The green waste that I collect goes to a garden centre(and from neighbouring boroughs), some is bagged up and goes on sale to the public , but much of it gets ploughed into farmers fields . At one time the farmers used to get paid to take it ,but I don't know if this is the case these days, I do know that some farmers won't take it as it's too dirty(contaminated with all sorts of refuse). They did quote paper prices in the meeting last week, but I can't remember how much they're getting for it , I don't think they get very much for it these days, it's more that the price hasn't plummeted as much as the other recyclables . I remember it being said that other local authorities that collect Co mingled waste , are getting pretty much nothing for any of their recyclable waste ,and that they might need to change back to collecting it separately.
  4. mel b3

    recycle ?

    I can only speak for the local authority that I work for. Different colours of glass used to attract higher or lower prices , and was recycled in different ways , and often at different plants . Things have changed now , and the glass that we collect, gets mixed together to be recycled. Your lot were (probably) just using old containers , rather than spending cash on new ones. According to information that was being shared in a meeting last week , glass is worth very little at the moment, but it's very unlikely to go to landfill for two reasons, one reason is cost , landfill is very expensive , so even if the glass is being given away for free, it's still better than picking up the bill for landfill, the other reason is recycling figures, if it goes to landfill, it can't be counted as recycling against local authority recycling figures. The pen pushers and bean counters would have a raving blue fit. Having said that, a small amount may find its way to landfill , due to being contaminated etc , some glass was also being used as hardcore in road construction a while ago(I don't know if they still do that), and I'd guess that it might also have other uses rather than just being turned back into bottles etc. Again ,according to information from a meeting last week. Some plastics are still a problem to recycle , iirc , it's something to do with plastic bottles, and their lids being made from a different plastic. The local authority that I work for , still doesn't separate food waste , but their is talk that they will need to start doing it , just the cost of changing the vehicles to something capable of carrying food waste is frighteningly expensive, so they might do it as the current fleet of vehicles come to the end of their working life. Just the cost of giving every household a new food waste bin is massive. The local authority where I live , does recycle food waste , it's turned into fertiliser and sold , they certainly won't make any profit from it, but at least it will offset some of the collection cost. According to it , the only thing that's really worth collecting now is paper .
  5. If you don't get it sorted, my good lady can take care of it for you. She could stitch a suede oval over the top of the old initials ,and pyrograph your initials on to it ,alternatively ,she could just stitch a blank leather oval over the top. Just drop me a pm if we can be of assistance.
  6. its only an old priest that i came across , it looks great with the leather on the handle.
  7. ive seen her do that plenty of times , so ive sort of got a handle on it . she still confuses me when she uses two needles at the same time though
  8. if you mean something like this , her good self could do it for you.
  9. Your structural engineering skills will come in handy , when your building a chair with enough strength to withstand fat Sarahs shorthand 😆.
  10. Hiya tweedledee . The wallets in the pics are x 16 round ,but we also make x 10 round wallets, they cost £10.00 and also come with free delivery. If youd like one,just drop me a pm and I'll take care of things for you.
  11. i spend my life in boots , but i think that theyre the coolest shoes that ive ever seen. very best of luck with the sale.
  12. her good self was sorting through a few bits and bobs in her workshop , and found a few embroidered flags from a previous job , i thought theyd look nice on the leather bullet wallets , so i convinced her to try a few , at the moment they havent been stitched on , but theyll been stitched on if they sell. if they generate enough interest , we can get more flags in , and offer them as an option on the leather goods. the wallets in the pics are .243 and .270 , but the flags can be added to any calibre wallet. the bullet wallets are £19.99 each , and as always , come with free postage. thanks for looking guys .
  13. thats a cracking bit of salvaging nev . i really love these "made it in the shed" posts. ive got a gallon of nato green matt paint over here, let me know if you want a bit.
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