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  1. πŸ˜…, it's very strange , some weeks I'll have a pig out and lose weight, other weeks I'm very careful yet still gain a bit . I've lost five and a half stone so far , so i can live with the odd pig out.
  2. That stick is a fine piece of work πŸ‘.
  3. I've got loads of abuse going spare if ever you need a bit , I get given xxxx loads of it every day at work.
  4. I'll have you know that I spent most of last year following the sliming world diet plan , only once did I fall off the wagon and eat a pie , I was a tad embarrassed when I looked at the box and it said serves four 😳.
  5. Have you seen how much I earn😒 , I can't afford to shoot things 😒, I have to throw bricks at them 😒.
  6. No need to dave , just use your purdey πŸ˜….
  7. You're the only pw member that rich enough to afford one dave 😊.
  8. Lay off the sprouts and you'll be fine , it wouldn't hurt to open a window though. To a man with your engineering skills , electric wouldn't be a problem , I reckon you could even manage solar or hydro . You could be leading the green charge from the front πŸ‘.
  9. Pw will have ten different versions by Monday morning πŸ˜…
  10. mel b3

    Ghost Ship

    i meant i thought that the owners would have sent someone to recover it , is it possible to tow something like that ?, or would it just not be economically viable ? . at the very least you would think that it could be sunk (obviously once it was decontaminated) , just to avoid the danger to other ships.
  11. dude ive been giving this matter some considerable thought , and i must confess that im beginning to get a little concerned . have you given any thought as to how a bow(or rather , bow string) might interfere with you zz top style of beard ? , im a little concerned , that as you release the bow string , it may become rapidly entangled in your beard (think threading) , and as a result , your fine and manly beard , may be viciously ripped from your fine and manly face , and catapulted downrange , like a 200mph medieval merkin ! ..
  12. mel b3

    Ghost Ship

    is it standard procedure to just set adrift an abandoned ship ?. youd have thought that the owners would do all they could to retrieve it before it had drifted too far.
  13. mel b3


    sickening stuff mate
  14. i was giving things a bit of thought last night , and i came to the conclusion that a simple J shaped hook would do exactly the same job , it could be made from flat aluminium or alloy strip , im guessing 5mm thick x 25mm wide would be strong enough (dave would have the answer to that) , and it would be , light , much easier/faster to produce , much easier/faster to cover in leather , and much much less costly , it could be made at a cost that anyone could afford. has anyone got any thoughts ?.
  15. mel b3

    Ghost Ship

    this might be a daft question , but why didnt the owners take it back ?.
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