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  1. mel b3

    Nurse wood for sale.

    You're more that welcome to use our woodland for a few hours /days whenever you want dave. You'll enjoy your wood much more and for much longer than a new car.
  2. mel b3

    Nurse wood for sale.

    Myself and lin were kindly invited by ,nev , and Yvonne and Andrew, to have a look around their woodlands before lin and myself took the plunge. Both woodlands are great , yet totally different , you need to buy the one that really grabs you , you'll know it when you find it. I looked at two woods that I really liked. The first one had a pond that could have been turned into a cracking fishing pool , this fell through when it almost came to a fist fight with the bell end of a keeper in the wood next door , he told me that I wouldn't be able to shoot their even if I owned the sporting rights(he was full of poop), he also constantly tresspassed on another guys wood , even though the guy had spent a fortune putting up an 8ft deer fence up to keep the keeper out. I also loved another wood at the side of the river avon (I desperately wanted this one), the fishing rights were owned by baa , but they had no access as the bank had collapsed, it also came with a 40 yard mooring , BUT, it was next to a piece of public land , the public land was being used for catching fish and cooking them on a bbq at the side of the river, the area was also littered with beer cans , and was being used as a public toilet. I just knew that as soon as I opened up access to the land , it would be a free for all. We eventually bought a complete wood so as to avoid the restrictive covenants that often come with buying parts of a larger woodland(the restrictions aren't really restrictive, they're just common sense and good manners really) ,we just wanted to avoid keeper issues etc.
  3. mel b3

    Nurse wood for sale.

    all of the above posts are correct , plenty of variation in prices , and every piece of woodland has pros and cons(and some have fun spoiling restrictions) , you just need to look at a few bits of woodland and buy the one that you fall in love with , and can afford. pw has plenty of woodland owners that are extremely generous with their advice , and time . you need to hurry up and buy that woodland with the pool dave , before i do .
  4. mel b3

    Guidance required!

    I give them a 3 second head start 😆.
  5. mel b3

    Golden Wedding Anniversary

    Congratulations both 👍.
  6. mel b3

    Mounting up Deer Antlers

    I use two pack wood filler to fill the brain cavity,then screw from the back of the wooden mount into the filler. Looking at nevs idea, I think I'll give it a go when I do the next one.
  7. mel b3

    Guidance required!

    Another good tip is , learn to trap moles , it can be hard work, but it'll get you loads of shooting.
  8. mel b3

    Guidance required!

    Knock on farmers doors,lots of them 👍
  9. mel b3

    Free stuff and some advice please.

    the white spirits shouldnt be a problem , id have it myself if i was closer. it might be worth knocking on a few farmers doors to see if the tractor tyres are of any use (most likely to hold the plastic down on top of the clamp), it could prove costly if you have to pay to get rid of them though. are any of them decent enough to be used on a tractor ?. most council tips will take waste oil , alternatively , oil recycling companies used to collect and buy it , but im guessing that youd have to pay these days. i wouldnt really have a clue about the big bags , but again , it might be worth knocking on a few farm doors.
  10. mel b3

    Could this really be sciatica? (Juncker)

    Looking on the positive side , at least he's a friendly drunk.
  11. mel b3

    Horse fly bites

    We're up at the woodland again this weekend, I think we'll both keep covered as much as possible this time.
  12. mel b3

    Horse fly bites

    I've heard of it ,but never really needed it. Neither of us needed anti biotics , lin just put some kind of cream on her bites , and my bites didn't really show up enough to need anything , the itching is still quite irritating though.
  13. mel b3

    Horse fly bites

    Just a quick update ? , most of my good lady's fly bites have healed ,all but a couple that seemed to get a little bit infected. I had around 40 to 50 bites as well ,but didn't really suffer too much ,but ,earlier in the week , the areas where I'd been bitten(mainly wrists and elbows) have started to itch again. Having had very little experience of horseflies and their bites in the past ,I'm finding it all most peculiar.
  14. mel b3

    Horse fly bites

    I'm not normally troubled by any type of biting creepy crawlies , and I'm certainly not accident prone, but , I have always had short legs , and been very generously proportioned in the gentleman's area , over the years it has proven to be great fun in the bedroom , but not so much fun when negotiating barbed wire fences 😆.
  15. mel b3

    Horse fly bites

    If it wasn't for bad luck , I'd have no luck at all 😆