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  1. Brand new gun, 4 weeks old.....back to the dealer if it was me. Im sure they will sort it for you, but do that before you shell out any more cash on things like re-blueing, which may invalidate your warranty?
  2. I also thought the first Vulcan was a decent bit of kit...perhaps not by today’s standards, but the one my mate had in .22 certainly didn’t seem short on power. The other catalogue classic I remember was the ASI Sniper or for an extra 15p a week the ASI Statical
  3. My first air rifle.....also a Relum Tornado came from my mans catalogue.....14th birthday back in 1980. Came with some pellets, darts and targets.
  4. Iggy

    HW99 galling

    Few guys over on the Airgun Forum who could sort it out for you if you dont want to tackle it yourself....Blackmax is a good place to start.
  5. Am tempted but fear I might make a dogs dinner of it....
  6. HW99S - They weigh under 7lbs with open sights and mine is putting out around 11.4 ft lbs out of the box in .177.
  7. Very happy with my CG Invictus Supersprort fixed choke Sporter. Had it since they first came out, probably a couple of years now....comb height, stock proportions suits me fine and I’m Mr Average I suspect To me it handles beautifully, very pointable, throws super patterns and the first time in 7-8 years of clay shooting that I’ve had ‘zero’ desire or interest in swapping my gun. Based on personal experience I’d have no hesitation in recommending one as long as it’s right for you of course...but that goes for any gun.
  8. I had a similar problem a few years back with a Supersport.....I’d load a shell into the chamber, release the bolt and then have to really force another into the mag tube as the follower wouldn’t budge. It got so bad that I was (without thinking about it) resting the muzzle of a loaded gun on my foot while I tried to force the next shell into the mag.....when I realised what I was doing it went straight back to the dealer to be sorted. Mine was under warranty (yours might be a safe they have 5 years as standard) so went back to GMK who fitted a new mag tube and follower after which it was perfect.
  9. Had a very similar issue with a new A400 excel a few years ago. Went back to GMK and they couldn't fix it so gave me a new replacement. If you bought new, don't faff about ...get it sent back, it's not likely to fix itself. Hope you get it sorted.
  10. Great, glad you got sorted
  11. Thanks very much for all your help and advice guys. Saw the gun today, it’s totally as new...even smelt new... Put a few magazines through it, grouped nicely and chrono’d very consistently around 11ft lbs. Came with all the bits it should have and I feel like I’ve got a bargain. The trigger is amazing, and I now see what people mean when they say ‘tac driver’. Just need to work out it’s favourite pellet now.... Regards,
  12. Iggy


    As above really....? As my collection grows (6 rifles now) I’m thinking more about storage...for many years they’ve been in their cases (with silica bags etc) either in a wardrobe or under the bed. What do you guys do or recommend....I was thinking of buying a proper, locking rifle cabinet deep enough to accommodate the scopes - not just for a storage but also the security perspective although I appreciate it’s not a legal requirement. What is the ‘norm’ or is the there one? Thanks all
  13. Looking to pay about £550 gun only maybe? No real way of confirming how many shots its fired, other than what the seller says.
  14. Thanks again everyone for the great help and advice. I’ve not been able to see the gun yet, but I’ve discovered it was made in 2014 according to the cylinder markings and serial number. So, it’s 4 years old and only fired a few pellets...does that change anything I need to look out for? How long do the seals last....at 4 years old with minimal use will they still be ok or might they need looking at? I’m not looking for problems, just trying to think of every eventuality before seeing the gun in a few days. Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks very much for your replies everyone, that’s great especially the info about cylinders and power creep etc. It it sounds like good one in the sense that it’s brand new but at a discount...the downside being it’s spent it’s entire life and warranty period in its box, so if anything isn’t quite as it should be it’s too late to take it back.
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