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  1. Hi there, is the MkIV single shot only or does the mag hood 2 with one in the chamber like a semi auto? Sorry for the questions, but they are genuine and may be interested. Thanks
  2. Great vid, thanks for sharing. I’m very happy with mine 👍
  3. Hi, If you’re in Stone there are two local grounds that have delay, self buttoning traps.....Doveridge and Oakedge, both open in the week.
  4. Is it the members only special offer on Melitta Coffee 😂
  5. One of my favourite gunshops, always decent prices and decent trade in valuations too. Good guys to deal with, and never felt ripped off (or even that they wanted to)
  6. And to think I thought travelling circuses only happened in my neck of the woods! At the end of the day isn’t this sorry saga, if true, nothing more than simple greed, or ego perhaps, or both? Maybe I’m old fashioned but why does there have to be a cash prize anyway....it feels like the dark ages to me and for anyone even slightly motivated by money it’s bound to happen. I’ve never shot comp in my life, no issue with folks who want to, but I don’t do it to gamble....I do it to shoot. I don’t know the people involved in this so I can’t comment, but surely taking away the prizes can only help take away the temptation. We all want to win and like the felling when we do, but surely this can’t be at any cost?
  7. Yes Oakedge is due to start registered shots again in January with Steve Lovatt setting the targets so it should be good. You also have Garlands near Telford and Kegworth off Junc 24of the M1. Also Yeavely is worth a visit but only 50 bird and fibres only. I’m along the road in Stoke and these are all within 45 minutes or so.
  8. Brett Davies but maybe more mid Wales?
  9. Yes I believe they do, I’m just not a fan of the inserts type glasses.....trying to get a proper prescription set done
  10. Hi all  For sale, two pairs of Pilla Vigilante Shooting glasses. The first pair is fitted with a 45MX lens the second pair fitted with a 22N lens  I bought these new about 3 weeks ago, worn them once only so they are in mint/as new condition  Only selling as I’ve discovered I need a distance prescription, and looking for £200 for the pair inc delivery to the UK.  Thanks,
  11. Brand new gun, 4 weeks old.....back to the dealer if it was me. Im sure they will sort it for you, but do that before you shell out any more cash on things like re-blueing, which may invalidate your warranty?
  12. I also thought the first Vulcan was a decent bit of kit...perhaps not by today’s standards, but the one my mate had in .22 certainly didn’t seem short on power. The other catalogue classic I remember was the ASI Sniper or for an extra 15p a week the ASI Statical
  13. My first air rifle.....also a Relum Tornado came from my mans catalogue.....14th birthday back in 1980. Came with some pellets, darts and targets.
  14. Iggy

    HW99 galling

    Few guys over on the Airgun Forum who could sort it out for you if you dont want to tackle it yourself....Blackmax is a good place to start.
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