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  1. Remember the Monty Python sketch with a whole island of Alan Whickers? Muahahhahaa!
  2. Yer cheeky young scamp, do I have to tell Cranfield about our clay scores?
  3. Cheeky Beggar! I'll set that 20lb pike I'll catch, on you, on monday!
  4. £28,000? The value of all the cars I've ever owned added together don't add up to that much mate! I wish someone would come and put the old Riley on my drive out of its misery.
  5. Done it! I cant help being popular, I'm special - my mum said so 'son, dont listen to them, your special' she said!
  6. meandassey

    N&S Website

    Whats the URL for the N&S website blokes? Cheers
  7. Get ready to start handing out your new 'business' cards then mate :-). Let me know when you want more printed!
  8. I got a nice, boxed cleaning kit and a video 'Shooting Woodpigeon with Sporting Gun'. I just need a farm to shoot on now!
  9. Right, I think its got something to do with the URL, back to the drawing board!!!
  10. Right got that sussed. Thanks for the image to practice on!
  11. Scruffy yes, faithful?:thumbs: Not so sure - sir!!
  12. Plants absorb it whilst releasing oxygen
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