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  1. strange that one sean, woodpigeons have been seen breeding twelve months of the year, fact, but no white bars,,.strange,,even birds from over the pond look like ours ,slightly darker and a lot more acrbatic but all have white bars....
  2. we have a saying around here about s*@#te hawks.. that the only reson they have wings is to beat the scousers to the tip!! and this was the place that a mate of mine had been granted permission to shoot these varmints,,so we had a go, quite a few years back now ,,i can tell you the first dozen are easy and after that hides have to go up , if you saw what they eat you wouldnt even pick one up,, i had to put the dog in the car he couldnt stop laughing and was starting to get on my nerves!! we shot five bin bags full....pesky things! there was a school near and it was claimed it was a bit
  3. for seatrout at night i will use a wake lure on a black night and the takes are frightening ....same principle as the frog or mouse for predator fish even chub... Tight Lines
  4. its a great job for flightline he puts it in a perfect way .... i wonder if at the bottom of the letter you could put a small footnote.... saying how we feel about Prescot!!!! aarrrhhh
  5. PRESCOT!!! FAT HANDBAG,,, HE USE TO LIVE DOWN THE ROAD,, MORON!!!!! god thats better out my system than in, just when you hear that name pRESCOT!!!!!!!!! MMMOORRRON,,....AAAARRRHHH
  6. dear oh dear oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!! :laugh:
  7. garlands in the midlands are very good ,,,they are in tamworth in staffs ,,bought lots of gear off them send them the money and it will be in the next post,,,not like our friend in you know where....sorry!!!!! also ,,shooting vests nwss north wales shooting school in sealand nr chester also very good with mail order,, ask for guy he is a mate of mine............ good luck ,both also do a large range of scopes too!!!
  8. you cant go wrong with the old major..and his missus pru... archie was to pigeon shooting as hugh falkus was to seatrout, you read it and you were there, without the bottle of beer of course, his book will be read for many years to come ,
  9. did you get any where with the above pp....... if not no problem .. pc
  10. all my shooting is done from a hide .pigeon and wildfowling...so i have never looked any further than labs ..i have two,,,tan and brian.....and they work shifts
  11. oh and i forgot nothink to do with shooting but the trout and salmon,,,,,,is the best read each month.......as is my weekly speedway star,,,,,,,i know sad ehh....
  12. sporting gun can interesting sometimes so i get it each month all the topics have been covered a thousand times,,,,,,but still enjoy pigeon stories and pictures..... shooting times only at christmas and the start of the wildfowling season........
  13. paul collins


    guns and dogs were there before erindoors cant chat must finnish the ironing
  14. i might be able to do you a deal on a job lot!!!!!!!
  15. if any use to you sam i use s&b super trap in a 32g load for roost shooting and for all decoy work i use superfelt game , same make in 30g , and expect to pay a hundred pound a thousand maybe less..and choke is fixed 3/4 and full through a trap gun .......and have done for the last couple of decades, also if its anythink to go by a man called peter swhertds from london who i think shoots more pigeons in a year than anyone shoots a trap gun with 3/4 and full but uses winchester western in fives for everythink, as does jim albourne,, bit heavy for me but i have shared a hide with peter and
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