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  1. Copper pumps will last a few years, dependant on how often you pump. If an Alvey lasts you 20 years your not pumping much bait. Before I started making my own, an Alvey would last about 6 months before having to do a cut because the mouth had worn away and buckled, after the first cut you would be lucky to get another 3 months out of one before it was ready to be scrapped.
  2. It is, well done Sherlock. Columbus
  3. I am looking for £80 and the postage would be 18 volumetric kilos by next day couriers but I will not know the price till tomorrow. Thanks for the enquiery. Columbus.
  4. I have for sale this 4 gun cabinet. The safe is approved for the use of keeping guns safe by Dyfed Powys police. It is made out of 2mm plate and welded seams top and bottom. It has a cartridge compartment at the top of the cabinet. Idealy it will be pick up only from West Wales as it weighs nearly 30 kilos, but I am willing to post at buyers cost.
  5. Searching up in the attic today for something I came across a box of books I had put up there about 10 years ago. They cover nearly every subject to do with country sports. I will start with some of the fishing and fly tying books. All postage is at cost. Stillwater Flies how and when to fish them. John Goddard 1989 HB reprint 199 pages no dust jacket good condition £10 + P&P. Fly-Tying Illustrated for nymphs and lures. Freddie Rice 1976 1st edition HB 112 pages no D J light staining to spine G condition £8 + P&P Uptide and boat casting. Bob Cox 1985 1st edition HB 104 pages no D J G condition £15 + P&P Rough Stream Trout Flies. S D (TAFF) Price 1976 1st edition HB 191 pages some foxing to edge of pages and signs of wear on edge of D J otherwise Good condition. £15 + P&P Sea Trout Run. Peter Jarrams. 1987 1st edition HB 160 pages No DJ one dent on spine otherwise good condition. £5 + P&P Mastering the Nymph Gordon Fraser 1987 1st edition 176 pages DJ Very good condition. £20 + P&P Days and Nights of Game Fishing W B Currie 1984 1st edition. 192 pages DJ Very good condition. £18 + P&P Fishing for Bass strategy and confidence Mike Thrussell 1989 1st edition 123 pages D J worn and small tears around edges. ( I loaned it out and it was returned like that) other than that Very good condition £30 + P&P Fly Patterns For The Rivers and Lakes of Wales Moc Morgan 1984 1st edition 334 pages D J some fading to spine other than that. Very good condition. £50 + P&P My Way With Trout Arthur Cove 1986 1st edition 186 pages dust jacket torn and sellotaped back together ( same chap loaned to) Other than that, good condition. £25 + P&P Sea Trout Fishing Hugh Falkus. 1987 reprint 448 pages slight water mark to back of dust jacket otherwise good condition. £30 + P&P The Pursuit Of Stillwater Trout Brian Clark 1975 reprint 192 pages slight mark to the front and a mark on the top of the spine of the D J . Other than, good condition. £15 + P&P Photos can be sent for any of the books. I will be adding to the list as and when I get around to it.
  6. After a couple of days to cool down. I have to say. We should have won that game even with 14 men. Sam was sent off and under the new laws quite rightly so. That said, when you miss out on at least 11 points, 3 penalties and one conversion, that is not counting the two attempted drop goals, you cannot expect to win any international rugby match. It was the same for the SA match if we had got the balls (Wayne Barns apart) between the posts we would have won that game. The way modern defences are, it is hard to break them down, so when a kickable penalty is awarded you have to take that opportunity. No matter how flash Wales are playing with ball in hand until we can convert the pressure into points, we will always be also-rans.
  7. Well done! Nearly as long as me.
  8. In fact Cranfield once resigned as a moderator over a disagreement over moderation. It was he who put Erns name forward as a moderator. http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/ind...ic=2088&hl= I must say though the few posts I have had deleted the mod has had the good manners to email me and tell me why.
  9. If anything that netting looks like 4z that the normal cheapo nets are made of. If it is nylon would make a good longnet. Although it does look a bit stiff. Try some purse nets with it see how they go got nowt lo loose. Best bet is to send me a bale of it and I can then test it for you. :blink:
  10. ill print my adress if you print yours and we will see who sleeps the longest and soundest.
  11. Drove up to church stretton ( shropshire) tues seen a lot of rape on the way up there but hardly seen any pigeon at all. As we dont grow rape in this area i know nothing about it, is it usual to see no birds at all on rape at this time of year.
  12. columbus

    New bird

    NTTF the bird is 11 months old and never been handled it has not started moulting yet its still in juvinile plumage. Took food today for the firsty time but is very wary. 2lb 5oz is a good size for a male redtail even though hes fat at the moment. He should start flying at about 1lb 15 oz or 2lb.
  13. columbus

    New bird

    LOL ern nearly fell of my chair.
  14. columbus

    New bird

    Got a new bird yesterday, 2lb 5oz of spitting fury that is a redtailed hawk.
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