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  1. Yes please, sounds ideal for my 10 year old son! PM me with postage costs.
  2. If you are on facebook it may be worth joining this group to sell your gear as a job lot https://www.facebook.com/groups/WpsSales/
  3. Where abouts are you? My brother may have a Birmingham made Webley 700 side by side for sale.
  4. dankidd

    . 410 o/u

    Ah apologies I didn't realise he was of a small frame. If he is shooting well with a .410 stick with it because it's a hard gun to master!
  5. dankidd

    . 410 o/u

    I always found single barrel shotguns kick harder because they are lighter and don't soak up recoil as well as a double barrel gun.
  6. dankidd

    . 410 o/u

    I bought my 10 year old a Kofs 20g junior model and its a superb little gun. You can get lighter carts but he's happy using 21g carts through it and seems to be shooting well!
  7. Ive been using a Rydale suit and has been pretty good for the price.
  8. dankidd

    Small bore O/U

    Have a look at the Kofs 28 bore. Seriously good little gun for very little money.
  9. Amazon, argos, currys etc for about £25
  10. Hey guys. I have recently inherited a pair of E. Leitz Wetzlar 7x50 Marsept binoculars. The story behind them was they were taken from a German WW2 POW and kept in the family. The serial number is 479707 and I was wondering if anyone was able to date them from the serial number and maybe tell me a bit more about them because info seems hard to come by after a google search!
  11. Billy bargain there for someone they are a superb cartridge
  12. Could reccomend the Altbergs as a backup boot
  13. dankidd

    Youths 20g

    Sorted now many thanks
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