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  1. Where abouts are you?
  2. dankidd

    Goose decoys

    12 x brand new enforcer windsocks with bag. Unused Houghton Le Spring £100
  3. What on earth possessed you to ruin that woodwork?!
  4. Damn, bit far in this current climate!
  5. Let me know if these don't sell mate
  6. Lee loadall 2 is a pretty good place to start with to make some basic loads... Or you can fork out some more cash and go for a mec loader.
  7. It wouldn't surprise me! 28 much more usable gun though and throws a superb pattern and you can use it on small bore days!
  8. If it's worth anything the 28 is very much worth thinking about. I've considered buying one many times.
  9. From memory it was a decent little gun. It was a multi choke although it only came with the chokes that were already in the gun. It was an ejector model, very pointable. I killed a fair few pigeons with it!
  10. I sold a Sarriguarte a few years back to someone around that area. I wonder if it's the same one?!
  11. Give Sharon or Gwyn a call on 01942 518452.
  12. dankidd

    Silver Pigeon 1

    Where abouts are you?
  13. dankidd

    Browning B525

    I already have the exact same silver pigeon! I fancy a Browning.
  14. dankidd

    Browning B525

    As per title. Looking for a game model with 28 or 30 inch barrels, multi choke with auto safety. Closer to Newcastle Upon Tyne the better. Many thanks
  15. Where abouts are you?
  16. I think it's just for the stock and fore end not the whole gun
  17. Bit more info please.
  18. Two Beretta's for £300 in the gun sales page.
  19. Speak to Nick at flightlinedecoys. He makes the FF6 flapper best around.
  20. Best ones on the market are the hide poles from Decathlon. Nothing else comes close mate.
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