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  1. Anyone used Hull Pro one plastic wads for sporting clays? If so how do they compare with Eley Superbs? I have a chance of taking a few thousand at a decent price and wondered how they fared against the Superbs which I have been shooting for a while. 7.5/28g if it makes any difference.
  2. Got my first ranking, C class. Hopefully I'll go up come the next classifications.
  3. I need a clay vest and friends shop sells the Musto championship vests, the normalfabric one and the mesh one. For those that have them are they any good and is the mesh version pretty hardwearing? Thanks.
  4. North looking favourite in the stakes.
  5. Can anyone suggest a good coach for a half day lesson, I am prepared to travel a bit bit obviously the nearer to me the better (Lancashire)? I have tried a coach suggested on here before (not wanting to name names but at a club in the North West) and found him very good for beginners, I just feel there might be other options out there. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the replies folks, it seems like you think the single stack unit should be avoided if budget allows. One of the reasons I was looking at the Bowman single stack was it was very quick at throwing clays, supposedly it throws a clay 'every 0.9 seconds'....most of the fast carousel units are around 1.5 seconds. I would like to be able to shoot pairs and I thought the single stacker would be the nearest thing I could get to this without buying two traps to fire at the same time (budget does not stretch to this). I think Bowman do a unit now that will throw a pair but it will be way out
  7. Thanks Cat, I'll have a look.....cheaper is always nice.
  8. I am thinking of buying an automatic trap for home use/practise and wondered what people suggest as a robust reliable machine suitable for solo use. I am looking for something that holds 100 or so clays (more if in budget), is ok to be left out in foul weather now and again and is portable, as mostly I will lock it away at night. Ideally it would be great if it could throw a variety of targets and pairs and I would look to have it on a trolley or barrow and I see a lot of the makers actually manufacture these for their traps. Budget is about £1000 max, obviously cheaper is better. Specifica
  9. Coach, are you using the Comp X/Intercomps in plastic or fibre wad?
  10. Thanks for the replies folks. I have decided to avoid the VIP Sporting fibres as I expect they will be a bit thumpy for me and to be honest I'm not good enough to warrant them yet. I have ordered a slab each of Hull Comp X and also Hull Intercomps, both in 28g 7.5. Good things said about both so I thought I would try both. Thanks again for your replies.
  11. Thanks for the replies folks. Just to let you know I have ordered a slab each of Comp X and also Intercomps, both in 28g 7.5. Good things said about both so I thought I would try both. Thanks all.
  12. Following on from my earlier post on Eley VIP Sporting cartridges, who has tried Hull's Comp X fibre wad? I am now considering trying 1000 Comp X instead of the VIP's, specifically I am looking at 28g 7.5s (although I know a lot rate the 21g shell). How do the Comp X compare with Eley Blues and Kent Velocity, all in fibre wad? I have searched but not really found much info on the fibre wad 28g. Obviously they are for sporting clays. Cheers.
  13. I personally find the velocity's a bit more thumpy than the Ely blue fibres. Just curious if the VIP Sporting is more likely to recoil harder given the supposed inrease in speed/performance.
  14. Thanks for the reply mate. For those who have shot them, how would you compare the recoil of the VIP Sporting with Eley Blue (fibre) and Gamebore's Kent Velocity fibre (two carts I have used a fair bit). Thanks again.
  15. Anyone tried the Eley VIP Sporting carts (fibre wad, 28g 7.5s)? Thinking of trying a few as a late Christmas pressie to myself. FWIW I have been using Eley Blues of late with fibre wad....seem okay just curious as to the difference with the super duper all singing & dancing carts. Cheers.
  16. Thanks for the replies folks, I'm going to order anoither 1/4 choke for sporting and try shooting 1/4 and 1/4 as Chard and Browning suggested. Would it be worth getting a couple of skeet chokes or just take one of the 1/4 chokes out and bung a cyl choke in the days I am shooting skeet (which are not nearly as often as sporting to be honest)? It's probably also worth tryying some no 9 or even 8 cartridges for skeet as up until now I have just shot 7.5 for everyting (recently with Eley Blues). Cheers.
  17. Until recently I have shot with 1/4 and 1/2 chokes and not really put much thought into it. What do the more eperienced clay shooters suggest using for mainly sporting clays? Also I do shoot skeet a bit now and then, again what are the reccomendations here for chokes? Many thanks.
  18. I have a Miroku MK38 Sporter and very happy I am with it too....it shoots great, however I have noticed the top lever sticks a bit when I am opening the gun to eject spent cartridges. I bought the gun from new and have fired maybe 500 carts and have only really started to notice it, but it may well have done it from new. However I have just picked up on it and it seems to do it when you first try and move the lever through that initial bite point. Is this something that will ease with time (it could well be metal on metal causing it so use will help) or even something I can 'adjust' myself?
  19. Is it necessary to remove choke tubes on a shotgun and clean them internally each time the barrels are cleaned or is it a 3 or 4 times a year type job (shooting mostly once, occasionally twice a week)? Oh and do you remove the old grease and re-grease the threads each time? Cheers.
  20. Malmo guns near Lancaster, very friendly, lots of guns, carts and gear. Usually very competitive on price too.
  21. I am fairly new to shooting clays and until yesterday had been shooting them with the gun pre-mounted. I had a lesson yesterday and the instructor said he shot with the gun down before calling for the target and was encouraging me to do the same. Do most clay shooters that get to a decent standard shoot with the gun pre-mounted or gun down (I am talking mainly sporting and normal skeet)? I can't help but think most of the pros would shoot pre-mounted so as to remove another possible variable from affecting their scores? Thanks.
  22. Following on from my earlier post on cartridges for clays I am thinking of buying some Eley Blues as I can get them at a reasonable price (28gm 7.5s), I have searched but there doesn't seem to be that much info on them. Anyone use/rate them? Are they lowish recoil, reasonably clean shooting? Cheers.
  23. Having got through 1000 Kent Velocity carts I am looking for some suggestions on carts to try in 7.5/28 gram. I found the Velocity carts to leave alot of fouling in the barrels (Miroku MK38 Sporter) and am looking for something that is a cleaner shell with reasonable recoil, it has to be a fibre wad also. My biggest problem shooting is lack of lead so perhaps a faster shell may help with this? Being fairly new to the sport I am trying to find a cart that suits and stick with it, any suggestions would be great. Cheers.
  24. Thanks folks, the WD40 didn't work so I've ordered some Hoppe's
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