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  1. ps do they just take longer to season or does it affect the quality.
  2. cheers felly will get out at weekend.
  3. whats the latest time you should cut hazel?
  4. is there a clay shoot if so anybody have idea of cost.
  5. well I went yesterday afternoon for 2 hours just to see if I could still cast. tied on a brown & green nymph a friend at the gun club tied for me .started to get follows added some lead had take next cast. ended the day with 3stockie browns and 1 good rainbow.could only get takes at the end of the lift off.everybody else seemed to be float fishing.lol.
  6. so is there anybody willing to tie me some leaded version of firdom`s recipe?
  7. yep its that dozen flies I want in my box.
  8. thank you very much for taking the time to search.All I need now is for somebody to tie me some.if not I might have to take up fly tying Doh another hobby.
  9. would really appreciate it.i know there are plenty of modern flies that catch.but these really worked on are local waters.plus now I have started this quest. I really want to get it right.cheers.
  10. sorry dunkield close but was called brown &green leaded nymph.but it is close.
  11. found out today this fly was designed in the late 60`s if this helps.
  12. you won`t go wrong with the mk70.as long as it fits you.go for it.
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