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  1. mine is a 16mm lens and use it on all my scopes to be honest even the 6x24x56 nighteater works great just small field of view at close range but get past 100 yards its fine i also found you don't have to mess about with the mag i just leave it on 6 mag and shoot at good distances colin
  2. have you tried Paul at case prep services near Bedford get all my gear from him and f he ain't got it he will do his best to get it Colin
  3. Steve if you not got your pard yet would wait just a little bit longer as they are now gong to make them with a 12mm lens so no built n mag and higher mag scopes should work better colin
  4. I have the howa 1500 mini action very accurate round mine loves 32gr vmax pushed along with 28gr of imr8208
  5. Dragonfly are dirty light the solaris is the way to go Colin
  6. colin lad


    i do like jack daniels with honey and coke colin
  7. i have one and use it with the solaris srx on the rifles very good and clear also it can be used as a spotter with its own ir and can see 150-200 yards colin
  8. would you take offers ?
  9. has it got ao for paralex adjustment ??
  10. or try abbo's fishing tackle shop i find west bay will tell you what they want not the best info if your going west end of beach then go west bay park in carpark by cliff's and walk east for about 20 min's till you reach the dip small bit along cliff's that dips down for about 50 meters and fish there my fav place colin
  11. i fished abbo the other week seems best area at the moment walk to the dragons teeth get away from the crowds colin
  12. too much faffing about best to just buy an evo50 ir off torch factory they pretty cheap and will give you a lot more distance than the 170 with filter paper colin
  13. they are the under weight birds still in feather, guess t's better than binning them, one shoot gave me 40 birds free just to get rid of them
  14. i buy quite a few of the game dealers and breast them out for my game sausages to sell in shop dealer charges us 25p per bird colin
  15. colin lad

    243 brass

    thank's both but think i am sorted now many thanks colin
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