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  1. I remember the squares of news paper and it seems to me that’s all the news papers is good for wiping xxxxx not for what it’s supposed to be for telling the truth
  2. Like dave you are to far for me
  3. Just a quick heads up for opticwearhouse I lost the rubber eye piece of my base nv90 phoned them Tuesday morning and a replacement came this morning free of charge very good company to deal with
  4. Why Churchill surly there other insurance brokers
  5. kidneys and fried fresh eggs and crust bread dipped in the juice out of the kidneys out this world
  6. Made mine out of 40x40 box section very solid I put it on tailgate of pickup
  7. We still make our own faggots get pigs pluck onions dried bread. boil the puck with the onions keep the juice let pluck go cold the put though mincer with onions and dry bread make into cricket size balls cover with streaky bacon as we can’t get the Cail now the put in hot over with some of the juice in a meat tray cook serve with mushy peas and chips ruddy lovely. PS if you don’t now what pluck is I will tell you it’s the wind pipe with the lungs heart and liver and lights hanging of it like I said ruddy lovely
  8. Don’t think it’s about the bag it’s about the birds they will want to go back to there roost so give them plenty of time to get back that what walker570 is on about and I totally agree with him. was in mid wales syndicate couple of years ago 3.30 and that was it we had the shots if we didn’t get the bag that was our fault Rob the keep was adamant 3.30 and that was it some guests could not understand it but like pointed out you had the shots
  9. Totally agree much to late I am glad this as come up about there as was thinking of taking a day but I will be looking at some where else now thanks a lot I hope the owner is reading this or a member of staff you just can’t shoot birds and ignore there wellbeing.
  10. She is a right miserable cow the way she spoke to me I wouldn’t have it of her if it was free
  11. Not trying to pinch thread but the dive centre buy me as closed do does anybody know of a compressor on the market that I can buy to fill my own bottle with. Thanks
  12. I know how you fell when shooting or fly fishing good for nothing next day I keep saying to myself why but I can’t sit on my asxxxx doing nothing and I love to be outside in a hide or up to my nuts in water with fly rod. I look like Quasimodo next day doubled up popping pain killers but out again couple days later to suffer it all over again
  13. Mine was delivered this morning fitted it was straight forward I have put it on my bsa r10 was going to try it tonight but just had a ruddy good thunderstorm lasted for 3/4 hour so will try it tomorrow night I could see cows at hundred yards so be good for bunnies out to 45 yards
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