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  1. Sculls I agree with every word you have said he is just a untrustworthy bxxxxxxxxx
  2. Lincoln 20 o/u want go wrong with one
  3. We was in local meat warehouse few months ago I seen these lobster tails at nice price but the missis said will check see if the price was right she was told it was so we had packet so that night I thought nice bit Stilton glass or two port and couple tails would do me nicely how my god it was blxxdy vile processed sweepings up of some kind what ever it was straight in the bin never no more but the cheese and port made up for it
  4. I lads I am selling my weaver superslam scope 3-15-50 side focus Ebx reticle got box for it there are no marks on it I have taken it of my 17 hornet I payed £810 for it asking £425 Ono plus postage
  5. Got quite a few 20 bore boxes if any good
  6. Keep still in the hide don’t keep popping up to see what’s about movement is a killer in the hide they can see you for miles. I never where camouflage can’t stand it just something dark and a hat nothing that shines in the hide
  7. I am no h/s person i have worked in scrap yards for years where there was no h/s never heard of but when I was under lorries and cars I always used axel stands or made sure packed up with timbers you don’t get a second chance if something goes wrong
  8. That head teacher as got it right what a nice thing to do wish others where like that and the comment about how much time the kids have had of over the last year makes sense one hour is not going to make one bit of difference to head teacher. But why do the teachers still need training days no other profession as days of work for training.
  9. Mel will tell him thanks for that he is coming up on the 13 so will give him some Thanks again mate
  10. For me to shoot them it would mean stopping over night as it’s hundred and fifty miles away would snares work I can give him some next week when he visits
  11. Hi lads our son is a very keen gardener he is having trouble with foxes in garden I would go down there and sort it but it in middle of a large town there first light playing in the vegetable patches he is thinking of packing up but he loves it garden he works 12 hours shifts when he as days of he does one day fishing the other 3 days garden what can he do please. Thanks for looking tony
  12. What’s I am concerned about is the lad jet washed engine bay then sprayed wd40 all over engine I took it for a good run round and it performed like I was expecting it to do. I like the motor but wondering why he sprayed it all over engine it’s still got Nissan warranty till next august any thoughts on subject thanks for your time looking.tony
  13. Was only on about this last night to my mate it will come back and bite them we now ever where had a bad time last year but this over pricing will have it’s draw back after covid lifted people will remember how they are being ripped off.
  14. Did you use heat resistant paint as they get hot
  15. Well what do you expect these clever people should not be let out never mind look after anything
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