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  1. Confused from Birmingham

    If you are loading lead why are you asking about steel. For gods sake dont mix them up
  2. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    Only shoot game my safety is all ways on as i mount the gun my thumb just come round the stock and pushes the safty off.

    Worked brillient for me
  4. A question

    Like Mice as said blocks to use on big drills i rember somethink like that on drills back in the sixtys but cant recall how they work.
  5. carp sea fishing mould

    2oz maz one eighth the smallest
  6. carp sea fishing mould

    Hi lads i have a carp sea fishing mould for sale . Asking £20 plus postage
  7. Yukon Photon Scope

    What model
  8. Reload

    I think i am going to start buying new again last time i phoned folkestone he had not got any in.
  9. Hair clipper

    Now sorted thanks to Steve. Chears mate
  10. Hair clipper

    That would be great Steve i will send you my address.tony
  11. Hair clipper

    Good morning all as anybody out there got a old hair clipper thats broke i only need the blades i want to make a dubbing rake for fly fishing. If you have would be very thank full. Tony
  12. Vintage machinery

    Hi Paddy Galor think your dad brought a tractor of me about 5 years ago from up here in north wales he said he would send me some photos when he had restored it. Would you mind asking him if he brought a tractor from up this way please.
  13. Reload

    I load 2/3 thousand a year only trouble i find is cases split so i use new ones but started to do roll turn only because got feed up of throwi g cases in bin. All the best .
  14. 17 centre fire.

    Got two 17 cz fantastic guns