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    Rifle and shot gun shooting and sea boat fishing

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  1. snow white

    Shotmaker dimensions

    Hi lads i have had to buy a new rex c100 pid but i have for got how to set the think up the instrucios are usless get it to turn on but thats is help needed thanks for looking
  2. snow white

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    Nope fly fishing
  3. snow white

    Berme rex c100

    Hi lads can anybody help me out i have forgot how to set up a berme rex c100 thermostate i have looked on yotube but not what i am after Now the weather is warm its ideal to make load of shot Thanks for looking tony
  4. snow white

    fish walking stick.

    fatchap thank you very much for info.
  5. snow white

    fish walking stick.

    Hi i can find the stickman webb site can you point me in the right direction please
  6. snow white

    lee loadall

    I glued a small washer in the crimp finnish way back early 70 ts made a lovely crimp i have got two 20g press but no gauges can i get some one of the presses is on a aluminum base if i rember right that is a hold one.
  7. snow white

    Nuts and Bolts

    I use stainless for eveytink i had a mate back in the midlands that worked for water treatment plants the boxes of nuts bolts he gave me are still being used after 15 years living up here
  8. snow white

    Scope trouble

    Is the turret the type you can take top of if so you mihht be at the end stop my mate as one you undo the top ring and under neath there is a end stop lift it up twist it round half turn and see what happens
  9. snow white

    Dog roaming, how to cure it?

    Hi am reading that you work in forestree do you use chain saws my to springers will sit with me all day if i am pottering about but now sooner as chainsaw or edge trimer is out thay are back in the house could be he does jot like the noise.
  10. snow white

    Gas Fridge Wanted From Caravan or Motor Home

    Theres a place that sells eveythink for caravans we brought a new water heater of there couple months ago. I will try to find it but if you type in caravan fridge or water heater it should come up. Hi found it The caravan Wherehouse
  11. snow white

    Gun cabinet problems

    Fix it to the floor as well as back wall it want move.
  12. snow white

    It's not you, it's me! (22LR accuracy)

    Can't remember last time i cleaned my 22. I now what you mean about putting it away with out cleaning it but thay seam to shoot better with dirty barrels.
  13. snow white

    Shot making Comrad!!

    I have never had any trouble getting fabric conditoner washed of shot like sitsinhedges as said it takes seconds
  14. snow white

    Logun solo

    Hi i have a 16 round 22 magazine also some seals.
  15. snow white

    Gasp case rimmer query.

    Its ok i could not get on with it the one i made i can cut 50 plus cases in half hour and all straight cuts