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  1. On my Cz 527 17 hornet and 223 there is elongated button you press on the side the cz22 lr you have to press the trigger to release the bolt.
  2. He said everybody should be vaccinated we don’t have a vaccine so how can everybody be vaccinated bloody idiot
  3. Damp ash or vinegar both do same job
  4. snow white


    Mine as aluminium frame one of the very first ones about fifty years old
  5. snow white


    The wife brought mine back in very early seventies I have replaced the wood on it twice there was nothing wrong with original wood until our eldest lad decided to drop a tree on it. I now have two nice pieces of hard wood on it.
  6. snow white


    Repair a black and decor workmate old type
  7. Started work in 1964 the welder had a billycan that was never cleaned one Saturday I put washing powder in it to soak over Sunday I went in Monday morning washed the billycan out it was spot less but the ruddy thing leaked like a sieve he went ape**** at me I never cleaned the mugs or anything else for the lads out
  8. Marley’s ghost came from Marley’s marhole it was a big hole on what is hamlets estate now in West Bromwich the marhole was a funny place on a night time used to frighten the **** out of us young kids we was about six at the time
  9. I forgot to put in about receipt thank you for reminding me👍
  10. No you do not have to notify the police end of debate
  11. Just gone to advertise a rifle on gun trader they want £14.45 for a month is that the going rate for a advert can somebody tell me.
  12. Hi mate had no pm from you can you spend again. Tony
  13. Ta

    How do you want me to pay?

    Cheers Rob

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