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  1. Ok then learn something every day forget to say I don’t like it but that’s me barrel seams to thick
  2. The barrel doesn’t look right to me the center of the barrel looks to high on the chamber unless it’s my eyes
  3. Have you tried knocking on some farm doors before asking on here as most of us have had to.
  4. Blimey never seen that before what gun you using was it a semi auto
  5. Our Tilley goes like that took her to the vets they recon it a type of hay fever just get a damp towel and washer her face more so her nose she as been as fine since hope your dog is ok
  6. Sold one to vaynol arms just before shutdown
  7. That’s ok when you take somebody and you are all laughing and joking with the farmer in the yard then when he sees them and they say I will be along in a bit carry on he says but you are not going you’re self he doesn’t know that and you don’t know they are there. The farmers I very well like your self it’s the lads you take that are the problem going behind your back so me it’s fxxxxxxx them all go on my own if anything goes wrong it’s my doing know body else’s..
  8. It’s still a puppy for gods sake let it have a bit of puppy life I didn’t start training our spring till about 9 months used to play ball with her but nothing to aggressive none of that sit stay stuff just fun I enjoyed it myself as much as her.
  9. Mossey what the farm says and what they do is a different thing they could go to farm and say you will be along in have hour or something like that then farm says carry on next thing the farm gives you a call saying them lads had a good day and you don’t now nothing about it. I will stop on my own thank you.
  10. If you read what I said that I had trouble with them not still got trouble the farm seen them and I went round and seen the so called friend he doesn’t go there again. All this happened about 18 months ago I stick to myself so there can’t be anymore repercussions of last time
  11. Definitely no he had trouble with some lads before I got introduced to him from a friend of his on a pheasant shoot we got on like a house on fire the rest is history.
  12. Ttab that during the day but the world changes when it gets dark the people you took during the day are not going to come back and shoot pigeons In the dark are they. But the people that you took shoot rabbits get talking to is mates let’s go and get a few rabbits the lad that lets me shoot them won’t mind if I go the next thing his mate tells somebody else and like I said earlier there are more shooters than rabbits
  13. I worked in scrap yards for 35 years breaking engines of any description with sledgehammer and dirty big crow bar on piece work if it rained we got wet if the sun was to hot we got sun burn tough if we didn’t work we didn’t get payed unless you have been in that position don’t mone.
  14. I should have said that I did speak to the farmer but they went late of a night on the other side of farm where nobody needed to go of a night. It only came to light when the farm seen someone he waved to them but they didn’t take any notice he thought it funny so went over to them and asked what they were doing and who gave them permission came out the lad I took was telling anybody to go. So I was pulled in to farm had a talk with farmer he said that I could carry on but I was that mad that my trust had been broken by someone the I thought was a mate I gave it up I only seen farmer couple months before this virus he asked me to go back i told will it’s 18 miles from where I live so next week lock down is lifted I will be there but never take anybody again .
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