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  1. Trinity you have it your way but it’s better if it’s raised up a bit so what if you have to pick your feet up to get in no big deal. I have had greenhouses for over fifty years and all been on two course of bricks
  2. I use hogden 4198 =11.2 grains seated at oval 1.715
  3. Put a small wall up as a base to raise it of the ground only about two corse it will make all the difference
  4. That’s what I was thinking I hold mine like that when standing in the hide keep muzzle pointing away from me
  5. What’s wrong with his gun handling please say
  6. That is the best news I have read about for a very long time no get them to stop theses coming in on boats.
  7. Try vaynol gun room in Caernarfon
  8. This is a argument I have lead comes out of the ground fiber wades are made from plants but plastic is man made and ruddy sight on the fields. plastic wades should be banned before lead shot
  9. Seen this the other day so of you might like it FullSizeRender.mov
  10. Will join them just to have a look.thanks tony
  11. Hi captain seen them don’t think they same but thanks for looking. tony
  12. Hi are there any gardeners A few years I had some runner beans that were black when you picked them they where called Churchill blacks a very old strain of beans I lost them through cross Pollination was wondering if anybody on here as a half dozen I could buy of them. Thanks for looking tony
  13. Hi selling my weaver superslam scope as I have sold the 17 hornet so surplus to requirements there are no marks on it asking £400 posted
  14. The ****’s that go walking round mountains not prepared for the walk should be left there. This poor bloke is finished now I feel really really sorry for him they should be made to pay is wages for the rest of his life and compassion on top
  15. Yes it was 65 used to launch boat with it had a power winch on it made life easy just hook webbing to boat then just used wireless remote so so easy specially when been out for about 12 hours
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