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  1. I had my gallbladder out 2 years now through gallstones not made any difference to my crones but to much dairey does make acid reflux
  2. I have crones and milk is no good for me I have tea but only with a bit milk in it try leaving milk out
  3. Will put coin by it later it’s throwing it down again here.
  4. snow white

    What animal

    Hi lads found this on my garden shed roof can anyone please tell me what left it there the pine neddles where blown on it yesterday.
  5. Bins emptied every three weeks here
  6. I had to pack up industrial welding years ago because the fumes where making me really bad. started working in scrap yards out side fresh air then I got bloody lead poisoning so much for fresh air.
  7. You started this post a couple of days ago
  8. I have never but a roof over my hide or do I where gloves and mask just a hat with good brim on it and I have shot thousands of crows one thing that i do is keep as still as possible it’s movement that gives the game away
  9. Lot cheaper if you reload 35pence each to make up that’s a good saving
  10. I reloaded 17 hornet about 35p a round good saving
  11. Hi lads I’m have looked at fishmegastore and john Norris I am leaning to the one stonepark as said I saw some lads with them on Thursday.Thanks for your reply’s.
  12. Cheers westley I have been looking on every web site I can but I will try your tip👍
  13. Hi Lads I am looking for a fly fishing vest with a 54/56 inch chest I have looked everywhere on internet to no avail was wondering if anybody can tell me where I might be able to get one.thanks for looking.
  14. I have just remembered when I got tube of I made a wire brush to fit on a Long piece of wood and put it in drill with loads of gunk down it it’s a messe job but I got it clean after about two hours of solid scrubbing
  15. We are at Llyn Brenig next Saturday 16. Opening day but we have said that if it’s the same weather as yesterday we are not going I fish Brenig about 4 or 5 times a week so now what it’s like there as it’s more open if it blows there it not nice on a boat.
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