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  1. Put a bit of Vaseline on battery terminals before before putting leads back on
  2. Due to be sentenced in January what’s the betting he doesn’t show up
  3. Gordon R totally agree with you not a brain cell between the lot of them
  4. So you watch YouTube television with out a license or are you watching it on computer screen if that’s the case I want be renewing next year as never bbc
  5. That is a really nice photo I would definitely get that framed
  6. Thank you will set it at that
  7. I used a 3mm stainless bolt and taped both holes in part on sling then screw in one side then just screw until it comes out through the other treaded end then a dab of lock tight just to make sure
  8. Had that happen to me I drilled it out the run a tap straight though then put a Allen key screw though the lot hold fantastic and no worries of it happening again
  9. Hi lads I am going to use my GoPro this week it’s been two years since I last used it can somebody please tell me what’s the best settings to have it on. Thanks for looking
  10. I was on about serious gun dog training
  11. She’s to young yet wait till about 18 months you have plenty of time
  12. Why have lights on when you are starting that will drain a not fully charged battery
  13. Hi I am interested how do you go to craft and diy section please
  14. Hi old un I got tired of looking on internet I couldn’t find anything in just cartridges thank you for your help
  15. Hi all I am thinking of buying a 28 bore hammer gun but I can’t find any 2.5 inch cartridges anybody now where I can get some i shoot 28 but they are 70mm so no good to me . Thanks for looking
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