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  1. snow white

    best place for new firing pins

    Hi from what Mr c as put up for you if you get in touch with abacus he will help you out as he deals in lincoln guns. I think Rizzini and lincoln are made by same company under different badges
  2. snow white

    best place for new firing pins

    Give them a call he is very helpful
  3. snow white

    28 in a 20 bore

    Hi Sabel and Salopian. Not going to get in a argument with you i now it should not have happened but it did the 28 must have been in the corner of my jacket as my wife is with me and if i change guns she all ways have you checked your pockets i all ways put half a dozen in pocket the rest in one of two loaders i have one 28 and one 20. I have been shoot for 55 years and this is the first time this as happend used to us 12 and 20 over that period. Just make sure whats in your pockets.
  4. snow white

    28 in a 20 bore

    Hi lads i had a lucky escape today was using 28 bore on first two drives but the birds where to high so i thought would swap to 20 bore had some nice birds as i reloaded i saw a red thing drop in barrel straight away i realized that i must have had 28 in my pocket and i had loaded it thank fully i had seen the red. I can't imagine how my hand would have looked tonight. So lads if you are using two caliber guns when out shooting please check your pockets i had a lucky escape.
  5. snow white


    Hi Saltings i got a piece of 3/8 round and used small angle grinder to cross cut it in the end it did the job i used gun yesterday and it did not still when in shoulder. All the best.
  6. snow white

    Will I get a sgc

    Just apply see what comes no good asking on here only your fao will tell you yes or no good luck
  7. snow white


    Hi thanks welshwarrior i have made a tool that done the job thank you for your kind offer.
  8. snow white

    New shoots

    I have a magnetic stick to get the cartriges out of edges as you only want to leave foot prints and feathers All the best on new per.👍
  9. snow white


    Saltings i have looked last night could not find one mate is there a special name i have typed in wood stippling tool to no avle
  10. snow white


    Thanks J.R i will be doing that in the morning.
  11. snow white

    Dog Boots

    Our springer broke her leg while just walking on the side of lake she was on grass accidents happen don't think she would like boots😸
  12. snow white


    Hi lads i have put a nice piece of hard wood on the but of my gun but would like to put some checking on it to help stop it slipping with out wasteing money is there a cheap way of doing it.
  13. snow white

    Raised Veg Beds

    Tanalizied will be fine mine have been down 10 years
  14. snow white

    Reloading for a 16ga

    The Italian site Siams as gone crazy with the postage.
  15. snow white

    New to shotshell reloading. (12g)

    I used to glue a sixpence in the final crimp tube it saves cutting anything of and put a nice finish an cartridge.