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  1. If you don’t have one let me know
  2. Have you got seal put photo up please you never know I might just have one for you
  3. If it’s the seal round neck of bottle about 20 p
  4. Just put them in some gin for couple of months then enjoy damsons or sloes and bullace all taste nice in the fresh air on a nice frosty morning with some snacks
  5. I would get life ban of here if was to say what I want to say
  6. Doggone will have a look after could well be.
  7. All case cleaned, primer pockets right depth and primers in flush with cases like been said before I have think soft primers as it would be happening to all of them
  8. No pressure signs and using 20 grain heads are you using Hornady heads I was thinking of using nosler Armageddon 20 grain but would like to now what the Ogive is from base of head so I can compare the seating depth with Hornady
  9. They are home loads 11.2 hogdens 4198 powder and cci small primers
  10. Could you not change hubs I did on a small boat trailer few years ago if you have good look on eBay that’s where I found what I wanted
  11. We picked some crab apples last week made some crab apple jelly first time we tried it ruddy lovely on cracks
  12. Hi lads noticed these two cartridges the primers have holes in them can anybody shed any light what might be the problem there 17 hornet rounds all help appreciated.
  13. Can’t you get hubs to suit is it braked trailer
  14. I now what a Hornady Ogive is I would like to now what a nosler is before I by them as I don’t want to mess about load building
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