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  1. I remember back in the very hot summer of 76 my friend and my self fished at iron bridge back of the foundry where it narrows of we could not go wrong on oxo size squares of luncheon meat fished on the float with a string on swan shot to get it down must have had hundred between we what a day and being young men we took our shirts of and got terrible sun burn but what a day.
  2. Yes you are right put in back in the late fifty’s or early sixties
  3. Sorry I mist that I have put it right
  4. You still have not said what breed she is
  5. I would sooner see a photo like that than one with fish out of water well done again for treating with respect
  6. Is it play biting or just playful nipping
  7. Now the government are going to tell we how much sleep we need a night don’t the know some people can do with a little sleep and some need a lot more. I just can’t go to bed and say I need seven hours tonight and have seven hours I wish I could somedays.
  8. I had 8 of them so long as you can heat the vapour stem they will light but the price of paraffin is out this world you would be better getting a Petrol one or a good camping light
  9. Yes definitely spot welding studs.
  10. snow white


    Tennis on both side I have just brought tv license and all the have on bloody tennis why on both sides❓
  11. I have sat in pheasant pen with poults running round my feet while shooting crows with 20 bore husspower and the poults where not bothered at all was using black gold num 5 in 30gram load Using bismuth to shoot crows is very expensive.
  12. I would rfd them for couple days it’s not like you will be using them straight away as you have to get house sorted then you can fit cabinet at your own time that’s just me. you might want to fit cabinet somewhere else after you get settled in.
  13. If you payed by CC you can put a claim in. sorry to here about the upset I would name them if it was me.
  14. But why why take a gun out when going for a drink I just don’t understand that. If the old bill had pulled them for spot check he would automatically lose is license so why did he take it with him ❓❓
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