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  1. Bloody hell is there no end to what she can do with a needle that looks fantastic mel
  2. This book as Not been sold so it’s back on the market
  3. You can drill through and fit a lock nut on the back of the sling mount I have done it with mine.
  4. M3vert I have pm you on the 19 may if you still want the book please let me now as other people are after it.
  5. Mid to late 70 I used to use them as you could buy them I tens as on the box I still have a box myself
  6. Absolutely fantastic photos 👍
  7. snow white

    28g carts

    Eley dont do 28gram in 28 bore them are definitely 20 bore
  8. Hi selling my reloading book asking £15 posted
  9. That’s a bargain pit to far away
  10. Been out today used my new home loads had no complaints from the crows sadly no pigeons about.
  11. Hi lads where is best place to get shell flocked decoys from.
  12. Try a Armsan in 20 bore really nice light I use one on crows all the time and I have dislocated both my shoulders in the last 5 years
  13. I have been looking on eBay you can get them but they are in the USA I will keep looking for you I sold one a couple of months ago let it go cheep.
  14. Found one Drew’s Lab have them £89.95 then you will want the collar. I will have another look later for a collar. All the best with it. Tony
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