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  1. That is exactly how I would try it put loads of boiling water on it as you twist it gently get lin to give a hand by putting the water on as you twist it hope it goes ok for you.
  2. I have a fly fishing vest can’t put flask and sandwiches in it I normally use a box with wheels on it ( ie toolbox ) but this place I want to go to on reservoir is a good walk and taking two rods landing net is just to much with box it’s that boggle ground you get in wales the stuff that pulls your wellies of so box no good
  3. There is no point in buying something that I won’t use its just a backpack I want thank for your offer. Tony
  4. Thanks but I want one with out the pockets at the front only want to put flask and fly box in it
  5. Hi lads/lassis before I go and buy a new one as anybody got a fly fishing back pack like a rucksack for sale. Thanks for looking
  6. Robbie where does it say that they think it’s shooting related. More like something to with film company as they caused a right stink up last year and the word is that they are going to do another tv show there at some time. Even Packham knows that they mainly eat fish so he is keeping quiet about it not heared from him yet. until people start blaming shooters for it then he will put is tuppens in
  7. Should not have been prosecuted in first place
  8. I have a 22lr and 17 hornet both Cz you want go wrong if you can afford buy new just so you know what round count is no other reason
  9. Hi selling this weaver superslam scope it’s like new it’s been on a 17 hornet so no recoil it’s a long range scope. Asking £450 ono
  10. It’s got private sailing club there that’s locked of to the public and the fishing boat are on morning during the night I would think somebody came with one of those inflatable boats but why for gods sake they are lovely to watch when fishing.
  11. We fished there yesterday thought there was something wrong as safety boat was going where the nest was all day.but we didn’t know till we came back last night it’s a good job I didn’t catch them what a pointless less act let hope it’s not a fisherman that did it. If he gets caught 5 years inside no messing
  12. Better still get somebody else to do it free so they can learn how to do for themselves of ask somebody to show you but don’t tell them you are a slow learner till job is done
  13. Like I said it’s cracked between the valves it can’t pressurise there as it will blow down exhaust even when the valves on that cylinder are shut
  14. You painted the inside with old engine oil that’s where the mights get in between the joints
  15. Sounds like crack between the valves it will be sluggish to start I would bet it’s on number one cylinder it’s getting water in over night making it hard work on starting we use to see this a lot in scrap yard when we stripped engines down we used to check them as we sold them on.
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