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  1. snow white

    Defecting MP's

    Figgy top man you are dead right
  2. Selling 12 bore sxs hand grip £20 plus postage
  3. What a ***** have a go once if you don’t prove your case just shut up and pay up mind .
  4. Don’t go in camo as that will not go down very well but like the rest of they lads have said relax and enjoy yourself I know the first time I went many many years ago was I nervous I thought everyone was watching me but they are more interested the birds and once the drive starts all your nerves just go.
  5. I have just seen that you are out in early October like JDog as stayed your reputation will be on the line pick your birds.I out Saturday on the duck few of we where picking our birds but there were some young guns with us that where shooting not low birds but close ones fair play to the keeper he had a quiet word with them. When I mean not low I was on about birds that would be dangerous to shoot all the young guns where shooting birds that was overhead shots so shooting straight up safe.
  6. Will be fine unless you are going extremely high bird shooting
  7. I know several people that shoot with it one of them quite bad with it (not his shooting) .
  8. snow white

    tent frame

    Mel some of the low life I remember from down your way would just pinch the contents and leave the bucket.
  9. snow white

    tent frame

    Hi again Mel how about a old green house frame you can cut it to size easily fix to some logs it should not blow away.
  10. snow white

    tent frame

    Hi mel if you could explain what you want to do so of we on here might be able to help.👍
  11. If you have guns get them stored with rfd I now you said you are disabled but disabled people can still have firearms.
  12. Your right I was rabbiting one evening along side a beach when this very fit young lady came jogging along the beach I am stood still not wanting to frighten the rabbits when she get to about 50 yards of stops start taking her top of then starts doing all sorts of exercises I had to stand there for twenty minutes as she done all this keep fit stuff I could not move in case she seen me and started screaming was I glad when she went I could start rabbiting again
  13. I am the same as ditchman feed up emails can’t be bothered with all the rubbish and that forces thinking will not stop sending emails doesn’t matter how many times I unsubscribe
  14. Mel where you are it’s spelt the same as where I am I have just phoned my mates of shoot and clwydog fishing.
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