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  1. Can’t stand camo on guns or clothes why do you want to wrap it or change it’s looks
  2. Ye yo will spake proper coming from Tipton mate I know coming from West Bromwich all the best with wrapping your gun
  3. Blime Mel didn’t know could get paint 500 years ago mate you must be getting on a bit now.
  4. I have one in shed will sort it out you can buy the lot make a good one out of the two if you’re interested
  6. Just s heads up, if you,havnt sold this they are fetching £200 - £250 on Ebay. 

    1. snow white

      snow white

      I didn’t know that just put it on eBay and somebody of pigeon watch had brought it for what I put it up for that’s my luck never mind thanks for telling me 

  7. Hi selling this Yukon 5x42 night scope it’s ideal for ratting comes with end cap and match mounts ask £100 plus postage
  8. I have some 55 grain v-max if you want a couple of boxes mate
  9. Bravecto but buy it of eBay with prescription from vets works out lot cheaper our vet wants £49 per tablet eBay £19 per tablet then prescription from our vet is £24 so 19 x 4 =76 plus 24 =100 4 times 49=196 saving of 96
  10. That’s why I dropped out of Basc five years ago not fighting for the shooting just taking our money
  11. I would get a dozen shell ones very light to carry and I find they work well to get some to come close to shoot the put really ones out in pattern
  12. No I was only offered the single one but when I was told about it being live jab I was not having it anyway
  13. I forgot to say I had shingles back in 1994 not very pleasant but I am not having a jab I have crohn’s so I don’t have a very good immune system so have to watch what medication I take
  14. Watch the shingles jab as it’s a live sell I would not have it me self I refused it
  15. I have dislocated both my shoulders over the last 4 years and the only thing that helps me is a pulley rig I made with two handles and I use that once a day to relieve the pain as tablets don’t work it’s something I have to live with
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