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  1. Cheaper online if you had not used your credit card to pay for it don’t think it would have been cheaper. And you can take it back if it packs up I buy a lot online but somethings I would not and a motor battery is one of them.
  2. Well why buy online any way there had to be some where close to to buy one.
  3. Our two love raw carrots as treat.
  4. Cam gas I am paying £49 for large bottles
  5. Our springer is going to have puppies middle of February can anybody tell me if there are different temperature heat lamps I have look but can’t find what size we will need puppies will be born inside in the house all help appreciated.
  6. As westly stated it’s movement that puts birds of pigeons/crows
  7. Should of said the barrel length is 24 inches what length is that
  8. The barrel on mine is definitely ported also it’s full choke I can’t see how that mod would work.
  9. My moss 20 is ported barrel it’s a nightmare getting mod of first time if you have put a few rounds though it the treads get full of carbon
  10. Apparently on this shoot where the came from there is a £70 find for shooting them so somebody out of pocket I asked owner who gave them me did the gun/guns pay up he walked of saying no body owned up who shot them. I have the tails for tying daddy long legs as much longer to handle
  11. Hi lads just been given these reeves pheasant what flys can be tied and what feathers would you keep
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