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    Rifle and shot gun shooting and sea boat fishing

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  1. snow white

    Springer spaniel pup

    Hi lads he is now sorted thank you.
  2. snow white

    Springer spaniel pup

    Hi somebody i know as asked me if anybody as springer spaniel bitch pup for sale can you pm me please.
  3. snow white

    Working with stainless steel.

    I once went to a cash carry with the pub landlord to get beer there where some cheap and i mean cheap drills there he put a packet in with his order when we got back to the pub he gave me the drills for helping him any way i took them home couple days later was drill 316 stainless i broke the only drill i had so i thought would try them drills bloody hell the went through like butter stillgot a couple thats after over 25 years
  4. snow white

    Anyone for a bit of mackereling ?

    Used them myself for conger back in the early seventys might still have couple knocking about in the shed
  5. snow white

    Crime and Punishment in the snowflake age

    I answed my dad back once next thing i am picing myself up from behind the sette after the quickes back hander you could imagine.i was 14 never answed back again i am 69 now sittle remember it.
  6. snow white

    Driven Snipe & Woodcock Shooting

    Hi Andy what days you got please i shoot a lot at Glasfryn we might now each other.tony
  7. snow white

    Shotgun cartridge that holds blanks

    I think that is what i use when shooting crows😂
  8. snow white

    Yokon photon 5x42

    What are you after mate
  9. snow white

    Shooting glasses

  10. snow white

    Shooting glasses

    Hi i have these shooting glass for sale there is not a mark on them not been used. They are marcus smiths glasses asking £12.00 posted
  11. snow white

    New car time.

    Got skoda octavia estate had it from new on a 53 plate i would buy another one with out looking about to see whats out there dont for get they are a VW other than name and a lot cheaper. When i brought it i payed 14.600 the passat was 19k and the audi was 22k all the same motor.
  12. I am using husspower shot size 5 and the crows just love it had no compalaints from them. Its not so quiet as you think but if you are in a good hide it does not seem to put them of was in pheasant pens shooting crows that are eating all the feed the keeper is putting down i shot 75 crows and the pheasant chicks where just walking round my feet not taking a bit of notice.
  13. snow white

    Cleaning mat

    Laminated floor covering with some material of your choise pulled tight and glued on the back.
  14. snow white

    ammo wallet

    Got one for 223 17 hornet and 22lr of mel b fantastic jobs all she makes is the best you can buy.
  15. snow white

    Lee 17 hornet dies

    Thats a good buy for somebody