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  1. snow white

    canabis oil

    Holland and Baret £22.5 a bottle been using for three weeks it as worked great for me i have rumataed arthitus dont now if i have spellt it right.
  2. snow white

    New to welding, Advice please!

    I never used one till couple years ago welding heavy steel but what a lot easier it is with one.
  3. snow white

    Get your dogs insured.

    Our springer broke her front leg in april it cost we 2000 then we taker her back every month for check up that ranges from 30 to 65 pound depending if she needs pain killers. We could not belive how she do it she is a working dog out about 4/5 times a week beating picking up.we went to brenig fishing missis said i will take the dogs a walk she came back with the dogs came running down to me the one put her leg in a hole in the grass and the rest is history.
  4. snow white

    Propane against rats

    We was nightfishing one morning my mate was cooking breakfast when he seen a wasp nest in the ground he took the pipe of the cooker a pushed in the hole turned on the gas for about 5 minutes pulled pipe out then throwed a lighted but of paper in the hole he was coved in dead wasps and waspcake i caught some lovley chub on the grubs i found after i stoped laughing
  5. snow white

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    Bet if he aplys for a fac/ shotgun license he will get one with out any trouble not lije the rest of us who cant **** with out being checked
  6. snow white

    At risk of showing my ignorance...

    I dont now but i would think that it saying thats the end not needed anymore.
  7. snow white

    Fly tying vice and tools

    Hi i am interested what sort of vice it please.
  8. snow white

    Benelli Shell catchers.

    You mean like this i shot 148 crows and pigeons that day
  9. snow white

    Making beachcasting rigs

    Cookoff013 if your lead breaks of and hits somebody on the head and kills them could you live with yourself for not using a shock leader its your call
  10. snow white

    I really don’t get it

    Growly 35 x 600= 21.000mate devide by 8 makes it 2.625 each gun pays for the day.
  11. snow white

    Cold Air - Hot Breath

    Fantastic photo
  12. snow white

    Pictures of our companions.

    Not spoiled are they but i dont mind they work good for we.
  13. snow white

    Whats App

    Do what Walshie said whats app will find it
  14. snow white


    I have done a few miles since i posted this I think i will stick with my muckboots cant find anythink i like thanks for all your input on wellies.
  15. snow white


    I think i will get a pair Aigle parcors if i can find a dealer in north wales i want to try before i buy. Thanks for all your reploys.