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  1. hi,will have a brattonsound 7 gun with lock top for sale soon but will be £120 so may be not what you are looking for cheers mikky
  2. before i forget the chokes are only finger tight,i always loosen them after shooting
  3. anyone know how to edit the post,,,,i am going to sell it for £900...would like to put the new price in the original header cheers mikky
  4. thats correct,the fella that had previously was a trap shooter,he had the chokes made at a cost of £500,he tried sporting etc and could not take to it,ended up selling the gun.
  5. took it bamfords gun shop last week its a 32 " Gold mine is not the E...
  6. you are right ...tried to edit it out but wont let me..its a 682 gold mikky
  7. picture has not appeared will send on request...here is one
  8. must be a northern thing...its not my dummy out the pram...just two shotties hahaha
  9. well spoke to my GP he has refused point blank to sign my medical history form and he wont be signing anyone else forms either so thats me done now cant be ***** jumping through hoops anymore,my mate will put the on his ticket for now till i decide either i want to keep them ( on his ticket ) or sell them either way there will be bratton sound 7 gun cabinet with lock top up for grabs....end of an era...suspect i wont be the last one....mikky
  10. i am going to ring the practice this morning and see if i can talk him round i will ask if he can put me in contact with another GP, i will ask about the complaints procedure
  11. no he wouldnt recommend any other gp to sign it looks like i will have to make google my friend the police are not bothered its his decision,they are not interested in his reasoning,its his personal decision not to do it,and he is perfectly within his rights not to get involved,basically its go and find someone who will sign you off, the fit to own a gun remark was by him,even if he knows my medical history is fine...he thinks if i go off the rails say two years from now his name and practice will be connected by default.i think thats what he is really worried about,not knowing what might happen down the line
  12. i have today....go and find a gp take your medical records and get him/her to sign the doc.....without it i will not get my renewal
  13. just spoke to my gp to see if he had filled in the form that you download,apparently he might not be signing it off because the police have not had any discussions with gmp doctors he doesnt see why he should declare me fit to own a gun if he only sees me once a year regarding a medical offer. he doesnt want to put his name to anything that might get him into trouble somewhere down the line he wont let another doctor in his medical centre sign it either does anyone know a private gp that will sign me off when i get my medical records,i spoke to gmp firearms today and without they will not accept my renewal. if i cant find one that will be 50yrs off shooting gone. can transfer my guns to my mate and go when he goes,its not the same....so my old lanber and my beretta 682 gold will be up for grabs mikky r
  14. new legislation states i have to download a form regarding my medical info,the doctor has to fill it in and give it me back when i rang the practice i was told there would be a fee for the service is this common practice and are the doctors allowed to charge a fee...if so where does the money go to mikky
  15. cheers phil,,always thought it was an e,i know there is also supposed to be a difference in the barrels as well,either way its a nice gun,will have to sell soon as i am due for two operations and not sure when i will be able to shoot again, not sure what to ask for it though
  16. got a beretta 682 gold trap multichoke 32" Barrel ,cased
  17. cheers for that i will have a look
  18. because when you apply for insurance you have state what breed of animal you require insurance for,i was just wondering if anyone else on here has insured there husky with an insurance company.........hope that explains your question
  19. can anyone recommend pet insurance for my 4yr old husky a mate of mine has had to take his in for treatment,five days later he has exceeded the 7k limit and has had to take a bank loan out they still dont know whats wrong with him cheers mikky
  20. hi james i have sent you a message mikky
  21. hi james i am thinking of selling my beretta 682 gold trap gun adjustable stock ,multi choke,hard case,

    here is a pic,can send more if you are interested. looking for 1200 ono.


    sellig due to needing three operation ,both knees and a hernia,so will probably be out for 12 months, i live just north of manchester






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