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  1. cheers phil,,always thought it was an e,i know there is also supposed to be a difference in the barrels as well,either way its a nice gun,will have to sell soon as i am due for two operations and not sure when i will be able to shoot again, not sure what to ask for it though
  2. got a beretta 682 gold trap multichoke 32" Barrel ,cased
  3. cheers for that i will have a look
  4. because when you apply for insurance you have state what breed of animal you require insurance for,i was just wondering if anyone else on here has insured there husky with an insurance company.........hope that explains your question
  5. can anyone recommend pet insurance for my 4yr old husky a mate of mine has had to take his in for treatment,five days later he has exceeded the 7k limit and has had to take a bank loan out they still dont know whats wrong with him cheers mikky
  6. hi james i have sent you a message mikky
  7. hi james i am thinking of selling my beretta 682 gold trap gun adjustable stock ,multi choke,hard case,

    here is a pic,can send more if you are interested. looking for 1200 ono.


    sellig due to needing three operation ,both knees and a hernia,so will probably be out for 12 months, i live just north of manchester






    1. its sad...i lived in Nanyuki and that game reserve was just up the road from us..at first i thought he was in Lewa
    2. mikky

      sad news

      Kathryn was finally laid to rest today,just like to thank everyone for your kind words mikky
    3. mikky

      sad news

      thankyou everyone........................
    4. mikky

      sad news

      i hav'nt been on pw for a while,for the last six months i have been spending time with my little sister,sadly after ten rounds of chemo doctors told her last week there was nothing else could be done,at 1230 today she slipped away..rip Kathryn
    5. mikky

      AR-15 wanted

      i had a speedmaster wish i had never sold it
    6. Here’s the link to the eBay item if you want it for home http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251546423253&ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:GB:3160 this is on offer for a few quid and covers 5pcs
    7. mikky


      cheers for that......having no family..it feels good to have nice comments...feels like you are not on your own..cheers everyone.....
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