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  1. mikky

    How sad is this

    its sad...i lived in Nanyuki and that game reserve was just up the road from us..at first i thought he was in Lewa
  2. mikky

    sad news

    Kathryn was finally laid to rest today,just like to thank everyone for your kind words mikky
  3. mikky

    sad news

    thankyou everyone........................
  4. hello aew the mad dogs still for sale mick
  5. mikky

    sad news

    i hav'nt been on pw for a while,for the last six months i have been spending time with my little sister,sadly after ten rounds of chemo doctors told her last week there was nothing else could be done,at 1230 today she slipped away..rip Kathryn
  6. mikky

    AR-15 wanted

    i had a speedmaster wish i had never sold it
  7. mikky


    Here’s the link to the eBay item if you want it for home http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251546423253&ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:GB:3160 this is on offer for a few quid and covers 5pcs
  8. mikky


    cheers for that......having no family..it feels good to have nice comments...feels like you are not on your own..cheers everyone.....
  9. mikky


    cheers everyone sorry to hear about your dad....cheers mate
  10. mikky


    worse thing is,been able to sort out irate boyfriends/ex husbands..money problems..the one time she really needs me i cant sort it...thats what really hurts..got her on the phone telling me she is going to die and the desperation in her voice ...hoping i can sort it out...its heart breaking....i have no answers...
  11. mikky


    cheers...really look forward to that...need to get out
  12. mikky


    sadly just got the news after 2yrs of battling cancer,todays tests have confirmed that the cancer has spread,3 major operations last year we all hoped the tests would be positive,i have only ever cried twice in my life apart from today,i feel so useless......sorry everyone...got no familly except you lot...Frenchie...could do with a cup of tea right now mate....
  13. mikky

    Tam Parker SACS - RIP

    sad news RIP