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  1. Cheers mel hope your ok , nice little gun just dont need a hushpower now
  2. 2 this morning with the 20 gauge , noticed alot more about this morning but to far away 656
  3. Another corker gg 👍
  4. Have you looked at the pard nv008 , plenty of info on the nv forum and never read a bad report about them yet
  5. Lovely simple piece of work , who makes them bud , you
  6. Just sold mine and got a 20 bore baikal m18 non hush , was quite pleased with the 410 hush seemed decent enough with 3” cartridges out to 25 yds , nice guns and allagedly built like a tank
  7. telf

    Pard NV008

    Have a look on NV forum bud , everybody is over the moon with them not read a bad report about them yet
  8. One today with my new baikal m18, 20 g 622
  9. telf


    Airgun BBS .com , fiearms section ,good luck
  10. telf


    neckwarmer,head band,scarf,face mask, beanie hat etc , mutitude of uses , seamless 100% microfibre no stretch or loss of elasticity , brand new never worn £10 posted
  11. telf


    Some belters for sale on first two pages of BBS and a cracking anschutz on SD , enjoy
  12. telf


    Sold sold sold
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