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  1. One for sale on SD , £500 full set up
  2. Yes didnt get that bit myself , had he locked the car and left the window open ? , which would sort of defeat the object
  3. Dont know what your looking to spend but try york guns , i bought a new single barrel baikal 18e-mm 20gauge for £200 , failing that try wabbitbosher on here hes the man for cheap guns , good luck
  4. telf

    22 rim fire

    Theres a nice anschutz 1417 on stalking directory with scope and mod £395 and another annie and a cz on airgun bbs
  5. I would stick with the 22 and get the barrel chopped , my .22 is the last gun i will sell , quiet , versatile , and good to 130 yds on a good day
  6. Hi oldy, somebody will be along shortly no doubt with a lot better knowledge than myself on NV and IRs , i remember the 501s well i had several off somebloke on the NV forum when NV was in its infancy , i now have a somebloke kwik fit add on rig and find it perfect for my needs as to the sirius from what i know its a laser type illuminator and supposed to be excellent out to silly ranges , 500yds has been mentioned i think , i dont know how far or what your shooting but it might be worth looking at clives IR torches which i think will give you more range and better visabillity than your current set up , but like i say i am by no means an expert on this , so wait for some better advice to come along
  7. IR lightbuilds is ian sirrel up on the borders i think , on facebook as far as i can remember , been going years from when the first T20s came out , makes some very good gear
  8. Cracking video mate , nice to see the missed shots as well , just subscribed to your channel , keep them coming
  9. Hi, did you sell your 20 g Baikal?

    1. Having suffered arthritus in the knees for the past 14/15 years , really bad in the last 3 its been a struggle for me to get out not because i didnt want to go but because i knew id be in agony when i returned i had a replacement knee 20 months ago which didnt come out the best but have struggled on with it , i have know just had my other one done last week and am hoping this one will be ok , if so im hoping to be able to manage at least twice a week if not, god knows for me for the past three years it would be 4 , which im hoping is going to increase alot
    2. If and when these eagles are found , hopefully fit and well will it make the papers etc to say they have been found and will packham make another video on social media to say this and apologise ? not as long as ive got a hole in my ****
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