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  1. telf

    Dave g add- on

    dave g aka some bloke kwik fit add on , as new used once selling due to lack of use and loss of permission ,great bit of kit £240 posted rmsd
  2. telf

    17 hmr

    I would agree with some of the second half of your post edd distances i would say are further for both calibres and the both calibres arent true foxing guns however both are capable at acceptable ranges for surprise foxes , l have both and go through bouts of using one for a good while before deciding i like the other one better, however if it was a choice between the two i would keep the .22
  3. telf

    pard nv007 add on night vision

    Not got one but they have ben very ell rceived havent heard anything bad about them , if you look on the NV forum or BBS theres some threads running on there about them, all good
  4. telf

    squirrel control

    three squizzers ,magpie inbetween two trees right at the back ,and something on the tree on the right of the pic which i cant make out , looks like a large blue tit
  5. telf

    Yildiz TK36 .410 Single Barrel

    Plenty on guntrader if no joy here nice baikal hushpower on hunting life , would have had it myself but just got one
  6. telf

    Nikko sterling gameking

  7. telf

    Single strap mounts ok on an HMR?

    Perfectly ok , i use them on both my rimfires .22 & hmr best mounts you can get and no problems with them at all
  8. telf

    Nikko sterling gameking

    As title , ex condition, AO , 4-16x44 ,mil dot ret , comes with mounts £57.00posted
  9. telf

    Air bottle

    Provisionally sold
  10. telf

    Air bottle

    Certainly is young man
  11. telf

    Get your dogs insured.

    When we had our old lab meg we had her insured from when she was a pup, when she reached 10 i forgot to renew the insurance for whatever reason , shortly afterwards she needed an operation , total cost £1400 that was several years ago now she is no longer with us but our current little teckel is fully insured with automatic renewal
  12. telf


    Certainly is
  13. telf


    Still in box with aligning tool as new condition only used once then put in draw SOLD SOLD SOLD
  14. telf

    Air bottle

    7 ltr air bottle ,3/4 full , in test till sept 19 £120 collection only tyne & wear