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  1. 13 today , first time out in ages , by my caculation thats 43 total
  2. I would have said parker hale as well , dont think there will be much difference in whtever mod you use .22 is a quiet round with most mods
  3. Must say that i have no problems with 28g loads but with 32g you get a bit of a jolt
  4. Used to have a baikal 410 hush single shot for squirrels ,sold it and bought a 20gauge mossberg non hush , great gun and with it being a 20 it gives you that bit extra range and more options on quarry , especially if your a ****shot like me , but it always puts a smile on my face when i pull the trigger
  5. Ive had the normal ones , the contour ones and now the slimline which i think are more comfortable than the other two , maybe due to it sitting on your shoulder better due to the width
  6. Shop on amazon USA thats where i got mine from 👍
  7. I have the slimline ones but had to import them from the USA , got mine on amazon
  8. Im in the opposite camp here , ive always cleaned my rifles , bolts and moderators after every use and have never suffered any inaccuracy or having to put rounds through it first to get it grouping properly i clean the .22 mod about every 200 rounds and the hmr every 100 and theres quite a bit of **** comes out of them then you might have a bit of a job on anyway stripping the mod now , whatever you decide good luck
  9. I pity the youngsters now in 20 years time the world will be a very sorry place and the way the world is going now , we will all have guns legal or not and be shooting each other
  10. telf

    x sight

    One for sale on SD , 4k 3-14 , £650
  11. have a look at the bsa tactical slips , ive used them for years with no complaints at all
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