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  1. Dont know if this is any good to you , 20bore single barrel ejector for sale on SD £90 , i know the seller as he bought it off me , i bought it new but hardly used it , he bought it for his son who must have progressed to something else
  2. telf

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    I recently bought a 500 20bore and absolutely love it , was shooting low so altered a shim to fit so its shooting spot on now , changed the follower to a stainless steel one which makes it as smooth as butter , changed the saftey to a steel one and splashed out on a 1/4 extended choke and a hogue forend , really pleased with the way it shoots and handles just need to learn how to hit stuff now 😂 if anybody needs a “capped allan head screw “ for a new safety button i had to by a packet of them to change mine so have some spare
  3. telf


    Free , pick up only slight damage on two corners ,1000 x 560 x 160mm , contents shown not included
  4. Neoprene mod covers 2 x black ones - 192 x 38mm £10 each posted 1 x camo (fits sak mod). - 140 x 34mm SOLD SOLD SOLD
  5. These are for sale on amazon for £1025 + £3 postage , but im sure a lad on facebook was selling for slightly less a while back
  6. 3mm thick Neoprene moderator covers 1 x 210 x 38mm ( was on a DM80 ) SOLD SOLD 1 x 140 x 38mm SOLD SOLD
  7. Could be wrong here but i think i read somewhere the new falcons arent much good with NV , where as the M18 is excellent
  8. telf

    Gun cabinet lights

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