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  1. telf

    Why ???

    Air arms s410 fac sooting at 26ft lb for sale on air bbs £300 if any good to you
  2. telf

    Which bipod?

    Have a look at the bipod factory , in good old china so cheap and the bipods are carbon fibre so very light , robin foxer on ytube uses them and seems very happy with them
  3. telf

    Why ???

    Forgot to add they wouldnt feed through my annie either so i bought a single shot mag , problem solved 👍
  4. telf

    Why ???

    I tried some cb longs in my LR , shooting at 30ft lb , accurate out to 50/60yds ( didnt try them any further ) and quiet as a mouses ****
  5. As title and as new only fired 144 rounds , 18” barrel , one magazine , beautifull walnut thumbhole stock , adjustable butt pad fitted , comes with sak moderator and original box etc , pm email address for pics £725 ( incudes rfd fees my end )
  6. Well done that man with the price , look great pups , good luck
  7. I watched it last night and watched the replays but couldnt see where hed hit him , now watching it again it looks to me like a definite no hit except on the elbow , mmmmm
  8. No problem , good luck
  9. One for sale on airgun bbs , firearms for sale , page 2
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