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  1. Yes be handy , i think the nearest one other than this would be braidwood so this will be spot on ,about a fiver an hour difference in the rate but with this being new i suppose that is to be expected
  2. New 100yd tunnel range being built at steve smiths shooting ground , two tunnels with state of the art target viewing etc £20 per hour , not sure when it will be finished but i would think a few months yet , something the north east hasnt had before to my knowledge
  3. So l gather the indexing post is easily replaceable , suppose its a case of you pays ya money and takes ya chance , have read of problems with the 110 but thought that was on earlier models however the weight will be the deciding factor , and the 510 is the slightly lighter gun , i have time on my hands as the motor has just gone **** up so funds will be required for that , hopefully aa might have sorted the problem out by then
  4. Might be the hw then , unless air arms do something about it , funny actually as i have always thought of air arms for some reason as unbreakable , possibly because you dont here of things going wrong with them
  5. Just as a matter of interest There was a post the other day where the indexing post had snapped on a air arms s410 which apparently must be a common problem on that model , does the 510 suffer the same problem or is it a different set up , have been looking at the s510 superlite or the hw110
  6. Custom rifle scopes , blackwood outdoors, nv store
  7. telf

    .22 and 17

    Anschutz , ive just treated myself and returned to an anschutz 1517 hmr upgraded from a cz , absolutely cracking guns i thought the cz was accurate but this is like a laser , you can still get the 1517 at present but they have stopped making them , i also have the 1417 .22 annie which again is brilliant
  8. telf

    17 mod

    I have a DM80 on mine and very happy with it ,dont know if its any quieter than a sak as never compared them , although calibre specific mods are supposed to be slightly more accurate than non specific
  9. A calibre specific mod is supposed to be that little bit more accurate , you pays your money and takes your chance i got my annie chopped to 16” and its as accurate if not more so than it was before , great guns
  10. Somebody asked the same question on the NV forum but no more was heard , you may be better sticking a few extra quid and go for the pard 007 or 008 , that way you know what your getting
  11. telf

    Sling studs

    Three front sling studs £4 posted
  12. telf

    Butt pads

    Couple butt pads both boyds , left one came off cz 455 stock left one 121mm x 41mm SOLD SOLD SOLD right one 115mm x 42mm £9 each posted
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