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  1. telf

    Gun Safe-Which bolts??

    Either the threadedbar/resin method or concrete bolts
  2. telf

    Lansky knife sharpening full kit

  3. Everything in pic used twice , includes extra course diamond hone , two spare arms , base on a board , normal hones are course , medium , fine , ultra fine £66 posted
  4. telf

    Jack Pyke roe sack

    I have one which i use for rabbits , great for them had 22 in it once mind the weight nearly buckled me , but its a well put together , strong sac
  5. Hi bunny burner welcome young man , i dont have many Night shooting perms but would be interested to hear what you think of the boblov rangefinder i have looked at the gun mounted r/finders before but thought the screen may be to small for my old eyes , but one held up to the eye may be better for me as long as its accurate, good luck and enjoy
  6. telf

    Hide Pole Bag

    Which ever one you get , put a shallow 100mm dia rubber/plastic pot in the bottom stops the points going through
  7. telf

    New HW100BP Bullpup

    Winner of the ugly gun comp
  8. telf

    410 wanted

    baikal 410 hushpower , page 2 private gun sales
  9. telf

    Lansky puk

    As title new , unused £8 posted SOLD SOLD SOLD
  10. telf

    Lansky extra course hone

    As title new in packaging ,not required now as have a diamond one £8 posted SOLD SOLD SOLD
  11. telf

    SKY TV/Broadband/Telephone package

    Forgot to mention we got boosters from vigin , placed one upstairs one on the router whilst it did increase the speed upstairs , still not enough to run anything and the more you run the worse it gets
  12. telf

    SKY TV/Broadband/Telephone package

    Steve , we have virgin the full package i may add ,bills are sky high so im going to have it all taken out bar the internet which is currently coming into the house at 20mbps , so my thoughts are to get roku sticks/boxes which will run wirelessly , WRONG the said sticks will not run off the wifi upstairs because theres no signal , surely not i hear you say well we got the virgin man out , first words out of his mouth when he enteres the sitting room , have you got an RSJ in that wall (opening between sitting and dining room) yes was the reply ,thats your trouble he says apparently they absorb the signal so it is greatly reduced to virtually nothing , also if you have any exotic pets , snakes ,lizards etc the infra red light does the same we are now swapping the sticks for boxes and going down the powerline (wired ) route , ifyou have virgin in your area i would say to get that as it is the fastest internet out there at the moment , sky and the rest of them havent got a look in for speed , just make sure you dont have any RSJs or snakes in the house good luck
  13. telf

    Carry on dvds

    As title brand new still in wrapping £16 posted
  14. telf

    Papilon dvd

    As title brand new still in wrapping £8 posted
  15. telf

    Dads army collection

    As title every episode of dads army including the film and the dads army story , 28 brand new DVDs still in plastic wrapping accompinied by a magazine for every dvd. These are as said brand new ,unused ,still in sealed wrapping and are genuine BBC issue not copies , the price includes postage which i expect to be around £10 due to the weight with magazines £60 inc postage