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  1. Yeah got to agree , always been spot on and very quick turnaround for everything ive put in for inc variations
  2. telf

    Athlon midas

    Athlon midas TAC HD 4-16x44 , APRS2 reticle , SF , FFP , mil zero stop Selling this scope for an old chap i know who had it on a sub 12ft lb air rifle which shot around 100 pellets , it was then taken off and put back in the box , it is as new , bought about 4/5 months ago and comes with athlons no questions asked lifetime warranty £410 inc RMSD
  3. 43 x 12v low voltage dimmable transformers , comes with halogen bulb fitting and 50w bulb £1.50 each plus postage ( 1 transformer , 1 bulb fitting + 1 bulb )
  4. telf

    .22 cz

    Absolute belter for sale on UKV , thumbhole , fluted barrel , as new at a very good price even with rfd fees added on , bad thing its in kent
  5. telf

    Cz stock

    Brand new in box CZ 455 synthetic stock £100 posted
  6. I bought my 1416 with a 20” barrel and had it cut to 16” because i always wanted an annie with a 16” barrel , accuracy wise i was shooting rabbits yesterday out to 120 yds , all headshot with no problems what so ever and have never had any bother with since i got it done about four years ago
  7. Im on my third annie 1416/17 having sold them for one reason or another over the years , i find the five round mags perfect as they fit flush to the gun , i just carry extra mags father than the ten round which from memory only takes nine really why not get the barrel chopped then you wouldnt need an overbarrel mod plus it makes it easier to handle , however if you do want overbarrel contact DM80 (dave mercer) who makes cracking moderators , also he could chop your barrel if i were you i would go for the hmr annie with 18” barrel , or at least thats what i would go for if i had the chance again
  8. As title bisley 20 gauge cleaning kit , brand new £20 posted SOLD SOLD SOLD
  9. Looks very good , pard seem to be on the ball and must have a lot of ideas up there sleeve , be interesting to see some reviews when it arrives
  10. telf


    York guns , i just bought a 20g single barrel from them
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