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  1. Ive missed the past two summers due to knee ops , was hoping for a good spring/summer this year as no more ops on the horizon , then this has happened ,only hope it gets under control , in the meantime apart from a walk with the dog its indoors catching up on jobs that i have put off and off and off
  2. Had a couple of bodywarmers in the past zips went on both of them , now looking at shooterking clothing
  3. Rifle mags uk , if i were you id get the 1516 wmr ones , some of the 1517 have problems with feeding as they have installed a “ feed ramp” on them and it can cause issues ,unless you can get hold of the older type which are blued against the new ones which are just plain steel
  4. Got to agree with the above comments on NV /thermal , NV now is so cheap every man and his dog must have some sort of set up which has got to be detrementle to the rabbit population , i have a couple of decent smaller perms but the estate i shoot on is very poor now ,you would be lucky to get six bunnies on an all day session , i no longer own nv or shoot at night for various reasons , hopefully the rabbits will have a good couple of years as apart from it being good sport it is nice to see them in the fields
  5. Arkon should be available later this year (hopefully) , ffp only at first with possibility of sfp later
  6. You might find one on the Brownells website if no joy here
  7. Its for sale in the” for sale “ section , good luck with the sale bud
  8. Theres a few for sale on stalking directory
  9. telf

    Cabinet lights

    4 x magnetic motion sensor cabinet lights , each one with 15 leds , three rechargeable AA batteries included in each one , plus ansmann x 4 battery charger £37 posted
  10. telf

    Scope caps

    Might be a call to the manufacturer , just had a look on tinternet and cant find anything
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