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  1. telf

    Sling studs

    Three front sling studs £4 posted
  2. telf

    Butt pads

    Couple butt pads both boyds , left one came off cz 455 stock left one 121mm x 41mm SOLD SOLD SOLD right one 115mm x 42mm £9 each posted
  3. Just the one yesterday , hmr total = 1423
  4. telf

    22 Moderate

    If that one falls through daf ive got one here ,its on ticket though
  5. telf

    AA 510 Extra

    Think theres one for sale on airgun bbs
  6. telf

    Cz bore guide

  7. telf


    The chicane was a killer Pm replied
  8. telf


    Yeah If you can pick a couple of used sets up you can make a good size track for a fraction of the cost of a big set , as ditchy says alot more fun than a playstation or whatever
  9. telf


    Yeah its a good little starter kit , great fun
  10. telf


    Scalextric start , full kit , cars have new unused pick up points fitted with two spares included , oval track takes up about 4ft x 3ft of space , ex condition , might do for stocking filler for xmas £35 can post at cost
  11. telf

    Media streamer

    Minix neo x8-h digital media streamer full working order but needs apps downloading onto it which i have no clue about £30 inc postage SOLD SOLD SOLD
  12. telf

    Quake claw sling

    Your welcome bud
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