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  1. telf

    Full nv kit

    Sold. Sold. Sold
  2. telf

    Full nv kit

    N8vision kit with e700 camera in , excalibre laser IR with adjustable mount , three panasonic 18650 batteries with box , evo 50 red torch with extension , led lenser headtorch , all in a flight case , only used twice so as new , giving up night shooting £220 posted nv unit and illuminator £160 posted
  3. 410 single barrel for sale on bbs
  4. Dont use either but the Main difference as far as im aware is the internals , totally different design , but the internals on the panther look to be a pain to clean , i use a DM80 which is a cracking mod and easy to strip and clean
  5. telf

    Bits and pieces

    No problem , pm sent
  6. Hope he gets the book thrown at him , not that itll make much difference i doubt as hes obviously a total idiot anyway
  7. Returned to seller , please delete
  8. Out of the two for rats i would go for the 22 using either cb longs or z lang shooting at around 30ft lb ,you could then use subsonics or high velocity ammo for fox ( at a reasonable range )
  9. Ebay no 333075475263 rubber eye cup , this was in a thread on SD old one changed for this just cut to length
  10. Have a look at n8vision kits on their website
  11. I have shot three / four rabbits all within five to ten yards of each other with the .22 , i think it depends on conditions , how often their shot and the rabbits themselves . I just wonder how many hmr owners shoot long distances with them , the longest shot for me was 192 yards , headshot , stone dead , but the majority of my shots are from 60yds to 130yds ish all of which can be done with the .22 and if any further i just stalk in closer , plus for me i still get a little buzz knowing ive managed to shoot something at 130yds and got the holdover correct when a lot of people still think
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