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  1. Rabbit. - ( rifle ) squirrel. - ( shotgun )
  2. DM80 calibre specific , best hmr mod out there
  3. In excellent condition , used for a few weeks then forgotten about £25 pick up only
  4. One of the best threads ive read and followed , amazing work and a stunning finished item , thanks for posting the whole process and if i do ever need a stick i shall be contacting you immediately
  5. Brownells , thats where i got mine , if you need a new screw for it i have some capped allan head screws that i bought when i replaced mine
  6. Absolutely fantastic , how much would you charge for the twister in pic , not that i need a stick yet but you never know
  7. Love watching anything like this , looking forward to the whole process
  8. Red kite gunsmiths london wax 👍
  9. Their normally very quick , ive had renewals and variations done within a week or two , but i suppose the current situation might knock them to pot , hopefully wont be much longer
  10. 3 today with the 20 bore , should have been 6 but the little divels caught me climbing over a gate and scarpered total. 1342
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